Cucci-Band - Bon Débaras!

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First release by the uniquely named Cucci-Band, logically headed up by Cédric Marcucci, who plays drums, Fender Rhodes, electric bass, etc and is joined by other musicians on guitar, bass, keyboards, sax, trumpet, trombone, violin, etc. This is an almost completely instrumental, quirky, jazz/rock album with fun and oddball progressive rock touches. It's very, very home-made and home-recorded type affair, but it just oozes spirit and good cheer. I found it wonderfully charming in the same way that the "Onze Dances" by Aksak Maboul or "Cocktail" by Forgas exuded big charm and one can say that it takes the quirks and oddball charm of Onze and combines it with a more jazz-rock esthetic. Of course you don't know this one, so you'll have to check out the myspace tracks or just take our word for it!

You can hear their music here

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