De Andre, Fabrizio/Premiata Forneria Marconi (P.F.M.) - In Concerto Vol. 2

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A limited edition, 24 bit remastered, gold disc, digi-pack version at a stupendous price. This hard to find album is by Italian cantautore (which basically means a singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar). Other than this release, I don't know much about Fabrizio. This was recorded in January 1979 and P.F.M. appear as the backing band and play great, although in a way that is appropriate to the main music going on. This is not a great lost PFM album, but if you like PFM a lot, and don't mind the 'strummy nature' of the overall whole, it's got some very good parts, and this has been unavailable for over 20 years. [Riccordi]
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