Emma Myldenberger - Emma Myldenberger (expanded)

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"Initially formed by a number of street musicians in Hirschberg, 1977, with the desire to create something more than just folk music, Emma Myldenberger quickly established a rich folk-rock style, totally acoustic, featuring female vocals and a penchant for blending in many other ethnic musics than just German folk. Really, their eponymous debut was much like a throw back to the progressive folk albums of several years earlier, akin to Bröselmaschine, Hölderlin or Emtidi, yet with an otherworldly medieval feel, embellished by Middle-Eastern ethnic musics, notably with Biber Gullatz's distinctive oboe playing, their concoction was unique. Especially, it was amazing in that everything was acoustic!"-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. Another exceedingly well done Garden of Delights job, with photos, info and five bonus tracks!
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