Gasc, Julien - Kiss Me You Fool

So, I’m looking through the tons of new release solicitations that I look through on a weekly basis, trying not to miss anything, but also with the knowledge that there’s only so much time in my day to pour over this stuff.
And I see the name Julien Gasc and it rings and bell and I rack my brain and I remember that Julien is one of the members of Aquaserge and who I think of as ‘their main voice’, in terms of the vocals.
This is his second solo album and while the label plays up his connection to Stereolab (of course), this sounds a heck of a lot more like Aquaserge than Stereolab and, really, it sounds like it could be a slightly poppier Aquaserge album.
Hugely recommended to every Aquaserge fan.

“Following the inenarrable Cerf, Biche et Faon, Julien Gasc (Aquaserge, Stereolab) delivers Kiss Me, You Fool!. Kiss Me, You Fool! leads the listener far away, into swarms of sound and sentimental, twisted tales, on a quest for illumination that traverses the rich palette of human passions. The title was taken from a graffiti discovered in the ladies toilets of a London pub. It is through this peephole that you can consider, like a voyeur, the paradoxical complexity of this album: At once witty, noble and degenerate, Julien struts his way through it with all the nonchalance of a night-owl dandy. A troubadour of modern times, he sings of unresolved love, self-mockery, the trivialities of daily life and the search for the absolute. The fruit of an exceptional artistic collaboration - featuring Laëtitia Sadier (Stereolab), John Linger (Neils Children), Cathy Lucas (The Oscillation, Vanishing Twin) and Joe Watson - this contrasting, emotional and heterogeneous album nonetheless forms a whole. Here, mirror plays, surrealistic songs and decadent poems unfold elegantly, seductive in their effortlessness. Countering the current norms, Kiss Me, You Fool! cultivates its powerful identity far from today's musical cliques and fads.”
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