Iconoclast - Naked Rapture

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“Julie Joslyn’s liquid mercury alto sax (and snarling violin) and Leo Ciesa’s slasher drums (and icily melodic piano) are in full noir effect on the uncompromising, smartly aware, assaultively lurid effort.”-Lucid Culture

“Iconoclast plunges us into the very heart of a somber world with nevertheless a sort of deaf beauty, at the depths of a polar blackness that is both humid and fascinating.”-Impro Jazz (France)

"Iconoclast is a duo from New York City comprised of Julie Joslyn (alto saxophone, live electronics, violin, vocals) and Leo Ciesa (drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals). Ciesa and Joslyn have been composing and performing together since the beginning of 1987 and have developed a bold and distinctive sound. Iconoclast's music and performance is known for its intensity, physicality and "larger than duo" impact. Acoustic and electronic sounds exist side by side as the music moves between improvisation and composition without stylistic limitation.

A bold new studio recording by the internationally acclaimed duo, ICONOCLAST. Let yourself succumb to the rapture – to the entrancing lyricism, the migraine-inducing intensity, the hypnotic rhythms, the ear splitting screams, the frenzy and the calm. Surrender to the mind-altering universe that is Iconoclast. Naked Rapture takes you on a journey of dramatic and surprising twists and turns, never going where you expect it to.

And for the first time ever Iconoclast has recorded unique interpretations of two great works: the spectacular “A Night in Tunisia” by Dizzy Gillespie and Frank Paparelli and, on a different note, the stunning “Revolutionary Etude” by Frederick Chopin (1810-1839)."
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