Jones, Thymme - Career Moves

Solo album by the leader of Cheer-Accident.
"On this solo CD from '97, he delivers a beautiful collection of songs that draw from the wells of the Robert Wyatt and Brian Wilson songbooks, drenched in late-night solo ambience. This stunning collection is largely made up of solo voice with piano accompaniment, with horns and percussion added sparingly. The signature of these songs is in a turn-of-phrase and choirboy vocal delivery that is similar to Jim O'Rourke's on his Eureka or Richard Youngs anguished ballads on Saphie. Similarly, Thymme Jones is an avant-garde post-rock artist turned songsmith, who's love of American pop is channeled through an experimental know-how that gives this album a distinctive and unique edge."-Skip Jansenn/All Music Guide

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