SFF // Schicke Fürs Frohling - The Complete Recordings 3 x CDs

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First-tier German symphonic rock from the 1970s, originally released on Brain. SFF's entire studio output was previously available on a fine set by Laser's Edge, but that's been out of print for two decades and this is the first time since then that these have all been available.
Using mellotron/Moog/Fender Rhodes, guitar/bass and drums, SFF were one of the greatest German progressive/symphonic rock bands of the 1970's.
This set contains their three studio releases
Symphonic Pictures
Ticket To Everywhere
plus two two bonus live tracks from 1978 and also their posthumously self-released live album, Live 1975.

“SFF (Eduard Schicke, Gerd Führs and Heinz Fröhling), had an orchestral sound that was overwhelming and fascinating. With Dieter Dierks (Scorpions, Wallenstein, Nektar etc.) the band found an excellent producer for their first album "Symphonic Pictures", which was released in 1976 and sold about 12,000 copies. The trio's popularity grew mainly due to their unforgettable live concerts - "It was a bit like magic and an overwhelming intensity that took the audience and the band together into another world." In this context, the SFF gigs in Scheeßel (Germany, 1977) and, of course, the Brain Festival (1978), from which two songs appear on this collection, should be mentioned.
In 1977 and 1978 SFF recorded two more records with Dieter Dierks: "Sunburst" and "Ticket To Everywhere". After the recording of the last album, musical and ideological differences arose and the trio disbanded.”
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