Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution

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"In 1994, The Laser's Edge had a short lived sister label called The Labyrinth. Sailor Free was part of the roster and released a beautiful psychedelic hard rock album called The Fifth Door. After that the band went silent. 19 years later, vocalist David Petrosino and guitarist Stefano "The Hook" Barelli have reactivated the band and it sounds as though nothing has changed. Spiritual Revolution is a concept album influenced by J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Silmarillion". Sailor Free's music has a hard rock feel but due to Barelli's wicked soloing there is a psychedelic energy imbued in the music. Petrosino is simply a great singer. In an obtuse way he reminds me of Jim Morrison. He doesn't really sound like him but he channels a dark spiritual energy into every word he sings. There are some nice keyboard embellisments along the way but really this is a guitar driven album. Welcome back old friends. You were missed!"-Ken Golden
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  • UPC8388765453685
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