Sintonia Distorta - A Piedi Nudi Sull’Arcobaleno CD

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Simone Pesatori: Vocals
Claudio Marchiori: Guita
r Giampiero Manenti: Keyboards
Fabio Tavazzi: Bass
Giovanni Zeffiro: Drums
Marco Miceli: Flute / Saxophone

"SINTONIA DISTORTA are authoritative heirs of the historical band IL BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO!”-Fabio Zuffanti)

"A new masterpiece in the Italian prog rock scene!... A refined progressive hard rock, full of remarkable compositions and arrangements, in which each song catapults you into a magnificent surprise!...Already to be considered as one of the best albums of 2020!"
With these enthusiastic words, Brazilian magazine "PROG SKY" announced the imminent and awaited return of Sintonia Distorta Of course! Because, in this second chapter, the band breaks through from the highly appreciated debut album "Frammneti d'incanto" (2015), also thanks to a super production that boasts nothing less than FABIO ZUFFANTI in the “control room"...and a sound embellished by flute, sax, moog and mellotron hints, which envelops the rock soul like a dress taking to italian hard prog seventies, not without renouncing to modernity, to passion and emotional strength that have always distinguished this crew...”

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