Spectrum Orchestrum - It’s About Time

William Hamlet : saxophone alto
Olivier Vibert : guitare
Philippe Macaire : basse
Benjamin Leleu : rhodes, orgue
Adrien Protin : batterie
Excellent new album by an improvising French group I was not previously familiar with.
The want to bring together Sun Ra, Magma, Funkadelic and Robert Wyatt. Do they? I don’t know, but they’re good!!

“Spectrum Orchestrum appeared in 2007 and is a french five-piece ensemble (alto sax, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums) devoted to the sonic search for what its members call « le SPECTRAL »... Its music has been fed on a wide -let’s dare the word !- SPECTRUM of influences : when the album Suburbs came out (2014), some very kind commentators compared its content to the works of Sun Ra, Magma Funkadelic, John Zorn, King Crimson and Robert Wyatt... It’s a progressive music, in the broader sense of the term, as its underlying aim is to build bridges between the familiar and the unknown, whether through improvisations varying from wild to enigmatic or through composed pieces conceived as imaginary journeys or some kind of in-the-head motion pictures...”

“Fans of 70s Magma, Combat Astronomy, and similarly inclined power-improv units should definitely add this to their list.”-Expose

Here’s a big sample!

  • LabelSpectrum Orchestrum
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