Vander, Stella - Passage du Nord Ouest 2 x CDs

"Stella speaks of dreams, children, love, innocence, light... After many years sharing the spotlight with Christian Vander, she steps up and takes center stage. From the very beginning of her performance, she manages to create a double climate: transparency flirts with depth, darkness specks the light. She leads us to a magic garden, haunted by pixies, troubadours, and ancient tales. Stella glides through warm, fluid air, extends her modulations to the tip of her wings, rises, as if spellbound, and sometimes fades out in a whisper. Hers is, quite simply, a beautiful voice."

Sound and recording directly onto stereo tape by Francis Linon - December 29, 1991.

Stella Vander : keyboard, voice
Isabelle Feuillebois: vocals
Julie Vander : vocals
Alex Ferrand : guitar, saxophone, vocals
Pierre-Michel Sivadier : keyboards, Fender, piano, vocals
Lydia Domancich : keyboards, piano
Philippe Dardelle : double bass
Philippe Bussonnet: percussions
Christian Vander : piano, voice, drums, percussions
  • LabelSeventh
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