Zorn, John - Chimeras

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Composed throughout 2001 and previewed at the prestigious venue BargeMusic, Chimeras is a major new chamber work by John Zorn. Loosely inspired by Schoenbergs masterwork Pierrot Lunaire, and scored for the same small ensemble (pluspercussion), each of the twelve movements combine different permutations of the players, climaxing with a breathtakingtutti of all eight musicians. Dramatic and colorful, with a soprano vocal part that takes virtuosity to another level, Chimeras is a work of beauty, truth and imagination. Premiere recording by a hand-picked ensemble of the best musicians in contemporary music.

Ilana Davidson: voice Tara OConnor: piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute Mike Lowenstern: clarinet, bass clarinet Stephen Drury: piano, organ, celesta Fred Sherry: cello Jennifer Choi: violin William Winant: percussion Elizabeth Farnum: voice (movements ten and eleven) Brad Lubman: conductor [Tzadik]

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