This is a multi-camera, semi-pro, official bootleg DVD-R released in a limited edition to be sold at their debut US gig at Progday. The main part of the show is a bit over an hour long and there's some bonus stuff as well. This is by the 5 piece...

Live from the Key Club, Hollywood, CA, September 3, 2011!

“Amazing DVD set of a live performance from one of the genre's most luminous bands -Nektar!”—LYRIC LOUNGE REVIEW

“Roye Albrighton, Ron Howden, Lux Vibratus and Klaus Henatsch - rip thru their incredible catalog of material from their illustrious past at the historic Key Club. For fans of Prog Rock bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Space Rock bands like Amon Duul, Hawkwind, Neu and more!”

Disc 1:
A Tab In..

Well, you reform, put out a very good album, and, of course, you play some concerts which are captured for CD/DVD release. That's how it goes.
This is a concert recording of a very good new release from old Italian favorites; one of the longest lived (on and off) Italian progressive bands, who can trace their history back to the late 60s! Why they feel the need/are forced to now record as "UT New Trolls" is something known only to the lawyers. But it's them and it's good!

Rolando Lamussene · Djembe · Mbira · Voice · Percussion
Kesivan Naidoo · Drums · Cymbals · Gongs · Percussion
Peter Conradin Zumthor · Drums · Cymbals · Gongs · Percussion
Lucas Niggli · Drums · Cymbals · Gongs · Percussion...

"This 2017 release sees the band extend further the reach of it's panoramic textural twists on the ballad tradition and firmly establishing itself as one of the most intriguing British bands of the last decade."

Nuova Idea were an early 70's Genoa, Italy progressive/heavy quintet. While I would be surprised if they were anyone's favorite Italian progressive band, they were a good band and are remembered fondly, especially by folks who like proto-progressive...