Peter Hammill-voice, guitar, piano
Hugh Banton-keyboards
David Jackson-saxes and devices
Guy Evans-drums

As the above tells you: the first thing & main thing you need to know about this is that this is the only available recording of the 00s version of VDGG that features the original configuration of the classic quartet version, before Jaxon left / was left.
The gig at the Jazzfestival in Leverkusen - the only one in Germany - was meant to be the climax of the reunion tour in 20

"In the late Sixties, Ekseption and Rick Van Der Linden were among the first musicians to create a blend of musical styles that went from classical music to pop and jazz. Extremely popular thanks to its instrumental covers of Ludwig Van Beethovan...

A professional, one hour documentary on Vander with interviews and (solo) performances. He explains some of his ideas and background (English subtitles available) and plays. You wouldn't think it would be this interesting to watch a sweaty guy play...

"This concert was filmed in early 2005 at Vienna's famous jazz club "Porgy & Bess," and features Miroslav Vitous giving a solo recital on bass. Interwoven with the footage is insightful artist interviews. Vitous arrived in New York in 1967 where he...