Laboratorium are a rather obscure Polish fusion/fusion-progressive band who released 8-9 albums during their lifetime. The band was a quintet of piano/ Fender Rhodes/synths, sax/vocals (wordless vocals and quite good too, giving the band a unique flavor..

This 1985 film is a little bit short (50'), but it includes some fairly stunning footage of his great sextet (Steve, Irene Aebi, Steve Potts, Bobby Few, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Oliver Johnson) and some really great interview footage of him speaking of his...

"In the spring of 1973, Bernardo Lanzetti , along with the group Acqua Fragile, recorded their first, self-titled album , which gave way to a brilliant and commendable career of one of the the main Italian voices of progressive rock...

"T Lavitz may be best known as the 6 time Grammy nominated keyboardist of The Dixie Dregs, however his complete performance and teaching resumes are both extensive! When he isn't recording or performing live, T teaches at the Berklee College of Music...

Live recording at Night Of The Prog, July 23, 2022.
Digisleeve 6 panels
1 DVD + 1 CD
Total time DVD : 91’05”
Total time CD : 76’50”

1- Sol 4’36″
2- Les chansons sont des bouteilles à la mer 6’40″
3- Mers lacrymales 5’35″
4- Dieter Bohm 5’55″
5- Baume 3’48″
6- Un visage lunaire 4’25″
7- L’envol 3’20″
8- L’homme volant 5’46″
9- Dans les mains de Dieter 9’15″
10- Déraille 5’46″
11- Le miroir aux alouettes 6’44″<

Man, if you ever had the opportunity to see this in a theatre full of stoned and/or drunken Zep-freaks in 1976 and got to hear their cries of "what the fuck?" during all the weird fantasy sequences (which are amusing in a rock-god of the 70s kinda way...

"This DVD presents footage from the band's outstanding performance at Wyspianski Theater in Poland, which proves the band's virtuosity as well as cleverness in devising remarkably intelligent compositions. The DVD also includes an interview with Pär...

Taken from the Central (UK) TV series "Bedrock" from 1990. You like these guys, you gotta get this! 11 tracks.

"From the great Ralph Gleason Jazz Casual TV series comes this volume featuring Charles Lloyd with Keith Jarrett, Ron McClure & Jack DeJohnette (6/18/68); also The Paul Winter Sextet (3/1/63), Bola Sete and the Vice Guaraldi Quartet (9/25/63) and, fina...

"Joe Lovano was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952, and began playing alto saxophone as a child. His father, tenor saxophonist Tony ""Big T"" Lovano, schooled young Joe in jazz dynamics and interpretation, and regularly exposed him to the live performances..

OK, now I am definitely showing my age and my sappy-factor, but in the much more innocent times of 1965/1966, this band had some great singles and it's nice to see all of their extant Television appearances show up on a legit DVD, even though the...