Vander, Christian - 65!/Jour Apres Jour 2 x CDs

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Before C.V. jump-started Magma back into life, one of his main activities during the late 1980s and early 1990s was his trio with Philippe Dardell-double bass and Emmanuel Borghi-piano. When I saw them in the 90s, I thought it would be the only time I would ever see Vander play drums! And they (and he) were excellent. Their sound (as given away by one of the titles of their two albums included here) was jazz ala '65 Impulse Coltrane, with Coltrane going for a coffee off the bandstand. This is their two, long out of print albums reissued with 3 previously unreleased tracks from their very first session in 1988, just to make those of you who already own this stuff feel the need to buy it again. I realize that this is a jazz album that will mostly sell to rock people who are fans of Magma, but by any stretch of the imagination, these are both excellent jazz releases; if buying this because you love Magma gets you interested in Impulse-era John Coltrane/McCoy Tyner and you go exploring from there, I guess that isn't any worse than my being 16 and buying an Eric Dolphy record because I adored The Mothers of Invention and wanted to hear what the dedicatee of the Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue actually sounded like!

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