Lebanon - Planet Rubble

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"Lebanon is a primarily instrumental band from Tel Aviv that blends metal, prog, and psychedelic elements into its layered and complex compositions. Many things influence the band: records, beer, art, women, philosophy, and the political catastrophe that is their country. The group’s first album, Sunken City, has been widely praised in Israel. Many reviewers describe Lebanon as a “post-rock montage”—a very diversely influenced, impatient, and dense version of “epic” post rock. Planet Rubble was recorded in September 2006 at Bellingham’s Mars Studio at the peak of the band’s first US tour. Much like its predecessor, Planet Rubble is a math-rock journey into destruction. Songs are even more dense and deconstructive, and some songs add vocals."

“A combination of calm guitar atmospherics and epic-scale cascades of feedback.”-All Music Guide
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