Seun Kuti is Fela's youngest son and he also leads Fela's former band, Egypt 80.
This is a very good release of modern Nigerian Afropop in the Fela-style, but with its own twist, and with the (quite great) participation of Carlos Santana, who plays a wicked solo on a track.
Conditionally highly recommended!

"For their third album, Finnish quartet K-X-P – whose Twitter biog describes them as Original-Electronic-Motorhead-Space-Trance-Spiritual-Rock-Meditation-FreeJazz-Godz (!) – have decided to capture the raw energy of their live performances in the studio.
That description is not serious, of course, but neither is it far wrong, because their music is surprisingly adaptable, despite it not having an obvious melodic interest from first listen. Rather, it taps into a primal place of rhythm and percussion...

"K-X-P is a drums, bass and synth trio from Helsinki, Finland, born out of the fire and ashes of the seminal Op:l Bastards and The Lefthanded, both of which were led by Timo Kaukolampi. The band is comprised of Timo Kaukolampi (electronics, vocals)...

''The challenge of composing a passion in the 20th century is considerable given the fact that there is no sizable contemporary repertoire...I intend every note to be heard simply & directly - I hope that the power of the story is felt through the star...

Rome Yamilov-guitar, vocals
Henry Kaiser-guitar
Kid Andersen-bass, vocals
June Core-drums
Aki Kumar-harmonica, vocals
Lisa Leuschner-vocal
Jim Pugh-organ, piano

J.B. Lenoir was a bluesman who was active on recordings between 1954 and his premature death in 1967. He is perhaps best remembered for his songwriting, which feataured a wider range of topics than many of his contemporaries, often addressing political and racial issues of the time that are still relevant