Bruce Haack, born on May 4, 1931, was one of the most musically and lyrically inventive children's songwriters of the '60s and '70s. Despite -- or perhaps because of -- his intended audience, his music was unusually expressive, combining homemade analog synths; classical, country, pop, and rock elements; and surreal, idealistic lyrics. Haack's innovations and desire to teach still sound fresh, making his music a favorite with fans of analog synths and esoteric recordings.
...Though he had little...

Iro Haarla piano, harp
Mathias Eick trumpet
Trygve Seim tenor- and soprano saxophone
Ulf Krokfors double-bass
Jon Christensen drums

"Six years after the much-loved “Northbound” – described by All About Jazz as “lovely...

I wouldn’t call this a ‘progressive rock’ release, but it definitely leans electric and fierce. Call it avant-progressive electric jazz, perhaps! Anyway, it’s quite great.

“Renowned Finnish jazz innovator and band leader Iro Haarla takes a detour towards progressive rock
Known for her large number of works in the field of acoustic free jazz, Iro Haarla is a notable Finnish pianist, composer, arranger and band leader.
Now, having inked a deal with Finnish cult label Svart Records, Haarla

A record I had heard great things about for many years, but have never seen or heard until now, this 1972 album, originally on Island, was their sole release. I believe that some/all of these musicians backed up Richard and Linda Thompson when they retired from professional music to become Sufi Muslims (as these musicians were also Sufi Muslims). A cool, odd, and unusual album.

"The Habibiyya’s sole album stands as one of the earliest and most beautiful pieces of world music ever recorded in...

"First official CD-release of mysterious one-off project, co-led by 3 US expatriots living in Munich, Germany: Keyboardist Jimmy Jackson, drummer George Green and Guitarist William Powell. Major point of interest for most progressive and psychedelic...

"On his new record John Hackett is joined by brother Steve Hackett, ex-Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips and prog legend Nick Magnus to create an evocative musical landscape of powerful rock songs and rich melodies.

John Hackett is highly regarded for his distinctive flute sound in the world of progressive music and as an accomplished soloist. Solo flautist, guitarist, singer and composer, John is best known for his work with his brother Steve Hackett, the former Genesis guitarist, and the...

"Following on from the album “Another Life”, prog flute player John Hackett presents an outstanding album by his newly formed band, featuring Nick Fletcher, Jeremy Richardson and Duncan Parsons.
With a heady and eclectic mix of rock-solid song-writing, swirling mellotron and at times, free improvisation, the virtuosic flute and guitar performances shine through the memorable compositions. John’s brother, Steve Hackett, makes a special guest appearance on harmonica on ‘Never Gonna Make A Dime’

“Beyond the Stars sees John and Nick on an epic journey through time and place, from wistful reminiscing about happier times to a vision of a dystopian future. The songs take you on a rollercoaster ride showcasing Nick Fletcher's incredible virtuosity on the guitar alongside John's trademark flute. Their writing partnership, first featured on the John Hackett Band album We Are Not Alone, goes from strength to strength and Beyond the Stars shows them to be a musical force to be reckoned with. The duo are...

A quintet of albums by the legendary prog guitarist and former Genesis member packaged together in a slim-line slipcase. Includes the albums
Voyage Of The Acolyte
Spectral Mornings
Highly Strung

“Following the tremendous success of 2017’s ‘The Night Siren’ (charted at #22 in Germany, #28 in the UK), legendary former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett will release his new studio album ‘At The Edge Of Light’.
The album which features ten songs, sees Steve unite a vast amount of styles ranging from guitar driven rock to epic orchestration, from world music to the reflective and atmospheric all brought together in Steve Hackett’s unique style.
Hackett will present the album live as part of...

"Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered expanded edition of Steve Hackett's unique 1994 album, "Blues With a Feeling".
The album showcased another side of the musical personality of the legendary guitarist. As Steve says; "The Blues is a style of music that's intensely emotional and exciting. The music is the place where truly alive electric guitar sounds were first born. All the sonic developments that rock music inherited stem from that"....

“Limited mediabook packaging with 5.1 BR included. A rite-of-passage concept album with a young character called Travla at the center of it, "The Circus And The Nightwhale"s 13 tracks have an autobiographical angle for the musician who says about his 30th solo release:
"I love this album. It says the things I've been wanting to say for a very long time."
Recorded between tours in 2022 and 2023 at Siren studio in the UK - with guest parts beamed in from Sweden, Austria, the US, Azerbaijan and...

1981 was a bad year for music. Even the energy and anger of punk had pretty much given away to 'new wave' and 'new wave pop'. So, what is a old school, art-rock guy like Steve gonna do? He dumps his band, he keeps the keyboardist, adds guests here and...

Still one of the great, distinctive and emotive guitarists of progressive rock, this set was recorded during his extensive world tour of 2009-2010. His band is really great; they aren't just 'the guys behind the superstar', but are notable on their...

“Features 21-tracks recorded Live at the Hammersmith 2019. The London performance was captured during the former Genesis guitarist's 2019 tour, where he was joined onstage by his touring band: vocalist Nad Sylvan, keyboardist Roger King, bassist Jonas Reingold, drummer Craig Blundell and Rob Townsend on saxophone and flute. The lineup was bolstered by special guests John Hackett and Amanda Lehmann.
Hackett says:
"Amalgamating three personal favourite albums, including the whole of Selling...

Limited Edition 2 x CD, Blu-Ray packaged, DVD housed in a hardbound art book with extended booklet.

“Features 21-tracks recorded Live at the Hammersmith 2019. The London performance was captured during the former Genesis guitarist's 2019 tour, where he was joined onstage by his touring band: vocalist Nad Sylvan, keyboardist Roger King, bassist Jonas Reingold, drummer Craig Blundell and Rob Townsend on saxophone and flute. The lineup was bolstered by special guests John Hackett and Amanda...

"Surrender of Silence’ is the brand-new studio album from legendary guitarist Steve Hackett. As with his acoustic album from earlier this year, this too was recorded during lockdown and involving several musicians and singers contributing from around the world. “Lockdown cobwebs are blown away in one fell-swoop here”, says Steve… “With the monster rhythm section of Jonas Reingold, Craig Blundell, Nick D’Virgilio and Phil Ehart along with Rob Townsend’s soaring sax and bass clarinet, Nad Sylvan, Amanda...

"Guitar virtuoso and rock legend, Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis), releases his latest album The Night Siren. As implied in the title, The Night Siren is a wake-up call... the warning of a siren sounding in this era of strife and division.
The Night Siren showcases Steve’s incredible guitar as strongly as ever, along with musicians from several different countries who Steve invited to join him in celebrating multicultural diversity and unity. This includes singers from Israel and Palestine, who..

This features guitarist/vocalist Steve Hackett leading an all-star group of Julian Colbeck-keyboards and vocals, Ian McDonald-sax, flute, keyboards, guitar and vocals, John Wetton-bass and vocals and Chester Thompson-drums. Phew.
There are 17 tracks recorded live in Tokyo, Japan, December 16 & 17, 1996, including lots of work from Hackett's solo albums, Genesis pieces and King Crimson (where having Ian McDonald there is something pretty special). There's also 3 studio recordings that are here for no....

"Recorded at the end of Hackett's 1994 Italian tour, this is a live document of one of his classical guitar performances. Those who liked his releases Bay of Kings, Momentum, and A Midsummer Night's Dream will want to seek this out as well. Hackett...

The first new studio album by the great ex-Genesis guitarist in 4-5 years. You probably will not be surprised (and hopefully not dissapointed either) that nothing on here sounds particularly like Genesis or even Voyage of the Acolyte, but his recent mu...

This is a great, great price on the 5.1 edition of this release. In addition to the regular album you get 2 bonus tracks on the CD, as well as a Blu-Ray which has the album in 5.1 as well as hi-res stereo versions, and interviews with Steve about....

This album was originally released only in Hungary a few years ago and it's great to see it get a chance at a wider audience now!
Djabe are a Hungarian world music / jazz / new music ensemble. The collected personnel is:
Ferenc Kovács (vocals, trumpet, violin)
Zoltán Kovács (keyboards)
Attila Égerházi (guitar, percussion)
Tamás Barabás (bass guitar)
Szilárd Banai (drums)
Steve Hackett (guitar, vocals)

These musicians have been working together since 2007, perfor

Latest solo album from Haco, this is a remix of the Japanese only version released in 1999. This has Hacos vocals & keyboards, plus Pierre Bastien, Peter Hollinger, Imahori Tsuneo (Tipographica), and many other Japanese musicians, this album features a...

“On Nova Naturo, Japan's Haco expands her already divergent song craft into a zone that meshes field recording, electronics and layers of floating voice into an imagined sound environment that encourages a sense of a deepened interior terrain.
Haco's work in groups including the now legendary After Dinner and Hoahio have earned her a unique and respected position in the Japanese music communities, but it is with her solo work that she has unlocked an utterly unique and deeply personal approach to...

"Weightless, not so much a voice from heaven but a voice that swirls in liquidity, water spirit, a world and a time in which humans, plants, animals and weather could communicate in multiple tongues through the barriers that separate living entities, the world of Apitchatpong Weerasthakul's Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010), in which a catfish with erotic powers speaks to a princess, a world in which spirits could be heard whispering in forest glades, in spider's webs and waterfalls...

"This album is gorgeous. I picked it up expecting some crazy experimental thing because it's a Haco project, but what I ended up hearing was an achingly beautiful collaboration of slow, climaxing songs, inventive string technique, and head-bobbing goodness. This is a really, really good disc."-Eon Fontes May

"Charismatic singer, lyricist and performer Haco came to the fore in the early 80s with the group After Dinner, a sublime incarnation of surreal, direct, and offbeat Japanese/European pop...

This has an unbelievable cast: Charlie Haden, Don Cherry, Bob Northern, Paul Motian, Carla Bley, Dewey Redman,Gato Barbieri, Roswell Rudd, Michael Mantler and many more!

"A fascinating reissue that comfortably straddles the lines of jazz, folk, and world music, working up a storm by way of a jazz protest album that points toward the Spanish Civil War in particular and the Vietnam War in passing. Haden leads the charge and contributes material, but the real star here may in fact be Carla Bley, who..

Brilliant, beautifully musical and electrifyingly political work from Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Ensemble, spurred on by the events in Central America under the Regan era. As it says on the back "No to U.S. intervention...our only crime is that we are poor - we are tired of so many bullets sent by Ronald Reagan". Highly recommmended.

"Bassist Charlie Haden reactivated the concept behind his late '60s Liberation Music Orchestra for this 1983 studio project, built around songs from the...

VASIL HADZIMANOV: piano, keyboards
DAVID BINNEY: alto sax
BOJAN IVKOVIC: percussion, vocals

"In keeping with the label's time-honored tradition of shining a spotlight on newly-discovered artists whose immense musical talents challenge convention and defy categorization, MoonJune Records is pleased to offer the musical stylings of Serbian keyboardist, pianist and composer, Vasil Hadzimanov. Although

MIROSLAV TOVIRAC - bass guitar
BOJAN IVKOVIC - percussion, vocals
with special guests:
MARTA HADZIMANOV - lead vocal (4)
DEAN BOWMAN - lead vocal (8)

“A name synonymous with Serbian jazz, Vasil Hadzimanov is a contemporary pianist, composer, arranger, and educator whose lineage is intrinsically linked with ethnic Balkan music and cultura

"A new album of piano driven ambient music from British composer Robert Haigh. Following in the path of his albums for the Japanese Siren label, Creatures of the Deep is an underground vantage of a meeting between the musical worlds of Harold Budd and Erik Satie. With a storied musical career that has ranged widely in style - from his industrial-avant-garde works on Nurse With Wound's United Diaries label as SEMA to his legendary ambient drum and bass records as Omni Trio on Moving Shadow...

“Human Remains follows Creatures of the Deep and Black Sarabande as the final installment of a trilogy of piano based recordings by Robert Haigh for Unseen Worlds. The trilogy marks the end of the late era of solo albums by Haigh before he steps away from music production.
The title, Human Remains, was initially based on a painting of the same name by Haigh that is suggestive of an ancient structure resolute in the wake of overwhelming forces. As a metaphor for our current times, it could be...

"Susanne Lewis and Bob Drake met in 1980 at a Denver recording studio where Bob was working as an engineer. They immediately discovered a musical kinship and have continued to play and record in various projects since, notably Hail, but also Denver legends Thinking Plague and 5UUs.
Their first LP (Venus Handcuffs, 1986) was recorded in an abandoned yoghurt factory, the second (Gypsy cat and Gypsy Bird, 1983) followed soon after. At about this time Bob got a job as a sound-effects engineer for a horror

"Susanne Lewis and Bob Drake met in 1980 at a Denver recording studio where Bob was working as an engineer. They immediately discovered a musical kinship and have continued to play and record in various projects since, notably Hail, but also Denver legends Thinking Plague and 5UUs.
Their first LP (Venus Handcuffs, 1986) was recorded in an abandoned yoghurt factory, the second (Gypsy cat and Gypsy Bird, 1983) followed soon after. At about this time Bob got a job as a sound-effects engineer for a horror

Second and final Hail album. Songs by Suzanne Lewis and Bob Drake, both ex-Thinking Plague - a punky cross between Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and early Jefferson Airplane. This time, Bob Drake and Susanne Lewis are joined by some guests: Dave Kerman, Chris Cutler, Bill Gilonis.

“There's very little information available on this band but the Internet suggests they are part of the late-80s Rock in Opposition and avant-prog scene -- in fact, other albums by Hail are tagged as avant-prog on this site..

“Full title: In the past only geniuses were capable of staging the perfect crime (also known as a revolution) Today anybody can accomplish their aims with the push of the button.
For its 50th release, Black Truffle presents the ninth album from one of the label's core ensembles, the power trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi.
Drawn from a November 2015 performance at Tokyo's now-defunct SuperDeluxe, the record's opening piece drops us immediately into the maelstrom, abruptly...

Keiji Haino - guitar, vocals, flute, gongs
Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes
Teun Verbruggen - drums, electronics
"Japanese legend, Keiji Haino, meets two of Belgium's most active and valued musicians, keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin (Lilly Joel) and drummer Teun Verbruggen (Othin Spake). The Miracles Of Only One Thing is a deep and intense testimony of this meeting. Keiji Haino, without any doubt one of the most important musicians from the Japanese underground scene, is at his best, Teun Verbruggen

"Two living legends of extreme Japanese music sharing the stage for the first time outside of Japan."

"Japan’s fearless multi-instrumentalist and cultural provocateur Keiji Haino has made a career out of his free-form musical improvisations and diverse collaborations. Whether deconstructing American blues to a few rogue notes hanging across chasms of empty space in his solo endeavors, sparring with the nebulous fringes of psychedelia in Fushitsusha, or teaming up with musicians like Faust, Boris, Jim O’Rourke, Stephen O’Malley, John Zorn, and Peter Brötzmann for fleeting aural experiments. Haino’s work....

“This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood to Pour Let Us Never is the third collaborative album by Japanese free music provocateur Keiji Haino and expressionist metal trio SUMAC. Into This Juvenile Apocalypse... finds the quartet navigating the push-and-pull of creative interplay with bolder strides and stronger chemistry. Recorded on May 21, 2019 at the Astoria Hotel on Vancouver BC’s notorious East Hastings Street as a one-off performance during a short North American tour for Haino, the six...

"The controversial work which stepped into the forbidden territory of editing the performance of Haino Keiji. Yoshida breaks up their studio session boldly and restructures it from the unacceptable tune reproduced by extreme editing to the pop song...

"A new recording by a legendary duo! Following up on their acclaimed CD New Rap, two of the Tokyo Underground ’s most extreme artists get together again for another twisted exploration of the outer limits of sound. Performing on voice, guitars, drums...

Massimo Pupillo, bass / Paal Nilssen-Love, drums / Peter Broetzmann, tenor sax / Toshinori Kondo, trumpet.

"Recorded live in Lisbon, at the 2011 edition of the festival Jazz em Agosto, “Snakelust” is the most fantastic upbringing, to this date...

"An object lesson in how free improvised music should sound when played with authenticity and sincerity." — The Wire

"A wonderfully unhinged stew of avant-garde jazz rock" —Tiny Mix Tapes

"Their musicianship and group energy jumps...

Kenny Hakansson was the great guitarist with Baby Grandmothers, Bo Hansson and Kebnekajse, among others. Right around the time that Kebnekajse was winding down for the 1st time (they've since returned stornger than ever with two new albums!), Kenny...

“‘Jump Into Love’ is the new album from Half Japanese, true DIY noise-rock royalty, led by the ever-effervescent Jad Fair. It’s a meeting of minds, a coming together from the world’s favourite indie-alt-rock outsiders. Atypically out there and off-kilter, the album wears its heart on its sleeve through a cascade of new, dark and brooding songs from the band who would be king.
Loved by Kurt Cobain, Daniel Johnston, Penn Jillette and outsiders everywhere, Half Japanese continue their quest for answers...