The Nudes are something of an avant supergroup, with Chris Cutler, Amy Denio, & Swiss guitarist Wadi Gysi. Energetic & fun punk/folk/jazz/art-rock songs; these will make fans of Chris' & Amy's work very happy.
"Your ticket to pop paradise. Maybe."...

''EPS live in Marseille, & the three of them are probably right now listening out their windows & homing in on all the radiant junk sounds of this most polyglot of cities. This is real music...get into it.''-Tim Hodgkinson. Performed on keyboards, guit...

Marek “Latarnik” Pędziwiatr - grand piano, Fender Rhodes & synths
Marcin “Cancer G” Rak - drums, percussion, beat machine
Paweł “Wuja HZG” Stachowiak - bass guitar, MOOG
Olaf “Książę Saxonii” Węgier - soprano, alto, tenor sax
Jakub Kurek - trumpet
Spisek Jednego - percussion, sound FX

Hip hop /funky jazz recastings of Sun Ra’s compositions, written by Sun Ra between 1957-1979 and re-created by EABS.
Its After The End Of The World – Don’t You KNOW That YET?

"After twenty years as one of London's top session pianists, arrangers and composers, the inspirational Geoff Eales has rediscovered his passion for improvised music in recent years. With three highly acclaimed albums to his name...

Earth and Fire were an early 70's Dutch progressive band. This 1971 album was their 2nd release, and is generally agreed by all to be their best. The band featured vocalist Jerney Kaagman, who has a clear, soaring voice similar in overall sound to Annie Haslam, although she doesn't sound like Annie. Also featured are keyboards (mostly Hammond organ, but also, piano, synths, melltron, etc.), guitars, bass and drums. Excellent female vocals and fine playing and instrumental breaks on this one. Start here!

“Jacob Long's third Earthen Sea outing for Kranky, Ghost Poems, further refines his fragile, fractured palette into fluttering arrythmias of dust, percussion, and yearning. Composed during the first wave of lockdowns in New York, the pieces took shape patiently from samples of piano, texture, and domestic sounds (sink splashing, room tone, clinking objects), filtered through live FX to imbue them with an intuitive, immaterial feel. Wisps of melody splinter, shimmer, and refract, like light on water...

“As a huge fan of psychedelic jam rock, this is really just a phenomenon album. Take the extended Jams of Black Sabbath debut album and mix it with "Interstellar Overdrive" by Pink Floyd and that's what this album sounds like! I get totally immersed in this sound for the entire 1 hour run time.”-rym

“Earthstar was an electronic music group originally from Utica, New York, in the United States. Earthstar was the brainchild of keyboardist/synthesist Craig Wuest. The band outed themselves as ardent admirers of that genre as well, especially German electronic artists like Neu, Cluster, Roedelius, and especially Klaus Schulze. After the release of their first album, Salterbarty Tales (1978), by Nashville-based Moontower Records, Wuest was encouraged by electronic music artist, composer, and producer...

Bill Bruford – drums, percussion
Iain Ballamy – saxophone
Django Bates – keyboards, horn, trumpet
Mick Hutton – double bass

“Having already spent twenty years on the cutting edge of modern rock percussion, Bill Bruford (ex-King Crimson, Yes, UK a.m.m.) formed Earthworks in 1986, as a deliberate return to his roots in jazz. Availing himself of the brightest young talent on the burgeoning U.K. jazz scene, namely keyboardist and tenor horn player Django Bates, and saxophonist Iain...

This is an English language release of the group's first album, Jatekok. It may have existed before this issue, but I certainly never saw it before this CD version which just arrived! This includes two bonus tracks, "Sirens" and "The Tones Of Truth"...

East were one of the best known names in Hungarian progressive rock & symphonic rock in the 1980s (and also one of the very best). Longtime progrock fans and Waysiders will remember classic releases like Huseg, Jatekok and A Szerelem Sivataga.

Well, if you remember those releases, then this is for you, as this live recording covers those three classics, all in complete form!

This album was recorded with additional orchestral musicians and was recorded on April 24, 2014 at the Palace of...

Matthew Shipp – piano
Allen Lowe - alto and tenor sax
Gerald Cleaver – drums
Kevin Ray – bass

Allen Lowe says: "To me, free improvisation is another form of narrative, just as linear in terms of the consciousness of moving from one place to another, as any kind of storytelling. Yes, anyone can do it, you might say (and this is an old argument in jazz circles) but not everyone can do it with purpose and form and like they really mean it. This group is the epitome of all that has...

Dave Arbus (violin, flute, saxophone), Jim Roche (guitar), David Jack (vocals, bass), Jeff Allen (drums).

"East of Eden from Bristol in England played elaborate progressive rock with saxophone, violin, and flute. Their only hit, "Jig-a-jig", is..

A milestone in the birth of 'progressive/art' rock, East of Eden's debut album, 'Mercator Projected' has been cited by MOJO magazine as a ...masterpiece". Released on the legendary Deram label in 1969, the album established East of Eden as a major act,...

Great to see this very fine, early, UK art-rock classic reissued properly!

"East of Eden's second album, 'Snafu' was originally released in 1970 by Deram Records and saw the band take their particular fusion of jazz, psychedelia, world music...

Max Eastley - arc (electro-acoustic monochord)
Fergus Kelly - invented instruments, found metals, electronics
Mark Wastell - tam tam, metal percussion, piano frame

Recorded in London, March 2017.

"The music presented here is enticing and exciting, staggering and interstellar. It's like somewhere in space, waves from the infinite, suspended in a vacuum, continuous and ephemeral. The three musicians manipulate the perception of time. The more the music slows, the more time passes..

"Eastman's stated aim with Femenine was to please listeners, saying of the piece that 'the end sounds like the angels opening up heaven . . . should we say euphoria?' "-Mary Jane Leach

“This recording is the première release of Julius Eastman's Femenine, for chamber ensemble. It is Femenine's only known recording, documenting a 1974 performance by the S.E.M. Ensemble (with the composer on piano) that has lain unheard for decades. The music of Julius Eastman (1940-1990) is enjoying an ongoing...

"'The composer is therefore enjoined to accomplish the following: she must establish himself as a major instrumentalist, he must not wait upon a descending being, and she must become an interpreter, not only of her own music and career, but also the music of her contemporaries, and give a fresh new view of the known and unknown classics.' --Julius Eastman Just when you think you are grasping the breadth and quality of the music of Julius Eastman (1940?1990), a recording such as Julius Eastman....

“Four Pianos (1979-80): It is recognized today that these tutelary pieces for four pianos are among the most powerful in contemporary music, their impact is almost unparalleled. After the historical version recorded forty years ago, this one, featuring four of the greatest European performers, is now regaining its full power. High level recordings too. Includes 12-page booklet.
Julius Eastman: There was some for John Cage, then came Christian Wolff, and finally Morton Feldman, from this school in New..

"This three-disc set marks the first appearance on disc of the music of the African-American composer Julius Eastman (1940-1990), who died under unexplained circumstances and whose musical legacy was thought lost. This comprehensive and definitive document, which comprises almost all of Eastman's signature works, will undoubtedly be a revelation for those who have thus far been unable to hear his work.
In his book American Music in the Twentieth Century, composer/author Kyle Gann briefly sums up...

Silke Eberhard: Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Jan Roder: Bass
Kay Lübke: Drums

"Being the Up And Down", Silke Eberhard's new CD with her trio with Jan Roder on bass and Kay Lübke on drums was recorded both in the studio as well as at a live concert at the A-Trane in Berlin. This was the result of her winning the prestigious Berlin Jazz Prize, which affords the winner the honor of playing a concert and getting some recording days by Radio Berlin Brandenburg. Thus on this disc you hear a...

Silke Eberhard - alto saxophone
Céline Voccia - piano

"The album contains seven pieces that are completely freely improvised and show the broad spectrum of their musicianship. Silke Eberhard's saxophone sometimes sounds seductively airy, reminiscent of Stan Getz; at other times she lets it squeak and whistle like the free jazz master Ornette Coleman at his wildest. She uses all registers, happily clatters her alto keys and lets her instrument hiss and breathe, while every now and then melodic.

Robert F. Graettinger was one of the strangest, most adventurous and little known composers and arrangers of the mid 20th century.
He was visible as one of Stan Kenton's arrangers circa 1948-1953, when Kenton had to let him go because his music was so unpopular.
His complete recorded work for Stan Kenton (about an hour) was all reissued on a (now out of print) CD called "City Of Glass", which I would highly recommend.
Graettinger was a tall thin man, born in 1923 who was famous among the...

''From Genoa harbor Echo Art welcomes their 15th birthday with a new recording together with some of the best musicians of ritual trance music: Gnawa du Maroc, Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe), Dervishes from the Sema Ensemble of Istanbul (Turkey) and Egschi...

“‘Echo Rain’ is side project of UK progressive rock musician Lee Abraham, known for both his critically acclaimed solo album and as guitarist with UK prog veterans, Galahad.
Echo Rain focuses on shorter guitar instrumental rock songs. 'Western Skies' combines powerful rock riffs and soaring leads but with melodic chord structures and choruses.”

"Jason Eckardt began as a heavy metal guitarist and turned to contemporary music after hearing Webern. His music is highly complex andr etains the energy and intensity of his heavy metal roots. Challenging and highly virtuosic, his compositional...

"Eclectic Maybe Band is the creation of Guy Segers, a player / composer / producer first prominent as bassist with legendary band Univers Zero, and subsequently active in many live and studio projects.
“Bars Without Measures” continues the band's established tradition which brings together detailed studio work with the creativity of real time improvisation. Using different groupings from within a large ensemble cast, which includes many well-known names, Guy has created an album where tracks are...

Carla Diratz (Vocals)
Cathryn Robson (Vocals)
Roland Binet (Flute, Piccolo)
Martin Archer (Sax Sopranino & Alto)
Joe Higham (Sax Soprano & Tenor, Electronics)
Dave Newhouse (Sax Alto & Tenor, Bass Clarinet)
Jean-Pierre Soarez (Trumpet)
Ariane Plumerel (Violin)
Sigrid Vandenbogaerden (Cello)
Michel Delville (Guitar)
Eric Lemaître (Guitar)
Ángel Ontalva (Guitar)
Andy Kirk (Guitar, Keyboards)
Catherine Smet (Piano, Keyboa

Roland Binet - flute / tenor saxophone (6)
Joe Higham - electronics / soprano saxophone / doudouk (7)
Michel Delville – electric guitar
Catherine Smet - keyboards
Guy Segers - bass / samplers (5)
Dirk Wachtelaer – drums

"An invigorating music phenomenon, tinted with kaleidoscopic overtones and detailed subplots."-Glenn Astarita - ALL ABOUT JAZZ

All tracks were spontaneously composed in the studio by the musicians. Arrangements by Guy Segers.


Hawkwind + stoner + Black Sabbath + hoarse vocalizing = Ecstatic Vision!

“Philadelphia heavy psych quartet Ecstatic Vision (regarded as the second coming of vintage Hawkwind) return with For the Masses.
After bursting onto the scene with their 2015 tribal-psychedelic LP, Sonic Praise, touring the USA with Yob and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, crushing Roadburn, then quickly releasing a for-heads-only, noisy, psychedelic-garage record to weed out the weak (Raw Rock Fury, 2017), Ecstatic Vision..

“Ecstatic Vision introduced their brand of heavy primal psych influenced by groups like Hawkwind, Aphrodite's Child, Olatunji, Can, and early Amon Düül II in late 2013.
Formed in Philadelphia to primarily "play what they wanted to hear", the band quickly rose to those in the know as a force to be reckoned with.
After two releases on the legendary Relapse Records, now in 2018 the band returns with Under The Influence on the Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds.
Under The Influence is Ecstatic

Ya GOTTA like flutes!
Michel Edelin (flutes), Sylvaine Hélary (flutes), Ludivine Issambourg (flutes), Peter Giron (double Bass), John Betsch (drums), special guest Nicole Mitchell (flutes).

Michel Edelin: flute, alto flute, bass flute
Sophia Domancich: piano, Fender Rhodes
Sylvain Kassap: clarinet, bass clarinet
Stéphane Kerecki: double bass
Simon Goubert: drums
John Greaves: spoken words

“Echoes of the mythic British band Henry Cow with one of its initial members as special guest. Great and fully relevant!”

“That a ‘jazz’ flautist should borrow musical ideas from a band labeled ‘rock’ will only come as a surprise to those who never experienced or ha

Nataniel Edelman piano
Michael Formanek bass
Michaël Attias alto saxophone

"Like Eva Figes’ enchanting 1983 novella, Light, the latest full-length release from extraordinary Argentinian pianist Nataniel Edelman harnesses 24 hours in the life of an artist and atomises it in a marvellously virtuosic breakdown of allusive tones and mottled moods.
Figes’ literary portrait of Claude Monet comes alive in her redolent descriptions of the great painter’s Giverny garden sanctum. Un Ruido de.

“On their second album, Edena Gardens manifests itself as a permanent fixture in the El Paraiso catalog. Edena Gardens could have flickered and disappeared in true El Paraiso fashion with a single session album, but the trio emerges with both a new studio album as well as a live album. It's part of the band's DNA: it contains multitudes. There's always a variation or open path, shifting with ease from heady cosmic stoner folk-vibes, to the scorched earth of 12-minute centerpiece, "Veil". "Halcyon Days"...

Dens concludes a trilogy of albums, aptly spelling out the last third of the group's name. And true to form, the band turns inwards rather than outwards, drawing on deep shades of ambient, slowcore, and the ghost of Mark Hollis. While maintaining their psychedelic edge, the trio weaves the lines between genres in a way that's becoming a signature of its own. Never in a hurry, but always moving somewhere. Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skøtt and Martin Rude's bass and baritone guitar lay out a robust yet...

“Members of Papir and Causa Sui travel through new musical realms. Three musicians with their own compass: Martin Rude and Jakob Skøtt have shared a wide range of musical quests: from Causa Sui's "Bitches Brew of stoner rock" crossing the folk meditations of Sun River and arriving most recently as members of the pre-fusion electric dealings of the London Odense Ensemble.
Papir guitarist Nicklas Sørensen is not merely adding a new layer to an established duo, but his presence to the party have....

"Edensong is a progressive rock quintet from New York City. The band's self-released 2008 debut "The Fruit Fallen" was hailed as a "masterpiece" by critics, and helped to pave the way for live shows and notable festival appearances throughout North America.
At over 70 minutes of new music, their 2016 followup, "Years in the Garden of Years" is even more ambitious than it's predecessor, and will be sure to appeal to fans of both classic progressive rock and metal. The concept album features an...

Zé Eduardo, double bass/Jesus Santandreu, tenor saxophone/Bruno Pedroso, drums.

"Telling that Zé Eduardo is one of the top jazz musicians in Portugal isn't enough to report the importance of this bassist, composer, arranger and band leader...

Bruno Pedroso (d), Jesus Santandreu (ts), Zé Eduardo (b)

"The project “A Jazzar”, by the Zé Eduardo Unit, was born from a comission by Cineclube de Faro, through its president Anabela Moutinho, after two shows held respectively in 1999 and...

Jack Walrath, trumpet/Jesus Santandreu, saxes/Marc Miralta, drums/Zé Eduardo, bass.

"Back in the day, American jazz musicians toured Europe as “a single,” hooking up with local rhythm sections. In the years immediately following World War II...

This is their albums
One Niter
Hats of Glass
Missa Universalis
Virgin Oiland
all in one set.

“Box set by Austrian prog rock legend Eela Craig with their four studio albums from 1976 to 1980, remastered & sonically prepared with detailed booklet.”

“The band was founded in Linz in 1970 and recorded its first album entitled Eela Craig in 1971 with a circulation of 1500. Critics compared this album with established bands such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson..

The first, very rare album by this well known Austrian sextet (vocals, piano/organ, guitar, flute/sax, bass & drums) was almost totally unknown until this reissue; most people think that their 1976 release "One Nighter" is their first. But this 1971...

Eela Craig were from Austria and are lumped in with the German groups because...well, how many progressive rock Austrian groups were there anyway? The band was formed by keyboardist Hubert Bognermayer in 1971 and released a very rare first album that...

"Eela Craig from Linz are known for their symphonic art rock with lots of organ and Mellotron. An original copy of their first album from 1971 is today a collectors’ item that’s hardly affordable.
After releasing three more CDs and throwing out Hubert Bognermayr, they set up a sinfully expensive sound studio in a former farm, which also became their home. The recordings for ”Virgin oiland” were thus made unhurriedly in a relaxed environment during two months of intensive work. The Schlote concert...

"Eerie Wanda isn’t a person, but rather the name given to the relentlessly memorable recorded results of an album delivered by Croatian/Dutch singer-songwriter Marina Tadic, with a little help from her (incredibly talented) friends, including (but not limited to) the phenomenal rhythm section of Jacco Gardner’s band.

While the word “eerie” isn’t the adjective that springs to mind most readily when listening to “Hum,” there are several others eager to take its place – beautiful, striking and...