Fourth and final release by the original 10cc featuring Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, who left after this to work on the gizmo and make a name for themselves writing really smart and smart-ass pop music that didn't sell until they became early video producers and doing fine work in that arena.

Classic, classy stuff that could never happen now.

"For 30 years, in a small town 40 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio, The Numbers Band have kept the blues alive. Where the guardians of the form starved it of innovation, 15-60-75 nurtured abstract evolution. Where the priests of Budweiser Blues droned...

This is the entirety of The Residents’ Commercial Album, delivered in acapella style. This is something that David Minnick has done to fairly amazing form with Cardiacs and will be doing with Trout Mask Replica!
This was just released, but it’s already sold out! We have a limited number and then that is IT!

"The 180 Gs is a group of 5 singers (who also happen to be brothers) based in Detroit, Michigan and led by composer and multi-instrumentalist David Minnick. They have carved out their

Mark Anderson - drums
Paul Dunmall - tenor & soprano sax
Philip Gibbs - guitar
Tony Hymas - keyboard

"An album that proves that spontaneous composition can be both melodic and groovy. Recorded live in the studio in one take, with..

“25 YARD SCREAMER is a trio based in Wales, UK, and was founded by chance in 2002 when Nick JAMES (vocals, guitars) needed to get hold of some musicians for a showcase gig. Matt CLARKE (bass) and Donal OWEN (drums) were able to help out; and they hit it off so well that the creation of a band was called for.
From acoustic to electronic, from the familiar to the unforeseen, join the exploration and be a part of the voyage, exploring a musical territory that can be described as a mix of MARILLION, RUSH..

Martin Pickett piano, Paul Jefferies double bass, Ben Twyford drums.

"This first CD from Oxfordshire based ‘3bpm’ captures the spirit of a classic acoustic Jazz trio. There is a real organic feel to the recording which takes the listener on a...

Second release (of 3) by this US psychedelic band. Spacious tracks with tons of great guitar and synth work which all ROCKS heavy and hard and trancey! If you love/loved Quantum Fantay, Hidria Spacefolk, Øresund Space Collective, Dasputnik, etc etc etc...

3rd Ear Experience are a California psychedelic band that at its best features just monsterous, heavy guitar/bass/drums riffing that will make you think you've discovered the first Ash Ra Tempel album 45 years later.
This comes in a hand numbered edition of 500 inside a very nice 7" booklet entitled "The Art Of The Jam Band - Concepts And Intricacies For Collective Improvisation", written by their guitarist Robbi Robb.

"While many modern impro-instrumental bands adhere to the principle 'play.

3rd World Electric is a band put together by guitarist Roine Stolt and bassist Jonas Reingold, both of The Flower Kings, both of whom wanted to explore their great love of 1970s-styled fusion. Based on the sound here, the group they loved the most from...

Very good (although not as great as hyped) Greek psychedelic album. Despite it being the middle 70's, I guess it might as well have been 8 years earlier, because this really captures a late 60's vibe... "The first ever official CD reissue of an album t...

Roof was the final recording project/band by the late cellist Tom Cora, along with Luc Ex-bass, Michael Vatcher-drums & Phil Minton. 4 Walls is the new release by the other 3 players without Tom, & with pianist Veryan Weston added. Their music is an as...

A question which seens to be asked a little too often these days. 4 Walls is the mostly improvised quartet of Luc Ex-double bass (ex of The Ex), Phil Minton-vocals, Michael Vatcher-drums and Veryan Weston-piano. "It is extremely difficult to define the...

"48 Cameras have this faculty to have with each album another personnel of musicians, a pallet of artists from different styles, out of the usual frame, not concerning only musicians...The whole driving through exchanges on internet, to lead to a...

"48 Cameras is a project around a nucleus of Belgian musicians who, as they work on new material, invite musicians from all over the world and from different styles and backgrounds. Basically, most of the music is built around an ambience more than a...

"There is life after DEATH after all—and just like you’ve heard, it hinges on accepting You-Know-Who as your lord and savior. 1980: it was the dawn of a new age. Built on the broken backs and bodies of those who had hoped and dreamed for a better world, the '80s made it clear: that world wasn’t coming. A generation and more plunged into the abyss. But what of Death? The HACKNEY brothers were no different from anybody else—in the heat and tumult of the 1970s, they’d seen that new world coming. They’d...

The second and final of the 'second wave' line-up of 5uus (basically Dave Kerman, Bob Drake and Sanjay Kumar + guests). This is considered by many people to be their best period and I would probably agree.

"Second installment from monster band..

The second and final of the 'second wave' line-up of 5uus (basically Dave Kerman, Bob Drake and Sanjay Kumar + guests). This is considered by many people to be their best period and I would probably agree.

"Second installment from monster band 5UU's, featuring rock complexity, extraordinary production (by bassist and singer Bob Drake) and high energy precision mixed with eccentric song-writing. People that work this hard are becoming an endangered species. Extraordinary."-Chris Cutler

"Magnificent" - Boston Rock

"...will easily contend for the best release of new music this year." - Gibraltar

"...one of the most unique and startling albums in a long time - original, vibrant and cutting edge." - Expose

Drummer/composer Dave Kerman revived the 5uu's in the mid 90's with long time keyboardist Sanjay Kumar and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Bob Drake of Thinking Plague. As the review says below, it strongly hints at a parallel universe combination of Ye

Remastered reissue of the long out of print 12. Includes 20' of exclusive bonus material." "The psychedelic hippie folk revival that first bore fruit in the early 90's shows no sign of abating despite an almost total press blackout. Golden Boy of the m...

Rick Brown - plywood crate, hand and foot percussion, crude horns
Che Chen - 6 and 12-string and quarter-tone guitars, percussion
Sue Garner - guitar and bass guitar
Cheryl Kingan - alto and baritone saxophones
Andrew Lafkas – contrabass
Karen Waltuch – viola
Jim Pugliese – percussion
Barry Weisblat - signal processing, Casio SK-1
Steven Maing - quarter-tone guitar
Carey Balch - hi-hat.

Their best yet and that’s saying something; I saw them p

"It's been quite awhile since Wolfgang Zenk put out a new 7for4 album so this comes as a welcome surprise. As you may by now know, Zenk came to everyone's attention when he became a member of Sieges Even, redirecting their tech metal sound into fusion...

Excellent AACM octet from Chicago that I had the great pleasure of seeing (after many years of wanting to) at Edgefest, 2006, and man they were fantastic. So, now they and this - their most recent although not new - album is here.

Personnel: Lydia Lunch, Pat Irwin, Michael Paumgardhen, Jim Sclavunos, George Scott III.
Lydia Lunch, member of defunct late-70s punk/no wave band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, was known for an extreme, often confrontational style. In between Teenage Jesus and the beginning of her solo career, she formed 8-Eyed Spy, a band that took the cacophony of her first band and made it more palatable with elements of post-punk and funk.
Skronking saxophone and pounding basslines define this collection, with..

A nice sampling of contemporary guitarists (and even NON guitarists, but still performing on the guitar!), all brought together by Nick (Doctor Nerve) and Chuck (Forever Einstein). In addition to all the great music (read below), there is a 32 page...

VIII Strada are an Italian quintet whose first album from 2008 fell somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal.

But since that time, they replaced their keyboardist, retooled their over-all sound and are much more aligned with progressive rock, while still having a modern, heavy sound.
The band is:
Tito Vizzuso - vocals
Daniele Zigliani - guitars
Silvano Negrinelli - keyboards
Sergio Merlino - bass
Riccardo Preda - drums

"In December 2008 "La..

"VIII Strada: a musical workshop where harmony, sounds and words are forged together to create songs whose essential aim is to transmit a state of mind and share emotions with the listener. VIII Strada is classified as Progressive Rock but it is...