This is by Vander's Alien Trio, which was a regular working group in the 1980s. Consisting of Michel Gaillier (formerly of Magma, and then a well-known jazz pianist in France) on piano, Alby Cullaz on double bass and Vander on drums, the group...

First time ever on CD for this minor classic fusion album from MPS, originally released in 1974! Featuring a great band: Charlie Mariano-sopranosax, altosax, flute, bamboo-flute, nagaswaram, Philip Catherine-electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Jasper van't Hof-electric piano, prepared organ, grand piano, celesta, J.F. Jenny-Clark-bass and Aldo Romano-drums.

"This is one of the greatest fusion recordings ever...Mariano was so deeply influenced by this collaboration (reportedly so was Jimmy Giuffre...

Lino Capra Vaccina - vibraphone, piano, glockenspiel, gongs, wind chimes, percussions, tablas, bowed instruments, cymbals
Michele Lombardelli - analog devices, oscillators, mixer
Luca Scarabelli - microphones, springs, metals, marbles

“Perpetual Possibility is an album that bears witness to the collaboration between Lino Capra Vaccina, living legend of Italian minimalism and the avant-noise duo Untitled Noise with an interesting album on the label Dark Companion. Perpetual Possibility...

Limited initial pressing of 980 individually hand-numbered copies! Italian percussionist Lino Capra Vaccino was a founding member of the group Aktuala. Additionally, he was the percussionist for Franco Battiato, Jumbo, Paolo Tofani, Riccardo Zappa, Patrizio Fariselli and Juri Camisasca. He was one of the most important percussionists of the avantgarde scene in Italy during the 70's.

Lino Capra Vaccina: gongs, cymbals, voices, vibraphone, tablas, sabar, bass drum, bells, Indian and African cattle..

Lino Capra Vaccina : Analog Synthesisers, Percussion, Vibraphone, Piano

“Once again Lino surprises us. Always a poet of silences and strictly acoustic sounds, now he offers an album where synthetic sounds are the protagonists.
On the other hand, since the time of the collaborations with Franco Battiato, the VCS3 has been in the poetics of Lino and Franco.
Thus, as often happens, even the new and the old are in sympathetic symbiosis. And this album is the definitive proof of this...

“Italy’s newcomers VACUUM AETERNA present the first instalment of their unfolding aural journey. A cryptic sonic representation of a voyage trough a fog and humidity drenched enclave of a forgotten ancient forest. An atmosphere of tribalism and mystery emanates from these pieces where ancient tales and myths linger.
Deep atmospherics clash with tribal percussions and industrial noises providing an at times quiet and serene soundtrack to a fragile stillness before the lingering chaos emerges....

Newly remastered in 2005 and available in a digipack, this was a 1976 Movieplay release. "This was a Spanish-Dutch duo, who sang their own folk rock songs...Contracorriente (1973) are masterworks of folk-rock. The two girls are helped by Limon Express,...

"Vainica Doble's debut is a landmark of european psychedelia, totally sung in spanish y qué bien que ha quedado! Two girls (Carmen Santonja & Gloria Van Aerssen) with golden throats and hauting lyrics; tons of emotional orchestral arrangements;...

Maria Valencia - alto sax, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, toy piano, cymbal, percussion

"Compendio de Alofonías Abisales was imagined between the town of Sutatausa (Colombia) and the mountains of Banff (Canada). Intuitively, it was recorded in July 2022 during an artistic residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Inspired by old naturalist manuals, the pieces that make up this recording are fleeting sound taxonomies that ambiguously reveal the movements of the wind, the play of the...

Colin Vallon: piano
Patrice Moret: double-bass
Samuel Rohrer: drums

"“Rruga”, meaning ‘path’, ‘road’ or ‘journey’ in Albanian, is the evocative title of the ECM debut by the trio of pianist Colin Vallon, bassist Patrice Moret and...

Budget price on cellist Tony Moore's interpretation of artist Josep Vallribea's art/scores. Now out of print on Matchless.

Excellent reissue of two early 80s albums that I had never heard of by an experimental musician and instrument builder I had never heard of [but I did note below that he worked the equally great (and totally different) Michael O’Shea!) Recommended if this sounds like it’s your thing, because it is!!

“A drummer and experimental instrument maker, Lori Vambe carved out a distinctive niche on the London avant-garde scene of the 1970s and early '80s. Born in Zimbabwe, he moved to London in 1959 and...

After recording The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome, VDG added cellist Charles Dickie and hit the road for another year, playing a bunch of loud, wild concerts and generally getting rave reviews.
On January 15 & 16, 1978, the quintet (Charles, Peter, Graham, Guy, Nic) + special guest David Jackson played a concert at the Marquee Club, which was professionally recorded and later released as the double lp set, Vital. It's a pretty loud, wild, sloppy and a good listen. One listen to this will tell you why..

Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans continue to evade the well known 'reunion curse' as they continue to plow their own field of creative and crazy rock music. God bless 'em all!

"Van der Graaf Generator release their 13th studio album ‘Do Not Disturb’, which is their third album since their reinvention as a three-piece group ten years ago.
The band adopted an old school approach of fully rehearsing the pieces before a record button was hit. Then, in an intensive week, all the backing t

After a 3 year lay-off, Van der Graaf Generator came back with the original four members (Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, David Jackson and Guy Evans) but with a change in sound. Godbluff was the first of the several albums that the mk. II band would relea...

“Three disc (two CDs + DVD-A) edition of the classic album from Van der Graaf Generator. Remastered from the original first-generation master tapes featuring a new stereo mix and 5.1 Surround sound mix by Stephen W Tayler and additional bonus tracks.”
Bonus tracks:
Scorched Earth
The Sleepwalkers
[BBC 7/3/1975]
A Louse If Not A Home
In The Black Room/The Tower
Forsaken Gardens
[Rimini, Italy 1975]

“Three disc (two CDs + DVD-A) edition of the classic album from Van der Graaf Generator. Remastered from the original first-generation master tapes featuring a new stereo mix and 5.1 Surround sound mix by Stephen W Tayler and additional bonus tracks.”
Bonus tracks:
The Emperor In His War Room
[first versions]
[BBC 10/12/70]

For me, this is where it really begins to fall into place. The evil sounds start; so much so that bassist Nic Potter leaves in the middle of making the album due to the bad vibes he was getting. Not a problem, as Hugh Banton picks up the slack! This leaves the band in their classic quartet formation (Peter Hammill-vocals, acoustic guitar, electric piano, Hugh Banton-keyboards, bass, David Jackson-flute, saxes, electronic devices and Guy Evans-drums). Robert Fripp guests on guitar.
For this reissue...

“Limited 14 disc (13 CD + DVD) set including 96-page book. Contains all of the recordings by Van Der Graaf Generator issued between 2005 and 2016.
Including the albums Present, Real Time, Trisector, Live At The Paradiso, A Grounding In Numbers, Alt, Merlin Atmos and Do Not Disturb plus rare additional live recordings issued only in Japan.
Van der Graaf Generator were one of the most original and inspiring bands of the 1970s. When Peter Hamill, Hugh Banton, Guy Evans and David Jackson announced..

Peter Hammill-voice, guitar, piano
Hugh Banton-keyboards
David Jackson-saxes and devices
Guy Evans-drums

As the above tells you: the first thing & main thing you need to know about this is that this is the only available recording of the 00s version of VDGG that features the original configuration of the classic quartet version, before Jaxon left / was left.
The gig at the Jazzfestival in Leverkusen - the only one in Germany - was meant to be the climax of the reunion tour in 20

“Three disc (two CDs + DVD-A) edition of the classic album from Van der Graaf Generator. Remastered from the original first-generation master tapes featuring a new stereo mix and 5.1 Surround sound mix by Stephen W Tayler and additional bonus tracks.”
Bonus tracks:
Man Erg
Theme One
[BBC 6/10/61]
Theme One
[new stereo and 5.1 mixes]

The amazing, incredible fourth and final mk1 VDGG album from 1971. The question here is who is screaming harder?
Banton's Hammond? Hammill's vocals? Jaxon's electronically modified saxes? Guy's off kilter but solid drums?
This was their last until they came back with the very excellent Godbluff. Essential progressive rock stuff and sure to clear the room of all sissies!
For this reissue, noted reissue supervisor Mark Powell has enlisted Peter Hammill's help and they have dug deep into the...

A professional recording of the entire first reunion concert by the original Van der Graaf Generator lineup of Hugh Banton, Guy Evans, Peter Hammill and David Jackson on May 6, 2005....

After a 3 year lay-off, Van der Graaf Generator came back with the original four members (Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, David Jackson and Guy Evans) but with a change in sound. Godbluff was the second of the three albums that the mk. II band would releas...

“Three disc (two CDs + DVD-A) edition of the classic album from Van der Graaf Generator. Remastered from the original first-generation master tapes featuring a new stereo mix and 5.1 Surround sound mix by Stephen W Tayler and additional bonus tracks.”
Bonus tracks:
[Wales, 5/10/75]
Still Life
La Rossa
[BBC 4/1/1976]
Still Life
Childlike Faith In Childhood’s End
[Paris, France, 1976]

Between the years 1970-1978, VdGG released 8 unique and uncompromising albums for the legendary Charisma label. This set features all of the band's Charisma albums remastered from the first generation master tapes plus much more.
The albums H to He Who Am the Only One, Pawn Hearts, Godbluff and...

Very good, second and early Peter Hammill and band release on their second under the VDGG name, even though the first was more of a solo Hammill album than truly a band disc. With this one, the band is in place (Nic Potter, David Jackson, Hugh Banton a...

“Turner's supportive playing is well matched with Van Hove's probing and voluminous drive, and is perfectly in tune during the introspective moments. Both of which occur amply during the 26 minute opener 'Life Dealers'.
The duo's repartee is in fine order from the get-go. For example, about ten minutes in, moments of light pianistic whimsy meets Turner's crisp percussion and the two instruments begin pushing each other to extremes. 'Shopped', the second track, is a concise seven minutes and begins...

Fred Van Hove piano, Paul Dunmall tenor saxophone, Paul Lytton drums, Paul Rogers double bass.

"Dunmall goes from strength to strength. This latest CD was recorded live at The Europa Jazz Festival, Le Mans in May 2008 in the unmistakable company.

Peter Van Huffel, alto saxophone / Roland Fidezius, electric bass, effects / Rudi Fischerlehner, drums, percussion.

"Gorilla Mask isn’t only a power trio. Instead of guitar there’s an alto saxophone, and the music comes more from the jazz...

Sophie Tassignon, voice/Peter Van Huffel, alto and soprano saxophones/Samuel Blaser, trombone/Michael Bates, bass.

"You may not be familiar with van Huffel's and Tassignon's names, but don't direct your attention to something else so quickly...

This is an album of experimental/avant guitar music. I know that some folks think it is easy to just make noise and call it avant-garde, but it isn't easy to make something that's as well organized and listenable as this release. Includes various guests..

"Brand new full length comprised of six compositions from acclaimed lutenist and James Blackshaw Brethren Of The Free Spirit bandmate Jozef Van Wissem. It Is All That Is Made consists of six trance-inducing circular pieces composed for 10 course...

Beautiful deluxe CD edition of this mega French rarity from 1977. I've long heard of this, but never actually heard it until now. Mastered from the original stereo tapes, this is a limited edition of only 300 copies and includes a 24 page booklet with rare photos and Jacqueline's story, as well as many bonus tracks. It's pretty great; read on!

"The tracks on the album reflect my feelings at the time, a great happiness to live an interesting life (although stressful!) with the key, a happy story...

Before C.V. jump-started Magma back into life, one of his main activities during the late 1980s and early 1990s was his trio with Philippe Dardell-double bass and Emmanuel Borghi-piano. When I saw them in the 90s, I thought it would be the only time...

Well, first off, you need to know that this isn't a Zeuhl album. Stella sings beautifully a number of French-style chansons, with backing by a number of the Magma & related musicians (James Mac Gaw, Frederic D'Oelsnitz, Didier Lockwood, Simon Goubert, ...

"Stella speaks of dreams, children, love, innocence, light... After many years sharing the spotlight with Christian Vander, she steps up and takes center stage. From the very beginning of her performance, she manages to create a double climate...

Ken Vandermark: Saxophone, Clarinet
Nate Wooley: Trumpet
Sylvie Courvoisier: Piano
Tom Rainey: Drums Percussion

“It was only during Ken Vandermark's residency at the Jazz club The Stone in January 2016 that Vandermark found himself in the same vicinity as Nate Wooley, Sylvie Courvoisier and Tom Rainey. A year later they went into the studio with nine compositions – three each by Courvoisier, Vandermark and Wooley.
These four musicians have well-documented, distinct personalitie

This 2000 release catches this fabulous, hard working, hard swinging, jazz / free jazz band at an early peak with their great, original frontline of Ken Vandermark, Dave Rempis and Jeb Bishop. A highlight of American jazz during their time!
"Free jazz and more from the massive and always compelling combo, thrusting freedom into the 21st century. Top notch playing that gives to nods to Mingus and Ayler."

"A two disk studio recording of duos by Ken Vandermark and four of the world's best bass players: Nate McBride, Kent Kessler, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, and Wilbert De Joode. These sessions where recorded in Chicago on February 4 and 5, 2008."

“With his riveting performance in the inaugural Sequesterfest online festival in April 2020, Ken Vandermark inspired the Black Cross Solo Sessions. Already in the early days of lockdown, making good on the promise -- or threat -- of protracted off-road time, Vandermark had dedicated himself to the creation of a new book of works for solo reed instruments, which he debuted that day. The result of this watershed moment for the Chicago-based improvisor and composer was a body of works that reassert his...

"Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and Chicago saxophonist and clarinetist Ken Vandermark have worked together extensively since the mid 1990s, in groups of their own and as members of the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet. Oddly, they had never performed duo before March 2013, when they squared off at Corbett vs. Dempsey gallery. The result was a delirious journey through extended techniques, intimate improvisation, and full-throttle flame-throwing, with an emphasis on the more delicate, sensitiv

Ken Vandermark, reeds
Michael Snow, piano

"Although he is best known as a groundbreaking experimental filmmaker, one of the architects of structural cinema, and visual artist, Michael Snow has been active as a musician since the 1950s. In Greenwich Village of the 1960s, his loft was the site of concerts by Cecil Taylor and other paragons of free jazz, and Snow’s film New York Eye and Ear featured a soundtrack by Albert Ayler’s group and starred its members.
A brilliant keyboardist and..

Ken Vandermark - Reeds, Pandelis Karayorgis - Piano
"Beautiful duo material from old friends Karayorgis on piano and Vandermark on reeds. Recorded in Boston on January 14, 2006."

This 1975, small label release, is the first and much less known album by Norwegian jazz/rock ensemble Vanessa, who the next year released the much better known ‘Black & White’. First time ever on CD!

“Vanessa was a Norwegian rock band and jazz group, formed in 1973. The band made their recording debut in 1975 with the album City Lips. The band was working on its third record when the group disbanded in 1978. City Lips was their first album and consisted of Svend Undseth, Frank Aleksandersen...

"This kind of record could not be made today: who would pay for this brilliant suite of instrumental concrete madness?"-Jim O'Rourke

Interesting, unique, now hipster bait but then just an unclassifiable and TRES Francais mix of psychedelic rock and progressive elements. DESPITE the hype, this is totally worthy of rediscovery 45 years later!

"Vannier's name is the lesser-spotted, tell-tale seal of sample-friendly quality when it comes to crate-digging "en Francais." And the answers to all.

"Ever since the pianist, keyboardist and composer born in Enschede, The Netherlands, in 1947 quit his apprenticeship as a textile technician in favor of jazz, i.e., around 50 years ago, he has experimented in a beautiful new world of music between hard bop, free jazz and all forms of fusion, from African grooves to European reverence. "I can only be a jazz musician, because I know nothing," he said. "I know nothing! I just have great fun playing, and I rehearse like crazy. I love my instrument, and I...