“Written and produced by Michael Gira, Leaving Meaning is Swans fifteenth studio album and features contributions from recent and former Swans, members of Angels of Light as well as guest artists Anna and Maria von Hausswolff, Ben Frost, The Necks, Baby Dee, and a Hawk and a Hacksaw.”

Michael Gira explains, "Leaving Meaning is the first Swans album to be released since I dissolved the lineup of musicians that constituted Swans from 2010 - 2017. Swans is now comprised of a revolving cast of...

"The legendary Father Yod was a wealthy man, with a rich inner life, a family of disciples that loved him, many, many women and seemingly unlimited power. So why at the height of his success, did he choose to spend his time playing rock and roll...

"One of the heaviest albums from Father Yod and crew. Along with I'm Gonna Take You Home, it's just the best -- one of the finest sacred space cadet acid-mantra psychedelic death trips of all time, for sure. Captain Father Yod moans and groans a perfect..

"Father Yod and Yahowha 13's most famous release. A swirling mix of philosophy, chants and pure psychedelic bliss. The story of Father Yod, Yahowa 13 and the Source Family could literally fill books, but rest assured, they truly were the "apex of high"...

"Back in the early 70s a curious group owned and operated a health food restaurant in Los Angles. The Source Family was a religious group of young people centered around the father figure of Father Yod, a WWII flying ace and spiritual searcher...

"Quite possibly the most psychedelic album of all time; mysticism meets the fire of improvisational electricity. The story of Father Yod, Yahowa 13 and the Source Family could literally fill books, but rest assured, they truly were the "apex of high" in..

“You are invited to the 'Interdimensional Garden Party' - a rhythmic fiesta of guitar-driven psychedelic prog rock fusion featuring a wonderful array of stunning musicians. Come and taste the vibrant brew of trippy rock songs mixed with wildly imaginative instrumental music that alludes to everything from 'Pink Elephants On Parade' to Frank Zappa's albums from the 70s. Join the party - all are welcome!”

Phi Yaan-Zek - vocals & guitar
Marco Minnemann - drums
Bryan Beller - bass
Mike Keneally - vocals, keyboards & guitar
Lalle Larsson - piano, electric piano & hammond organ
Ola Olsson - trumpet & flugelhorn
Murphy McCaleb - bass trombone
George Sleightholme - clarinet & bass clarinet

"This expansive double album of genre-bending progressive tracks unites Yaan-Zek with a bunch of his long-time friends who happen to be a collection of the world’s most respect

Taku Yabuki is a Japanese keyboardist, best known to Wayside’s audience as the keybordist of Koenjihyakkei. This was his first release, and is not too dissimilar to Symphony #3, which we carried first. It falls somewhere between heavy symphonic prog and some of the classic fusion / progressive works that David Sancious made in the mid 70s, except with a much larger group of players here.
If you liked #3, you’ll like this one as well!

Taku Yabuki is a Japanese keyboardist, best known to Wayside’s audience as the keybordist of Koenjihyakkei.
This is one of a number of solo releases he has recorded and this one is heavily in the fusion genre, with nods to progressive rock. As such, it reminds me of some of the classic fusion / progressive works that David Sancious made in the mid 70s, except with a much larger group of players here and perhaps a bit heavier (it is 50 quite heavy years later, after all....)
There’s a lot of...

"Yagull's official debut for MoonJune Records, Kai, finds the band expanding its post-rock chamber soundtrack concept to great effect. The result is a simmering sonic bouillabaisse, chocked full of choice ingredients which delectably merge to blur the...

"Super political, rocking, anti-establishment communal band (c. 1970) put together as a result of the Kent State Massacre. As the Euphoria Blimpworks Band, fronted by Howard Berkman from morose garage punksters the Knaves, they played demonstrations...

''Yamada is a brilliant young composer who has worked with Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, the Crosstown Ensemble, the Agon Orchestra and was previously heard on the Avant CD by Rough Assemblage.'' [Tzadik]

Eri Yamamoto, piano, voice
David Ambrosio, bass
Ikuo Takeuchi, drums
Rika Yamamoto, Bruce Barth, Ikuo Takeuchi, Rich Lamb, chorus on Track 4

All of these songs are about my experience of the pandemic while living in New York City. I had never written lyrics or sung on an album before. But I was thinking about certain incidents every day, and for two of the songs, the lyrics came to me with the melodies like an emotional release.
The woman with a purple wig is me. To protect

Eri Yamamoto-piano
William Parker-bass
Ikuo Takeuchi-drums

"Colors of the Night is a live recording of Eri Yamamoto's special trio. Eri has long associations with both, and this recording reveals the special chemistry that they shared at the November 2022 concert at Clemente Flamboyan Theater in New York’s Lower East Side.
The music is vibrant, colorful, and spontaneous, as the trio brings to life Eri’s evocative and memorable songs.”

"The deeply lyrical and prolific pianist/composer Eri Yamamoto returns quickly to record with Firefly, a brand new collection of wholly original and indelible songs, this time performed live in intimate concert, with her decade-long devoted trio of...

“A seed is a star, a star is a seed. Stevie Wonder's cosmically aphoristic title could also describe pianist and composer Eri Yamamoto's Goshu Ondo Suite.
"About two years ago," she writes in the liner notes accompanying her momentous seven-part opus, "I was vacuuming my apartment, and with the rhythm of the movement, I began singing "Goshu Ondo," a traditional circle dance song from Shiga, near Kyoto, Japan." This is how the prolific musician channeled deeply felt resonances with various traditions...

"The last two years marked pianist/composer/bandleader Eri Yamamoto's rise into the consciousness of astute jazz listeners outside of NYC. Her essential appearance on William Parker's eternal Corn Meal Dance was followed by a pair of her own luminous...

"Pianist-composer Eri Yamamoto returns with a bountiful new collection of her singular all-original music, performed with her perennial trio partners of deep empathy, bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi. As the album title suggests, the material moves through a far range of emotional evocation, from ebullient to thoughtfully introspective, reflecting the absolute vibrancy of her long-time adopted home, New York City, and the importance of finding space within the perpetual motion of the city...

""Eri Yamamoto moved to NYC from Kyoto, Japan in 1995. Eri's growth as a jazz player and composer over the last 10 years is truly phenomenal. Having deeply impressed us last year, AUM Fidelity quickly recorded two albums with her in early 2008. The first

“The first ever boxed set celebrating the work of Stomu Yamashta for Island Records between 1972 and 1976. Remastered set including the albums
Floating Music
The Man From The East
Freedom Is Frightening
One By One
Go… Live From Paris

Born in Kyoto, Japan, Yamashta studied music at Kyoto University and Berklee College of Music. His athletic and virtuoso percussion style came to prominence in the early 1970s when his work with the Red Buddha Theatre brou

Eri Yamamoto - piano
Chad Fowler - stritch & saxello
William Parker - bass
Steve Hirsh - drumset

“Sparks – it's what flew when Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker and Steve Hirsh got together on a warm October afternoon in Brooklyn. Yamamoto had an established musical relationship with Parker, but met Fowler and Hirsh for the first time an hour before they hit. Fowler, Parker and Hirsh had just finished two days of recording, and Fowler had been recording for four of the...

Yang, a French quartet whose stunning compositons combine intricate guitar parts with driving rock, is the newest project led by French guitarist and composer Frederic LEpe. LEpes former projects include founding two of the most intriguing all-instrume...

Frédéric L’Epée – guitars, synth, chorus
Laurent James – guitars, chorus
Nico Gomez – bass, chorus
Volodia Brice – drums
Ayşe Cansu Tanrikulu – vocals (1, 5, 6, 9, 12)

French composer and guitarist Frédéric L'Épée formed his first serious band, Shylock, while in his teens and waxed two now highly collectible albums with that formation in the mid 70s; moving on to the guitar-centric combo Philharmonie, who existed

Frédéric L’Epée – guitars, keyboards, chorus
Laurent James – guitars, voice, chorus
Nico Gomez – bass, chorus
Volodia Brice – drums
Carla Kihlstedt – voice, chorus

According to most professional journalists, comparisons are odious and according to most professional musicians, critics are useless.

But what happens when a critic makes a comparison that turns out to be useful and also transformative in the most positive way? ..

Four musicians perform on thungpchen (a long, deep-toned instrument similar to the alpine horn), Jya-ling (a double reed shenai, cousin of the oboe), kangling (thigh bone trumpet), dun-kar (conch shell trumpet), na (large double-headed bass drum, cymb...

Savina Yannatou voice
Joana Sá, piano semi-prepared piano & props

a. In Athens, after a concert at the Big Bang Festival at the Onassis Foundation, I was approached by a mysterious and friendly woman. She introduced herself as a singer and proposed to collaborate with me. I did not know who she was. She wrote her name and e-mail on a little piece of paper.

b. At the hotel, I checked the name that I had not understood before: Savina Yannatou... was asking me (?!) to play. (on the one.

"In the Now, the debut album from the John Yao Quintet, signals the definitive arrival of trombonist and composer, John Yao. Demonstrating a broad textural palette and drawing from an array of stylistic influences, Yao explores the concept of opposing...

“OK, listen up here ! Here we got a superb album from a Swedish band that contains Josue & Johan from FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE. While the music from FBFOS is more space rock, YAPE keeps the psychedelic touches, and mix it together with South American folk music.
The result is a utterly fresh & well done psych folk album !! Songs are often re-worked traditionals. This is simply a must !! Just listen to the "Leilo leilo" and you know what I mean !! Very recommended!!”

Inspired by the beauty and power of nature, the music of Carolyn Yarnell straddles the borders of minimalism, romanticism and Baroque. A maverick in the American tradition of Partch, Ruggles and Riley, her compositions have been...

This is Palm Desert rock band Yawning Man with guest guitarist Bob Balch from stoner rock band Fu Manchu.

"Bob Balch here. In November of 2022 I went out to Joshua Tree for a day of jamming with the guys in Yawning Man with the intention of calling it “Yawning Balch.” No riffs were planned. We just plugged in and played. The only discussion beforehand was that Gary Arce and I wanted to mess with tons of guitar pedals. I knew that while we were jamming it sounded great, but it wasn’t until I got...

“Historical Graffiti is the band's fourth full-length. Gary Arce, the guitarist, seems comfortable sitting on a single vamp throughout the opener "The Wind Cries Edalyn", allowing the additions of violin and bandoleon accordion (played by the tango musicians Sara Ryan and Adolfo Trepiana, respectively) to weave melodies in between. Despite the titular connection to the Jimi Hendrix song, it bears no discernible resemblance to "The Wind Cries Mary" and it is a deceptive number; what seems such a simple...

“A longtime dream has been to capture Yawning Man performing in the very environment that so inspired their music. The opportunity arose in 2020 from the challenges artists and musicians faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing forcing artists to creatively adapt to alternatives to express themselves musically and visually. Yawning Man's answer to this calling is Live At Giant Rock. This cinematic concert experience is intimately and beautifully captured by videographer Sam Grant in the...

“Experimental rock band from the Palm Desert, CA, USA, formed in 1986. They have been noted to be one of the first influential bands in the desert rock scene.”

"Long Walk Of The Navajo features Gary Arce (guitar), Bill Stinson (drums), and the return of Billy Cordell (bass). The Long Walk Sessions were inspired by a desert storm that hit the Joshua Tree landscape that created a dark and gloomy backdrop for the band's creativity and improvisations."

“Two big epic pieces and one more..

“Yawning Man continue to establish their exceptionally unique approach to rock music on their latest album, Macedonian Lines. This shows a further maturing of melody, dynamics, and emotion in the band's song writing. Yawning Man's roots lay at the foundation of the desert rock and stoner rock sub genres however the music the band creates is truly organic and visceral, conjuring a flowing imagery and an emotional response. On this release, the band has a darker and massively heavier sound than past...

“Nomadic Pursuits is the second Yawning Man studio album, released in 2010. With a five-year gap between the first album and this one, the band had time to further expand on their freeform desert sound.”

“The legendary first album by desert rock heroes, Yawning Man. All new album art, created in concert with the band, to better fit the vibe of the album.
Yawning Man, who hail from the arid desert area of Southern California, have been playing, jamming, and recording since 1986, and are a highly influential band. Most of their fans and those heavily influenced by them consider them to be 'the originators' of the entire "Desert Rock" movement/genre, and their influence has reigned far and wide across...

“Originally released in 2009. Heavy Psych Sounds is reissuing the Yawning Man old demo recordings record, The Birth Of Sol, with a new cover. Dating back to 1986, these demo recordings by Yawning Man were originally only spread amongst close friends of the band.”

“The aural experience of Yawning Man summarizes as an intense yet graceful kaleidoscope of polyphonic musical textures; dramatic and flowing, dark, intense and emotional. 2018 finds the band releasing their most musically exciting recording to date with their sixth full-length album, The Revolt Against Tired Noises on the Italian label, Heavy Psych Sounds. The songs on this release are an emotional and visceral expression of pure melodic darkness and beauty. The album was recorded at Gato Trail Studios...

"This is the debut full-length release by Yawning Sons, a unique collaboration between musicians from different sides of the Atlantic. In July 2008, Californian desert-rock veteran Gary Arce (Yawning Man/Ten East/Fatso Jetson/Dark Tooth Encounter...

“This excellent collaboration between Yawning Man and Sons Of Alpha Centauri are back with their long-awaited second album, and they don't disappoint!”

Dee Byrne: Alto Saxophone
Elliot Galvin: Piano & Electronics
Chris Guilfoyle: Guitar
Lukas Traxel: Bass
Clemens Kuratle: Composition, Drums & Electronics

“Many important drummers are great bandleaders. With their overview and their sense of rhythm and form they show the band the way. The young Swiss drummer Clemens Kuratle has made a name for himself in jazz and pop formations as a sensitive and accomplished musician. Now he has launched Ydivide: a quintet that unites the hip...

Matthew Yeakley - Guitar
Matt Politano - Piano/Rhodes
Cooper Appelt - Electric and Upright Bass
Aaron MacLendon - Drums
Zane Musa - Tenor Saxophone

"... jazz that grooves ("A Place to Call Home"), bops ("I Wish I Could've Known You Better") and takes chances ("Periculum N"). Yeakley's polished guitar style is what we've come to expect from the town that gave us Larry and Lee. It's a lot of music to drop on an unsuspecting public at once, but you can't have too much of a good t

Matthew Yeakley - Guitar
Matt Politano - Piano/Rhodes
Cooper Appelt - Electric and Upright Bass
Aaron MacLendon - Drums
Mike Cottone - Trumpet
Gina Saputo - Vocals (Deanna)
Jesse Palter - Vocals (Sadhana)

"... jazz that grooves ("A Place to Call Home"), bops ("I Wish I Could've Known You Better") and takes chances ("Periculum N"). Yeakley's polished guitar style is what we've come to expect from the town that gave us Larry and Lee. It's a lot of music to drop on an...

"Violinist/vocalist C Spencer Yeh & unrivaled saxophone elder-titan Paul Flaherty team up without the assistance of acclaimed drummer Chris Corsano for the first time. Along for the jamz is bonkers Boston trumpeter Greg Kelley. After performing...

"This remastered album was originally recorded for the Resident's label Ralph Records in 1981 and contains the seminal singles 'Bostich' & 'Bimbo' and also contains 5 bonus tracks, 4 on CD for the first time including 'Thrill Wave' (from the soundtrack Jetzt und Alles), 'I.T. Splash' (single B-side), 'Gluehead' (single B-side) & 'Smirak's Train' (also from the soundtrack Jetzt und Alles) plus 'Bostich' (N'est-ce pas) from the Yello Essential CD."

"Yello doesn't get much weirder than they did on...

"New Live Album Highlights The Legendary Band's 50th Anniversary Tour, Which Featured Founding Member Tony Kaye On All Shows, And Patrick Moraz In Philadelphia, Where 10 Current And Former Members Were On Stage Together For The Encore Performance Of "Starship Trooper"
Yes celebrated the band's 50th anniversary over the last year with an extensive tour that included shows in Europe, North America and Japan. This year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers are back with a new double live album that was...

Excellent quality video EP of 4 tracks from 1969/1971 by the Anderson/Tony Kaye/Chris Squire/Bill Bruford line up with Peter Banks on the earlier stuff and Steve Howe on the later stuff. I've Seen All Good People, Yours Is No Disgrace, No Opportunity N...