"Four years. Four years since their last duo album. Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds have each been quite prolific with their individual musical output during this interval. Filled with tons of inspiration to share, the stars aligned for them to work together again; they agreed they should not make "Nikola Tesla High School 2." (Though they both love "1.") So the Etch-A-Sketch was shaken blank, and a process developed to transport them through uncharted multiverses, somewhere out beyond The Deep Unreal...

“Norwegian composer John Kaada and Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk, Nevermen) have partnered for Bacteria Cult, the first album from the musicians since 2004’s Romances.
“Working with John Kaada on this latest release was an honor and pure pleasure,” said Patton of resuming work Kaada. “His compositions have always resonated deeply with me and his orchestral arrangements for this project are harmonically dense and delicious! Each individual piece is so well constructed and inventively assembled...

The only release by this very obscure Finnish progressive rock band, originally released on the even more obscure M&T label, whose album was originally released in 1977. Vocals, guitar, keyboards and synths, bass and drums. You can compare this to...

A Christmas album that won't make you want to hurl. The foundation of the incredible vocal force that is Vrttin, the Kaasinen sisters lovingly present their favorite Finnish x-mas songs, arranged by JPP's Timo Alakotila, and performed with an all-star ...

Offering this release out gives me a bit of a thrill because I had the very great pleasure of seeing this dual guitar/bass/drums outfit open for Guapo at Les Tritonales last July. I didn't know anything about them at the time, but I was quite impressed...

The second album by the band best known for being guitarist Roine Stolt's first professional band. Kaipa were probably the premier symphonic rock group in Sweden in the 70s.

This was originally released in 1976 by Decca and it has not been in...

The first album by the band best known for being guitarist Roine Stolt's first professional band. Kaipa were probably the premier symphonic rock group in Sweden in the 70s.

This was originally released in 1975 by Decca and it has not been in...

So, there once was a band called Kaipa in the 70s. It was co-led by Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) and Hans Lundin.
Sometime in the 2000s, the band reformed around Roine and Hans and eventually Roine left and Hans is still doing it under the name Kaipa
So, now Roine is presenting his version, as Kaipa Da Capo.

"New live record from 70's cult band Kaipa Da Capo.
Kaipa were a well know and very prolific band in Sweden between 1974-1980 - they recorded 3 highly successful albums for...

Krazily named new progressive / psychedelic Finnish band who show a fairly masterful level of maturity and control on this, their third album.
Rather complex in an old-style way (think Kultivator, Gentle Giant, Miriodor) and with nice, ethereal vocals, but also with a certain touch of modern guitar stoner / shoe-gaze-dom that makes this unmistakably sound like a record of today. I'm not doing a very good job of describing it's quality. but a tremendously quality release this is. Highly recommmended!..

Krazily named new progressive / psychedelic Finnish band, who knocked it out of the ballpark on their third album Ruination and while this, their second, isn't in the same league, a lot of the same attributes that made Ruination great are here as well.
This is a more straight-forwardly shoe-gaze album, but it has more complexity than most of what I know from that genre and some great tunes and mesmerizing ideas. Conditionally highly recommended, but start with Ruination first!...

One hour of acoustic, completely free, ''open'' improvisations; duets, trios, & quartets on acoustic guitars, violin, and alto saxophone.

Henry Kaiser – guitar
John Oswald – alto sax
Paul Plimley – vibes
Scott Amendola – drums
Tracy Silverman – 6-string fiddle

“The three leaders, on AT ONE TIME, Henry Kaiser, John Oswald, and Paul Plimley, have all worked with Cecil Taylor, both in performace and in workshops.
Here, they share their love of the late master Taylor’s music with a celebration of language and narrative strategies that were discovered/pioneered by the great piano maestro.
Two spec

Henry Kaiser - six-string guitar
Anthony Pirog - six-string guitar
Tracy Silverman - six-string electric violin
Jeff Sipe - drums
Andy West – six-string bass

Five Times Surprise brings together a volatile mix of longtime compatriots and newly forged relationships. The distinguished improvisers all boast exceptionally diverse resumes. More than finding common ground, they reveal a vast universe of possibilities fueled by creative..

Assembled by Henry Kaiser as his tribute to Derek Bailey - one of Henry's big influences as a player - this very nice digipack consists of about 65% unreleased material and about 35% released-but-often-rare material. It has a very amusing cover which i...

Henry Kaiser is a great guitarist and a versatile guitarist. He can and does do a lot of things, including really crazy, out stuff. But he also has done some really lovely meditative/trance stuff, of which this is the latest. Nice as can be!...

"One of Henry Kaiser's most favorite recording and performing formats is the guitar duet. He has been fortunate to record with many heroes of his, who became his friends; as well as with friends who have become his heroes. That’s what’s being celebrated here. Kaiser has selected some unreleased tracks for this release, as well as out-of-print items from various ancient and obscure recording from his past 40 years of album recordings. Recorded 1977 - 2017." ...

This is the definitive Henry Kaiser solo guitar disc! We gave Henry carte blanche to make what he felt represented his best work, & the result is this 75' disc of incredible guitarwork. Some tracks are from (long out of print) lps, many tracks are prev...

Henry’s latest [at this writing] is this fine overview of his solo work using digital time (delay/repeat) effects.

“More than 45 years ago I was one of the earliest adopters of studio rack effects to radically expand my guitars’ expressive capabilities. One inspiration behind this methodology was my love for solo improvisors who sounded like more than a single musician when performing live. Terry Riley, Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, and Derek Bailey were early masters of this.
Equally inspiring.

"This album consists of 22 freely improvised solos on 18 different acoustic guitars. In the past 5 years, Henry Kaiser released seven solo discs that consist of long (70-80 minute) electric guitar solos. In this latest release, he explores the short solo guitar format, with solos wherein the mind of the listener can hold the beginning, middle, and end of the musical stories in one mentation.

In the tradition of Derek Bailey’s 1975 classic album IMPROVISATION on the Italian CRAMPS label, these...

"I have a great love for the feedback tape delay system that Terry Riley developed and named in the 1960’s: The Time Lag Accumulator. It is an amazingly expressive creative tool, and just one of the myriad of wonders that exploded from The San Francisco Tape Music Center. When Robert Fripp and Brian Eno later co-opted this twin Revox tape recorder technology and approach from Riley in 1973 - Fripp dubbed it Frippertronics - that co-opting kinda spoiled this simple long delay with feedback approach to...

State of the art solo, no overdubs, guitar solos for a wide number of different electric and acoustic guitars, all of which have their own voice and Henry allows that voice to speak clearly on each track. And a wonderful homage by Henry to John Fahey's...

Kobe Dupree - synth, turntable
Henry Kaiser - guitar, fretless bass
Jack Thompson - fretted bass, turntable
Alexei Pliousnine - lap steel guitar

"Henry Kaiser and frequent collaborator Richard Thompson have something in common that most fans don’t know about. And that is Richard’s youngest son Jack Thompson, whom Henry has known since the day he was born.
Henry taught Jack to SCUBA dive years ago and they have had many travel and SCUBA adventures together. In recent years, as..

This new one sort of walks the line between Henry's meditative/trance guitar releases, such as "Everything Forever" and "Garden Of Memory" and the extended vocabulary on guitar he's developed as a solo free improviser over the last 40+ years!

"From the resurrected Metalanguage label comes a new solo guitar release; freshly recorded in December of 2017. All tracks are improvised with no overdubs; just long delays and no looping.
Immediately after returning from his 12th deployment to...

It’s all good stuff, but the two 20’ pieces, Knee Deep In Ghosts and A Sleep In The Deep, are both totally beautiful...

“The baritone guitar is a guitar with a longer scale length, typically a larger body, and is tuned lower than a regular guitar - often pitched halfway between the lowest note of a bass and and the lowest note of a regular guitar.
Henry Kaiser has been playing baritone guitars for over 30 years and this is his first solo album that is all baritone. All solos here are free-..

This has Henry on a number of guitars, most of them electric and showcasing his considerable skills and his unique voice on solo guitar. A number of the tracks I found extra-attractive, being variants of the echo-y/watery/spacy music that he used on...

Gautam Tejas Ganeshan - voice
Danielle DeGruttola - cello
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Anantha R. Krishnan - mridangam & kanjira
Michael Manring - electric bass
Wu Na - guqin

"This is perhaps the most unusual improvisation album that Henry Kaiser has produced. The 2-CD is something in the tradition of INVITE THE SPIRIT, in that it fuses other world music traditions with American free improvisation.

In this case we have a truly unlikely mixture of ancient Chinese music..

Alan Licht - Guitar and Bass
Henry Kaiser - Guitar and Bass
Rick Walker - Drum
Mikko Biffle - Guitar and Bass

“One of the wildest concepts of any Kaiser record yet.”—Good Times

"Henry Kaiser has made records with many like-minded guitar experimentalists (Derek Bailey, Ray Russell, Nels Cline, Jim O’Rourke, Fred Frith), but Skip to the Solo, his first album with his longtime friend (and one-time student!) Alan Licht, a denizen of multiple underground New York music circles, i

Drums: Gino Robair, John Hanes
Saxophones: Jon Raskin, Marco Eneidi
Guitars: Henry Kaiser, Alexei Pliousnine
Double Bass: Damon Smith
Piano: Scott R. Looney

“This is a wild large ensemble, free jazz album with two ecstatic electric guitars out in-front.
Back in 2006, seven long time members of the Bay Area improv scene welcomed Russian guitarist Alexei Pliousnine to his San Francisco visit with a day-long recording session at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley....

This is an album of ambient guitar duos by these two great players! The first track is peaceful and calming (well, at least so for those attuned to this sort of thing) while the second track is much more ominous. Sort of like the dicotomy of ‘The Heavenly Music Corporation” vs “An Index Of Metals”

“Veteran of free improv and the avant-garde scene Henry Kaiser joins forces with fellow guitar shredder and member of the post-punk/math rock outfit the Messthetics for two side-long guitar...

Henry Kaiser is one of the great improvising guitarists. His music has grown and changed over the 4 decades he's been making music, but whose work has always had big roots in the 60s psychedelic rock of his home in the San Francisco area.
Bob Bralove is a keyboardist who was the keyboardist for the Grateful Dead during their final 8 years of existence. So, obviously, they have a lot to musically say to each other here.
Henry told me that they worked with live improvising of guitar and piano...

Henry Kaiser: 1998 Montelone Radio Flyer 7-string guitar
Damon Smith: 1934 Romanian or German flat back double bass

"My third or fourth improv concert was with Henry. We started playing a ton after that and slowly started developing this acoustic duo music. It must have started settling in around 1998 because I remember it being strongly connected to this 7 string guitar. When planning his first trip to Houston to play I asked him very nicely if he could please bring that guitar. He did, and..

This is the previously unavailable music that was made for the documentary. It presents a wide range of guitar-oriented works by two great musicians whose breadth of work on the guitar is quite extensive. There's lots of acoustic stuff with an Americana..

“Featuring Henry Kaiser and Ed Pettersen on guitars. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been checking out a variety of guitarists, both live and on record, realizing how different each and every one of them are and how incredible they can be. Check out this list: Nels Cline, Joe Morris, John Schott and Will Bernard (live at either Stone’s), Nicola Hein & Nico Soffiato (here at DMG) and Derek Bailey, Ben Monder (on Dan Weiss ' new CD), Mary Halvorson & Alexander Noice (on CD’s). Each guitarist sounds unique...

Ian Brighton was one of the second generation of English improvisors. He is a guitarist who actually studied with Derek Bailey (apparently one of the few actually studied with Derek) and he released albums on the Bead label and worked with some of the better known names of the 1st generation of Brit-improv players.
He has been off the scene for 25 years and only recently began to perform again publicly.

"The background to this album has its roots in the year 1977 following their first...

Two fabulous players give us improvised guitar duets, which get into a wilder, freer vein.

"This is Henry Kaiser's personal favorite of his improvisational albums recorded in the last decade. He considers it to be some of his best guitar-playing ever! Kiku Day is a ji-nashi shakuhachi player from Denmark. She currently explores...

Henry Kaiser- six & seven-string Teuffel Tesla electric guitars with a hint of Niwa
Killick Hinds- quartertone seven-string Teuffel Tesla electric guitar

"Henry Kaiser began playing guitar the year I was born, and yet in 2012 we find...

“Recorded in April of 2017, this guitar duet album is a particularly special and unusual one. Like Kaiser’s 1979 classic WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE duet album with Fred Frith, this Kaiser-Kutner recording breaks new ground in an unceasingly entertaining manner. Composed of duets on instruments with coursed pairs of strings, acoustic and electric 12-strings and 8-string bass, the music occupies very unique sonic territories.
John “Drumbo” French originally suggested that the two might find a fruitful...

Henry Kaiser – guitarist
Michael Rothenberg – spoken poetry

Recorded live in the studio 9/22/33 by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Oakland.
Has Henry done a record up to this point with a poet? I don’t think so, but he has now!

"...The Celestial Squid is so special... Here are two of the greats....no, the greatest." – Jim O'Rourke

Guitar summits don't ascend higher than when legendary British free-jazz pioneer and longtime session ace Ray Russell...

Nice album of guitar / drum duets from two fine players. Henry gets to have fun being himself, pulling wild noises out of the guitar, and he and Scott communicate together nicely!

"Leaps is an album of dramatic and colorful duo improvisations...

Subtitled: Henry Kaiser remembers Toshinori Kondo (1948-2020), this is a collection of all previously unreleased recordings by this long standing duo, with the earliest recordings being from 1978 and the most recent being from 2020, which is the year Toshinori died.
In addition to the duo work (2 long pieces and 3 very short pieces), there are two long pieces as trios; one adding Greg Goodman on piano and one adding John Oswald on alto sax.
There’s a lot of ground covered here, but the opening...

Tania Chen - piano
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Willian Winant - percussion

"Ocean Of Storms is an exciting album of improvised music by four of the most celebrated titans of contemporary sonic innovation. The five pieces on the album take their titles from geographic features of Earth’s Moon. Incorporating elements of modern composition, the music is both otherworldly and grounded in the American roots musics of jazz and blues.
The recording grew out of th

"One of the most evocative and successful meetings of East and West reunites to weave their magic spell via kayagum, electric guitar and percussion. Invite the Spirit was a sensation when it was first released in 1983 and now over twenty years later...

"Free improvisation meets the Korean shamanistic tradition in this historic and groundbreaking band that includes kayagum virtuoso Sang-Won Park, guitar legend Henry Kaiser and the enigmatic Charles K. Noyes on percussion. Digitally remastered...

A legitimate reissue of this great spacey, psychedelic album from 1972. A duo perform, & the final result is lots of guitars, flute, electric piano and old synthesizers & percussion plus some additional instrumentation, & lots of creepy spoken recitati...

The Kalahari Surfers were a South African group who released a few lps in the early 1980's that were hugely critical of the apartheid government that was still in power at the time, and who were unable to get their albums pressed or released in South A...

South Africa's Warrick Sony, working under the name The Kalahari Surfers, created an important body of political and socially charged songs on albums like Bigger than Jesus," "Own Afffairs" and "Sleep Armed", the albums from which this compilation is drawn. This is the second volume in the reissue series of his work. The music, while being ostensibly influenced by Henry Cow, Canterbury, punk etc. is pop with an attitude, and spoke out loudly against conditions in his country at the time.
From his...

Dirar Kalash - piano

“Dirar Kalash is an improvising musician currently based in his native Ramallah, in the state of Palestine. Opportunities to perform are non-existent. Even access to an instrument is impossible at the current time. On a rare visit to the UK early in 2020, we are fortunate that Dirar found an opportunity to record with the master sound engineer Simon Reynell, on a fine instrument in the beautiful acoustic of St Paul’s Hall at the University Of Huddersfield. The plan had been...