Excellent, weird, darkly circular electronic release from 1981, which, strangely enough, was originally released on John Fahey's Takoma label.

"This first-time CD release is mastered from the original analog tapes. First appearing...

David Leon - alto saxophone
Sonya Belaya - piano
Florian Herzog - bass
Stephen Boegehold - drums

“I met David when he was attending the School for Improvisational Music summer workshop. Instantly impressed with his versatility as a composer and improviser, I could see he was eager to relocate to New York and make his mark on the creative music scene. After he moved, I requested to mentor David through The Jazz Gallery’s mentorship program during which we performed a series of sho

“Hailed as "a blazing hot mess of awesome" by The New York City Jazz Record, the Michael Leonhart Orchestra (MLO) traverses a huge swath of musical terrain, guided by the highly developed ears, ceaselessly omnivorous tastes and playful yet meticulous artistry of it's leader, Michael Leonhart.
Following their 2018 debut album The Painted Lady Suite, MLO will release their second full length, Suite Extracts Vol. I. The surprising collection documents an aspect of the MLO 's mission: playing covers...

Music for dance by clarinetist & composer Lepage. This is a suite for double string quartet and sampler, performed by the Camlon Quartet & Lepage. [Ambiances Magnetiques]

A meeting between reedist Lepage & turntable expert Ttreault. ''20 years after her death in 1977, Maria Callas returns on a new CD...which evokes Callas in unexpected & fascinating ways...the duo's tribute to Callas & vinyl recordings is intented to br...

This CD contains all of the original '84 album plus over 25' of new material recorded in '96. [Ambiances Magnetiques]

The soundtrack for the film. "A bewitching musical theme overlays this full-length film by Bernard mond. The second movement of Beethovens Ghost Trio (for piano, violin and cello) interweaves with the haunting, dark lyricism of Robert Marcel Lepages fi...

Another o.s.t., this is a ''stunning exploration of a trash rock group on the slide''. [Ambiances Magnetiques]

The soundtrack to an animated film. [Ambiances Magnetiques]

Lepage ''takes us on a round the world trip on board his clarinet, along with over 20 other musicians. [Ambiances Magnetiques]

Lepage has been providing soundtracks to the films of Chantal duPont for over a decade. The music that springs from their collaborations is the most experimental of Lepage's film music. Features most of the A.M. ''all-stars'' [Ambiances Magnetiques]

Janel Leppin – Cello, Keyboards
Luke Stewart – Bass
Kim Sator – Harp
Anthony Pirog – Guitar
Larry Ferguson – Drums
Sarah Hughes – Alto Saxophone
Brian Settles – Tenor Saxophone

A composer and cellist who’s honed a singular synthesis of composition, orchestration and improvisation, Janel Leppin is best known as half of the experimental duo Janel and Anthony, which she co-leads with her husband, guitarist...

Luminance" is pianist Marilyn Lerners solo debut on Ambiances Magntiques. Recorded at Avatar in Quebec City, the work is a collection of improvisations that reveal the depth and breadth of Marilyns creative mind a distillation of her influences from t...

“Founded in 2018 in Łódź, Let See Thin released their debut album 2Years 2Late at the end of 2020. The band say that they perform music 'from the borderland of progressive rock, art rock and crossover prog'. This is a description that I agree with, but I would add that there is also a strong alternative rock feel, and some classic rock elements too.
Let See Thin's 2Years 2Late is very song-focused with strong melodic choruses and verses that often have good solos without anything extraneous...

Letarte is a novelist & poet. This is kind of a Quebeois take on downtown NYC literary performance art (ala Laurie Anderson). These include many of the A.M. gang in supporting roles. [Ambiances Magnetiques]

New release by an instrumental Italian 4tet of dual guitars, bass & drums, with some guests on violin, flute & sax. This has a kinda jammy - maybe even spacey - sound, & is maybe a bit reminiscent of Nekropsi crossed with Korai Orm. [Mellow]

"This is the most pretentious thing I've ever listened to. But it's so fucking awesome I don't care at all. "

Ben Levin is the guitarist in Bent Knee. This is his solo release and it's quite odd, I must say.

It features 3 members of...

Daniel Levin, cello/Ingebrigt Häker-Flaten, double bass/Gerald Cleaver, drums.

"It's been said that instrumental music is at its root an extension of the sounds we produce with our voices. In the title track of “Fuhuffah” the music began in just.

Daniel Levin, cello.

"Daniel Levin is "a samurai with a calligrapher’s brush in his hand instead of a sword,” writes Ed Hazell in his liner notes for Inner Landscape. It couldn't be truer: this is improvised music with force and grace...

Daniel Levin cello
Mat Maneri viola
Matt Moran vibraphone
Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass
"Live At Firehouse 12 documents the Daniel Levin Quartet in live performance with its current working line-up, now featuring Mat Maneri on viola. The new palette of timbres and textures afforded by the change in instrumentation from trumpet to viola provides ample opportunities for the band to explore previously uncharted territory, and the musicians take full advantage here, producing music..

Daniel Levin, cello / Matt Moran, vibes / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Peter Bitenc, bass

"The Daniel Levin Quartet has already shown on prior recordings that a change of conventional instrumentation in a jazz combo is enough to explore an entirely...

Mat Maneri viola / Daniel Levin cello

"By adopting psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung’s phrase for the title of their first duo recording, Daniel Levin and Mat Maneri hav acknowledged the necessity of a balance between intuitive spontaneity (the unconscious) and pre-established conditions (the conscious) i their improvisatory format. Both of them have proven to be probing, provocative improvisers in a wide range of settings in the past, but thi collaboration offers special qualities unique to...

Daniel Levin cello / Nate Wooley trumpet / Matt Moran vibraphone / Torbjorn Zetterberg double bass.
"It’s nothing less than curious that the most “jazzy” of all Daniel Levin’s projects, his Quartet, has also the most obvious of the classical...

“A much-told story by now, the chance encounter between Benjamin Lew and Steven Brown in the ebullient creative nexus that was Brussels in the early '80s led to one of these discreet but unforgettable minor miracles which take place sometimes. Poetic, magical and evocative, "Douzième Journée" takes the listener on a journey through alien landscapes, which has elicited comparisons to the music of Jon Hassell and Can.
Steven Brown is a front figure of US band Tuxedomoon. Benjamin Lew is a writer...

"The '60s were filled with garage bands that could play up a storm covering other peoples' material, but the Lewallen Brothers made a sound that had the immediacy of those bands and the kind of polish that one associated more with the Byrds, the Beau Brummels, and the Zombies. The fourteen songs on this CD come from sessions dating between November of 1964 and April 1967, and it's like listening to good outtakes by the Beatles or the Roulettes. Some of it was a bit retro in its time ('What More Can I...

"Composer, scholar, computer wizard and trombonist extraordinaire George Lewis is one of the world's most distinguished musicians, and Les Exercices Spirituels is one of his greatest and most ambitious CDs to date. Featuring three new chamber...

"With «Sequel,» trombonist, composer, and computer artist George Lewis presents a seminal work that breaks new ground in the borderland between acoustic and electronic music. In a unique effort of synthesis Lewis sought «to create a site of hybridity...

Roscoe Mitchell: sopranino(1), alto(2) and soprano(3) saxophones
George Lewis: laptop(1), trombone(2, 3)
Voyager: interactive computer pianist(2)

Recorded live by Arne Vierck at CTM Festival on February 2nd 2018 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany
“Roscoe Mitchell and George Lewis first met in the summer of 1971 on Chicago’s South Side, where both musicians were born and raised. Mitchell and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, had just returned to the South Side after a two-year sojourn

James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Saxophone
Aruán Ortiz: Piano
Brad Jones: Bass
Chad Taylor: Drums

“The charismatic saxophonist and composer James Brandon Lewis is the musician of the moment in the broad field of contemporary jazz. With Code of Being, James Brandon Lewis now presents his second album. The debut CD Molecular, which Lewis recorded with his quartet in 2020 just a few months before Lockdown, was roundly acclaimed as one of the most exciting releases in 2020.
Code of Being

“James Brandon Lewis is a New York-based jazz tenor saxophonist, composer, and bandleader. His instrumental voice marries the emotional power of gospel and the grit and groove of blues and R&B to the modal and vanguard influences of Albert Ayler and John Coltrane, and Sonny Rollins' expressive melodic and tonal discipline. Lewis drew the attention of many improvising artists, most notably the saxophonist and jazz deity Sonny Rollins, who doesn't offer effusive praise very often.
Moved by Lewis' deep..

James Brandon Lewis: tenor saxophone, arrangements
Kirk Knuffke: cornet
William Parker: bass
Chad Taylor: drums
Chris Hoffman: cello

“This deluxe expanded 2CD first edition includes an exclusive CD of the contemporaneously created suite, 'These Are Soulful Days': JBL’s first composition for strings; performed with the Lutosławski Quartet.

'For Mahalia, With Love' is the highly anticipated new album by award-winning tenor saxophonist-composer James Brandon Lewis &

James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Saxophone
Aruán Ortiz: Piano
Brad Jones: Bass
Chad Taylor: Drums, Mbira

"Saxophonist and composer James Brandon Lewis possesses an inspiring energy. His deep curiosity and the thrill he gets from discovery are crucial facets of his personality, and qualities that guide his art. Over the last half-decade he's emerged as one of the most exciting figures in jazz and improvised music, a voracious listener who rejects stylistic hierarchies and one that

James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Sax, Composition
Aruán Ortiz: Piano
Brad Jones: Bass
Chad Taylor: Drums

“The charismatic saxophonist and composer James Brandon Lewis is the musician of the moment in the broad field of contemporary jazz. After the internationally acclaimed albums Molecular and Code of Being, he now presents a double CD of a memorable concert with his top-class quartet. The demanding but thoroughly melodic compositions of Molecular shine on this live album compared to the..

James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Saxophone, Composition
Aruán Ortiz: Piano
Brad Jones: Bass
Chad Taylor: Drums

“James Brandon Lewis is at the top of the international jazz world. He stands in the tradition of saxophonists such as Sonny Rollins, Albert Ayler and John Coltrane. With his powerful, direct and rich tenor saxophone sound and a lyrical quality that unfolds in both his solos and his compositions, he is causing a sensation.
Transfiguration is the fourth album by the acclaimed..

James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Saxophone
Chad Taylor: Drums, Mbira

After the brilliant finale at the 2019 Willisau Jazz Festival with saxophonist James Brandon Lewis and drummer Chad Taylor, Lucerne journalist Pirmin Bossart wrote: "The music sought neither to preach nor impress, instead revealing itself as pure, spirited intensity. 'Yeah! Yeah!' James Brandon cries after the final note of 'Willisee' adding a jubilant 'Wow!'". The duo had just finished a track which Dewey Redman and Ed...

James Brandon Lewis: tenor saxophone, composition
Kirk Knuffke: cornet
William Parker: bass, gimbri (on tracks 2 & 7)
Chris Hoffman: cello
Chad Taylor: drums, mbira (on track 6)

James and Kirk and Chris in the frontline? William and Chad providing the foundation? What more could ANYONE ask for? Recommended!

“Voted Rising Star Tenor Saxophonist in the 2020 DownBeat Magazine International Critic’s Poll, James Brandon Lewis supercharges his remarkable evolution with J

These 28 tracks from 1956-1963 are taken from what is generally acknowledged as the finest period of his long career; for most folks anything you would want to hear from JLL is here.

A young composer who has won numerous awards & grants.Scored for various combinations of string quartet, guitar, flute, cello, piano, & percussion. [New Albion]

A young composer who has won numerous awards & grants. This is melodic orchestral works. [New Albion]

Luís Lopes electric guitar
Rodrigo Amado tenor sax (left)
Bruno Parrinha soprano sax & clarinet (center)
Pedro Sousa tenor sax (right)
Rodrigo Pinheiro piano & rhodes
Ricardo Jacinto cello
Hernâni Faustino double bass
Pedro Lopes turntables & electronics
Gabriel Ferrandini drums & percussion

"The first avant-gardes of the 20th century began a special interiorization of aspects coming from the creativity of children, of the then-called “savages” and of the demented...

Shane Parish: guitar and vocals
Emmalee Hunnicutt: cello and vocals
Frank Meadows: bass

VERY limited edition of 100 CDs!

"Unconscious gasps of breath. Finger skin sliding on metal strings. An acoustic guitar is flanked by cello and double bass in a relationship that at times feels almost parental - the two bigger instruments keeping a watchful eye over the junior one as it gambols ahead, constantly investigating and testing.
Second album by Library of Babel, a long...

Licht is a very interesting New York-based composer, musician and writer. He's written some very fine articles about rare minimalism and 20th century albums and composers. He has performed guitar in Run On (post Fish and Roses) and Love Child, and he h...

"Alan Licht (USA) and Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan) have each explored the lines that divide improvisation, composition, folk, blues, and experimental music. It was inevitable that their careers and styles would cross paths. Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow captures a meeting of minds and techniques in the form of two extended works that blur genre, with Licht on guitar and electronics and Akiyama on guitar. "Blues Deceiver" presents itself as dank blues; it's a dirty, crawling mass of feedback, fluctuating...

"If You Combine One No New-Yorker (Connie Burg Of Mars), A Talented Pianist (Melissa Weaver), A String-Wrecker (Alan Light Of Run On) And One Japanese Legend/ Icon (Kanji Haines Of Fushitsusha), The Avant-Improv Results Of Their Collaboration Will...

"This set of four concerti is an epic masterwork by composer/bassist Steuart Liebig. It featues soloists Nels Cline on electric guitar, Mark Dresser on contrabass, Vinny Golia on sopranino saxophone and Tom Varner on french horn. These soloists are...

Tony Atherton - Alto Saxophone
Bill Barrett - Chromatic Harmonica
Scot Ray - Slide Guitar
Dan Clucas - Cornet
Joseph Berardi - Drumset, Percussion
Steuart Liebig - Contrabass Guitars

“It has roots, from Ornette to boogie. It's avant, but it grooves. The players sound completely natural, like they ain't even trying, though they must be. The interplay flows. The harmonies spark. And mainly, it's fun. Talkin bout saxist Tony Atherton, harmonicat Bill Barrett, drummer Joe Berar