“Michael Begg is a Scottish composer, sound artist, and musician. In 2000, making use of new affordable computer technologies, he began to experiment in computer mediated composition. Along with long time collaborator Deryk Thomas, he produced a series of recordings intended for use in theatre which became the first Human Greed album, Consolation. Michael began contributing to Clodagh Simonds' Fovea Hex project in 2007 with an appearance on the track "Long Distance" on the EP Allure. He has since...

"Stunden is the unique and unprecedented new record of instrumental music by electronic pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia) and Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot, Kreidler , Mapstation). In twelve miniatures, with titles such as "Liebe"...

Made up of trombonist/violinist Roelofs, guitarist Johannes Krmer & saxophonist Dirk Marwedel, this is sometimes intense, proudly electric, non-idiomatic free improvisation. [Victo]

"The six (or seven) pieces on these CDs document live performance works which span 1996 to the present. Most of the solo pieces are structured improvisations, in that they have a broad form which is repeated from performance to performance while the de...

Written for a 13-voice mixed choir (conducted from the inside), two speakers, two soloists, and two percussionists, this satirical elegy in 13 tableaux follows the oratorio form and brings together sung, proclaimed and chanted poetry, composition and i...

Erin Rogers - saxophones, compositions

"2000 Miles – the second solo album from Erin Rogers – dives deep into the sonic underbelly of the saxophone, uncovering a radiant world of imagination and curiosity, where beauty is served raw. Rogers forges an alternative voice for the instrument, percussively blending tone with mechanism and melody with shimmering vocals, gutturals and breath. Singular sounds erupt into splatters of harmonic partials and multiphonics, while layers of industrial...

“A debut solo album from saxophonist Erin Rogers, Breaking Waves explores sonic multiplicity -- growth of a singular sound or idea, “breaking” a single note into two or more parts. Through multiphonics, vocalization, and inciting of outer resonance, Rogers elaborates on the single-note instrument, adding layers of complexity to the solo saxophone in a purely acoustic setting.”

“They combine on three long-form improvs, the shortest of which clocks in at just over 17 minutes, giving ample scope for the freewheeling exploration at which all three excel. They take such an egalitarian approach that it's a noticeable event when one drops out. In a favored gambit, Rupp's scratchy staccato guitar textures jostle against extended legato lines from Schubert and Rogers, but that just provides a launching point for further goings-on in which they match dynamics, hit peaks of intensity and...

Tom Rogerson's life as an improviser began when, as a toddler, he would clamber up onto his family piano stool and try to emulate his sister's playing. Now releasing his second solo album, a collaboration with Brian Eno, he feels that his musical life has come full circle: "I remember smashing out C Major chords again and again and really loving it. It's the same as what I do now, funnily enough, I've come back to it". After stints playing jazz in New York, a delipadated fenland hotel and in noise rock...

André Roligheten tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone & bass clarinet
Adrian Løseth Waade violin
Jon Rune Strøm double bass
Erik Nylander drums & percussion

"The title “Homegrown” gives justice to the music assembled in this CD: it testifies exemplarily the way jazz is played in the North of Europe. Scandinavian musicians may not do it better, but certainly they do what they brilliantly do with a personality you can’t find elsewhere. It’s strong, seductive and full of arguments in what..

A project focused on improvisation & electronic work. Improvisations are made with electroacoustic devices by the duo K.K. Roll & clarinet & X. Charles.

High quality sound and great big FUN as Britain's BIGGEST r'n'b pop-makers perform between 1963-1965 for Auntie Beeb!

"The Stones first entered a BBC studio in October 1963 when they were peddling their debut single, "Come On," and their last session arrived in September 1965, just after releasing "Get Off of My Cloud" as the sequel to the smash "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." During these three years, the Stones racked up several number one hits in the U.K., but Mick Jagger and Keith Richards...

Released on Proper, a great UK label who do an amazing job in terms of packaging, presentation and especially in terms of sonics. This is important, basic repertoire material. A great place to hear some of the best of his very earliest stuff and at a amazing price.

"Sonny Rollins has remained one of the true jazz giants, ranking with Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, and John Coltrane as one of the all-time great tenor saxophonists. This Proper Introduction features 23 tracks ranging from his...

Includes five complete albums:
The Bridge
Our Man in Jazz
What's New
Sonny Meets Hawk
The Standard

The 1967 Studio & Live Recordings is officially sanctioned by Rollins and includes three different previously unissued 1967 performances with bassist Ruud Jacobs (bass) and Han Bennink (drums).
With extensive booklet of unseen photos and essays by Aidan Levy and Frank Jochemsen, plus interviews with Sonny Rollins and Han Bennink, a remembrance of Ruud Jacobs, and more.

"Now in his mid-70s, Sonny Rollins plays with undiminished passion on this, his first new studio recordings in five years. Sonny, Please also marks a turning point in Rollins's life: his wife died in 2004, and he soon thereafter departed Milestone...

The entirety of the 10 albums made by Sonny for Prestige from 1953-1956, beginning with his collaboration with Thelonious Monk and The Modern Jazz Quartet, and moving through his works as leader of some of the finest jazz recordings of that time.

LORENZO HAPPY: electric bass
DAVE FOSTER: guitars
MAURIZIO MEO: electric bass, double bass
ROMAN RICCARDO: keyboards, celtic harp, harmonium, guitars, acoustic bass

"This one is obligatory. A classic. The Revue was a one-off concert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1975 - part of the second Raudalunas Exposition - trapped on tape by chance or no one would have believed it. A revue that remains consistently outside any...

A very little known, but very high quality fusion album from 1978 from the one-time guitarist of Boston's 'beloved-but-never-quite-famous ' artsy rock outfit Orchestra Luna. This is totally different and will especially appeal to guitar head fusion fans..

Alberto Popolla clarinets / Errico DeFabritiis alto sax / Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass / Fabrizio Spera drums / guest: Luca Venitucci Organ, Melodica, Amplified Zither.
" This is one more proof that jazz, and blues for that matter, turned to be...

Alberto Popolla clarinet & bass clarinet
Errico De Fabritiis alto & baritone sax
Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass
Fabrizio Spera drums
Luca Venitucci organ on tracks 1, 4, 9 piano on 6
Luca Tilli cello on tracks 3, 7
Antonio Castiello dub effects on 12

"There’s a good side in the present day global dimension and that’s called “cultural syncretism”. Roots Magic is an Italian band who's gradually building up a repertoire between Deep Blues and Creative

"Take Root Among the Stars", quoting the words of the great science fiction writer Octavia Butler, here is Roots Magic's third installment for Clean Feed. Cut by the Italian quartet, here and there augmented by a couple of special guests, historical wind player Eugenio Colombo and vibes maestro Francesco Lo Cascio, this new album comes as a further step into the borderland between Deep Blues and Creative Jazz.
The new repertoire includes reworked tunes by Skip James, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre...

Alberto Popolla clarinets, electric bass, banjo
Errico De Fabritiis alto and baritone saxophones
Eugenio Colombo flutes, soprano saxophone
Francesco Lo Cascio vibraphone, percussion
Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass
Fabrizio Spera drums, percussion, zither

"Since their appearance at the 2021 edition of the Jazz em Agosto festival Roots Magic confirmed the new sextet line-up featuring veteran multi reeds player Eugenio Colombo and vibes specialist Francesco Lo Cascio. "Long...

“Artist and musician Rosa Barba paired up with drummer Chad Taylor for their first duo record, In a Perpetual Now of Instantaneous Visibility. Documenting a September 2019 performance and installation at New York's Park Avenue Armory, part of an invitation by pianist Jason Moran, the CD's two mesmerizing tracks clock in at over 30-minutes each. Patiently built as collaborative soundscapes, they feature Barba's unorthodox conjoining of cello and film projector in which she uses the celluloid as an...

Traditional and original compositions based on the music of Southern Italy. [Felmay/New Tone]

Traditional and original compositions based on the music of Southern Italy. "The inspiration is born from the musical patrimony of the south Italy, but evolve with the wide breath of an authentic world music." [Sottosuono/Felmay]

"After the remarkable success of Facce and In forma di Rossa Pugliese vocalist Antonella “Rosapaeda” Di Domenico is back with a new CD, Mater that’s sure to delight her growing legion of fans. On Mater what is most striking is her voice, a voice at...

“On Garden Party, Rose City Band’s country psychedelic rock evokes the wide-open spaces of the American west and free spirits who call it home. Lead by acclaimed guitarist and vocalist Ripley Johnson, Rose City Band are some of the best players in contemporary rock: pedal steel guitarist Barry Walker, keyboardist Paul Hasenberg, bassist Dewey Mahood (aka Plankton Wat), drummer Dustin Dybvig, and features Sanae Yamada of Moon Duo on Synthesizer. At its inception Rose City Band focused on what songwriter...

“It is impossible to talk about modern psychedelic music without mentioning Ripley Johnson. As bandleader of Wooden Shjips and half of Moon Duo, Johnson has continually charted new cosmic paths that expand on the language of the genre.
With Rose City Band, Johnson’s songwriting and beautiful guitar lines take center stage. While his vocal treatment would be recognizable to any Wooden Shjips fan, the sparseness of the instrumentation lays bare the beauty of his writing. Shimmering guitar lines are...

Long before Americana primitive solo guitar became the hipster thing, Jack was doing this music and doing it better than just about anyone. Another great, beautiful and deep album from an excellent guitarist.

"This double-disc features a brand...

'''Brain' is a CD musi-drama (opera pervers) with El Maestro JR luimeme, Shelley Hirsch, Phil Minton, a Nietschean dentist and thousands of Rosenbergs. Plus The Weatherman. Full texts and notes. Cover by Peter Blegvad.'' [ReR]

"Jon Rose is one of the most productive, original and focused people I know; he’s also an extraordinary musician and an inspired composer. To mark his 60th birthday we are releasing this 3 CD box of previously unreleased works ranging from radio...

''Yes, we're still shopping - this is an unexpurgated copy of the Victoriaville concert (Radio recording) with group: Lauren Newton, Joelle Leandre, Otomo Yoshihide and Chris Cutler. In my opinion the wildest and most dizzying version on record. Unfolding chaos with luminous performances - viz, Lauren's hair-raising interpretations and vocal event, Joelle's oscar-winning bag lady performance, THE CAST for maintaining an atmosphere of knife-edge confusion. All human life and a whole lot of other stuff too...

''2 excellent pieces - The Fence, about borders and fences all over the world, using very long amplified strings and documentary voices; a serious and substantial work. Bagni di Dolabella, ''a violinists guide to the treatments and political intrigues ...

''Subtitle: The dynamic of rogue counterpoint. Jon, alone, with some of his interactive, midified, altered and invented instruments (eg the whipolin, a disembowelled cello, fitted with a variety of not exactly centred hurdy gurdy type wheels made of va...

Recorded live in the Australian outback, world famous avante garde composer Jon Rose's The People's Music" is a symphonic cut and paste compendium representing an innovative amalgamation of violins, samples, vocal insertions, and percussion. A musical ...

"Experimental Italian guitarist, electro-producer and sound designer Eraldo Bernocchi joins forces with percussionist FM Einheit (a founder of the influential German industrial group Einstürzende Neubauten) and London-based cellist Jo Quail on Rosebud, a compelling mix of tranquil ambient sounds and pummeling industrial onslaughts. From the opening "Bloom," an 11-minute suite that travels from evocative ambiance to caustic crescendo, to the closing theme "The Inquirer," which emerges gradually over a...

Absurd in the Anthropocene is in line with his abstract musicianship and virtuous experimentalism but, naturally, pushes the envelope. The record’s inspirations run the gamut from Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman to Frank Zappa, Soundgarden, and Squarepusher, and its title refers to the complicated and often surreal times in which we live.
Rosenboom, a musician at the forefront of Los Angeles' ever-thriving creative music scene, boasts an international reputation for boundary-pushing projects and...

Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpet
Artyom Manukyan - Cello and FX
Joshua White - Piano
Richard Giddens - Bass
Gene Coye - Drums
Gavin Templeton - Alto Saxophone (Disc 1 - Astral Transference)
Jon Armstrong - Tenor Saxophone (Disc 1 - Astral Transference)
Alexander Noice - Electric Guitar and FX (Disc 1 - Astral Transference)

*****5 STARS***** from All About Jazz
"...wildly ambitious... It's a fascinating blend and blur of the notated versus the improvised, and the

"David Rosenboom (b. 1947), who has been widely acclaimed as a pioneer in American experimental music since the 1960's. He is a composer, performer, conductor, interdisciplinary artist, author, and educator having explored ideas in his work about the...

"David Rosenboom is a composer/performer of unprecedented range and experience. He performed at the Electric Circus in 1969, on the original recording of In C with Terry Riley, with La Monte Young’s Theatre of Eternal Music as well as with Anthony...