Barry Guy, Henry Lowther, Marc Charig, Jon Corbett, Paul Rutherford, Radu Malfatti, Alan Tomlinson, Steve Wick, Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Simon Picard, Peter McPhail, Paul Dunmall, Phil Wachsmann, Howard Riley, Barre Phillips, Paul Lytton...

Barry Guy, Henry Lowther, Marc Charig, Jon Corbett, Paul Rutherford, Radu Malfatti, Alan Tomlinson, Steve Wick, Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Simon Picard, Peter McPhail, Paul Dunmall, Phil Wachsmann, Howard Riley, Barre Phillips, Paul Lytton.

Barry Guy Bass/Director / Henry Lowther Trumpet / Marc Charig Cornet / Jon Corbett Trumpet / Paul Rutherford Trombone / Radu Malfatti Trombone / Alan Tomlinson Trombone / Steve Wick Tuba / Trevor Watts Reeds / Evan Parker Reeds / Simon

Irène Schweizer, Piano
Marilyn Crispell, Piano
Maggie Nicols, Voice
Barry Guy, Maggie Nicols, Henry Lowther, Marc Charig, Jon Corbett, Paul Rutherford, Chris Bridges, Alan Tomlinson, Robin Hayward, Trevor Watts, Evan Parker

Barry Guy, Anthony Braxton, Henry Lowther, Marc Charig, Jon Corbett, Paul Rutherford, Radu Malfatti, Alan Tomlinson, Steve Wick, Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Simon Picard, Peter McPhail, Paul Dunmall, Phil Wachsmann, Howard Riley,Barre Phillips, Dave...

The history of Barry Guy's Jazz Composers’ Orchestra begins in 1970 with Ode, the first manifesto of this new way of individual/ collective collaboration at the interface of a structured intervention and the freedom of improvising. Ten years later...

Barry Guy:director, bass / Irène Schweizer: piano / Evan Parker: reeds / Mats Gustafsson: reeds / Trevor Watts: reeds / Simon Picard: reeds / Pete McPhail: reeds / Conrad Bauer: tmb / Johannes Bauer: tmb / Alan Tomlinson: tmb / Henry Lowt

Elliott Sharp: Guitars, Electronics / Christian Marclay: Turntables

"The guitarist Elliott Sharp and the turntable player Christian Marclay met in a studio in New York and, during three days, developed unusual tonal worlds. The encounter of both.

FRED FRITH electric guitar / MIYA MASAOKA 25 string koto and electronics / LARRY OCHS sopranino and tenor saxophones / WITH SPECIAL GUESTS: / GERRY HEMINGWAY drums, percussion, voice / CARLA KIHLSTEDT electric and acoustic violins / IKUE MORI.

"The 15-piece orchestra ROOT DOWN brings together impressions and experiences of African music – more precisely, the melancholy music of homesick South African musicians in exile and the revolutionary protest music of self-conscious rebels....

"On The Master and the Rain, Root Down allows Africa’s tuneful and downto-earth energy to merge with the more exploratory elements of European music concepts. There are the kicking rhythms and harmonies of South African Kwela music expressed in the...

Phil Minton: Voice
Veryan Weston: Piano, Organ, Voice

"Phil Minton and Veryan Weston, friends for many years, wrote a vocal project for a six-member choir on the topic of anarchism back in 1993. In the middle of the project stood the life...

Marilyn Crispell, Piano / Louis Moholo-Moholo, Drums.

I was *at* this concert!
"Call it inspiration, magic or what you will. The music then takes on a larger aspect, one that is extremely vivid to the senses, but is fundamentally resistant...

Thurston Moore: Guitar
Tom Surgal: Drums, Percussion
William Winant: Drums, Percussion

"Along with both drummers William Winant and Tom Surgal, Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore has designed a headstrong architecture of sound. Made..

David Moss: Voice, Drums, Guitar

David Moss: Drums, Voice, Electronics / Jean Chaine: Bass / Anthony Coleman: Keyboards, Sampling / John King: Guitar

David Moss: drums, voice, percussion, electronics / Heiner Goebbels: piano, keyboards, sampler / Catherine Jauniaux: voice / Hans Peter Kuhn: sound artist / Koichi Makigami: voice, mouth harp, conch shells, paper / Christian Marcley: turntables.

David Moss, Voice, Drums
Catherine Jauniaux, Voice
Koichi Makigami, Voice
Phil Minton, Voice
Frank Schulte, Electronics...

David Murray: Tenor Saxophone
Brad Jones: Bass
Hamid Drake: Drums

“David Murray is a giant of modern jazz. His saxophone fuses all the great things that black music has produced: Gospel sounds, free jazz, Afro-Caribbean, blues and soul as well as the beautiful standards of classic jazz. Murray's colorful tone, unsurpassed intonation, flair for swing, melancholy tones, and improvisational power and ingenuity make him one of the most important voices in music today. The newly formed Brave..

Angelika Niescier: Saxophone
Christopher Tordini: Bass
Tyshawn Sorey: Drums

"This magnificent concert took place at the Berlin Jazzfest 2017, where Angelika Niescier was awarded the Albert Mangelsdorff Prize (German Jazz Prize). This concert by the Angelika Niescier NYC Trio with Chris Tordini on bass and Tyshawn Sorey on drums – who was Jazzfest Berlin’s 2017 Artist in Residence, and gave several performances in Berlin – proved to be a remarkable stroke of luck for the festival, since...

Angelika Niescier: Alto Saxophone
Christopher Tordini: Bass
Gerald Cleaver: Drums
Jonathan Finlayson: Trumpet

“During the current decade Cologne-based saxophonist Angelika Niescier has made her connection to New York's elite improvisational jazz community readily clear. Her trio CD The Berlin Concert, was voted one of the most important releases of 2018 by Downbeat.
This stunning new recording suggests that only the Atlantic Ocean separates her from the agile collaborators...

Angelika Niesicer: Alto Saxophone
Alexander Hawkins: Piano

“When Alexander Hawkins played at the Jazzfest Berlin in a duo with the American trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, he met the saxophonist Angelika Niescier. Niescier was playing at the festival with her New York Trio with bassist Christopher Tordini and drummer Tyshawn Sorey ("The Berlin Concert", Intakt CD 305). Niescier has also been honored in Berlin with the Albert Mangelsdorff Prize, Germany's most prestigious jazz award.

Angelika Niescier: Saxophone
Ralph Alessi: Trumpet
Florian Weber: Piano
Christopher Tordini: Bass
Tyshawn Sorey: Drums

"With their new album, alto player and bandleader Angelica Niescier and pianist and composer Florian Weber both from Cologne, Germany place themselves at the centre of the New York jazz scene.

Their quintet NYC FIVE is completed by three jazz musicians in great demand in the 'Big Apple': trumpeter Ralph Alessi, bassplayer Christopher Tordini and drumme

Lucas Niggli: Drums, Percussion

"Alchemia Garden: the album’s wonderful title, creates an enchanting, ambiguous effect. Lucas Niggli relates the organic, biological and growing, which develops on its own and is cultivated and maintained in the form of the garden, to the metamorphosis of material, the scientific search for something unknown which historically has been seen to generate something new.
During his thirty years of playing live Lucas Niggli recorded with many musicians like...

Nils Wogram trombone, melodica, voice
Philipp Schaufelberger guitar
Lucas Niggli drums, percussion
Beat Hofstetter soprano- and tenorsax
Sascha Armbruster alto-, soprano- and tenorsax
Andrea Formenti tenor- and sopranosax...

Lucas Niggli Drums, Percussion, Compositions
Nils Wogram Trombone
Claudio Puntin Clarinets
Philipp Schaufelberger Guitar
Peter Herbert Bass

"The music on this album, their second, relates more to the subtle and sophisticated..

Nils Wogram, Trombone
Philipp Schaufelberger, Guitar
Lucas Niggli, Drums

"The drummer and band leader Lucas Niggli, with his trio ZOOM and quintet Big ZOOM, provided the big surprises at many festivals last year: the band's concerts

Anne La Berge: Flutes, Electronics / Nils Wogram: Trombone, Melodica / Philipp Schaufelberger: Guitar / Barry Guy: Bass / Lucas Niggli: Drums, Percussion.

Lucas Nggli has rebuilt BIG ZOOM. Two experienced improvisators of great reputatio

Nils Wogram, Trombone / Philipp Schaufelberger, Guitar / Lucas Niggli, Drums

"The Swiss drummer Lucas Niggli, who¹s not incorrectly compared with the New York drummer Joey Baron, has intensively tasted stylistic limitlessness: as pulsing...

Omri Ziegele: Alto Saxophone, Voice
Ray Anderson: Trombone
Jan Schlegel: E-Bass
Dieter Ulrich: Drums, Bugle

"The Zürich trio Noisy Minority with New York tombone player Ray Anderson: Anderson is the outstanding trombonist of the American jazz scene, and Noisy Minority, Zurich saxophonist Omri Ziegele’s band, is known for its modern jazz with expressive power, drive and buoyancy. Bandleader Ziegele composed eight new pieces for the album “Wrong Is Right”. It’s a dare-devil ride in...

Gabriela Friedli: Piano / Co Streiff: Alt & Soprano Saxophone / Jan Schlegel: E-Bass / Dieter Ulrich: Drums

"Gabriela Friedli, Co Streiff, Jan Schlegel and Dieter Ulrich have created a work of astonishing freshness and beauty,» writes the N

Gabriela Friedli: Piano / Co Streiff: Alt- & Soprano Saxophone / Jan Schlegel: E-Bass / Dieter Ulrich: Drums

Two women and two men form this quartet – all distinctive individualists, ranking among the most distinguished musicians on the Swis

Gabriela Friedli: Piano Co Streiff: Alt- & Soprano Saxophone Jan Schlegel: E-Bass Dieter Ulrich: Drums

"For ten years four of the most willful musicians from Zurich are working together in the Quartett Objets Trouvés: Gabriela Friedli, Co Strei

Larry Ochs: Tenor and Sopranino Saxophones
Joan Jeanrenaud: Cello
Miya Masaoka: Koto

"Three San Francisco Bay Area masters come together here to play music composed by Larry Ochs for the unusual trio of saxophone, cello, and Japanese..

Urs Leimgruber Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Christy Doran Electric Guitar, Devices
Bobby Burri Double Bass, Devices
Fredy Studer Drums, Percussion, Bowed Metal

"This band wrote history from 1972 to 1982 combining the energy of rock music with the power of free improvisation. With enormous vitality they bring together the experiences of a young generation electrified by Jimi Hendrix, fascinated by John Coltrane and inspired by free jazz. OM brought rock music into spontaneous musical

Urs Leimgruber: Soprano and Tenor Saxophone / Christy Doran: Electric Guitar, Devices / Bobby Burr:i Double-Bass, Devices / Fredy Studer: Drums, Percussion.

"The band is cult. Because of their history and because of their playing. They took.

Aruán Ortiz: Piano
Brad Jones: Bass
Chad Taylor: Drums, Mbira

"When Aruán Ortiz appeared with his new trio at Zürich’s unerhört!-festival on 26 November 2016, the sense of anticipation was palpable; how would the music from the well-received studio album Hidden Voices feel in a live context. The trio were at the end of their first European tour, and on a roll. Immediately after the concert Ortiz was already enthusing about the interaction and musical dialogue.
“Mulling it over” – ...

Aruán Ortiz: Piano
Eric Revis: Bass
Gerald Cleaver: Drums

"The Cuban-American pianist and composer Aruán Ortiz has finally arrived on the international jazz scene, following a few earlier releases. His excellent new album "Hidden Voices" recorded as a trio with bass player Eric Revis and drummer Gerald Cleaver is the proof.

Ortiz, who grew up in Santiago de Cuba, has been called the latest Cuban prodigy to arrive in the US. His carefully structured music is an exciting mix of...

Evan Parker: Saxophone
Barry Guy: Bass
Paul Lytton: Drums

"Evan Parker, Barry Guy and Paul Lytton – three legendary figures in the field of improvisation – have each developed their own epochal styles. These long-time friends and collaborators now present the latest of their Trio recordings – part of an ongoing series that began in 1980 with the now out-of-print LP 'Tracks'. Their powerful improvisations reveal them as a trio of unyielding innovation, both conserving and constantly...

Evan Parker: Soprano Sax
Matthew Wright: Turntable, Live Sampling
Adam Linson: Double Bass, Electronics
John Coxon: Turntable, Electronics
Ashley Wales: Electronics

“A dream-like aura surrounds these recordings by Evan Parker and Matthew Wright - Trance Map+ from the Jazz Festival Nickelsdorf: Crepuscule in Nickelsdorf. "Filtered through the silicon of the hard drive, birds and insects often sound electronically generated and some of the synthesized sounds, designed in software.

Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Michael Griener Drums

"The duo saxophone-drums – a classical formation in jazz – offers remarkable possibilities. The Berlin musicians Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky and Michael Griener use this...

Christoph Irniger Tenor Saxophone
Dave Gisler: Guitar
Stefan Aeby: Piano
Raffaele Bossard Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums
"The quintet Pilgrim, founded by Zurich based tenor saxophonist Christoph Irniger, has become over the years one of the most exciting ensembles in young European Jazz. After the highly praised group’s latest studio recording 'Italian Circus Story', Pilgrim – driven by enthusiasm and inventiveness – presents the vibrant live album 'Big Wheel'. Recorded during acclaimed...

Paul Plimley Piano, Voice / Barry Guy Bass, Voice / Lucas Niggli Drums, Voice.

"In the spring of 2012, during a tour of Europe, Plimley, Guy and Niggli recorded this album at a studio session in the "Loft" in Cologne, Germany. Barry Guy and...

Kaja Draksler: Piano
Petter Eldh: Bass
Christian Lillinger: Drums

"Following their acclaimed 2018 debut album, the band Punkt.Vrt.Plastik, which brings together Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh and Christian Lillinger, three of the most exciting, profound and versatile musicians on the European jazz scene, presents another stroke of genius.
With Somit they take their urgent ensemble playing to new heights, creating a highly individual sound aesthetic with unusual instrumentation...

Kaja Draksler: Piano
Petter Eldh: Bass
Christian Lillinger: Drums, Percussion

‘“A supergroup” is what the German music magazine Jazzthetik calls Punkt.Vrt.Plastik. Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh and Christian Lillinger make up this trio – “Two musicians and one musician who are among the most exciting and active that the European avant-garde has to offer.” and Die Zeit writes: “They reinterpret an entire genre at once: the good old piano trio.” The trio convinces with a highly individual..

Tom Rainey Drums
Ingrid Laubrock Saxophones
Mary Halvorson Guitar

“In his trio, Tom Rainey – one of the busiest drummers on the New York scene – has united with two of his closest musical allies. Ingrid Laubrock, the saxophonist extraordinaire who left England for the USA some years ago, causing quite a stir with her own band projects as well as in groups from Anthony Braxton to Mike Reed. Plus Mary Halvorson who in recent years has earned herself a superb reputation as one of the most...

Ralph Alessi, Trumpet / Ingrid Laubrock, Saxophones / Kris Davis, Piano / Drew Gress, Bass / Tom Rainey, Drums

"On the second CD on Intakt Records with his own band Tom Rainey surprises with standards like Dave Brubeck's «In Your Own Sweet

Ralph Alessi Trumpet
Ingrid Laubrock Saxophones
Jacob Sacks Piano
Drew Gress Bass
Tom Rainey Drums

“With Untucked in Hannover, Tom Rainey's top-notch quintet Obbligato presents a third album of a collection of jazz standards – with Jacob Sacks on piano replacing regular pianist Kris Davis for this live recording. Wonderful jazz tunes like Stella by Starlight or I Fall in Love Too Easily are interpreted in an open dialogue with stunning joy of playing and improvisation....

Tom Rainey: Drums / Ingrid Laubrock: Saxophones / Mary Halvorson: Guitar

"Tom Rainey, informed by free improvisation and subtle compositional strategies, and by echoes of jazz eras and modes of conduct past and future, is one of the important..

Tom Rainey drums
Ingrid Laubrock saxophones
Mary Halvorson guitar
"After making the studio recording "Camino Ciel Echo", New York drummer Tom Rainey’s trio has now recorded a “live” album containing the distilled essence of numerous concerts including several European tours.

Tom Rainey, born in 1957 in Santa Barbara, was known at an earlier stage of his career as an exceptional drummer. Since he moved to New York he has played with some of the “heavy weights” of the contemporary jazz