Rick Brown - plywood crate, hand and foot percussion, crude horns
Che Chen - 6 and 12-string and quarter-tone guitars, percussion
Sue Garner - guitar and bass guitar
Cheryl Kingan - alto and baritone saxophones
Andrew Lafkas – contrabass
Karen Waltuch – viola
Jim Pugliese – percussion
Barry Weisblat - signal processing, Casio SK-1
Steven Maing - quarter-tone guitar
Carey Balch - hi-hat.

Their best yet and that’s saying something; I saw them p

75 Dollar Bill is the latest project by Rick Brown, formerly of V-Effect, Curlew, Fish & Roses, etc and Che Chen.
It's a really good band and a really good album; it's different from but absolutely in the same kind of league and sound as Horse Lords!

"Mr. Chen stood playing hypnotic guitar repetitions, moving with the stresses of the riffs, the drummer Rick Brown sat on a square wooden box, open in the back, and attacked it from above. He cued transitions in the music, building odd or....