NOTE: Jacket has a small chip in the spine, otherwise it's new/sealed.

Unbelievable price on this brand new double vinyl release by a member of Taj Mahal Travellers.

"After spending the first half of the 1970s globetrotting with Asia's premiere avant-garde band--Takehisa Kosugi's Taj Mahal Travellers (where Seiji Nagai played trumpet and keyboards)--Nagai continued to study and play music, particularly Indian music (drones) and electronic/computer generated music. In 1999 he finally released

This vinyl version of one of our great releases from earlier in the year was released only in Spain and we have only 8 copies to sell!

If creating an unmistakable group sound is the ultimate goal of a jazz ensemble, the Spanish trio Naima is well on its way to securing a spot as one of the leading combos on the contemporary European scene. Featuring Enrique Ruiz on piano and synths, Luis Torregrosa on drums, and Rafael Ramos Sania on double bass, the Valencia...

"A major work of electronic avant-garde -- high quality deep esoterica of the weird and spooky kind."-Alan Freeman

Lost-in-time kosmische/kraut/avant-garde artifact produced by Toby Robinson, aka The Mad Twiddler, circa 1975 for his private Pyramid label. Tolkien-inspired dark ambient soundscapes with spooky/ritualistic atmosphere, treated percussions, gongs and guitars, trippy Hammond and Mini-Moog, tape loops, weird noises, and drones...
File under dark ambient, proto-industrial, kraut...

"Nazoranai is the supergroup of Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley. For close to four decades, Haino has been a legendary figure in Japan's avant-garde community through his commanding presence in the band Fushitsusha and numerous solo ventures. Ambarchi, a prolific electro-acoustic composer of heavy ambience and hypno-rock, has long stood at the leading edge of Australia's experimental music scene, while O'Malley remains a principle architect for the drone/doom metal project Sunn O))) in...

"Ideologic Organ present Unfold, brand-new recordings from The Necks, the legendary Australian trio who excel in bypassing musical cliche whilst exploring and extending the practices embedded within improvisation, jazz, post rock, ambient, minimal, and textural, "sound based" music. The latest document from this long-running ensemble presents itself as a double LP, with four side-length tracks. A deliberate absence of numbered sides hands a substantial swatch of participation over to the listener...

This is the third album by this very excellent, very interesting, songs-with-vocals format, electric jazz/rock band, which means they come out somewhere between Caravan or Wigwam in the song department and Tony Williams Lifetime/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Elephant9 in the jazz/rock department!

The bassist is from Elephant9 and the drummer is from the Rune Grammofon bands Humcrush and Food.

I thought that this was basically really different by bringing two different sounds together in a really..

This is the second album by this interesting, songs-with-vocals format, electric jazz/rock band, which means they come out somewhere between Caravan or Wigwam in the song department and Tony Williams Lifetime/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Elephant9 in the jazz/rock department!

The bassist is actually from Elephant9 and the drummer is from the Rune Grammofon bands Humcrush and Food.

I thought that this was basically really different by bringing two different sounds together in a really pleasing...

This is the fourth album by this very excellent, very interesting, songs-with-vocals format, electric jazz/rock band, which means they come out somewhere between Caravan or Wigwam in the song department and Tony Williams Lifetime/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Elephant9 in the jazz/rock department! Interestingly enought, the bassist is from Elephant9.
By now, they've moved beyond doing something different in bringing these two strands of styles (songs + electic jazz) together, to have a strong and distinctive..

This is the first release by this Norwegian band. Unlike their second album, Outside The Screen, which features vocals, this is an all instrumental trio record which features:
Bjorn Kakegg-electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Nikoai Haengsle Eilertsen-bass
Thomas Stronen-drums

The bassist is from Elephant9 and the drummer is from the Rune Grammofon bands Humcrush and Food.

This is a very good electric jazz album, but, honestly (and somewhat surprisingly for folks who know how...

"The second album by Necromonkey, featuring drummer Mattias Olsson (ex-Anglagard) and keyboardist David Lundberg (known from his work with Gösta Berlings Saga).
Elements of techno, space, avant, alt-rock and symphonic and lounge jazz have been blended together, along with a unique perspective that only these musicians can bring to the table. The album brings forth different moods and styles in a seamless, almost hypnotic fashion. Continuously engaging the listener with subtle tensions is the key...

This was the second album released by this English-by-way-of-Germany spacerock band. It was recorded in 1972 and features Taff Freeman (mellotron, pianos, organ, vocals), Roye Albrighton (guitars, vocals), Mo Moore (bass) and Ron Howden (drums).
Despite my fondness for the pure psychedelic progressiveness of Journey To The Centre Of The Eye, A Tab In The Ocean is the first release where they really gain their very unique sound and sense of self. Another excellent spacerock release...

"Includes the original album mix fully remastered and informative liner notes by famed rock biographer Dave Thompson in a beautiful gatefold jacket."

The first release by this English group who spent their most popular and productive years in...

A 1974 live album by this this English group who spent their most popular years in Germany, and are usually thought of as a German band.
"Special limited edition colored vinyl reissue - 500 purple, 500 clear - of the 1973 concert performance by psychedelic space rock pioneers, Nektar, recorded at the legendary Roundhouse in London!
This classic album comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with metallic silver paper and is sequentially numbered for collectors!"-Press Release

"Incredible sessions from 1967, the year of psychedelia's apex. Top notch floating underground psych with organ and harmonium -- features members of Please and The Flies who were later in legendary band T2. This edition is taken from the master tapes."

"In 1967 my musical world shifted and changed when Neon Pearl with their hazy riffs, mildly hypnotic vocals, and layered sonic meanderings made up of gentle guitar distortions, and ever expanding floating harmonies filtered from across the ocean...

All 3 motorik classics by this fabulous German duo of Klaus Dinger & Michael Rother (both fresh from their short stint in Kraftwerk 1971). Guitars, bass, simple electronics & drumming all combine into stunning trance classics. Nicely & newly remastered...

"Ceremonies Out Of The Air is the premiere double-length solo album of virtuoso Philadelphia-based saxophonist Keir Neuringer. Consisting of five extended improvisations performed before an invited audience in August 2013, the album presents the....

Concerto Grosso Per I, from 1971, is a early highlight of the melding of rock music and the classics in Italian progrock.

"The New Trolls' next project was an ambitious attempt to merge heavy progressive music with 18th century inspired...

"Seattle experimentalists Newaxeyes play with tension and contradictions. Merging dark electronics, crystalline guitar melodies, pummeling beats, and samples to refract the volatility, paranoia, and catharsis of the post-Information Age, the band spins carefully orchestrated and recklessly warped instrumentals into something entirely their own. Their debut album, Black Fax, recorded live to tape over the course of two days and produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room), is a...

First-ever vinyl issue of a classic late 80s classy-pop release!

"Martin Newell spent the '80s being compared to Robyn Hitchcock, XTC, and other lesser-known '60s-influenced pop maestros, so it was poetic that XTC's Andy Partridge would produce this Newell solo album. The result isn't a stretch from Martin's days as The Cleaners from Venus or The Brotherhood of Lizards. The production is cleaner than on Newell's home recordings, but the songs are as melodic and adventurous as ever. If one's...

First new one in half a decade from this Argentinian prog quartet who had their greatest exposure in the US when they played (very well) at NEARFest.
Keyboarded Lalo Huber and guitarist Carlos Lucena are the main focus of the album here, with what is a mostly instrumental work.

"If you like ELP influenced prog served up to you hot and heavy there is an hours worth of intense pleasure here. Highly recommended."-Ken Golden

This is wonderful to see; for 10 years (1980-1991), The Nightcrawlers, based out of Philadelphia, were one of the greatest electronic / cosmic / spacemusic ensembles of their time, giving a unique slant to their work, but obviously also inspired by the greats of the genre like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.
You night consider them the Radio Massacre International of their time in terms of a large number of recordings and also high quality output. In addition to the 3 vinyl albums they released...

Andr� Roligheten saxophones / Petter Eldh double bass / Gard Nilssen drums.

"If you ask the names of the most prominent and sought after jazz- and improvised music drummers in Norway, you can be sure to find Gard Nilssen on that list. Anywhere...

Gard Nilssen drums
Petter Eldh double bass
André Roligheten tenor & soprano saxophones
Fredrik Ljungkvist tenor saxophone & clarinet (side C & D)
Kristoffer Berre Alberts alto,tenor & barytone saxophones (side E & F)
Jørgen Mathisen tenor saxophone & clarinet (side E & F)

Side A & B recorded at North Sea Jazz Festival 8th of July 2016 by Alex Fiennes
Side C & D recorded at Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2nd of July 2016 by Luís Delgado
Side E & F recorded at Oslo Jazz...

Long out of print in any form, we are offering the last 8 copies on earth. Please note that all of these have some minor cover wear - each copy is different, but the covers are all definitely not perfect (the vinyl is perfect, new and unplayed) - these...

"The remarkable Finnish prog rock act Nimbus caught live on air in 1974. The set consists almost entirely of previously unheard numbers."

Live at Liisankatu Studios, Helsinki. Live Broadcast on Channel Two, Wednesday, January 16th, 1974, 8 pm to 8.40 pm. Produced by YLE. Hosted by Erkki �Unde� Lehtola.
A1. ODE TO EAGLE (3:20)
A3. AAMUMAA (7:56)

Hand-painted limited edition of 300 copies.
"No Neck Blues Band are the last of their kind, children of a New York City that no longer exists. They've operated in the shadows of Gothams music scene for almost twenty years as likely to perform in...

"Originally released on CD in 1998. Among the most stunning and musical electronic works ever produced, these five compositions represent the complete electronic works of Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim (1931-2010). They have stood the test of time remarkably well and have been embraced by new generations of influential musicians. This audiophile double LP comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with updated credits and liner notes. The sound has been mastered by Helge Sten (Deathprod) specifically for....

This is an obsessively beautiful reissue of a Finnish progressive rock title! You get the original album, as well as a new remix of the album, made from the original multitracks, which includes a previously unheard song and a 7" replica of their only 7"!

"A symphonic rock band from Rovaniemi, formed in 1974. Their main influences were Yes, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum and Wigwam. Atlantis (1976) contained only four tracks, fronted by Antti Ortamo's organ and vocals...[with] strong melodic elements...

This is a interesting and very good combination of folks, bringing hard fusion and hard progressive and technical metal elements to the table on this fine, instrumental, contemporary effort.
Think Trioscapes + Blotted Science + Animals As Leaders + aggressive early 70s fusion. Recommended to any fans of this sound.
The group is Dan Briggs on bass (of Between The Buried And Me, but more germane to the sound here, the contemporary hard fusion band Trioscapes), Richard Henshall on guitar (of Haken).

"Reissue of an exceptional album of improvisations, recorded when percussionist Charles K. Noyes was lured to the Bay Area in the summer of 1979 by Henry Kaiser.
Noyes and Maercks had played regularly as a duo when Owen was still based in Worcester, MA. But he'd shifted his ass westward in the wake of the Teenage Sex Therapist session, which had been organized by Kaiser following their collaborations in the band, Monster Island.
Half of the album was recorded live at Woody Woodman's Finger...

Leon Thomas - vocals
Ian Carr - trumpet & flugelhorn
Karl Jenkins - oboe & piano
Brian Smith - soprano & tenor sax, flute
Chris Spedding - guitar
Jeff Clyne - bass
John Marshall - drums
"The first official release of the June 1970 Montreux Jazz Festival concert, from the analogue 1/4" master tape, featuring trumpeter Ian Carr’s pioneering jazz/rock ensemble Nucleus, very early in their career, performing with US vocalist Leon Thomas on a set of Thomas’ repertoire...