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"After years of mythology, misinterpretation, and procrastination Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton finally chooses Finders Keepers as the ideal collaborators to release "the right tracks" from his über-legendary psych/prog/punk peculiarity shopping list known as The Nurse With Wound List, commencing with a French specific Volume One of this authentically titled Strain Crack Break series. Featuring some Finders Keepers' regulars amongst galactic Gallic rarities, this double-vinyl dossier demystifies...

Original, old, sealed, totally new stock.

A1 Logproof - Monster Comes To The City
A2 Lol Coxhill - RR1 And RR2
A3 Steve Feigenbaum - Borrowed Inspiration
A4 Catch-A-Buzz Studios - Cream O' Wheat
A5 Mars Everywhere - Attack Of The Giant Squid
B1 Steve Feigenbaum - Enharmonic Toads
B2 Fred Frith - Lively Hills
B3 Fred Frith - Ragged Rag
B4 Fred Frith - Sorrow Music
B5 Fred Frith - Sellout Music
B6 Illegal Aliens - A Mutant Underglass
B7 Muffins....

"Who knew that some of the most exciting Afro-funk records of all time were actually made in the small West African country of Benin? Once Analog Africa released the first African Scream Contest in 2008, the proof was there for all to hear; gut-busting yelps, lethally well-drilled horn sections and irresistibly insistent rhythms added up to a record that took you into its own space. Ten years on, intrepid crate-digger Samy Ben Redjeb unveils a new treasure trove of Vodoun-inspired Afrobeat heavy funk...

“An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2016 aspires to map the heterogenous landscape of Greek experimental electronic music in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical and aesthetic disparity. With a single exception: it zeroes in on post-80s music. It comprises works of very different kinds by composers of all sorts of backgrounds that, still, can be thought of, as both "Greeks" and "experimentalists". Experimental electronic music is generally expected to be highly...

“The highly anticipated sixth volume of the well received electronic compilation series of tracks drawn from the vaults of the Color Tapes label. As with the other volumes you can find great examples of cold wave, minimal wave, and synth electronics made by obscure British bands in the 1980's such as: Berserk In A Hayfield, Lives of Angels, Silicon Valley, Modern Art, Disintegrators, Echophase, The Lord, and Mystery Plane.”

'Up there with V-O-D selections, the Color Tapes series so far has...

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"Sonic Circuits presents District of Noise Volume 3. In celebration of the 2010 festival...

This item is completely free - you only pay shipping charges - as long as you are already ordering TWO vinyl releases that you are paying for in this order.

"District of Noise Vol.4 is the fourth installment of this popular series of albums...

"If we subscribe to the current ISO 8601, then 2018 is Hexadic year three—the third annum since we were introduced to a new wave in combinatorial theory with powerful potentialities for music composition. The book, The Hexadic System, was written by SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE's BEN CHASNY, who demonstrated the possibilities of the system with two albums of Hexadic composition, as well as touring the music and chairing talks on the process and uses of THE SYSTEM around the United States and Great Britain...

Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl; originally released in 1959 on Folkways Records. This really is a great rarity; I have never seen this one before (then again, I was two when it was originally released!). Mega-early electronic weirdness!

"The brainchild of visual artist Jordan Belson and electronics polymath Henry Jacobs, the Vortex Experiments ran from 1957 to 1960, first at San Francisco’s Morrison Planetarium and later at the SF Museum of Art. The very name of these....

To say that the guitarists of the Kalahari Desert community in Botswana featured here have a unique technique is not subject to argument. See the below video!
And that's not just one eccentric; that's the way folks in this area play guitar!
Fascinating and joyous stuff!

Pierre Favre Trio - Let's Talk About The Weather
Rolf Kühn Quartett - Circus Live
Peter Brötzmann Oktett - Finally
Joe Viera - Ed Kroeger Quartett - Vibration
Joki Freund Quintett - Five To Five
Marion Brown - In Memory Of John Coltrane
Joki Freund Quintett - Gluga Gluga Blues
"The long-awaited re-release of a true 'holy' modern/free jazz gems of the late 1960s. The original double LP was issued by Meno Liechtenstein's CB RECORDS- he was also the organizer of the...

A1 Alan Cohen Big Band - The Oracle (Cohen) 10:31
A2 Group Sounds Five - Black & White Raga (Taylor) 10:35
B1 Paz - Dream Sequence (Crouch) 9:11
B2 Ron Mathewson's Mystery Machine - A Luv Supreme (Mathewson) 13:10

Alan Cohen - director, arranger
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
Henry Lowther - trumpet, flugelhorn
Mike Osborne - alto sax, clarinet
Alan Skidmore - tenor sax
Brian Smith - soprano sax

“Crammed's legendary MADE TO MEASURE Series of New Music was described at the time as the aural equivalent of a collection of art books. Charting a map of some of the most interesting instrumental music of the era, thirty-five albums came out between 1983 and 1995. The loose idea behind the title of the series was: this is music which has been or could have been "made to measure" as a soundtrack for other media (film, theatre, dance, video).
Several years ago the label discreetly started...

"Inspired by punk and post punk, vibrant scenes dedicated to independent self-actualization by means of self-distributed cassettes - the cheapest and fastest medium - were developing on each side of the Cold War's confrontational line. Albeit, under quite different circumstances. While there was a DIY euphoria in the West, which would also have had ideological motives, subcultures in the East simply had no other means. Even the first act of replication meant moving into illegal territory, since every...

"Originally issued in 1981, Miniatures is a concept compilation album that is certain to delight the listener on a multitude of fronts simultaneously. Conceived in 1980 by Morgan Fisher (erstwhile keyboardist for Mott the Hoople) as a means of...

“Previously unreleased live recordings from the German Jazz Festival 1966! This album's music will not only blow you away, it comes in perfectly remastered top quality as well. An excellent set, recorded April 29, 1966 at Sendesaal & May 1, 1966 at Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt, Germany.”

A1. Irene Schweizer Trio - Floater
A2. Irene Schweizer Trio - Sculpture
A3. Charles Lloyd Quartett - Automatically
B1. Charles LLoyd Quartett - Zwei Stücke (Part 1)
B2. Charles Lloy

The very short-lived, Belgian, Kamikaze label was run by Marc Moulin (Placebo) in 1977. They only lasted long enough to release four albums, but it was a pretty impressive bunch:
The 1st Aksak Maboul, a Fred Van Hove release, the first Honeymoon Killers album and this, a sampler, which featured otherwise unavailable tracks by Ariel Kalma, Marc Moulin (including one very ‘out of character based on what I know’ tape piece, ala Alvin Lussier), Ilona Chale, Michael Moers and Robert Altaber.
This has..

“Analog Africa’s forthcoming compilation Perú Selvático - Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972-1986 (Analog Africa No.36) is highlighting a unique style of music : Amazonian Cumbia. Powered by fast-paced timbale rhythms, driven by spidery, treble-damaged guitar lines, and drenched in bright splashes of organ, Amazonian Cumbia began to develop in the great Peruvian jungle, in its isolated cities, cut off from the fashions of the capital Lima.With eighteen tracks from some of the greatest names...

This reissues a famous double album originally released on the very collectable Theleme label that has all otherwise unavailable performances by a large number of French artists, recorded live in the park of the Chateau d'Herouville.
While you haven't heard of many of them, a number of interesting progressive bands appear here and nowhere else, as well as some bigger names. With Ergo Sum, Magma (an amazing Mekanik Kommando), Contrepoint, Catherine Ribiero + Alpes, Claude Engel, Catharsis, Alain...

"Rune Grammofon celebrates 150 releases and counting with a selection of tracks showing just where the label is now, some label mainstays, personal favorites, hidden treasures, and to round it off; a beautiful exclusive from Arve Henriksen. No expenses...

"Post-war apartments dominated the views of Düsseldorf in the early 1980s - cement slabs, the "art bunker" known as the Kunsthalle, and the elevated railway called "The Millipede". Yet reconstruction was in full swing - bank buildings on the "Kö" received postmodern interiors, the old town became stylishly retro-rustic, and advertising agencies displaced industrial companies. Music took all of this on. Punk was finished, but its pathos drifted through pubs and shared flats. At the same time, synthesizers...

A great price on this beautiful, legitimate reissue of a rare 1980 FMP vinyl set that documented a one time concert event in August 1979, when East German musicians were invited to perform a three-day festival in West Berlin.

“Billed as "Jazz Now," this landmark meeting was recorded and initially released in a limited edition.
From stunning duos to challenging small-group performances, from large rave-ups to Mingus nods, Snapshot: Jazz Now Jazz Aus Der DDR provides much more than that name..

"Sowas Von Egal, is the result of a collaboration between Bureau B and the Hamburg party series Damaged Goods. Record companies and DJs are aligned through a love and passion for seeking out rare music which simply needs to be heard. For the three of us as DJs, we created Damaged Goods as a party where we could play music beyond the electro clichés. Our focus would be seldom-heard post-punk and synth-wave from, or in the style of, the 1980s. We'd slip in these unknown or long-forgotten treasures between...

“"Heavy 'dosed' psychedelia where The Prophet takes you to the depths of the unknown Acid Land. Twelve tracks from some of the deepest underground acts in North America, from the years 1968-1972. Plenty of raw fuzz, swirling effects, deep lyrics, heavy beats, and cool hooks from these mostly unknown heroes of this long past era of musical creativity. Sourced from micro-pressed 45s and unreleased master tapes, these songs have never been compiled on vinyl before. Hear wizardry from such acts as Osceola...

01. Wolfgang Dauner - Output
02. My Solid Ground - The Executioner
03. Association PC - Scorpion
04. Fritz Müller - Fritz Müller Traum
05. Exmagma - It's So Nice
06. Anima-Sound - It Loves Want To Have Done It
07. Tomorrow's Gift - Jazzi Jazzi
08. Out Of Focus - See How A White Negro Flies
09. Brainstorm - Snakeskin Tango9
10. Thirsty Moon - Big City
11. Gomorrha - Trauma
12. Brainticket - Black Sand

“With his ongoing commitment to

"As the hippie movement hurdled towards its emanate demise, bad vibes infiltrated the rock world. Tainted LSD, loud motorcycles, and a series of brutal deaths spawned inspiration for guitar-wielding teenagers across the globe. Implementing deafening fuzz and satanic screams to create their proto-metal monstrosities, short-lived stoner bands pressed their lysergic experiments in microscopic quantities before blacking out entirely. Lifted from the ashes of the acid rock hell fire are 18 distorted tales of...

“Since 2015, Chicago's Experimental Sound Studio has been the host of Option, a series of intimate concerts of improvised music. Featuring an uncommonly wide range of players representing virtually all haunts of free music, the series has fostered not only an important exchange of ideas in musical form, but it has also promoted literal conversation about the music, usually substituting a dialogue with the musician or musicians for the requisite second set.
In 2018, the series was funded by...