"A rare gem of Finnish progressive rock, this was the only album by the cult band Kaamos...with the original gatefold artwork and new liner notes."

"Kaamos from Finland is a forgotten band in prog circles, but quite better then many of their country fellows. They had a meteoric career , released one album in 1977 and then disappeared in the oblivion. The album is good , sounds most of the time like a cross between Jethro Tull (but without the flute) , Gentle Giant and even Fleetwood Mac but as...

Third great and perplexing release from this Finnish post-post-everything band.

“With Polysomn we emphasize psychedelic chaos. Each song creates their own reality, filled with surreal visions and ethereal soundscapes. “an Bat None” introduces the heavier side of the album. Its purpose is to be a wall of sonic bliss.”
“Formed in 2009 by four inner-space travellers from western Finland, Kairon; IRSE! is a rare bird, near-impossible to classify.
The Wire describes their music as a “viperous

Krazily named new progressive / psychedelic Finnish band who show a fairly masterful level of maturity and control on this, their third album.
Rather complex in an old-style way (think Kultivator, Gentle Giant, Miriodor) and with nice, ethereal vocals, but also with a certain touch of modern guitar stoner / shoe-gaze-dom that makes this unmistakably sound like a record of today. I'm not doing a very good job of describing it's quality. but a tremendously quality release this is. Highly recommmended!..

Krazily named new progressive / psychedelic Finnish band, who knocked it out of the ballpark on their third album Ruination and while this, their second, isn't in the same league, a lot of the same attributes that made Ruination great are here as well.
This is a more straight-forwardly shoe-gaze album, but it has more complexity than most of what I know from that genre and some great tunes and mesmerizing ideas. Conditionally highly recommended, but start with Ruination first!...

The Picture Disc edition comes now without bonus tracks but with an insert of 8 pages and is also limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.
A legitimate reissue of this great spacey, psychedelic album from 1972. A duo perform, & the final result is lots of guitars, flute, electric piano and old synthesizers & percussion plus some additional instrumentation, & lots of creepy spoken recitation. This is a CLASSIC!

"Kalacakra's blend of mantras, blues, folk and stoned psychedelia gained Crawling To.

"The Pop-Liisa and Jazz-Liisa broadcast session series presents previously unreleased and forgotten gems from the biggest names of Finnish prog and jazz of the 1970's
Never bootlegged and known up until now only to a few faithful servants (and largely thought to have been lost for ever), these sessions offer a hitherto unrivalled look into the state of Finnish jazz and progressive rock between the years 1972-1977. Imagine if the sessions recorded by John Peel had only recently been discovered, and...

Disc 1
Sarasvati Planet Ariel

Disc 2
Planet Air

Disc 3
Ascend / Descend

Disc 4
Astral Cathedral

"The music is fully unreleased, with only a few tracks being different versions of previously released tracks.
Another indispensable compendium of the great French experimental artist's musical opera. With this four-LP box set of fully unreleased archival materials, Ariel Kalma ideally retraces the map of his own path and spiritual journey during the '7

"The new magic compendium of Ariel Kalma: a box with four-LPs, including different color inner sleeves, a large booklet with credits and beautiful unreleased photos, illuminating perfectly the depth of his traveling soul. Few, like Ariel, have really been able to dedicate their life to a tireless experimentation in music. In according to a subtle plot, between his experiences in the World and the restitution of them, he has always found multifaceted combinations of sounds. Kalma uses anything that can....

Ariel Kalma is one of those legendary names that you already read about but seldom hear, unless you want to plunk down some serious coin for some super rare vinyl.
This 1980 release, which was the follow up to his great release Osmose, is something I had never heard before and it's totally, totally great; a cross between Urban Sax, Richard Pinhas, Terry Riley, Indian music and the Berlin school. This is the first time it has ever been reissued and it's a stunner. Highly recommended...

"Influenced by his relationship with Indian classical music, he transfigures the acoustic-ecstatic dimension typical of the tanpura raga by modulating synths and horns. The work reissued here originally appeared on two different cassettes in 1981 and 1982, but is ideally one unique project. With Musique Pour le R�ve et l'Amour, Kalma infinitely expands the reverberations of the flute, multiplying the nuances with phasing organ loops that recall the beginnings of Terry Riley. The second part, Music for...

“Nuits Blanches au Studio 116 is unreleased rarities from Ariel Kalma's personal archives recorded in the legendary GRM's Studio 116 during the '70s. Born and raised in Paris, Ariel Kalma started playing the recorder and saxophone as a youth. After successive studies of computer science, music, and art in Paris he performed in various concerts from middle-age music to free jazz duo. Ariel performed and recorded with several bands (J. Higelin, R. Pinhas, NYL, G. Scornic, Baden Powell...) After learning...

"Rare, cassette only recordings by the composer and performer best known for the legendary space music / trance-out album Osmose.

"Originally composed between 1981 and 1984 and initially appeared only on tape in two different editions, the...

"Born and raised in Paris, Ariel Kalma studied electronics, computer science, music and art in Paris, he performed with several bands, then toured the world and visited Europe, Japan, India, Eastern Canada, and parts of the USA. Apart from rhythm &...

“Windborne is the debut album from young Norwegian power-trio Kanaan. With components from jazz, fusion and post-rock they have created six extended pieces of blazing free-form psychedelia.
While the band is rooted in the same spirit that gave birth to Mahavishnu Orchestra and Larry Coryell's The Eleventh House in the 1970s, there's a distinctive modern flavor to Kanaan. Their Scandinavian genealogy is apparent as well; their intricate song structures seems to be branching off the same stem as...

To be heard with ears half bent, or with one side facing what Maryanne Amacher calls 'the third ear'. The great reverence in which the Tanpura is held by Indian classical music, its transcendental but occulted place in the tradition alongside its normal function as a drone, made a strong impression on the composer such that it has taken decades to formulate even a simple Tanpura Study. The fundamentals, the Om, as well as the overtones, the music of the spheres -- all these have their valid rights, but...

Limited edition, one-time pressing of 400.

"A gorgeous set of new tracks by the brilliant composer and multi-instrumentalist Eyvind Kang. It took him a decade and a half to revisit the vibe concocted on his masterpiece from 2001, Live Low To The Earth In The Iron Age, but the wait was worth it. It features an array of spiritually intoxicating instrumentation: tamboura, electric guitar, organ, trumpet, oboe, trombone, and Korean traditional instruments."

"In 2002 I wanted to make a kind...

Now out of print, very limited, lp only pressing by a modern, instrumental German prog-jazz/rock outfit. This is all really quite great and the keyboardist sure is channeling the Dave Stewart tone...

“Released on 180-GRAM BLACK VINYL (in an edition of 222 copies) is a selection of live recordings from a Munich-based instrumental collective showcasing a style that blends jazz rock with '60s and '70s influenced psychedelia and prog rock. The LP comes with a fully laminated thick glossy sleeve and a..

This is the third release I’ve heard from this great, young jazz/prog/psych band from Munich, Germany and all have been total winners and this continues their winning streak! The label calls this an ‘EP’, but it’s over 35’ long...
For fans of Canterbury/Krautrock stylings (say, Eiliff) with psych / ethnic touches (say, Embryo) and beyond. Recommended.

“Five young guys from Munich. Skilled and tight on their instruments and deeply rooted in the heritage of all kind of wild forms of jazz...

Some of you were lucky enough to hear Karaba’s vinyl-only release ‘Live in Vienna’, which was a powerful and excellent instrumental prog-jazz/rock album.
Well that one is their third release. This is the group’s second and it’s another really good one, combining Krautrock, jazz/rock and Canterbury stylings. And this one is on CD AND vinyl!

“So fucking good! At first, I thought they were some crazy prog band from '71 I slept on. Nope, just some kids from Munich doing this shit right! One...

"Viewed from the American sub-underground (aka our headquarters), the Finnish scene always looks like a haven of freaks. Surely there are lots of dull rock, pop, and rap outfits from this chilly and heavily forested country, but they don't get exported, so we don't have to hear them. The Finnish bands we've known and loved are psych, prog, hardcore, free jazz, and post-form monsters of all shapes and sizes. A new name to add to the list of Deadly Finns (thanks, Eno) is Niko Karlsson. Well, not entirely...

Daniele Giovannoni – Drums, Keys, Programming
Alex Massari – Guitars
Alessandro Cefalì - Bass
Guest Musicians :
Sara Rinaldi - Vocals
Adam Holzman - Piano and Moog
Steve Unruh - Violin and Flute
Valerio Sgargi - Tenor and Choir
Emilio Merone - Piano
Francesca Zanetta - Solina

“ROOM 101 is the fifth studio album of KARMAMOI . The album is inspired by George Orwell's ‘1984’. It revisits some of the novel’s themes and concepts, adapting them to the p

"First ever collaboration between Edward Ka-Spel (from The Legendary Pink Dots and Tear Garden) and Steven Stapleton (from Nurse With Wound). It's been years they both wanted to work together and Bisou Records made that happen when they offered them a side on this split LP. The other side is the first musical meeting of Colin "the master of drone" Potter and French sax player Quentin Rollet (The Red Krayola, Mendelson, Nurse With Wound, Prohibition, David Grubbs, Thierry Müller, Ilitch). That first take...

Makoto Kawabata - electric guitar
RG Rough – electronics

“A collaboration between Makoto Kawabata (leader of the legendary Japanese psychedelic band, Acid Mothers Temple) and the French/British multi-instrumentalist RG Rough. The pair create an unsettling sonic jungle in which Makoto's guitar drones multiply, intertwine, and collide with a wide variety of electronic and concrete sounds and percussion. On two occasions a soft, sleepy sounding voice comes out of nowhere and whispers a strange...

"Formed back in 1972, KAYAK is the most legendary Dutch progressive rock act and now presents its highly anticipated 17th studio album! “Seventeen” contains 60 minutes of epic & melodic rock that finds a perfect balance between diverse long tracks such as ‘La Peregrina’, ‘Cracks’ or ‘Walk Through Fire’ and straighter anthems like ‘All That I Want’, ‘Somebody’ or the hard rocking ‘Feathers And Tar’! A brilliant union of 70’s classic rock, progressive arrangements and straight-forward, catchy rock with...

“The stark frailty of the human condition is the overall theme running through the veins of Kayo Dot's 10th regular studio album "Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike". In the sprawling, churning musical multiverse of mainly multi-instrumentalist Toby Driver's creation that has never accepted nor cared for any artificial borders of genre and incorporated for example rock, metal, classical music, goth, indie, pop, and jazzy structures, this avant-garde album appears to tilt towards a more harsh...

This is the 3rd new album by this classic and great Swedish psychedelic/progressive/folkrock band since their reformation in 2001s. Like the previous two, it retains their classic sound as well as retaining their leader and monster guitarist Kenny...

"A reissue of Kedama's Live At Sunrise Studios, originally released in 1976. Swiss heavy-prog/kraut monster, originally released as a private, hand-made edition of 200 copies. Long instrumental/experimental tracks fueled by mellotron, Hammond, MiniMoog, ripping distorted guitar, and heavy drums. Kedama came from St. Gallen in the north-eastern corner of Switzerland, near the Bodensee -- only a few kilometers from Germany and Austria. Their name was inspired by Ketama, Morocco, famous for its cannabis...

This Swiss instrumental trio put out only one album in their lifetime, “Live At Sunrise Studios”.
Using guitar, keyboards (Hammond organ/Moog/Mellotron) & drums, the band had a progressive sound that was a little bit reminiscent of early Yes mixed with certain more psychedelic/krautrock type elements.
This has the entire “Live At Sunrise Studios” album + two additional albums worth of material, much of it unheard!

"Three thick LPs of hot jellied kraut-prog heavies coming at you from...

“Kënnlisch, one of the rarest haunting psychedelic acid folk LPs from France, was the work of brothers Philippe and Jean-François Macherey.
Originally released in 1976 on the mega collectable label Le Kiosque d'Orphée, it contains some of the most beautiful sounds to come out of the 1970s alternative music scene.
An instrumental album, it opens with a burst of sunshine vibes and takes them into the experimental scene of French alternative folk avantgarde with a strong Cosmische influence. Beauty.

“One of the best albums to buy these days in terms of Abstract Jazz.”-a buyer’s comment

"Ever growing interest motivated by originality and class Keszler’s latest solo venture offers up a latticework of melodic percussion, drum set, and electro-acoustic instrumentation, built upon fragments of American abstraction, ancient scales, industrial percussion, and jazz-age film noir to achieve its feeling of imperial decay. Keszler’s instrumental performances are framed by panoramic recordings of.....

The below is the best ‘description’ I could find of this percussion / laptop oriented album. It doesn’t tell you how good it is, so I’m telling you how good it is! CD and vinyl have completely different covers!

“For more than a decade, experimental percussionist and sound artist Eli Keszler has dismantled the idea of what a drum can be and how it should sound. He’s done this on enormous scales, turning Boston’s Cyclorama building and a Louisiana water tower into makeshift monolithic instruments...

Man, does everything about THIS one look great. The cover print job looks fantastic and these are incredibly heavy-weight 200 gm pressings!
The first lp features the all new 2019 stereo mix by Steven Wilson and approved by Robert Fripp.
The second lp all new, unheard alternate takes and recordings with five pieces mixed by Steven Wilson and two pieces mixed by David Singleton.
The cover artwork is derived from the original paintings.

"An uncanny masterpiece."-Pete Townshend
This sophisticated and somewhat paranoid album exploded upon the psyche of the forward-looking 1969 listener in a way that can't be understood in today's jaded, 'everything flows from the cloud for free' listener can not appreciate. It still sounds really good nearly 50 years later.

This was the band's second studio album and, unlike anything else they ever did, is kind of a lesser carbon copy of their extraordinary first album (but minus Ian MacDonald). It's good. But better stuff happened before and even better stuff was in their future.

The group's fourth studio album, now in a Steve Wilson full remix, and the end of 'mach 1' King Crimson, as it's the last with Mel Collins, who had served the Crimson King so well on #s 2-4, the last with the help of his Brit-jazz buddies like Keith Tippett, Harry Miller, etc., and the last with lyricist Peter Sinfield.

The group's fourth studio album and the end of 'mach 1' King Crimson, as it's the last with Mel Collins, who had served the Crimson King so well on #s 2-4, the last with the help of his Brit-jazz buddies like Keith Tippett, Harry Miller, etc., and the last with lyricist Peter Sinfield.

Yes, the previous four studio albums were anywhere from very good to amazing, but this album - studio album #5 - signaled a new beginning and the emergence of a band that was one of the great, far-reaching groups whose influence is still being felt to this day and which introduced the insane double-drumming line-up of Bill Bruford and Jamie Muir (which only lasted long enough to record this album).

Their underrated third album, now remixed by Steven Wilson, and my 2nd favorite acid album back in the day (along with Soft Machine's Third [FACELIFT, dude] and We're Only In It For The Money; I guess I was into scaring myself!).

"The black abyss where jazz and rock meet", it was called by some UK weekly music rag. Yeah, baby. Bring It On!

An album that really doesn't sound like any other album in the K.C. (or any other group's) cannon. Robert has famously always hated it. Well, you...

This was the sixth 'studio' album (75% of it is live, actually) and back in reinvigorated form with John Wetton, Bill Bruford, David Cross and bad Bob Fripp, who puts in one of his finest ever performances, as does everyone else!

Includes the amazingly great "Fracture", which is worth the admission price alone. But you also get a bunch of other great stuff too. So, a must own.

TOAPP was the third and final release by the 80s King Crimson, which featured the powerful lineup of Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Bill Bruford, all of it sympathetically remixed and expanded by Steven Wilson. This isn't one of the most essential albums in the cannon, imo, but it's a good album and this is the best vinyl version you can get of it.

"Having released two albums in a nine month period between October 1981 and July 1982, Three of a Perfect Pair is the final part of the...

Kingston Wall came out of Finland in the early 90's and this was their third and final album, from 1994. They were a spacerock/stoner rock trio of guitar/vocals, bass and drums. There's a lot of influences in their sound, but they managed to come up with a strongly rocking take on the classic sound while still managing to bring something new to it.
It seemed like they were on the verge of really breaking through when word got out that their leader, guitarist/vocalist Petri Walli, had died.

This was the second volume (hence 3 & 4) of Kirchin's Worlds Within Worlds, which reached a large audience due to its release on Island to a 'rock based / progressive' audience for his tape based works.
It has never-before been reissued in any form legitimately; hugely recommended for fans of electronic / tape music!

"Basil Kirchin was a pioneering British composer who blurred the lines between musical genres. While his career began in the ‘40s as a professional jazz drummer, in the ‘60s he..

Long time Waysiders will remember us carrying (and selling!) a lot of these back when it was originally released on lp-only in 1986. It was a really good one then and it's still a really good one now.

Synthesist Bernd Kistenmacher seemingly came out of nowhere in 1986 with this album of Berlin- style electronic music that was basically the best thing that Klaus Schulze never made.

"It was Klaus Schulze's 1976 album Moondawn that altered the trajectory of Bernd Kistenmacher's life when he.

Long time Waysiders will remember us carrying (and selling!) a lot of these back when it was originally released on lp-only in 1987. It was a really good one then and it's still a really good one now.

Synthesist Bernd Kistenmacher seemingly came out of nowhere in 1986 with his first album, Head-Visions, a fine 70s-style album of Berlin-style electronic music that was basically the best thing that Klaus Schulze never made.

This was released one year later and was his nearly as excellent...

"This is the third album by Osamu Kitajima, one of Japan's most prolific artists from the ethno rock, world music, and progressive department. You certainly cannot divide all the mentioned stylistic aspects from each other for they were all incorporated in these complex arrangements and homogeneous sound. It is the same with his other albums like 1976's Benzaiten and or his fourth album, 1980's Masterless Samurai; traditional Japanese music meets Western jazz-rock and progressive sounds to form a new...

"The pataphysical toy music of Klimperei, a collective project led since 1985 by Christophe Petchanatz, gets a lot out of many small things - dismantled toys, organs with burst pipes, squeaking detuned guitars, loose broom. Sung in English by Eric Chabert, the songs on Dealings are adaptations of poems by John B. Cornaway (1957-1994), author of Heligoland. Over Chabert's scratchy voice, still manifesting all its vigor, Klimperei unload its makeshift bric-a-brac, convoking melodica, banjo and metallophone...

"The official Konrad Schnitzler discography lists Eruption, released in 1971, under the title Schwarz, as the first Schnitzler album. In actual fact, Eruption is the third and final LP by the group Kluster, following Klopfzeichen and Zwei Osterei...

"Imagine finding a message in a bottle, forty years after it was dispatched. That is what it feels like when you listen to Kluster's Klopfzeichen for the first time, mysterious, hard to decipher, a relic of a time long since passed. The handwriting...

"Zwei Osterei is the second half of a recording session which took place on a single day in November 1970. Klopfzeichen is the first part. Yet the uncompromising Zwei Osterei surpasses the earlier Klopfzeichen album by some distance in terms of its...

Nina Berman, soprano
Charlotte Mundy, mezzo-soprano
Blythe Gaissert, contralto
Paul Orbell, guitar
Andrew McKenna Lee, guitar
Jude Traxler, percussion, Rhodes, electronics
Jeff Gretz, drums
Joseph Higgins, bass

The Knells return for a second helping. The line-up is a little smaller than before, but it still features the distinctive three female vocals front line! Having seen them twice, and now, with a fine second album, I can't decide if I like them