"After venturing from Brazil to England to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, Brazilian band the Bubbles—the toast of the underground Rio de Janeiro scene, who had backed Tropicalist singer Gal Costa’s residence at the Sucata night club in that epochal year of 1970—decided to experiment with a heavier sound than that of their Brazilian cohorts. Step one, they changed their name to A Bolha. Then, loaded with verve and swagger (and fueled by drugs), they recorded their first album, which has secured a permane

Hayley McDonnell - Vocals
Benjamin Short - Guitars and Vocals
Russell Mann - Bass Guitars
Mike Stringfellow - Drums

“180g audiophile transparent orange vinyl, in a limited edition of 250 copies.
A Formal Horse’s second album Meat Mallet finds the quirky avant-rock quartet once more working with veteran producer Rob Aubrey (Big Big Train, IQ).
Building on the song-based, violent whimsey that has been the band’s trademark, the line-up return with a selection of 12 spicy

This is new old stock of this 1981 self-released electronic / free jazz / contemporary music album. This is something that I remember from the days of NMDS, although I never actually heard it at the time.

“[This] covers the self-released early-80s Electronic Free Jazz / Improv diversions of one Robert Aaron - the New York "Jazz Musician" / James Chance sideman who was recently arrested in connection to Philip Seymour Hoffman's death.
That aside, let's focus on the music: issued via Aaron's..

"When No Pussyfooting was released in 1973 by two great pioneers like Eno and Fripp, that first whisper of their artistic association surprised many critics and fans. Yet, that kind of minimalist ambient sonority carried out by the two appeared in the ear like something absolutely new and innovative. Although nowadays we might be more accustomed to creative operations of this type, we are still fascinated, while listening, by the still possible achievement of relevant moments of musical epiphany, however...

“For 'Django-shift' Rez Abbasi chose seven of Django Reinhardt's original pieces and two classic tunes that he was greatly associated with. The arrangements were soon created for a contemporary trio format, with Neil Alexander on organ and electronics and Michael Sarin on drums. The results give a fascinating and original insight into an often-overlooked attribute of Django's genius, his compositions.
Rez Abbasi has established an enviable reputation over the course of his fourteen album releases...

Joshua Abrams: double bass
Ari Brown: tenor saxophone
Jeff Parker: guitar
Gerald Cleaver: drums

“Sharp, deeply interactive, and soulful music; a brilliant quartet!”

Edition of 500.
"The Chicago-based string genius Joshua Abrams first talked to us about the idea of this album a while back. It took a couple of years to get together, but in a way, it's cool that it's being released in 2018 -- the 50th anniversary of the recording of the first free bass solo LP, Barre Phillips' Journal Violone. Issued by Opus One in the U.S., Music Man in the UK (as Unaccompanied Barre), and Futura in France (as Basse Barre), Phillips' groundbreaking album was a gorgeous and...

"Joshua Abrams' first Natural Information album from 2010. In his book Powershift, published in 1990, writer and businessman Alvin Toffler predicted that the century ahead would be defined by speed and that time itself is destined to become our most valuable commodity. When Joshua Abrams recorded Natural Information, originally released by Eremite in 2010, he was reacting against such commodification of time and the diminishing attention span that accompanies it by offering music with an irresistible...

"Joshua Abrams' second album from 2012. With the release of Natural Information in 2010, Joshua Abrams entered into a new phase of his creative life, making music with a deep involving groove that communicates the pulsating energies of the human body and the incessant kaleidoscopic interplay of sensory perceptions. Represencing, recorded in Chicago in the summer of 2011 and originally released the following year by Eremite, was the next stride along this exhilarating path. Once again Abrams gives a key...

“Mandatory Reality, the new album by Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society, is here. Setting aside (for the moment) the electric instrumentation of Simultonality and Magnetoception , Joshua Abrams conceived Mandatory Reality for an eight-piece acoustic manifestation of NIS, consisting of himself on guimbri, Lisa Alvarado on harmonium and gongs, Mikel Avery on tam-tam and gongs, Ben Boye on autoharp and piano, Hamid Drake on tabla and tar, Ben Lamar Gay on cornet, Nick Mazzarella on alto saxophone...

Joshua Abrams - guimbri, bass, small harp, bells
Lisa Alvarado - harmonium, Leslie, percussion
Michael Avery - drums and percussion
Ben Boye - chromatic electric autoharp, piano, Wurlitzer
Ari Brown - tenor saxophone
Emmett Kelly - electric guitar
Frank Rosaly - drums and percussion, resonator bells

"Simultonality is the follow-up to Joshua Abrams's critically acclaimed 2015 album Magnetoception. Credited to Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society (NIS), it is t

This vinyl version includes two extra tracks not found on the CD!

Giovanni Parmeggiani - keyboards
Stefano Radaelli - alto and baritone sax, bowed zither (on #5)
Marco Marzo - electric and acoustic guitar
Cristian Franchi - drums
Guest artists:
Alessandro Bonetti (violin on #4)
Gabriele Di Giulio (tenor sax on #1 and #10)
Patrizia Urbani (vocals on #6)

New lineup and new, fourth album from this perennial, nearly all- instrumental favorite from Italy.

“The first-ever vinyl edition of Acid Mothers Temple's classic self-titled first album.
Over the last 25 years no group has been more prolific or dedicated to pushing psychedelic rock to its limits than Japan's Acid Mothers Temple. Their maximalist technicolor vision was first revealed on this, their now legendary self-titled 1997 debut released by P.S.F. Records.
Led by Makoto Kawabata, the album contains some of the group's most cosmic, hypnotic and over-the-top material; it kick-started and.

"Another smoker from Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., in typically fine form. Benzaiten is an In C-style homage to the classic Osamu Kitajima record Benzaiten (1973). Acid Mothers Temple covers the title-track and reprise using...

Cotton Casino - voice, astral mama
Kawabata Makoto - guitar, fretless bass, bouzouki, organ, rhythm machine, electronics, tapes, speed guru
Higashi Hiroshi - synthesizer, noodle king
Mitsuko Tabata : guitar, guitar-synthesizer, voice, kisses & hugs
Satoshima Nani - drums, another dimension
S/T "Wolf" - bass, tapes, space & time

Packaged in a heavy duty single pocket sleeve with silver metallic inks.

"Part One of Halleluja Mystic Garden contains two long sides of bl

“Hallelujah Mystic Garden Part Two contains a new deep-pocket groove disco version of fan favorite "Pink Lady Lemonade". Side two is a slick kosmiche-electro-disco number that unfurls over a period of 20 minutes and is periodically punctuated by Makoto Kawabata's unruly soloing.
Recorded at Acid Mothers Temple, June 2016-March 2017; produced and mixed by Kawabata Makoto.
Personnel: Cotton Casino - voice, astral mama; Kawabata Makoto - guitar, fretless bass, bouzouki, organ, rhythm machine...

"First time on vinyl for this Acid Mothers classic from 2006! Featuring the core group along with reed player Ono Ryoko and vocalist Nao, this one mixes psychedelic overload freakout with pastoral acoustic drone glossed with a jazz/jam sensibility...

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. as of 2019:
Kawabata Makoto - guitar, synthesizer, speed guru
Higashi Hiroshi - synthesizer, noodle god
Jyonson Tsu - vocal, guitar, bouzouki
Satoshima Nani - drums, another dimension
Wolf - bass, space & time

“One of the greatest Japanese psychedelic bands, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift is in another league from the others. There's a distinct Canterbury/Gong/Can feel...

"Brand new album from Acid Mothers Temple on vinyl! Two side long pieces of otherworldly psych rock pressed on pink vinyl in an edition of 800. Features long time AMT vocalist and fan fave, Cotton Casino on vocals. Blazing, chaotic psych rock for these heady, heavy times!"

"Acid Mothers Temple - the next generation begins! With the departure of long time bass/drum duo Shimura Koji and Tsuyama Atsushi, AMT now have a new rhythm section featuring two young Japanese musicians, Satoshima Nani on drums and S/T on bass. Thus, Wake To A New Dawn of Another Astro Era is the first record in the second chapter of this legendary Japanese psychedelic rock group. Wake To A New Dawn Of Another Astro Era finds a rejuvenated Makoto Kawabata encompassing the best of what AMT has come...

This is a very, very good return to form and sound for The Pyramids. If you love the 70s stuff by The Pyramids, this spiritual jazz work will similarly thrill!

"The brand new album from cosmic jazz travellers The Pyramids, led by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, An Angel Fell.
Produced by Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics, the album was recorded during an intense week at Quatermass studios in London and is one of the deepest, richest works yet from a band reaching their highest creative peak...

A limited edition of 600 numbered copies on violet vinyl, made of this classic Italian band's second album.
The second of two albums by this Italian group who gave vocalist Bernardo Lanzetti (who joined PFM during their most famous period) to the world. This was released in the USA in the 70s and was available for many years and so many folks have this one from the old days and enjoy it.

“An unknown and precious album recorded in 1975 by two friends who recorded one side each, they made just two acetates and then handmade beautiful covers from two enlargements of a photograph of the Isles of St Kilda.
Side one is a neo classical prog rock epic in the style of Renaissance and Continuum, inspired by the wild and pagan isles of St Kilda where, as a 16 yr old, the composer Peter McKerrow was taken by military launch to conduct a census on the rare Soay Sheep that live there. A storm...

Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Josh Berman (cornet), Jason Roebke (bass), Frank Rosaly (drums), Aram Shelton (alto saxophone).

The first album by this great, swinging, contemporary jazz group.

"Vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz has been...

“With their third installment 'Megalorama Part I', Austrian space rock formation Aerolith set out to explore the deeper territory of what space rock can nowadays mean. Following the kraut rock tradition of shamelessly borrowing stylistic motives from other genres, these songs incorporate heavy stoner rock elements to even dark black metal parts. The use of complex harmonic scales makes all this a bit experimental, while the solid base of melancholic and repetitive spacy riff patterns holds it all...

"Hazel is the fifth record from �thenor, the group of eclectic travelers that includes Stephen O'Malley (SunnO))), KTL), Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo, Ulver, This is Not This Heat, Grumbling Fur, etc.), Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver), and Steve Noble (Br�tzmann Trio, N.E.W.) Together they bring their considerable pedigrees into play with unexpected and original results. Contradicting expectations of a massive blow-out of sound, everyone plays with remarkable, effective restraint. Atmospheric and layered, this...

“1982-85 includes all their first productions; the complete first album Glass Tube (1984), the two tracks from the first 7" single (1982) and a bonus track from the compilation LP Welcome to Dreamland (1985). Includes a 24-pages booklet.

After Dinner from Japan, embraced new wave, traditional Japanese music, free contemporary and avant-garde rock. Founded by female vocalist, musician and composer Haco in 1981, After Dinner broached a very interesting collective cohesion. Their backgrounds, though..

A fantastic legitimate release from the master tapes of a famous German radio broadcast from 2/2/74. This was released by Garden of Delights a few years ago as "At the Cliffs of the River Rhine" and was one of their best-ever archive releases. This features the group at their peak, with dueling dual guitars, Michael Hoenig's electronic backdrops, bass & drums. Similar to 'Last', but even better - and that's REALLY saying something! Here they really do come across as the Cosmiche Music's version of the...

The first of their 2 'official' albums released during their lifetime. Agitation Free were an instrumental, dual guitar oriented, somewhat 'jammy' oriented psychedelic/Krautrock outfit. In addition to the guitar, they are best known for giving the world synthesist/keyboardist Michael Hoenig as well as guitarist Lutz Ulbricht, who later joined up with Manuel G�ttsching in Ashra. Some nice middle Eastern touches give this one the big thumbs up! Recommended and essential early 70s German progressive rock.

One of the greats of the Krautrock greats, their intertwining dual guitars with synths and rhythm section made them truly the intergalactic Grateful Dead. Nice to see that they are still burning and - based on this - burning brightly!...

Roberto Bacchiocchi – Fender Rhodes piano
Renato Gasparini – guitar
Ovido Urbani – soprano saxophone
Lucio Cesari – bass
Nino Russo – saxophone, percussion
Maruo Mencaroni - drums

One of the few professional bands from the Marche, on the Adriatic side of central Italy, Agorà, which translates as ‘open space’, were formed in 1974 near Ancona, and played a jazz-rock that can easily be compared to a cross between their fellow countrymen Perigeo and also to Weather Report....

Pretty incredible looking vinyl reissue of this fine, somewhat obscure Italian progressive fusion outfit, that reproduces the incredibly groovy gimmick cover!

The band consists of Fender Rhodes, guitar, soprano sax, bass and drums. There is also a little bit of vocals on this one. It's surprising that their first album was recorded live, but I guess when you are a band without a record and you get to play as prestigious an event as Montreux, you make the most of it!

Originally released...

Agora were a somewhat obscure Italian progressive fusion outfit that somehow managed to squeak out two good albums on the Atlantic label in the mid 1970s.
Both albums were excellent quality, Italian jazz rock ala Perigeo, Il Baricentro, Weather Report, etc.
Now, after 40 years, original 70s members Ovidio Urbani (sax), Renato Gasparini (guitars) & Lucio Cesari (bass) are joined by new members Masimo Manzi (drums), Gabriele Possenti (acoustic guitar) and Gianni Pieri (cello) along with special...

Agora were a somewhat obscure Italian progressive fusion outfit that somehow managed to squeak out two good albums on the Atlantic label in the mid 1970s.
Both albums were excellent quality, Italian jazz rock ala Perigeo, Il Baricentro, Weather Report, etc.
Now, after 40 years, original 70s members Ovidio Urbani (sax), Renato Gasparini (guitars) & Lucio Cesari (bass) are joined by new members Masimo Manzi (drums), Gabriele Possenti (acoustic guitar) and Gianni Pieri (cello) along with special...

Another fine live album from one of the many very good new Swedish progressive rock bands. Yes, you know these songs already, but you don’t know them in quite this form or way....

"In April 2018 Agusa embarked on a short tour in Italy. The first stop was at Stazione Birra in Rome where the show was recorded by the resident sound technician Alex Di Nunzio. The full gig – without any overdubs – will now be released on a double vinyl and CD by Kommun2 Records. The songs on "Ekstasis...

"This album, several years in the making, contains two sidelong tracks of flute rock extravaganza. Some records tend to deliver exactly what’s expected of them, but that’s not the case here. Instead AGUSA are exploring some uncharted sonic territories and you’ll probably be surprised by their progress. Be prepared!
This is AGUSA’s first studio release since their self-titled 2017 outing and the first one featuring new members Simon Ström (bass) and Roman Andrén (organ). The cover design is an...

Beautiful, deluxe, gatefold sleeve on this very limited edition release on the desirable and always very limited Kommun2 label.

"This is my early frontrunner for album of the year and its going to be hard to beat. Agusa is an instrumental quartet from Sweden. The band is derived from members of Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, Kama Loka and Hoofoot. This is a VERY retro sounding album that will appeal to fans of Kebnekajse, Pink Floyd, and perhaps even Anglagard. No symphonic elements - just....

Fabulous price on this vinyl-only release of this fine Swedish progressive rock band in Greece, December 9, 2016.

“Limited reissue in black vinyl, with different artwork, single sleeve, featuring original different mix!!!

Sweden-based psychedelic/prog outfit Agusa and Kommun2 proudly present the eclectic outfit’s impending sophomore album. With almost forty minutes of new material, Agusa delivers a wide array of seamlessly-executed, organic rock on the aptly titled “Två”, “2” in Swedish. The band’s tranquil output blends tripped-out psychedelic and progressive rock structures are inspired by more folk than...

Their great new album, released on CD by Cuneiform and licensed to Harvest Records for a 2 lp, gatefold vinyl release. Boy that artwork looks nice in full size!...

"Music doesn�t get much closer to the edge than this."...

Classic 1970 Dutch psychedelic release, here given the uber-deluxe reissue treatment, including an entire disc of unedited material from the same sessions that produced the original album, as well as archival photos and new liner notes!...

Olli Ahvenlahti is a Finnish pianist and composer, born in 1949 in Helsinki, and being one of the most well-known Jazz musicians back in Finland in the mid 70s.
He had been a member of the Finnish jazz act UMO Jazz Orchestra and a long-time collaborator of Pekka Pohjola. Around the time he spent along with Pekka on Uni Sono Olli recorded his first solo album Bandstand, released on Love Records in 1975.

�When legendary producer Otto Donner of Love Records approached Olli Ahvenlahti and said...

“It’s been 4 years, but finally the fifth album from Airbag will be released on Karisma Records, and it has definitely been worth the wait.
“A Day at the Beach” features six new songs recorded during autumn and winter of 2019-20. Inspired by the resurgence of 1980s electronica, new wave and movie scores, Airbag has created a powerful sound combining ethereal soundscapes with their signature guitar driven progressive rock. The result is a stunning selection of songs revealing a mature band looking...

This set comes with a vinyl lp and a DVD, both featuring the original streamed session.

“After the success of "A Day at the Beach" in the summer of 2020, Airbag really wanted to showcase the songs in a live setting. Alas, due to all the covid-19 restrictions, a normal tour or normal shows wasn’t a reality. Instead, the band went into Subsonic Society Studio in Oslo, where they recorded their last studio albums, to perform an acoustic set streamed in the early autumn of last year.
As the band.

Edition of 250.

“Aircraft was the name Steve Cohen used for the largely unknown and quite fantastic synthesizer music he was creating in NYC in the '80s. This was in the same period Steve was in the late-period No Wave band, China Shop, along with guitarist Naux (who would go on to play with the Voidoids) and percussionist Richard Edson (whose next band was Sonic Youth).
Steve had been active in the NYC sub-underground since the '70s, even playing at Giorgio Gomelsky's legendary 'Zu Music...

"One afternoon, a teenaged Jason Ajemian was laying carpet at a country music recording studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains. "I saw an upright bass on top of a vocal booth, so I asked the engineer if I could string it up and borrow it." And so he did...

First-time ever vinyl reissue of this fun and unusual album!
A very rare lp from 1976, this was this Norwegian band's only release - then they disappeared. Heavy progressive , with lots of guitar and organ/mellotron/keyboards, plus vocals, bass ...

This certainly qualifies as one of the least likely comeback albums ever!

“The legendary experimental pop outfit returns with a brand-new record entitled Figures, written, conceived and produced over the last couple of years by Marc Hollander (founder of Aksak Maboul and of the Crammed label) and Véronique Vincent (former singer with The Honeymoon Killers).
Figures is a double album containing 22 tracks and interludes, resulting from the flow of creative ideas which arose after a gap of over...

“During the year which followed the release of the Figures double album, 14 artists have revisited or remixed songs from Aksak Maboul's acclaimed "comeback" opus. Participants include experimental pop luminaries The Notwist (DE), Cate Le Bon (GB), Kate NV (RU) and Vanishing Twin (GB), respected electronic music artists Felix Kubin (DE), Tolouse Low Trax (DE), Hello Skinny aka Tom Skinner (Thom Yorke's new bandmate in the Smile project, GB), Matias Aguayo (CL/DE) and Stubbleman aka Pascal Gabriel (GB/BE)...

“Fifteen artists revisit the tracks AND the cover art of Aksak Maboul's latest album 'Figures'!
Ranging from simple remixes to reconstructions and cover versions, these 18 tracks are released on two separate, limited-edition vinyl LPs.
In order to extend the fun (and the metaphor in the title), Aksak Maboul have asked the contributors to also revisit Véronique Vincent’s painting which adorned the front cover of the album.
The participants include experimental pop luminaries The Notwist...