The songs covered here give you an idea of the rock / underground rock vibe featured here: Little Wing, All Along The Watchtower and Willie The Pimp!

"Hasse Walli is the legendary guitarist behind early Piirpauke and Blues Section. Between these two groups Walli had a short-lived quartet called Zeus, whose short lifespan lasted from 1972 to 1973. No studio recordings exist, but the band did record a live session on air. After laying in the archives for 45 years Svart are proud to present the...

Beautiful, hand-numbered, white vinyl edition of 500, curated by Lydia Lunch!

If you didn’t know anything about this album, you would probably associate it with one of the series of albums released on/associated with the composers featured on INA/GRM or a musique concrete tape composer of the late 50s....

“I think there are a lot of people who associate my musical output with either gutbusting displays of extroversion or blistering virtuosic overload. With “Curses”, I wanted to deal more..

This is the 1st solo album by the wonderful and wonderfully talented bassist and singer/songwriter Ellen Andrea Wang, known to most of you as the leader of the Norwegian band Pixel.

This is really nothing like Pixel, but you can certainly...

First album by this Crypto band. This is their first album, recorded in late 1973 and presents a very simple, stripped-down approach, with many tracks consisting of only simple electric keyboards (Crumar organ, Wulitzer electric piano, Eminent...

Simone Rossetti - lead vocals, Mellotron, synthesizers, flute
Giorgio Gabriel - electric guitars, 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, classical guitar
Marco Fabbri - drums & percussion
Mattia Rossetti - basses, bass pedals, 6- & 12-string electric guitars, vocals
Valerio De Vittorio - keyboards, Hammond L122 organ, Mellotron, synthesizers

“The Art Of Bleeding [is] the eighth studio (and first conceptual) album from Milan’s symphonic prog heavyweights The Watch. The quintet have...

Post punk / post-rock supergroup who play a mostly instrumentally based post-rock / progressive rock / soundtrack-ish music, reminiscent of the groups they come from: Tortoise, Grails, Slint!

"When Watter first appeared fully formed in 2014 as a trio featuring founding members of Grails and Slint, most assumed the mercurial group would vanish into the ether just like the foggy echoes of sound they crafted on their debut album, This World. Instead, they toured the US with their longtime friends in..

So, what do YOU expect a band called 'Weeed' to sound like? Yes. They do.

"These guys have a chemistry that allows them to oscillate between highly structured rock songs and psychedelic free-form jams without and inhibitions."-More Fuzz.

"The search for Seattle's freakiest psych-rock band may be over."-Dave Segal, The Stranger.

"Weeed's debut for Important Records, titled This, has an expansive musical vision and an astonishingly mature sound from a young band. Despite their...

“A reissue of Carl Weingarten's Living In The Distant Present, previously only released on cassette in 1985 on Weingarten's own Multiphase Records. The album is a rare treat for fans of guitar ambient, tape loops, and the experimental side of new age music. When Carl Weingarten is one of the unsung heroes of American minimalism. Even though he's been active for close to four decades, his work is just now starting to receive the praise it deserves. On Living Ín The Distant Present slowly shifting synth...

Dan Weiss-drums, compositions
Trevor Dunn-electric bass
Ben Monder-guitars
Matt Mitchell-piano, synths
Craig Taborn-piano, Fender Rhodes, synths

This is a pretty incredible, rehearsal-intensive, 'math-jazz' release with by a tremendous line-up. Compositionally & performance-wise, it basically sounds a jazzier, recent-era Present. Hugely recommended!

"Starebaby is the upshot of drummer Dan Weiss's long-running dream to bring together some of the most accomplished players

THESE copies have a bent corner and we have knocked $6.00 off the price. They are not terrible, but they are not in perfect condition in terms of the cover (vinyl is 100% new and perfect)
Dan Weiss-drums, compositions
Trevor Dunn-electric bass
Ben Monder-guitars
Matt Mitchell-piano, synths
Craig Taborn-piano, Fender Rhodes, synths

This is a pretty incredible, rehearsal-intensive, 'math-jazz' release with by a tremendous line-up. Compositionally & performance-wise, i

This real rarity of symphonic rock from the 80s was first reissued by Laser's Edge, very early on in their career!

"Werwolf were named actually after the famous band Steppenwolf, which drummer Peter Besting liked a lot at the time (around 1970) .Original crew included also Hartwig Kugoth on guitar and Peter Lorenz on bass.
The band hailed from Olpe and was rehearsing regularly at Besting’s newly built house in Wenden since 1972. Around mid-70's they were joined by Jurgen Goeckler on keyboards.

This is a new project by Ketil Einarsen, who has played flute in Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho & White Willow.
This is sort of a very loving homage to 70s Krautrock and while it features a different cast on each song, drummer Mattias Olsson of Anglagard is on every track. Also featured are musicians from Gosta Berlings Saga, White Willow, Wobbler and more!
The retro Krautrock influence and sound is tempered by also having a strong element of Jaga Jazzist in the melodies; sometimes it's like 1975-era.

"LP version. This is the third solo album on Rune Grammofon by Norwegian experimental guitarist Stian Westerhus. With The Matriarch and the Wrong Kind of Flowers, Westerhus not only challenges and stretches the limits of his instrument but also comes...

The Phoenix Orchestra :
G. Calvin Weston: Drums and Pocket Trumpet
David Dzubinski: Piano and Keyboard
Elliot Garland: Electric Bass
Tom Spiker: Electric Guitar
Carlos Santiago and Benjamin Sutin: Violins
Ajibola Rivers: Cello
Kayle Brecher: Vocals

“G. Calvin Weston has blazed a harmolodic, funkadelic trail through modern jazz. Listen to the man who funked-up Ornette Coleman's Prime Time Band in the 1980s and worked with legends such as James Blood Ulmer,..

"The return to light of a true gem by modern jazz master Kenny Wheeler. Flutter By, Butterfly was recorded in 1987 and originally published by Soul Note in 1988. Wheeler's visionary musical concepts develop through the interplay of this stellar quintet...

“Manic No Wave sax frenzy! James White tore up the city blueprints and charted his own map through the sonic sprawl of New York, perfecting a jittery, manic attack on sax and vocals and adopting the persona of a lounge singer in the waiting room of Hell. A maelstrom of chaotic transformations of funk, jazz (et al.) with equal parts James Brown and James White originals that rank among the most incendiary in his repertoire, this album is available for the first time outside of Japan.”

“This is my...

Michel Wintsch piano
Gerry Hemingway drums, voice
Bänz Oester bass

“The collective Who Trio commemorated 20 years of existence in 2018, by starting the project “Strell”, which only now has been committed to record. This was the time considered necessary for their members to achieve the maturity of a collective language necessary to embrace the ambitious enterprise of interpreting the music of Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington in a (re)creative way. The goal was to infuse this rich...

Benoit was the keyboardist for Magma from 1975 to 1978. Additionally, he released a few solo albums in the mid/late 70's, of which this was the first. A keyboard/Moog-dominated record that at times gets amazingly heavy in a wild screaming synthi fusion way and at other times is very wonderfully atmospheric. It is perhaps comparable in timbre and tone to Jan Hammer's best work post Mahavishnu. Some of the material is solo and some features some unbelievably great guests.
If you are a fan of 70s music..

Third and last by the 'post-Pohjola' version of Wigwam. Despite it being the end, this is still a fine effort, with some stunning guitarwork by Recchardt and great, great songs.
This is the newly remastered version from 2018, including new interviews with the band members and manager.
Wigwam’s Dark Album (1977) has a tumultuous production history. The original edition did not go past test pressing stage as the band’s UK label Virgin rejected it. The band returned to the studio to create the...

The 2nd by the 'post-Pohjola' version of Wigwam. While they were more song oriented than some of their earlier prog classics, this is still a mighty fine effort, and since the incredible-yet-understated guitarist Pekka Rechardt is a full-time member, this can't be anything other than great!
This is the newly remastered version from 2018, including new interviews with the band members and manager.
The second disc features a previously completely unreleased set of alternate early mixes and...

"...a beautiful, strange psych-prog LP with abstract compositions, experimental edges and some funk hints"-Mutant Sounds

"A reissue of Wild Havana's self-titled album, originally released in 1977. Obscure Dutch private pressing of laid-back instrumental psychedelic/progressive sounds with jazz-funk-groove and abstract/experimental/Latin-indigenous touches. Stoned homemade atmosphere with treated/distorted electric and acoustic guitars, flute, electric piano, primitive drum machines/homemade...

"Deluxe remastered reissue of Barney Wilen's 1972 album Moshi, featuring additional artwork and a 20-page booklet of rare pictures, sheet music, and the original liner notes.
Includes a bonus DVD (packaged with exclusive artwork) of Caroline de Bendern's 1971 film à l'intention de Mlle Issoufou à Bilma, documenting this amazing African journey. Limited edition of 1000."

This album was recorded during an extended journey in Africa in 1970 and 1971 with a team of friends and musicians - the...

"The New Tony Williams Lifetime, featuring Allan Holdsworth, live from the Village Gate, New York, September 22nd, 1976.
In 1975, the groundbreaking drummer Tony Williams assembled a new version of Lifetime, this time featuring the visionary guitar of Allan Holdsworth, as well as Alan Pasqua's innovative keyboards and Tony Newton's funky bass. They collaborated on two albums, as well as playing acclaimed gigs. Their unique brand of fusion is perfectly captured on this remarkable set, originally....

Very, very good and completely retro-style symphonic progressive rock. Willowglass is Andrew Marshall on electric, acoustic, 12-string and classical guitars, analog keyboards (yes, Virginia, including lots and lots of mellotron), bass and bass pedals...

Phillip Wilson, percussion
Olu Dara, trumpet, horn (serpent)
"In November 1977 and May 1978, months before drummer Phillip Wilson recorded his great LP Duet with trumpeter Lester Bowie for the Improvising Artists label, Wilson hit the studio for Esoteric, a recording of solos and duets with cornetist Olu Dara. Wilson (1941-1992) was one of the key percussionists in creative music, the Art Ensemble of Chicago's early trapsman, one third of the fusion band Full Moon, and an all around fount of inventi

"Following their superb first album 'Seasons' on the budget label "+plus+", German band Wind released 'Morning' on CBS. 'Morning' had a different folky and lyrical fairytale atmosphere.
Opening track 'Morning Song' sounds like a mixture of Procol Harum and Genesis in their early days. 'The Princess And The Minstrel' is one of those songs you do once in your musical life, a lyrical epic piece of music with a chorus you will never forget. 'Dragon Mind', 'Carnival', 'Schlittenfahrt' and 'Tommy's Song'...

"Originating as a beat group in the mid-60's, playing mainly at US air bases in Southern Germany. By 1969 (and after many name and personnel changes) they'd become the art-rock band Chromosom, heavily influenced by the American West Coast sound. After the addition of Bernd "Steve" Leistner on vocals, and the new name Wind, they recorded their debut album for the new progressive arm of the budget label Miller, namely +Plus+. Seasons offered a richly textured progressive rock, lyrical yet also very...

"The first new recordings from Windy & Carl in more than three years."

"Of the immeasurable legions that blogged and tweeted and pretend-hand-wrung about Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth filing for divorce a few months back, only...

“Legendary Classic Rock Band Wishbone Ash famous for their twin guitar sound are seen here with a very special live set never released before on Vinyl. Led by front man Andy Powell the King of the Flying V.
Side 1 Recorded at The Grand in Clitheroe on the 13th October 2010.
Side 2 was recorded at the Fabrik in Hamburg on 21st February 2011.
Side 3 was recorded at various shows on the German tour of January and February 2012.
Side 4 of the Road Works series features the live...

"Apparently, Witth�ser+Westrupp came into being at the Essen "Podium" folk club where Walter Westrupp worked as a DJ. Bernd Witth�ser was already known as a protest singer, Westrupp was playing in a skiffle band, and when the two met they realised...

"Beautiful, exact-repro double vinyl in gatefold sleeve of this German duo's fourth and final album, originally issued on Kosmische Musik in 1973. It features a variety of live material from the years listed, including early folk pre-dating their...

"Apparently, Witth�ser+Westrupp came into being at the Essen "Podium" folk club where Walter Westrupp worked as a DJ. Bernd Witth�ser was already known as a protest singer, Westrupp was playing in a skiffle band, and when the two met they realised...

"Necessary reissue of this crucial side by the greatest underground band of your lifetime. Still sounds like nothing else."-David Keenan

"Originally released on Hanson Records, American Tapes and Bulb Records in 2001. Filters circuit bent electronics, fried dub and the dystopian proto-punk of Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide through a distinctly Midwest USA sensibility. The result is a freak classic for the ages.
This release continues to establish LOWER FLOOR MUSIC as a new home for the...

"An exceptional recording, dating from September 1974, featuring a band that has never released an album up to now. Robert Wood, an English vibraphonist, guitarist and singer, is a veteran of the jazz scene, free jazz, jazz and experimental rock having played with Alan Silva, Don Cherry, Gong, Marc Bolan, Sam Gopal, Kent Carter, Bernard Vitet, Lard Free, Christian Vander, Fred Frith and Yannick Top. He spent the majority of his career in France. Woodlands was formed in 1973 with Olivier Didier...

"Wooden Shjips, long-time leaders of the contemporary psychedelic movement, expand their sound with V. On their fifth album the quartet of Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo), Omar Ahsanuddin, Dusty Jermier, and Nash Whalen augment their already rich sound with laid back, classic summer songs. Inspired by the tumult of the modern world, and the desire to offer a contrasting vision of peace, the band has created a record that filters their trademark hypnotic grooves through an optimistic lens, resulting in music....

First-ever vinyl reissue of this classic, total art-punk/art-damage title.
When Henry Cow fell apart in the summer of 1978, the main players in the band dispersed. Fred Frith left England to settle in NYC for a good number of years, getting...

"The first ever reissue of Workshop De Lyon's La Chasse De Shirah Sharibad, originally released in 1975. In France, in the years 1960-1970, musicians pondered over how to transpose the political struggle of free jazz onto a completely different political terrain. One of the first to do so was pianist François Tusques (agitator, theorist and militant) who recorded 1965's Free Jazz, and then continued with Le Nouveau Jazz (1967), French equivalents to the American "New Thing". The word spread, and was...

Edition of 250!

"We were first made aware of this Brooklyn band by Gary Panter. When we asked Gary about some specific projectors for light shows, he said we'd be best off conferring with his colleague, Curtis Godino. And oh yeah, Curtis also helmed a dastardly psychedelic music unit called Worthless. Checking out some of Worthless's previous recordings for Beyond Is Beyond, Stupid Head, and Greenway, we were struck by the weirdness and seamlessness of their psych stretching; if ever there was...

Excellent, fun and rockin' progressive hard rock with great flute leads, reminiscent of heaviest early Tull (Benefit) with a female vocalist. If this sounds like your thing, this is your thing! Recommended!

"The Dresden heavy retro band WUCAN began their quick ascent in 2014. Everything began with their first EP "Vikarma," released in November 2014 on Metalizer Records. This release, which quickly sold its first 500 vinyl copies, received many positive reviews. With all of this praise WUCAN...

Another great release – vinyl only this time – by this fine, Baltimore-based duo of synths and drums who named themselves after a mis-spelling of Faust's communal home and studio. Hey, it's the thought that counts, right?
Seriously, anyone into floaty electronics will love this. This is a shockingly great space album for 2018. Recommended.

"Towards the Shadow, the third full-length from Wume, the Baltimore duo of April Camlin (drums, vocals) and Albert Schatz (keyboards, electronics), offers.

"The missing links in my life's work, no less!" – Robert Wyatt

"Cuneiform has delivered a Holy Grail with Robert Wyatt's '68 ... The sound on '68 is excellent; it was painstakingly cleaned up and remastered from original sources, making this a must for any Wyatt, Soft Machine, or prog head. The booklet also contains a lengthy interview with Wyatt by Aymeric Leroy with comments from Hopper. All killer, no filler." – Thom Jurek, All Music Guide....

Robert's 2007 album finds him on a new, very hip indie label, getting really good pre-release press and with a large cast of musical helpers: Alessandro Fedrigo - Guitar (Bass), Alfonso Santimone - Keyboards, Piano, Annie Whitehead - Horn (Baritone)...

Robert's 2003 album builds upon the work of Schleep, with many of the same collaborators. It's a very long work by his standards; over 75' of music!

Jam-packed compilation, tracking Robert's work and including enough rarities/unreleased tracks that even the fan who owns everything will still want this.

"‘Different Every Time (Benign Dictatorships) ’ is a new compilation of the works of Robert Wyatt curated by Robert and biographer Marcus O’Dair. ‘Benign Dictatorships’ brings together the best of Robert’s collaborations and guest appearances, or, as Robert has it, ‘benign dictatorships,’ including some very special oddities and rarities...

This release was his second completely solo album, although Alfie contributes lyrics for the first time - really good ones too! - something she continues to do to this day. This is a remixed and resequenced version of this album.

"Due to a budget shortfall, Wyatt's 1991 LP Dondestan (half of which was centered around poems by his wife Alfreda Benge) was released before being properly mixed. In 1998, Dondestan (Revisited) finally gave these songs-which range from the haunting to the humorous-the...

AKA “Robert Wyatt 101”

“A compilation spanning Robert Wyatt's decades-long career. The collection, originally released as a Japanese edition, includes selections dating from Rock Bottom (1974) to Cuckooland (2003), although its running order is non-chronological. This makes the subtle point that Wyatt’s recordings are best considered as a non-linear catalogue - this is a world through which the listener can move at any pace in any direction.”

After Ruth, Robert basically retired from music for a few years. When he did get started again, it was on the Rough Trade label, releasing a number of singles that were all rather political in tone, if not directly in nature. These are those singles...

Originally released on Rough Trade, this was Robert's first completely solo album; all words and music as well as all instruments were by him. It's also my favorite of all his albums (and I like them all).

"The themes running through the album are of cultural narcissim, snobbery and alienation - issues that are close to Robert's heart and an integral part of his music."

The first 'post-accident' album by Robert is a classic of great songs, great voice, and emotional depth. With excellent performances from Hugh Hopper, Gary Windo, Richard Sinclair, Laurie Allen, Mongezi Feza.

"Originally released in 1975, it highlights Wyatt’s interests in township arrangements and ensemble playing. The result is a set of songs that startles with its rhythmic instinct and shape-shifting composition."