CD1 is a reissue of Johnny Dyani / Mongezi Feza / Okay Temiz - Rejoice
CD2 is a reissue of Johnny Mbizo Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son 'Together'

“The life of Johnny “Mbizo” Dyani (1945-1986), bassist with the legendary South African jazz troupe the Blue Notes, is celebrated by the reissue of two recordings dating from his period living in Sweden. “Rejoice”, culled from a live concert with trumpeter Mongezi Feza and drummer Okay Temiz, and the studio recording “Together” featuring Dyani’s ...

Mia Dyberg Alto Saxophone
Asger Thomsen Double Bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen Drums

You may label the music recorded in “Ticket!” as free jazz, but nothing here conforms with what you usually hear with that identity. Why? Because alto saxophonist Mia Dyberg, double bassist Asger Thomsen and drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen transpose to music the processes used by William S. Burroughs in his poetry, and not only the cut-up techniques of that Beat Generation icon: there’s much of the playfulness, the..

“Dyble Longdon is a collaboration between Judy Dyble (ex Fairport Convention) and Big Big Train multi-instrumentalist / frontman David Longdon. Judy died in July 2020 just before this was released and Between A Breath And A Breath provides a wonderful swansong to a greatly missed talent.”

“I first heard David sing with Big Big Train at King’s Place in London 2015 and immediately decided that I really wanted to sing with him someday. And here we are with a collaborative album, which I think is...

Very good album from the former vocalist for Fairport Convention, Giles, Giles & Fripp, Trader Horne and JD and the MBs (Judy Dyble and the Miller Brothers [Steve & Phil])!

"This is a stunning album, beautifully sung, gorgeous production, at once hauntingly serene and yet compelling in the extreme. And the most amazing aspect of it is that Judy Dyble's voice doesn't sound notably different from the way it did on that one Giles, Giles & Fripp/proto-King Crimson track that I remember her from...

"Judy Dyble is a legendary British singer/songwriter most notable for being one of the founder members of two of the most feted bands in UK rock history - Fairport Convention and King Crimson. In 1973 she left the music business and it wasn't until....

Stephen Dydo - qin, viola, banjo
Alan Sondheim - qin, viola, banjo, guzheng, rababa, erhu, madal
"Dragon and Phoenix refers to the names of the sound holes on the Chinese instrument known as the guqin, aka qin (gu is a prefix meaning "ancient"), which figures prominently on this album of improvised acoustic duos, being heard on thirteen of the sixteen tracks, with two qins on four tracks. Stephen Dydo, former president of the New York Qin Society, is the more traditional player here, whereas Alan.

This is a high-quality pirate edition of this never-reissued, very obscure Krautrock rarity.

"From 1971. Incredible Kraut/funk meeting of U.S. expatriate and the cream of the German rock scene: Achim Reichel, Conny Plank, Wolfgang 'Zabba'...

Mixed and mastered by Faust's Hans Joachim Irmler. Released on Faust's Klangbad label.

From 1991, this was the 2nd (and best by the original line-up) release by this heavy Philadelphia trio of guitar, bass & drums. This has greatly improved recording quality, packaging & the playing is even better than on their already very good first....

Latest and greatest (and that's saying something) from this terrific and amazing technical/avant/metal/prog/post-punk power trio. They've been together and going out and doing it for nearly a decade now and the band unity and power that they have can...

Kevin Hufnagel - guitar
Colin Marston - bass (on tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 8) 2nd guitar (on tracks 1, 2, 5)
Jeff Eber - drums

Lessee...An excellent and versatile guitarist, one of the two amazing masterminds behind “Behold...” and the incredible drummer also of Zevious? Sure, I’m in!

“New York's progressive metal instrumental trio Dysrhythmia deliver their 8th studio album and first batch of new material in three years entitled "Terminal Threshold". The album was recorded at...

Latest by this fantastic, long running, Brooklyn metal/jazz/mathrock/whatever trio, which is also sort of a supergroup, featuring drummer Jeff Eber (also of Zevious), bassist Colin Marston (also of Behold!...) and guitarist Kevin Hufnagel (he of great...

"Having established themselves as one of the most notable progressive and unique instrumental metal bands since their inception more than 15 years ago, NY-based powertrio Dysrhythmia mirrors the definition of their moniker. Comprised of Kevin Hufnagel (guitars), Colin Marston (Behold The Arctopus) (bass), and Jeff Eberon (Zevious) (drums), the band has, over six albums, shown the ultimate in musical fortitude with wondrous, jaw-dropping compositions that go beyond jazz-infused, avant-garde technical....

Bryan Qu alto saxophone, objects
Quincy Mayes piano, objects
Mark Ballyk percussion, voice, objects

"The melting pot we call New York is very much alive, and one proof is this band coming from a new generation of musicians living in the Big Apple. New and with a militant attitude, committed to build what Bryan Qu, Quincy Mayes and Mark Ballyk point as a «progressive future». Following a DIY philosophy, with complete control of the composition, performance, recording and production process...

Legit reissue from the analog masters of the very first album from this German group, which predate the much, much better known Time Machine and Electric Silence. This very rare 1972 album is the very first version of the band before they would move...

Dzyan are known for their great second and third albums on the Bacillus label: Time Machine and Electric Silence from 1973 & 1974.

But before those albums, and after their first album, the group consisted of bassist/double bassist/founder...

An undeservedly obscure German psychedelic jazz/rock band. By the time of this, their 2nd album, from 1973, they had their best-known line-up of:
Eddy Marron (guitars, sitar, zaz, tambura, mellotron, voice)
Reinhard Karwatky (bass, superstring, mellotron, synthesizer)
Peter Giger (drums, percussion)
Trippy tracks featuring Eastern/middle Eastern motifs, jazz fusion power & psychedelic mind expansion. Highly recommended!

"When the [original] Dzyan eventually disintegrated, Reinha

“Etant Donnes is a French duo named after Marcel Duchamp's last major work. The group consists of brothers Marc and Eric Hurtado, born in Morocco and working mainly as performance artists and musicians. Their sound can be described as a mix of field recordings, found sounds and sometimes whispered, sometimes violent vocals. They describe their sounds like this: "Through Marc and Eric, it is the volume of each word that becomes an object-sculpture, together with the power of their bodies expressing their...

Blaise Siwula alto & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, clarinet.
Giancarlo Mazzù guitar, drums.
Luciano Troja piano.

""d'istante3" is a creative music project bringing together the two Italian improvisers Giancarlo Mazzù and Luciano Troja...

Paul Dunmall (saxophones)
Paul Rogers (6-string bass)
Tony Bianco (drums)

"A superbly recorded slice of free improvisation from three of the leading exponents of creative music. Recorded at the Jackson lane venue in Highgate, London during a wonderful free improv event organised by the music specialist record shop Sound 323. Seperated into three sections, the performance begins with a performance of Tony Biancos Drone style drumming, followed by Paul Rogers and Paul Dunmall’s exquisite..