3rd solo album, from 1981, by the former keyboardist of Wigwam who contributed so much to their sound up to Being. This has a pretty good sized band, & includes Pekka Nylund & Seppo Tyni on guitars.
Kinda a progressive/fusion sound with vocals; it's very obviously the work of the man who wrote/co-wrote many of those great Wigwam tunes, as you can hear it in the melodies he does here.

"Our authorised reissue of early Wigwam leader Gustavson’s 3rd solo from 1981 (originally on Ponsi Records).

"The notion that Jochen Irmler and Gudrun Gut would one day merge the best of their two worlds was never quite to be expected. We hear Irmler's meandering, wistfully psychedelic organ sound, seeming to come from a different era. And we hear Gut's...

This is the sort of thing that vinyl is perfect for: This is a hand-assembled, hand silk-screened on all four panels, vinyl album, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and released in a limited edition of only 200 copies!

"One-song epic weighing in at...

"Recorded in 2010, Guzzlemug's long-awaited follow-up EP to 2010's Away With the Wind and Noise is finally here for your exploration and enjoyment."

Shane Prendiville - Guitar, voice
Tom Kelly - Bass, voice
Charlie Werber - Drums, voice