Jun Matsue is a Japanese guitarist sorta in the Jeff Beck vein and I first heard of him from his excellent guest work on the first Machine and the Synergetic Nuts album. MSN informed me that he has a solo career and they sent me a sample of this solo a...

"Drums (Samuel T Lohman) & Guitar (Edward J Ricart) Improvised Astral Cartography. MATTA GAWA is an improvising drums+guitar duo hailing from Washington DC. Building with time and texture, their music is deeply connected to the methods and spirit of ...

Matta Gawa are a DC-based guitar/drums duo who I saw many times until Ed moved to Ohio, which either means that this is the final release from MG, or that they will just have to work as the distances allow. In any event, Sam's blend of hardcore roots and free-music influences on drums and Ed's explorations of the full sonorities available to the guitar + boxes makes for good listening.

"Tambora is the second full-length from the Washington DC-based 'free rock' drums+guitar duo Matta Gawa. Named...

“A reissue of Carl Matthews' Call For World Saviours, originally issued in 1984. Mesmerizing DIY electronic music from Cumbria, UK, influenced by the Berlin School but even more by Tim Blake, Call For World Saviours was originally released 1984 on cassette only; this is this music's first time on CD and vinyl.”

"Carl Matthews is by no means immune to the maelstrom of geocaching notebooks. Krautrock (tick), guerrilla DIY cassette-era artist (tick), under-rated UK electronic composer (tick). Man...

Excellent and somewhat surprising album by this UK folkie, working with a jazz quartet and really showing off his vocal chops and lyrical prowess. Daring and successful!

"This is the debut release by UK-born/Netherlands-based singer/songwriter...

"Iain Matthews of Fairport Convention, Southern Comfort, and Plainsong fame, returns after a long absence, with a stunning collection of new songs and beautiful arrangements performed with some of Holland's finest jazz players. On paper the pairing...

(Violinist) Matthews has played with David Toop & Charles Hayward. Here she is alone with her fiddle & a sampling system which grabs both instrumental & ambient detail, giving her a wide range of material to exploit in improvising situations. Lots of l...

Joanna Mattrey: viola, stroh violin

“Veiled is Joanna Mattrey’s first solo release. Joanna Mattrey is a violist active in both the new music and free improvisation communities who's playing often incorporates textural gestures, preparations, and electronic alterations. She is searching for moments of ceremony and ritual in a modern soundscape.
Mattrey has played with such luminaries as Marc Ribot and the Young Philadelphians, Mary Halvorson, John Zorn, Erik Friedlander, Nick Dunston and...

Joanna Mattrey - viola, stroh violin
gabby fluke-mogul - violin

“Joanna Mattrey & gabby fluke-mogul, two of the most radical & revolutionary New York-based improvisers, join forces in the birth of Oracle. Rejoicing in the strange magic of sound, the duo weaves together new worlds while simultaneously destroying the ones that no longer serve them. Oracle is a declaration, a remedy, and a revelation.

Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone / Mark Dresser, double bass / Gerry Hemingway, drums.

"Members of the much remembered classic quartet of Anthony Braxton and bandleaders in their own right, Mark Dresser and Gerry Hemingway are the first...

"Jazz legend Bennie Maupin follows his highly acclaimed 2006 CD Penumbra, with Early Reflections, a beautiful recording of Maupin’s European quartet featuring pianist Michal Tokaj, and guest vocalist Hania Rybka. Early Reflections is another brilliant...

"Berangere was born on the remote French colonial island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean and moved to France at the age of sixteen. A resident of Paris since 2002, she has performed as a singer in rock and world music bands and also studied...

The self-titled album by the 'one & done' band Maxophone, originally released in 1975, is one of the classics of Rock Progressivo Italiano. Here you can here that music by the current lineup of the group.

"The magic of the songs of the historic..

James Black (guitar, vocals), Reid Hudson (bass), Tony Newman (drums).

"May Blitz have been compared to Led Zeppelin, the early Black Sabbath, or the early Uriah Heep. The only difference being that May Blitz never had their great breakthrough...

“May Blitz was a great U.K. hard rock band from the first '70. This is their first and best album. The sound is a bit cryptic and underground, with heavy psych tendencies, pounding bass and smokin' guitars. For fans of T2, CREAM and the like.”-RYM

“This English powertrio is one of tightest rhythm and blues units of history, playing a mixture of heavy psych with progressive influences. May Blitz is one of the few band that manage to really get that hard rock style that is distinctively exciting, you know that good old Jimi Hendrix bad-ass sound. The drums of Tony Newman are exciting on every moment, one of the best of the era. The guitars of James Black sound cool and well played, but the production of the debut did more justice to his skills....

John Mayall - Vocals, Harmonica, Slide Guitar, Guitar [6-String], Tambourine
Jon Mark - Acoustic Guitar
Johnny Almond - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Steve Thompson - Bass

John Mayall has had a musical career for 7 decades, mostly in the blues, specifically electric blues, but in 1969, possibly the year of supremecy for white, loud English electric blues bands, many of whom had formed themselves in the image of his earlier electric albums, he formed a new band which was..

Magda Mayas - piano, composition
Angharad Davies - violin
Anthea Caddy - cello
Aimée Theriot - cello
Rhodri Davies - harp
Zeena Parkins - harp
Michael Thieke - clarinet
Christine Abdelnour - saxophone

“Magda Mayas composed this piece for an octet comprised of a who's who of the avant-garde. The score consists of 12 photos taken over an hour or so, observing the merging waters of the Rhône and the Arve rivers, the artificial wall dividing them, the earthy,

“Magda Mayas (Germany) performs on a 1970s manufactured clavinet with reedman Jim Denley (Australia), augmented by their use of field recordings, as they pay homage to a "marginalized corner" of Sydney, Australia on this experimental and irrefutably adventurous improv fest. Yet I wouldn't be so bold to suggest that this is easy listening but for the most part, it's relatively subdued.
The duo projects organic minimalism amid the sounds of nature and bizarre tone poems that move forward in....

Long out of print, we found exactly TWO copies in the lost warehouse!

First album by this trio of Fred Frith-guitar, Miya Masaoka-koto and electronics & Larry Ochs-saxes. Recorded live July 2-3, 1998 in Chicago.

FRED FRITH electric guitar / MIYA MASAOKA 25 string koto and electronics / LARRY OCHS sopranino and tenor saxophones / WITH SPECIAL GUESTS: / GERRY HEMINGWAY drums, percussion, voice / CARLA KIHLSTEDT electric and acoustic violins / IKUE MORI.

"A remarkable duo out of France performing traditional and original Sephardic-Jewish songs in an electronica/dance context, Axerico en Selanik is one of the most surprising CDs in recent years to come out on the Tzadik Jewish Series. Charming and...

João Mortágua alto & soprano saxophones
Carlos Azevedo piano
Miguel Ângelo doublebass
Mário Costa drums

"Some of the most interesting artists of the Porto jazz scene in Portugal, namely João Mortágua, Carlos Azevedo, Miguel Ângelo and Mário Costa, join forces as the band Mazam to celebrate the idea of path, discovery and adventure. But if you understand this purpose as a way to deal with factors concerning process and its complexities, this concept comes with a surprise...

Wojtek Mazolewski - double bass
Oskar Torok - trumpet, electronics
Oba Janicki - Drums, percussion
Joanna Duda -Wurlitzer, piano
Marek Pospieszalski - tenor saxophone

"The quintet is a tight unit, addressing material material mostly for Roman Polanski movies, negotiating the contrasts, contrariness and syncopation without strain... Welsome Mazolewski and his quintet to the top tier of contemporary recording artists." – Downbeat

“The double bassist now focuses ...

Marilyn Mazur: drums, percussion, voice
John Taylor: piano
Josefine Cronholm: voice
Anders Jormin: double-bass

"Marilyn Mazur’s work has always expressed a free-spiritedness beyond idioms and borders. Born in New York, raised...

"An album of solos and intimate duos with, as its starting point, the sound of Marilyn Mazur’s percussion instruments, collected from all over the world – each of them allowed to “speak” with its own voice – either alone or in dialogue with Jan...

“In 1978, Danish percussion master Marilyn Mazur founded the bold, innovative Primi Band, an all-female music-theater ensemble that drew from a deep well of primal energy and experimental audacity. Four decades later, Mazur reinvents the core concepts in an adventurous new fashion with Shamania, a gathering of ten of Scandinavia's most inventive and respected female musicians.
Whereas Primi Band culled it's members from risk-taking but non-professional musicians, Shamania comprises ten highly....

Keir Neuringer-sax
Rafal Mazur-bass guitar

“The aptly named release Diachronic Paths by the free improvising duo of Keir Neuringer and Rafal Mazur continues the transformation discourses of their evolving musical language. One that is based on their dialogue of discovery.
Keir Neuringer, a Philadelphia-based saxophonist lived in Krak≤w and The Hague for a time and established a strong relationship with the Polish bassist Rafal Mazur.
Each piece presented here is an enervating...

Rob Mazurek modular synth, sampler, cornet, piano on Android Sun
Mauricio Takara drums
Guilherme Granado keyboards, synth, sampler, electronics
Thomas Rohrer rabeca, flutes, soprano saxophone, electronics
Philip Somervell piano, prepared piano

"Electro-Acoustic Composer, Cornetist Rob Mazurek continues to focus on the Brazilian side of his musical production, and that’s good news. Even better when we notice that “Chants and Corners” is something else than a new São Paulo...

Rob Mazurek trumpet, piccolo trumpet, piano, prepared piano, sampler, magic yellow bucket, bells, shakers, flutes, voice, and various percussion

“Milan is the latest spellbinding stop-off on an intrepid solo voyage, with interdisciplinary abstractivist Rob Mazurek (Exploding Star Orchestra, Chicago Underground Duo, São Paulo Underground and Black Cube SP) dropping anchor in the regional capital of Lombardy to record the latest in his series of unaccompanied performances at radio stations...

"In July 2013, a few months after the passing of his mother, cornetist Rob Mazurek performed solo at Corbett vs. Dempsey gallery, in Chicago. Mazurek is one of the highest profile figures in contemporary creative music, leading bands like the Exploding Star Orchestra, Skull Sessions Octet and Starlicker. On this occasion, he brought a box filled with various implements – his cornet, naturally, but flutes, bells, books, maracas, apples, and little electronics. This box became an inexhaustible resource...

Rob Mazurek cornet, piano, prepared piano, electronics

"To date, celebrated Chicago musician Rob Mazurek’s solo endeavors have focused on his modular synthesizer and keyboard musings.
On “Rome,” Mazurek’s sensitivity on cornet is at the fore, but we also find him using various electronics, and seated at a piano. Here the presence of the piano is expanded. He plays it conventionally, with preparation, with direct manipulation of the piano’s interior, and as a resonator for his cornet to create.

A force on Chicago’s singularly inventive music scene for two decades, cornetist Rob Mazurek has recorded with high profile artists such as Tortoise, Jim O'Rourke, Stereolab, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and is an intrepid sound explorer...

Return The Tides is a deeply felt tribute and requiem for Rob Mazurek's mother, who died 2 weeks before this recording session. Black Cube SP features Rob's group São Paulo Underground plus additional musicians...

"Composed and arranged by Rob Mazurek, Alien Flower Sutra is the apogee of a collaborative conceptual process that bloomed over multiple years, voices and instrumentations. After planting seeds at home with pen, piano and cornet in hand, Mazurek took to various performance spaces in Chicago and São Paulo across 2013 and 2014 to open his compositions to interpretation by a potent pool of creative musicians. Among them was guitarist Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang, Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society)...

Another really great one, perhaps a little mellower than "Galactic Parables, Volume 1".

"Dimensional Stardust showcases the intricacy and complexity of Mazurek’s compositions but in their most potent, most compacted forms. Opting to focus on tight ensemble orchestration over passages of open improvisation, Mazurek distills a maximal orchestra of explosive improvisers into a beautifully restrained, graceful group exercise in melodic minimalism. The album features almost no “soloist” moments...

"Mazurek and company channel electric Miles, Sun Ra, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago to make a recording that is cosmic, spiritual, raw, and powerful." – Avant Music News...

“Lightning Dreamers is new work by composer, trumpeter, post-rock and avant-jazz legend Rob Mazurek (Isotope 217, Chicago Underground) , who wrote the music for a compacted version of his long-running Exploding Star Orchestra. The album is dedicated to the late artist jaimie branch (who was a protégé of Mazurek’s), and features guitarist Jeff Parker, vocalist Damon Locks, drummer Gerald Cleaver, pianists Angelica Sanchez and Craig Taborn and flautist Nicole Mitchell.
The album is a follow-up to...

"Everything is out of proportion with Rob Mazurek's music; it is larger than nature, it has no other choice but to be so."
Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics)
Roscoe Mitchell (saxophones)
Nicole Mitchell (flutes)
Matana Roberts (sax)
Matt Bauder (sax)
Steve Swell (trombone)
Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone)
Kevin Drumm (electronics)
Matthew Lux (bass guitar)
Mauricio Takara (percussion)
Guilherme Granado (samplers)
John Herndon (drums)
Mike Reed (dr

Giancarlo Mazzù guitar
Luciano Troja piano
"Mazzú and Troja return with a new selection of their original compositions on this their third SLAM CD.

The programme of ten originals represents a sort of travelogue on the musicians'...

“Maurizio Bianchi is an Italian pioneer of industrial music and dark ambient, originating from Milan. Bianchi was inspired by the music of Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler and Throbbing Gristle. He wrote about music for Italian magazines before beginning to release his own cassettes under the name of Sacher-Pelz in August 1979. He released four cassettes as Sacher-Pelz before switching to his own name or simply "MB" in 1980. Bianchi corresponded with many of the key players in the industrial music and...

"Jim McAuley's The Ultimate Frog is a two-CD collection of duets between the guitarist and four great musicians: Leroy Jenkins (violin, viola), Nels Cline (guitars), Ken Filiano (bass) and Alex Cline (drums/percussion). The result of these pairings is ...

ArKsextet: Marie McAuliffe (p), Rob Henke (tp, flh), Rich Perry (ts), Chris Washburne (tb, tu), Dave Hofstra (b), Kevin Norton (ds, vibes).I Say A Little Prayer (6:17) * Promises, Promises / Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (2:43) * In Between The Head...

Christian McBride-bass
Josh Evans-trumpet
Marcus Strickland-tenor sax, bass clarinet
Nasheet Waits-drums

“Jawn [jän]: noun. A slang terminology from Philadelphia. All-purpose term for a person, place or thing
If there’s one thing the acclaimed bassist knows, it’s that when it comes to grit there’s no better resource to draw from than his own hometown, Philadelphia. So, McBride turned to one of the city’s most beloved colloquialisms to christen his latest project, Christian...

Reissued from the master tapes, stored at Conny Plank’s studio!
“McChurch Soundroom was founded in 1970 in Switzerland and was able to get a record deal with the PILZ label shortly after. Musically the influences range from bands like U.F.O, Black Sabbath, and Jethro Tull. In 1971, the first and only album of the formation, Delusion, was released. Produced by Jürgen Schmeisser and Conny Plank in only two days in the Star-Studios in Hamburg.”

'"The cover of the sleeve promises sheer darkness

"McCombs is one of the most highly regarded bassists/guitarists working today, known for his pioneering band Tortoise, his bass playing in Chicago’s Eleventh Dream Day, and his innovative instrumental group Brokeback. He has released albums with guitarist David Daniell, and collaborated with the likes of Tom Zé to Yo La Tengo, Stereolab to Daniel Lanois. In addition to being the touring bassist for The Sea and Cake, McCombs has somehow found time to form a new trio Black Duck with guitarist Bill MacKay...

“An addendum to Makaya McCraven's critically-lauded 2018 release, the "Universal Beings E&F Sides" presents fourteen new pieces of organic beat music cut from the original sessions, prepared and produced by Makaya as a soundtrack to the "Universal Beings" documentary film.”

Tracks 1, 5 & 11 recorded August 29th, 2017, at H010 in Ridgewood, Queens, New York. Featuring:
Brandee Younger - harp
Joel Ross - vibraphone
Dezron Douglas - double bass
Makaya McCraven - drums