"Pharaoh Overlord steer an exceedingly singular course on their forthcoming album, Zero. Augmented by Antti Boman (Demilich) and Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust), the psychedelic supergroup (consisting of members from Circle) have taken their oeuvre to a whole new psychiatric plateau on their ninth studio album. Libido-driven arithmetics do not apply on these aberrant tracks. Zero provides an offbeat rock implosion, with its sonic realm contorting inwards like a sapient voice muffled by the gentle void of...

“Patience Soup presents the entirety of a live performance from the trio of Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke, and Japanese underground legend Phew that took place at the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center on November 4th, 2015. Known to many listeners outside Japan primarily for her early collaborations with members of Can, Phew has been undergoing something of a creative renaissance in the last few years, prolifically recording and releasing a body of work that strips away the band arrangements present on...

"Another weird conceptual album from Phideaux Xavier and cohorts. This time the album is basically one long song with many twists and turns. A long form composition extolling the virtues of DNA and life and culture. Gorgeous melodies, heavy...

Limited-edition live session from this great drummer’s fusion band Protocol IV, which features Greg Howe (guitar), Otmaro Ruiz (keyboards), Ernest Tibbs (electric bass) & Simon in stunning audiophile quality.

"LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS have created a wonderful environment for musicians to perform to an intimate audience whilst capturing their music on tape. It's strange - but exciting - and it was a wonderful way to end our European Tour in 2017"-Simon Phillips.

The world is a big, surprising place, but it still probably comes as a shock to many folks to learn that one of the absolute greatest jazz/rock bands performing today is from Tallinn, Estonia!
Phlox has been recording and playing well over 15 years with the same lineup and it shows! This 2017 release is their sixth album and it is another very convincing release.
The group have many fine attributes, but one of the things I like best about them is that they take the classic Weather Report/Perigeo..

"Pholas Dactylus is one of the many interesting Italian one shot bands. Their single album Concerto delle Menti was released in 1973. They have a dark and ominous sound, rather reminiscent of the first tracks on Banco's masterpiece Darwin". The album consists of one 50 minute composition with complex musical structures, time changes, etc. The album starts with a two minute spoken intro before the music sets in. About halfway through the composition, there is a short, but interesting part with a free rock...

Picchio dal Pozzo are considered to be one of the very few "Canterbury" inspired bands that emerged from Italy's fertile 1970's progressive rock musical scene. They released two highly regarded - and highly sought after - albums during their lifetime.
This was their second and in my opinion the greatest release during the band's life and came very near the end of the band's existence. Using guitar, keyboards, saxes, bass, drums and vocals, despite the band's Canterbury-ish roots and their more...

Dominique Pifarély violin
Antonin Rayon piano
Bruno Chevillon double bass
François Merville drums

“Any new recording by French violinist Dominique Pifarély is good news. Being his quartet with Antonin Rayon,Bruno Chevillon and François Merville his more enduring band, this former companion of the also French reedist Louis Sclavis benefits from the maturity of this project, gained through the years, but also from an attitude of always reinventing itself, going to places that we no

“Deeply influenced by ethnic music traditions of the world, Hasse Walli and Sakari Kukko’s Piirpauke released their debut album in 1975 on Love Records.
This officially licensed vinyl reissue presents their unique vision of jazz meeting world music to the next generation.”

"Piirpauke was founded in 1974 by saxophonist Sakari Kukko, bassist Antti Hytti, guitarist Hasse Walli, and drummer Jukka Wasama. It has been considered one of the very first “world music” groups, and thus way ahead of its time. The ensemble played their first gigs in 1974, originally named as the Walli–Kukko quartet.
Piirpauke was affected by folk music from Finland, Romania, Turkey, Ethiopia, Balkans, South America, and the Far East. Before recording the album Piirpauke, the band played in front...

"Pikacyu-Makoto is an intergalactic love and peace duo, featuring two figureheads of underground Japanese music: Pika from Afrirampo and Makoto Kawabata of legendary psychedelic avatars Acid Mothers Temple.
As a duo they embrace both sides of the coin -- drums and guitar, chaos and order, male and female, yin and yang, the angel and the devil. Pika brings her skills of mystifying performance to the table, all free-drum bluster and vocals veering between shrine maiden and wild spirit. Kawabata's...

"...ranges from industrial drones (during pre-industrial times) to earth-shaking rock to pre-new age visions of beauty." � Alternative Press

Richard Pinhas has long been recognized as a pivotal figure in the development of...

Nice album of guitar "Pinhas-tronics" released in 1996 on Spalax. Sheets of guitars shimmery & shine, making a 'heavenly music', to trance out to.

"A reissue of Richard Pinhas's De l'un et du Multiple, originally released in 1996. Available for the first time on vinyl. Richard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best known experimental musicians and is a key figure in development of rock music fusing with electronic music.
This solo album was recorded at his home...

“The fourth solo album by French spacerock mastermind Pinhas, East West was his first and only album to be released by a major label (CBS). Some say it is his most commercial but Pinhas doesn't see it that way. "Signing to CBS was a blessing. It gave me the tools for better production. At that time, some big companies were better and more honest than the so-called underground labels. Besides, I don't see any virtue in remaining underground. You try to do what's best for the music at each moment in your...

This was Richard's first album after the dissolution of Heldon and it's an mostly solo work (Francois Auger (drums) and Jean-Philippe Goude (mini-moog) join him on one track) that conjures up impressions of icy, pristine landscapes.

“Consisting of longer, brooding synth-based pieces as well as short proto-industrial études and interstitial sketches, Iceland features Pinhas’ delay-ridden electric guitar, pulsating machine rhythms and analog synthesizer washes—all vivid in texture and timbre...

This early 80's album, his last before his 'retirement', is a really strong one!

“...his fifth album L'Ethique saw the ex-Heldon guitarist and synth wizard return to bigger and bolder band-like methods. After the release he disappeared from the limelight for nearly a decade and returned in the 1990s. Interviewed by the Electronics & Music Maker magazine in 1982, Pinhas spoke in buoyant terms about the future of his recording career. Having just unveiled his fifth solo album, L'Ethique, he was

“Live At Bam Balam is solo guitar and processing as well as drone electronics with the use of a Metatronic Delays system: no re-recording. This brilliant collection of solo improvisations was recorded in Bordeaux (France) on April 16th, 2016 and April 21st, 2018. Limited edition vinyl-only release.”

Richard Pinhas, leader of French space-rock pioneers Heldon in the '70s, has been prolific since returning to the form in the '90s. He has collaborate with Merzbow, Yoshida Tatsuya, Oren Ambarchi, Barry Cleveland, and Wolf Eyes.
"Changes in my life really influenced this record," Richard Pinhas tells of his new album Reverse. "The wife of a friend of mine offered to read my Tarot cards... I don't believe in it - I am very materialist, not financially but in my philosophy - so it was very strange...

"Bureau B present a reissue of Richard Pinhas's Rhizosphere, originally released in 1977. Richard Pinhas is one of the most important French electronic space rock musicians. Following five albums with his band Heldon, he released his first solo record in 1977. Backed by Heldon's congenial drummer François Auger but no longer bound by the group dynamic, he explores his freshly purchased Moog modular system in search of new sounds. It marked a departure into new realms. "We don't need new technique...

"Double album compilation of the first singles (1972-1980) of Richard Pinhas and his legendary bands: the mythical Heldon, Schizo, and T.H.X.. And, as a bonus, an excellent long, hypnotic, instrumental version of "Marie Zorn" (1999), previously unpublished."

“The last show by this particular Richard Pinhas/Heldon line-up, live in London in 1982, featuring, among others, Magma members Patrick Gauthier, Bernard Paganotti, Clement Bailly, as well as Jean-Philippe Goude (Weidorje).
This is a historical document recorded live from the audience which captures an exceptional evening and a great concert. Heldon is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and influential bands in French electronic rock music.”

This very good album seems to be one of Richard's lost releases, which is a shame because it's an excellent early 90s work.

Pinhas' 15th record, & his first all new release since his mid 80's "dissapearance" was recorded in collaboration with electronic specialist Livengood of Spacecraft. Richard has built upon his past work & added a very contemporary touch to his famous style.

"RSD 2016 release. Two red LPs in 350-gram matte sleeve. Limited edition of 1000. Cyborg Sally, inspired by...

On the back of the 2014 Rock In Opposition Festival in Japan and their album "Welcome In The Void", Richard Pinhas and Yoshida Tatsuya did a Japanese tour lasting about 2 weeks.
In order to have some fun, fresh merch to sell to the fans, Yoshida released this live album on his Magaibutsu label on CD, taken from several shows during their Japanese tour and showing off aspects of their work together. It has now been issued on vinyl.

"French psych-experimental-rock genius Richard Pinhas in collaboration with Sax Ruins drummer, Tatsuya Yoshida, and saxophonist, Ryoko Ono. Recorded live at Tusk Festival, at Gateshead Old Town Hall, on October 10, 2015. Richard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best known experimental musicians and is a key figure in development of rock music fusing with electronic music. Yoshida Tatsuya is one of the most innovative musicians of the Japanese experimental music scene...

"...arguably one of the finest works in either artist�s canon; hypnotic like Harmonia and monumental like Mountains. ... 4 stars" � Spencer Grady, Record Collector

"Merzbow�s collaboration with French pioneer Richard Pinhas features some of his best music and gleefully amplifies the psychedelic tendencies of both composers." � Luke Schleicher, Laughter

"...an album of ambient soundscapes that prove noise can indeed be beautiful, and that it's possible to dispense with...

Limited edition! Splatter vinyl! Bootleg sound!

May 14, 1967:
A1. Pow R. Toc H.
A2. Astronomy Domine

September 25, 1967:
A3. The Gnome
A4. Scarecrow
A5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
A6. Matilda Mother
A7. Flaming

September 25, 1967:
B1. Reaction In G

December 12, 1967:
B2. Green Onions
B3. Instrumental

December 20, 1967:
B4. Vegetable Man
B5. Scream Thy Last Scream

"Performing on four different dates in 1968, just prior to and following the release of their legendary second LP, A Saucerful of Secrets, this is Pink Floyd at their early psychedelic peak. The first two tracks come from live shows in London at the Barnes Common and East Stratford at the Abbey Mills Pumping Station, recorded live for the BBC programs The Sound of Change and All My Loving, respectively. The four tracks from June 25th were recorded in-studio at the BBC's own Piccadilly Studios for the...

“Pink Floyd at the BBC with David Gilmour now fully in charge. Two different sessions from May and July 1969, showing one of the strongest evolutions in the psych era.
May 12, 1969:
A1. Grandchester Meadows
A2. Cymbaline
A3. Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe Eugene
A4. The Narrow Way
July 20, 1969:
B1. Moonhead
B2. Embryo

“California native Justin Pinkerton, aka Golden Void drummer and the man behind El Paraiso Records' own Futuropaco project, delivers a full-length album of playful synthesizer music. In contrast to a lot of the other projects Justin has been involved in over the years, Aak'Ab radiates slowness and tranquility. There's a rare sense of calm in these pieces. It would, however, be a mistake to categorize it as ambient or new age -- the intricate pattern-work and the raga-like structure of these pieces avoid...

"...a quirky, catchy blend of pop hooks and jazz-centric soloing...it's rare for a group so young to emerge with such a fully formed and distinctive concept, but Pixel seems to have accomplished just that." � AllAboutJazz...

"Ultrasound is the result of two individuals with a huge appetite for scandinavian progressive music. Jostein Haugen and Marius Leirånes began to work on the album in late may 2015, and one year later they began the recording of "Ultrasound". During the process the band reached out to Mattias Olsson (Necromonkey, ex Änglagård), and he joined mainly as their producer. He was also in charge of drums, overdubs and mixing. Johan Hals Jørgensen (organist) was later recruited as the bands new keyboard maestro...

“The first ever live performance and recording by Marc Moulin's sought-after jazz-funk band Placebo, captured at Casino Kursaal during the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1971 and never released before. June 17th, 1971, the Montreux Riviera, its delightful microclimate and postcard scenery, its fabled music history and the luscious wines of the region. A dream setting for Marc Moulin to lead his ensemble on a 26-minutes+ jazz adventure -- Nick Kletchkovsky on bass, Freddy Rottier on drums, Johnny Dover...

"At age 78, Joe McPhee shows no sign of slowing down. Plan B is the master improviser's new trio, with James Keepnews on guitar and laptop and David Berger on drums. A soundtrack to a science fiction movie existing only in their heads, From Outer Space finds McPhee and company envisioning the first encounter between alien life and a delegation of earthlings (while giving a nod to jazz's original man from another planet, Sun Ra, with a side-long suite dedicated to him). It's quite unlike anything else in...

This is a beautiful reproduction of a top-drawer psychedelic rarity from 1968. Comes with lyric insert and replica vintage press release.

"Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This is a record with few equals, full of foreboding melodies and lovely hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb and trippiest, Eastern sounding fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent -- one is equally..

“1972 jazz funk rarity features members of Placebo and Solis Lacus including the great Bruno Castellucci on drums. Lots of horns and soulful vocals embrace a sound that is in some ways similar to early Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago. Comparisons to Placebo are quite common and not unwarranted. This album has been reissued a few times but this is the first time that it was transferred from the original master tapes. Comes with a bonus 7" single.”-Ken Golden [aka the NJ funk-boy...

"Previously unreleased second album from Pluto, whose first is highly collectible.
Mixed by the band from original master tapes found in the Morgan tape stores. The band includes members of Dry Ice and The Foundations. Released on 180 gram vinyl."

“The unreleased recording of PLVG (pronounced "plug") recorded in 1973. PLVG is formed of ex-members of the band Calcium, considered the cream of French studio musicians. In May 1971, soon after his triumphant Olympia 70, singer Julien Clerc surrounds himself with musicians Charles Benaroche and Denis Lable. They are joined in '72 by Stéphane Vilar (ex-Calcium) who had just composed the music of Circus Bonjour, Jean Claude Poligot, Richard Lable, and Philippe Gall. The band thus constituted, accompanies..

Beautiful, gatefold, vinyl edition of this great release!

Pekka's 3rd solo album was recorded in late 1976 and released in 1977 by Virgin under the English title above. It is by far his best known work, due to the active participation of Mike...

Beautiful, gatefold, vinyl edition of this wonderful release of progressive jazz/rock!

The great first solo album by the bassist of Wigwam. This album, which was recorded in 1972 while Pekka was still in Wigwam, is a masterpiece of progressive...

"Kerkko Koskinen’s musical visions have always been ambitious. When he put together what was to become the most popular rock/pop band in Finland in the 1990s, Ultra Bra, the instrumentation of a standard band was just not enough. In addition to four vocalists, the 13-member band included a horn section, two percussionists, and a large-scale string assembly, used in the band’s recordings. Striving to create a “big” sound has always been present in Koskinen’s production, and finally, with Agatha, he has...

Boris Cassone – keyboard, vocals
Guilhem Meier – bass, vocals
Adrian Bourget – drums, vocals

This is the fourth Poil album and the first since their collaboration with Ni as PinoiL.
While it still burns with the energy they are known for, either I have gotten a litte more used to their Wildman tactics so it isn’t the first thing I notice, or they’ve kept the musical excellence intact, but have toned things down a little bit [not too much but a little bit] in terms of the noise and..

This is an archival jazz rock that was barely released in 1973, and found its first general release 39 years later!

“British jazz underground masterpiece, originally released in 1973. Ultra-rare UK prog-jazz fusion private-pressing. In 1973, four Englishmen who loved jazz, rock, and groove decided to record an independent album at Zelia Studios in Birmingham. The result was Poliphony, which had few hard copies and became a rarity among jazz rock collectors. The core of the jazz rock quartet...

"Issued on Liberty in 1970, the debut LP by Popol Vuh features Florian Fricke's Moog synthesizer experiments at it's most spirited wild. Supported at times by Holger Tr�lszch's percussion, flying free at others, the result has been labeled as a dark...

The group’s twelfth album, originally released in 1979.
Features an amazing lineup of
Florian Fricke: piano, vocals
Daniel Fichelsccher: guitars, percussion
Djong Yun: vocal
Renate Knaup: vocal
Susan Goetting: oboe
Al Gromer: sitar

Another absolutely wonderful gem of acoustic-based inner beauty/outer space music.

Einsjager & Siebenjager
Hosianna Mantra
Nosferatu OST [2 x lps]

See the illustration below

“POPOL VUH are considered one of the most influential German “70s progressive rock” avant-garde acts of the Seventies and are also known as a a pioneering Band in Ambient and Progressive Rock Music. Their records Affenstunde (1971) and In the Garden of Pharao (1972), played with with the Moog Synthesizer, are claimed to be fundamentally influencing works in...

One of the last of the GREAT Popol Vuh albums.

"Recorded in 1980 and produced by Klaus Schulze, Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN (Is quiet, knows I AM) is one of Popol Vuh's sacred music offerings.
Like Hosianna Mantra nearly a decade before, this set is regal in its solemnity and in its intensity. Utilizing the Chorensemble der Bayerischen Staatsoper and the soprano saxophone stylings of Chris Karrer, Popol Vuh -- down to a three-piece with vocalist Renate Knaup fronting the choir, Fricke on piano.

Jasper van’t Hof-electric piano
Charlie Mariano-reeds
Philip Catherine-electric guitar
J-F Jenny Clark-bass
Also Romano-drums

Pork Pie were a very good jazz/rock band that had a sort of European jazz supergroup type line up, as you can see from the above.
They made two excellent lps between 1974 – 1976 for MPS, one of which has been reissued on CD and one that has not.
This is the band in their early prime from a live recording at the Berliner Philharmonie on...

“A reissue of Michel Portal's Alors !!!, originally released in 1970. Could the missing link between Eric Dolphy and Albert Ayler be the Michel Portal of 1970? After having worked alongside François Tusques defending a free jazz "made in France", you find him here, heading up an international quintet of which each member is on fire: John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin, and Jean-Pierre Drouet.
The quintet had full leeway to break out the free-form in long ambient tracks to compose this Alors!!!...

"After stranding listeners in deep space with Schleißen 4 in 2015, Colin Potter, Alessio Natalizia, and Guido Zen regroup along the percussive vectors of Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out for the Ecstatic label. Three years in the making, taking cues from German synth rock, cosmic disco, abstract EBM, and obscure library sounds, the trio head for seductive new horizons of pulsing rhythms and floating ambient dub tones. The six hands control the mission with masterful skill and sleight of hand, prompting...

“The first ever reissue of Steve Potts's Musique Pour Le Film d'Un Ami, originally released in 1975.
In 1975, Steve Potts left Steve Lacy for a time to compose Musique Pour Le Film d'Un Ami following the proposition from the film's director Joaquín Lledó. With guest musicians of quality and from vairied horizons, the saxophonist recorded a soundtrack ranging from modal jazz to free funk and from dirty grooves, to java wah-wah with disconcerting elegance. Rather than blaxploitation, Potts and his...