This is released in an edition of 1,000 copies. "Limited edition 2006 US Tour CD featuring recordings from 2004. 'Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky' (aka Dark Star Blues) was recorded at Spaceland on June 6, 2004 -- a great show. And the other track is...

"Recuring Dream And Apocalypse Of Darkness is by far the heaviest Acid Mothers Temple record yet. So heavy, in fact, that Kawabata Makoto jokingly said 'the album is really heavy, maybe a bit like Sunn O))). hahahaha.'...

"Son Of A Bitches Brew is a true electric jazz record from the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO. Rooted in the sound of Miles Davis' electric era this record melds jazz, funk and psych with AMT's synth swoops, space whispers and cosmic...

"Son Of A Bitches Brew is a true electric jazz record from the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO. Rooted in the sound of Miles Davis' electric era this record melds jazz, funk and psych with AMT's synth swoops, space whispers and cosmic...

"Acid Mothers Temple - the next generation begins! With the departure of long time bass/drum duo Shimura Koji and Tsuyama Atsushi, AMT now have a new rhythm section featuring two young Japanese musicians, Satoshima Nani on drums and S/T on bass. Thus, Wake To A New Dawn of Another Astro Era is the first record in the second chapter of this legendary Japanese psychedelic rock group. Wake To A New Dawn Of Another Astro Era finds a rejuvenated Makoto Kawabata encompassing the best of what AMT has come...

"Japan's psychedelic troubadours return with a new album focusing on the folksier galaxy of their tripped-out universe. Highlighting new vocalist Jyonson Tsu, Acid Mothers Temple put the acid back in acid folk with this release! Upping the ante is Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow, Hatfield & The North, Univers Zero) on all tracks! Limited edition of only 500 CDs made!”

"New 2nd album by the japanese AMT trio, an outfit led by Magic Aum GiGi alias Jerome Genin, Fractal owner for the fake secret. The Soul of a Mountain Wolf is a concept album, short and definitely ROCK dominated by wild fuzz psychedelic guitar."

"Released by Bam Balam Records, a french label from Bordeaux, Cometary Orbital Drive is nothing but a long suite based on a six-notes sequence. Behind the out-dated cover, you will find a booklet which explains that the riff has some magical power...

This is the third album by the power trio of Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Koenjihyakkei) and Tsuyama Atsushi and Kawabata Makoto (of Acid Mothers Temple).
Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, vocal, recorder, soprano sax
Yoshida Tatsuya : drums, vocal...

"Without a doubt, this is one of the holy grails of the Japanese early seventies lysergic psych scene, together with Speed Glue & Shinki, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers and People/Ceremony.
Privately released in a tiny edition on the Oz Records label way back in 1973, the original artifact was and is till this day the only legitimate recording on vinyl to feature the Rallizes and Acid Seven, in addition to a side each from Minami Masato and the legendary Taj Mahal Travellers.
New double-CD ...

The first release of these live recordings from January, 1979, by this French, instrumental, symphonic rock band who only released one album during their lifetime (in 1978).
Reasonably good sound for 40 year old tapes and a further exploration of a very French sound a bit reminiscent of Wappasou.

This is a very, very good return to form and sound for The Pyramids. If you love the 70s stuff by The Pyramids, this spiritual jazz work will similarly thrill!

"The brand new album from cosmic jazz travellers The Pyramids, led by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, An Angel Fell.
Produced by Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics, the album was recorded during an intense week at Quatermass studios in London and is one of the deepest, richest works yet from a band reaching their highest creative peak...

“This album celebrates the 1977 band TWINS, that consisted of Bruce Ackley, Eugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser, and John Zorn. Featuring the usual instrumentation of two reeds and two guitars, it pre-dated they New York Downtown scene that was to follow. Ackley and Kaiser wanted to re-visit the original repertoire and approach of this quartet, but found it unlikely that the original members could be reunited for such a project. Grabbing their pals Fred Frith and Aram Shelton, they entered the studio to...

Yes, after something like 40 years, Acqua Fragile return and it's genuinely them; I've heard this and fans of their original albums, as well as 70s Rock Progressivo Italiano will not be disappointed!

"A brand new album by Italian Progressive Rock legends Acqua Fragile. Along with compatriots PFM (for whom Bernard Lanzetti’s stunning vocal prowess graced several classic albums), Acqua Fragile were true progressive rock pioneers in the 1970s.
A New Chant features original members Piero Canavera.

Acqua Fragile only made 2 albums before they broke up when their singer Bernardo Lanzetti joined P.F.M. They never had too much success during their lifetime, but their albums have a nice sorta P.F.M-styled charm. This is their first album, & most...

New, superior, remastered Esoteric edition of this classic Italian band's second album. The second of two albums by this Italian group who gave vocalist Bernardo Lanzetti (who joined PFM during their most famous period) to the world. This was released...

''After 15,000 copies sold of their first album, here is their new one - again a journey to songs & dances in their original Italian Gypsy style. Quivering & ironic, a mix of Rom/Sinti musical roots and Southern Italian traditional dances. A hot Gypsy ...

A gypsy ensemble (guitar, accordion, violin, clarinet/bass clarinet, vocals) performing music from the gypsy provinces of Italy. ''Drom means way in the language of Rom. The road of A.D. goes from the dances of Balkan region, the wedding songs, the tun...

“An unknown and precious album recorded in 1975 by two friends who recorded one side each, they made just two acetates and then handmade beautiful covers from two enlargements of a photograph of the Isles of St Kilda.
Side one is a neo classical prog rock epic in the style of Renaissance and Continuum, inspired by the wild and pagan isles of St Kilda where, as a 16 yr old, the composer Peter McKerrow was taken by military launch to conduct a census on the rare Soay Sheep that live there. A storm...

“Peter McKerrow revisits the experimental electronic composition he made in 1975 after a life altering trip to the Isle of St Kilda. He worked on the piece through the decades and here he presents the final composition - and as a companion piece a second experimental work inspired by underwater experiences near the Isles of Scilly.
Experimental progressive soundscapes only for the adventurous listener.”

From Sardinia, an original project dedicated to female polyphonic singing. Songs of love and sacred songs, lullabies and popular dances, funeral laments and serenedes. A polyphonic quintet of fascinating female voices joined by a great expounder of Sar...

George Adams: tenor saxophone, vocal
Heinz Sauer: tenor saxophone
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Richie Beirach: piano
Dave Holland: double bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums

“George Adams made only one ECM recording, but it’s a beauty, placing his powerful tenor sax at the front of a talent-packed group, with Adams, Kenny Wheeler and Heinz Sauer all contributing compositions to the programme. “The spirit of Mingus hovers watchfully nearby; Adams is an original, though. His so

“Everything That Rises is art without artifice, and its beauty transports the listener into a timeless place outside of everyday experience, surely one of music’s most exalted goals.” —New York Classical Review

“Everything That Rises finds Mr. Adams exploring dissonance and just-intonation tuning, in the gentlest of ways.” —New York Times

"Everything That Rises is an elegant, haunting, and devilishly difficult string quartet, performed by by the incredible, illustrious JACK Quartet...

"Four Thousand Holes is a sometimes lush, sometimes fragile, rhythmically complex and technically demanding work for piano and mallet percussion (performed by the extraordinary pianist Stephen Drury and percussionist Scott Deal) and ghostly electronic...

"Ecstatic, powerful music for piano(s) and percussion featuring noted new -music performers pianist Stephen Drury and percussionist Scott Deal. It combines architectural and multi-tempo/polyrhythmic processes with the composer's passion for lush...

"The Place We Began" contains four mysteriously evocative electro-acoustic works that the composer built from short recorded moments -- audio fragments -- of his early music (circa the early 1970s). This is not a trip down memory lane: In the place we...

Steve Adams, sopranino, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, bass flute / Ken Filiano, bass / Scott Amendola, drums.

A very strong trio outing. Everyone plays very well, but I found Ken Filiano's bass playing here to be especially muscular and...

"Vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz is emerging as one of the most interesting bandleaders and composers in modern creative improvised jazz. ...Adasiewicz has assembled a quintet of astounding musical proportion and depth, playing his tricky music that seems to have no limits of imagination, wit or wisdom." – All Music Guide

"Their second album, Varmint, shows growth exactly where it was needed. The compositions are better developed, the playing more relaxed and fluid, and the record better

“Swingin' in Seattle: Live at the Penthouse (1966-1967) is a collection of previously-unissued recordings by the Cannonball Adderley quintet captured live at the height of his powers over 4 nights at the famous Penthouse jazz club in Seattle, WA between 1966 and 1967.
Just one week later, Adderley would record his classic Mercy, Mercy, Mercy: Live at "The Club" album at the Capitol Records studio in Hollywood, CA.
This set features Cannonball Adderley on alto saxophone, Nat Adderley on cornet...

Cannonball Adderley Quintet:
Cannonball Adderley - alto saxophone
Nat Adderley – cornet
Sam Jones – bass
Louis Hayes – drums
Victor Feldman - piano/vibraphone

Benny Carter Sextet:
Benny Carter - alto saxophone
Karl Drewo - tenor saxophone
Raymond Droz – trombone
Francis Coppieters – piano
Eric Peter – bass
Stuff Combe – drums

“Cannonball Adderley Quintet/Benny Carter Sextet's Live In Cologne 1961 is an original master concert recordi

Starting to play bass at the age of 18, Richard met and played with several progressive rock and Jazz rock musicians during many years in the Montreal (Canada) area. He participated to hundreads of studio recording sessions, had some articles written a...

Michael Adkins tenor saxophone
Russ Lossing piano
Larry Grenadier double bass
Paul Motian drums

"There is a tendency to see jazz performance divided between uptempo numbers and ballads, but Adkins is perhaps con- cerned with something different, a thoughtful, alert, observant gait – Henry David Thoreau preferred to talk about ‘saunter- ing’ – that offers the player a new relationship with his surroundings. Adkins’ immediate surroundings are familiar enough, the group he...

A remarkable young composer out of the Lou Harrison mold and a virtuoso on the khaen mouth organ, Christopher Adler splits his time between California and Thailand where he collaborates with many of the country's greatest classical musicians. For his f...

Andy Carne : Lead vocal
Daniel Chudley-Le Corre: Electric bass guitar, vocal
James Larcombe : Melodeon, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, vocal
Richard Larcombe: Guitar, vocal, harmonium
Sarah Measures: Vocal, flute
Kavus Torabi: Acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, percussion, vocal
Paul Westwood: Hammered dulcimer, harmonium, vocal

"Nautical all-stars Admirals Hard release their debut album Upon A Painted Ocean on Believers Roast. The 7-piece ensemble features members of b

“’It is a journey that the pianist invites the listener to embark on," writes Alain Drouot, jazz journalist from Chicago. revealing a panorama of uncharted territories, the opener “yume” suggests that it will be well worth the trip.
Swiss pianist Stefan Aeby’s first solo piano recording is the product of three and half years of incubation and shows an understanding of what can be accomplished when taking advantage of a studio setting. whether composed or improvised, the pieces all have a common...

Stefan Aeby - Piano
André Pousaz - Bass
Michi Stulz - Drums

"The concert of the Stefan Aeby Trio at the Intakt Festival at Vortex Jazz Club in London 2017 was a highlight of live music in the capital that year. It made an emphatic statement on how improvisation transcends borders and underlined the strength of a new generation of players.
London journalist Kevin Le Genre writes: "Aeby, drummer Michi Stulz and double bassist André Pousaz make for an inherently contemporary propositi

Stefan Aeby: Piano
André Pousaz: Bass
Michi Stulz: Drums
“Acclaimed Swiss pianist and composer Stefan Aeby presents with his trio his debut on Intakt Records as a bandleader. His excellent new album "to the light" with bass player André Pousaz and drummer Michi Stulz has a clear, unique identity. The trio follows a free vision of minimal sound art, leaving space and time to react to each other, and to revel in the sounds.
Florian Keller writes in the liner notes: "To build their....

Aera were a long running German fusion band who recorded from the 70s and into the 80s. Even in the 80s, not a great time for fusion, they remained a quality outfit. This is a reissue of their first two releases, from 1975 and 1976.

“Both their albums on 1 CD. Rooted in the Bavarian tradition of jazz rock oriented bands like Embryo, Missus Beastly, Munju etc. A highly inventive fusion band with strong percussion, driving rhythms and lots of space for solos on guitar, sax and flute.”

Aera were a long running German fusion band who recorded from the 70s and into the 80s. Even in the 80s, not a great time for fusion, they remained a quality outfit. This is from their earlier period together.

"Besides the SWF (German south-west.

Aera were a long running German fusion band who recorded from the 70s and into the 80s. Even in the 80s, not a great time for fusion, they remained a quality outfit.

"Five live tracks from 2 concerts and four tracks recorded in Bavarian Broadcast Corporation owned studio "Franken" "at Nuremberg". Aera played a lively jazz-rock dominated by soloist and sax and flute player Klaus Kreuzeder, based on powerful and clever keyboard playing all held together by amazing bass player Matz Steinke and...

"Betimes Black Cloudmasses is the highly-anticipated second album from Vincent De Roguin (Shora), Stephen O'Malley (SUNN0))), KTL), and Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo). Like their genre and audience-confounding debut Deep In Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light...

"Deep In Ocean Sunk The Lamp Of Light is the debut release from the trio of Stephen O'Malley (Sunn0))))), Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo), and Vincent de Roguin (Shora). Taking its title from The Iliad, the music is deep, cosmic, and equally epic, completely...

"Hazel is the fifth record from Æthenor, the group of eclectic travelers that includes Stephen O'Malley (SunnO))), KTL), Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo, Ulver, This is Not This Heat, Grumbling Fur, etc.), Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver), and Steve Noble (Brötzmann Trio, N.E.W.) Together they bring their considerable pedigrees into play with unexpected and original results. Contradicting expectations of a massive blow-out of sound, everyone plays with remarkable, effective restraint. Atmospheric and layered, this...

Reggae and beyond producer Adrian Sherwood, a white Englishman, is one of the most interesting music producers to emerge in the 1980's and beyond. He has done a lot of work, some of it quite 'normal' reggae, but the A.H.C. is a long running band/project..

Another exciting unit out of the infamous Osaka underground rock scene. Close friends with the Boredoms and Acid Mothers Temple, Afrirampo is a bizarre duo of two twenty year old girls who sing and play guitar and drums like no one else. Scantily clad ...

George M Lowe- Guitar & Arrangements
Hector "Coco" Barez- Percussion
Brian Cruse- Bass
Scott Milstead- Drums & Percussion
John Lilley- Alto & Tenor Sax
Chris Sclafani- Baritone Sax
Chris Vasi- Guitar
Toby Whitaker- Trombone
Special Guests:
Suzi Fischer- Tenor Sax on Orisha
Lance Koehler- Extra percussion on Alemye

"Joking title aside, this is the debut studio album from Afro-Zen Allstars, a Richmond-based little big band playing the arrangements and

Clarification note: This is a CD reissue of the [originally cassette-only] live release, Souvenir Cassette + tracks that originally ended up on the ReR Quarterly vinyl release + an unreleased track, all making their CD debut!

Haco: singing Seiichi Kuroda: bass
Mutsuhiko Izumi: guitar
Ichiro Inbue: percussion
Hideyuki Yamagata: drums
Tadahiko Yokogawa: violin, bass and mandolin
Yasushi Utsunomiya: direction
Ohji Hayashi: monitor mixing
Miki Omori: sl

Neil Campell – classical and electric guitars, keyboards
Marty Snape – acoustic guitars, keyboards, electronics
Roger Gardiner – bass
Viktor Nordberg – drums
Perri Alleyne-Hughes – vocals on 8 & 9
Ian Cantwell & Mark Jones – vocals on 11

“Imagine if the world was almost destroyed and there were just a few survivors left. With the goal of building a new positive world from the wreckage of the past what sort of music would surviving musicians make?
After the Flood is a

Luís Lopes, electric guitar / Sei Miguel, (muted) pocket trumpet / Joe Giardullo, soprano and tenor saxophones / Benjamin Duboc, double bass / Harvey Sorgen drums.

"Considering the work done by each one of the musicians forming the band...

"An evolving local group with a cacophonous yet catchy approach..." – The New Yorker

“Afuche’s palpable onstage energy is key to the unique corner the band has carved for itself in the ever-saturated Brooklyn music scene.” - Jezebel....