“Phil Manzanera's first post-Roxy foray into solo albums is a terrific all-star affair that still holds up enormously well. Calling on favors from Roxy members present and past, and those from the Cambridge/British art rock scene, Manzanera assembled a supergroup for every song.
Robert Wyatt sings Spanish gibberish on the opener "Frontera," a rewrite of his own "Team Spirit." Brian Eno teams up for the sunny "Big Day" and the nonsensical "Miss Shapiro," both of which would not have been out of place..

This is the classic by this all star project including Eno, Bill MacCormick, Simon Phillips, Francis Monkman and the never-heard-from-again Lloyd Watson. If you are of a certain age, said the man of a certain age, then this was certainly a big part of ...

Phil Manzanera - guitar, vocals
Sonia Bernardo - vocals, guitar
Yaron Stavi - bass, vocals
Javier Weyler - drums
Joao Mello - sax, keyboards, vocals
Lucas Polo - guitar, vocals
Andres Mesa - keyboards, vocals

"A double CD of 23 tracks recorded at Billboard Live in Tokyo, Japan on July 2, 2017. This line-up interprets a selection of stellar tracks from Phil's back catalogue as well as some Roxy Music standards."

Disc 1:
Out O

A breakthrough release from this young Israeli guitarist who has been living in New York since 1999. Featuring a spectacular ensemble of downtown superstars, the music is a raging rock/jazz fusion touching upon Tony Williams Lifetime, John Zorns Masada...

"Maoz is a guitarist, bandleader and composer of great intensity and vision. Produced by Shanir Blumenkranz, this second CD by his band Edom pushes Radical Jewish Culture to exciting new places with the addition of keyboard maniac Brian Marsella and...

This was the second and final release by Spain's Maquina. Originally a double album, it was recorded live in Barcelona in 1972, 2 years after their Why? album. Their sound had changed quite a bit in the interim, adding jazz and even blues influences, a...

Classic psychedelic singles from late 60s/early 70s by this band who were Spain's first true underground group.

"Stunning compilation with all the singles by Barcelona's legendary psychedelic-progressive group, including potential hits such as...

Maquina performed live and released their first single in 1969, making them among the first genuine underground groups from Spain. One year later, their first album Why? Mquina! was recorded. The title track was a two-part freak-out, with an ongoing...

La Mquina de Hacer Pjaros (in English,The Bird-Making Machine") was a band created by Charly Garca, right after he disbanded Sui Generis. This time he abandoned the folk-influenced sound of Sui Generis in favour of a more "prog-symphonic-rock" approach...

"La Mquina de Hacer Pjaros (in English,The Bird-Making Machine") was a band created by Charly Garca, right after he disbanded Sui Generis. This time he abandoned the folk-influenced sound of Sui Generis in favour of a more "prog-symphonic-rock" approach. He once said about La Mquina, "we were the Yes of the third world". Not a bad description, since their sound was similar to Yes, with the influence of South American music among other influences. They only recorded two albums, their self-titled debut ...

"Second album from this Brazilian prog band. Mar Assombrado's style fits right in with a lot of Brazilian prog artists. Their sound features a strong does of symphonic keyboard sounds bolstered with beautiful flute and aggressive guitar and violin leads."

“Alexandre Maraslis is a Brazilian multi-instrumentist that played in some progressive bands (Chronos Mundi, Montauk Project) and after 21 years he releases his second solo project, called Maraslis.
For this one he united a super group of progressive rock players, with Pedro Baldanza (Som Nosso de Cada Dia), Beth Dau (Hermeto Pascoal), Braulio Drumond (Di´Anno), Artur Cirio (Cold Blood), Robson Bertolossi (Octohpera e Chronos Mundi), Alex Frias (AJJA).
The tracks on the CD are meant to work as..

Dani Rabin-guitar
Danny Markovitch-sax
Greg Essig-drums
John W. Lauter-bass

Marbin has a unique story that stands out in today's music world. With a do-it-yourself approach, Marbin started touring in 2011 and has played over a thousand shows since, bringing their original instrumental music everywhere in the states that they could book a show.

"Capturing the intense energy of their live show with the pristine sound of a studio recording, Aggressive Hippies, Marbin's fifth...

"The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible — and achieve it, generation after generation."Author Pearl S. Buck's famous quotation seems especially appropriate when discussing the musical configuration called..

"Being every bit as enthralling as it is entertaining, Marbin's third release is a genre-defying masterpiece. On the heels of last year's critically-hailed effort, Breaking The Cycle (their second album, and first for MoonJune Records), the group has...

"What does a band that has performed over 800 shows over the last three years do for an encore? Recording a scorching, balls-to-the-wall, three-alarm live album feels like a natural progression!...

Gianantonio Marchetti (keyboards, piano, synthesizers, compositions & arrangements)
Luca Giampietri (bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sound effects, production & mixing)
Yari Rebughini (lead vocals & lyrics)
Giuseppe D’Aleo (drums)

"... this time I have admired an album with a very Ambient sound, in which the depth of the Sound and the sense of total involvement by the listener, personally I felt dragged by the waves of the sea in a clean melody , contemporary but also...

Christian Marclay was one of the earliest folks to make an art form out of the turntable, using the device as a tool to make suprising juxtapositions. Emerging from the unbelievably fertile late 70s / early 80s downtown improv scene (where I first...

"Dog W/A Bone, the recording label established by the Paula Cooper Gallery, is pleased to announce the CD release of Graffiti Composition by American visual artist and composer Christian Marclay. In 1996, Marclay plastered more than 5,000 posters of...

“This is the big one. Digipacked. Historic. Unmissable.”-Chris Cutler

More Encores was originally released as a vinyl record in 1988, and is composed entirely of records after whom each track is titled. Artists whose vinyl artifacts are subjected to Marclay's treatments include: John Zorn, John Cage, Louis Armstrong Fred Frith, Ferrante & Teicher, Maria Callas, Jimi Hendrix, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin and Marclay himself!

"Christian Marclay was the first non-rap DJ to make an art.

Elliott Sharp: Guitars, Electronics / Christian Marclay: Turntables

"The guitarist Elliott Sharp and the turntable player Christian Marclay met in a studio in New York and, during three days, developed unusual tonal worlds. The encounter of both.

The guitars of Sonic Youth with turntable avantist Marclay. ...a wall of beautiful noise was erected...mesmeric abandon.-The Independent. [Victo]

This was the wonderful 1st album that launched this amazing musician's career. A brilliant musician, composer and arranger, the closest comparison I might be able to make is that Albert is the French Frank Zappa, except that that really doesn't do him or his original music justice.
This is a brilliant album, with great melodies, musical surprises galore, brilliant orchestration, & much more. Highly recommended.

In a 30 year career, this is only Albert's 8th album. I am probably the biggest fan of Marcoeur in North America, but I gotta say that I found this to be very subdued on the only 2 listenings I have been able to give it so far. His fans must have it i...

Michael Marcus – Woodwinds
Joe McPhee – Woodwinds

Jay Rosen – Percussion
Warren Smith – Percussion

In 2018, jazz musician extraordinaire Michael Marcus got an invite to bring his duo with drummer Jay Rosen to the Austrian venue Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf. And when he arrived, the promoter of their show sprung a novel idea on them: performing their set with fellow reedsman Joe McPhee and another drummer. “It was a great concept,” Marcus remembers. “And the chemistry was really good.”

Michael Marcus - soprano sax, tenor sax, alto tarogato, G clarinet, bass flute, gong
Frank Lacy - French horn
Tarus Mateen - Marcoustico acoustic bass
Jay Rosen - drums and percussion

"Michael Marcus comes out of Coltrane, Kirk, and Dolphy but has his own sound."-Thomas Conrad, Downbeat

After paying his dues with bluesmen Albert King and Bobby "Blue" Bland and jazzman Jaki Byard, Michael Marcus had his first album released in 1991, when he was 39. He's been much more prolif

"The new Al Margolis/If, Bwana CD is comprised of 'Issue,' for electronics and multi-tracked voice, and 'An Innocent, Abroad,' a 40 plus minute work for electronics, vocals, and flutes. 'An Innocent, Abroad' can be best described as a Sonic Oratorio...

Compositions for tapes, electronics, voice, drones. Rex Xhu Ping (pronounced rex shoe ping) features Margolis (tapes, electronics, clarinet, and sundries), Laura Biagi (vocals), Dan Andreana (speaker, tapes), Detta Andreana (tapes, bowed cymbals), and...

Luciano was the guitarist and leader of LA 1919 for many years. Here he works on a project where most of the recordings here he constructed pieces out of guitar improvisations received through the mail, and then added musical materials (his own guitar,...

Falling behind at work is terrible; you try and keep up and somehow, things just fall to the side and...which brings us to this 2008 release by guitarist Luciano Margorani, who played with the very good Italian band La 1919 for many years. Despite the...

"New ensemble comprised to develop and record the songs of Adrienne Pierluissi, a contemporary painter living in Milwaukee, WI, featuring Ken Vandermark, Nick Macri, Tim Daisy, John Dereszynski, Rick Reger, Joe McPhee, Tomeka Reid, and Jen Paulson...

Recorded in 1976, this features an amazing band: Charlie Mariano-soprano sax, alto sax, flute, nagasawaram, Zbigniew Seifert-violin, Jan Hammer-pianos and Moog, Jack Bruce-bass, John Marshall-drums and Nippy Noya-percussion. This would have been near...

" "The cold war's gone, but those bastards'll find us another one/They're here to protect you, don't you know?/So get used to it - Get used to it!.../The sense that it's useless, and the fear to try/Not believing the leaders, the media that feed us/Living with the big lie." ("Living With the Big Lie," from Brave)
In the 27 years since Steve Hogarth took over as lead vocalist for Marillion, the band has had only one bona fide concept album: the aurally and emotionally stunning Brave (1994). Using as...

"Marillion's 15th album is actually double album split into two separate CDs. "Happiness is the Road Volume One" is subtitled "Essence" and contains all new material from one of the most loved and passionate bands in the world. A new creative streak of...

"Marillion's 15th album is actually double album split into two separate CDs. "Happiness is the Road Volume Two" is subtitled "The Hard Shoulder" and contains all new material from one of the most loved and passionate bands in the world. A new creative...

"With 'Somewhere Else' Marillion have played to their strengths and cut one of their very best records. With their innate sense of drama and pomp tempered by a winning melancholy, Marillion have produced a set of rich and vivid soundscapes...

"Marillion teams up with U.K. dance band the Positive Light to produce a remix album of tracks from the 1997 album This Strange Engine. "

Ned Rothenberg, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet / Dave Ballou, trumpet / Denman Maroney, hyperpiano / Reuben Radding, bass / Michael Sarin, drums.

“Udentity was created with support from Chamber Music America's New Works: Creation and...

Denman Maroney – piano
Scott Walton – double bass (formerly of Cosmologic)
Denis Fournier – drums, percussion

“D. Maroney, creator of hyperpiano, D. Fournier, drummer in the lienage of Sunny Murray or Milford Graves and S. Walton, solid and creative bassist.”

Duets for hyperpiano (prepared piano - using mostly the innards) and endangered guitar (prepared). Two great new-generation US improvisers. [Potlatch]

“André Marques is the keyboard player of Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo, but he also has several parallel projects and to celebrate the 25 years of his career, he put together a band with musicians of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, hence the name of the CD.
Here he explores his own compositions, based on Brazilian rhythms such as samba, frevo, toada and baião.
The all star band is made of Márcio Bahia (drums), Michael Pipoquinha (bass), Eduardo Neves (sax and flute), Jota P (sax and flute) and Beth Dau.

"The definitive collection of the 32 minutes of studio recordings released between 1977 and 1979 on vinyl by the first of the no wave bands. This album is an effort to recuperate the group's legacy and make up for the unavailability of these tracks in...

Prog? Punk? Who knows and who cares. Let's let the blowhards on the online boards fight that one out. The Mars Volta's second full album is an exciting, very unique and *very* well played mixture of punk, progressive rock, Led Zeppelin and much much more. Like their last one, it's a strange and pretty bleak concept album with expansive music and a bit more of the Led Zep sound. Impressive. And it even features a cover by Storm Thorgerson (aka Hipgnosis).

This live album, recorded between May 2004-May 2005 isn't really a live album in any conventional sense except Frank Zappa's. In other words, it has been massively worked-on in the studio, but you still get the raw power of a live performance at its base.