AltrOck / Fading

Very good chamber-rock from Siberia (!) that uses two guitars, bass, drums, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano and female voice with guests on violin and viola on the majority of the tracks. For some reason, parts of this remind me a bit of Macchina...

This is a reissue of the album Knebnagauje, which was the first-ever release of any material by this unknown and lost avant-garde progressive rock band of the late 1970s into the mid 80s. Finally, 25 years after their dissolution, there was a very limited (500 copies) edition made by the MIO label as their last release, just as the label was shutting down. Many folks had a chance to buy this, but many more were shut out and missed a chance to own this great muscial document. Until now.
The line up...

Really, really pleased to see that his excellent (and funny!) young, modern, French trio have found a home on AltrOck. They put on a wonderful performance (even before they hit the stage!) at the RIO fest in 2013 and this is a band that fan of modern...

Matteo Barisone : Vocals and Keyboards
Gianluca Barisone : Guitars
Stefano Scarella : Bass & Saxophone
Simone Scala : Drums
Damiano Baroni : violin
Francesco Bagnasco : violin
Gigi Magnozzi : viola
Giacomo Biagi : cello
Giovanni Aquillino : flute
Jacopo Bagutti : bassoon

This is the 1st release by this band that fall somewhere between the progressive rock and Canterbury sounds; some of this reminds me a little bit of a more ‘revved up’

A RIO/chamber rock-styled band from Belarus. They are a 7 piece of Vitaly Appow-bassoon, Maxim Velvetov-guitars, Cyrill Christya-violin, Olga Podgaiskaja-keyboards, vocals, Anna Ovchinnikova-cello, Dmitry Maslovsky-bass and Nikolay Gumberg-drums...

Third and best release yet from this fine RIO-styled chamber-rock ensemble from Belarus who have really hit their stride here. They are a 7 piece of Vitaly Appow-bassoon, Maxim Velvetov-guitars, Cyrill Christya-violin, Olga Podgaiskaja-keyboards, vocals..

Long-time Waysiders are aware of the great, under-acknowledged work of Guigou Chenevier, both as bandleader, composer and drummer, for his great work with such ensembles as Etron Fou Leloublan, Volapuk and a string of fine solo works under his own name.

Reve General is his latest project, which includes 75% of Volapuk + the band Metamorphosis.

Notice that the line-up is two violins, two cellos, two guitars and drums, which is, obviously, a very unique sound. AND it was recorded live...

This relatively young band from Normandy, France, makes their debut on disc here, with a CD that has six tracks; three from new recordings by the current line-up of the group (drums/lead vocals, bass/vocals, guitar/vocals, alto & baritone sax/alto...

Spaltklang is the long-running band led by Swiss saxist and composer Markus Stauss. The group here features Richard Koch-trumpet, Francesco Zago-guitar (of Yugen), Christian Weber-double bass and Rémy Strauli-drums. The sound here is definitely jazz...

Second excellent release by this great French sextet whose first album was released on Tzadik (and was definitely one of the most 'avant-progressive' things on that label!). This is their second and everything great about the 1st remains here....

I have long enjoyed the work of Simon Steensland, a Swede who has released a number of very good albums over the last 25 years or so, as the title alludes to. He is a multi-instrumentalist and generally releases heavy, zeuhl/Univers Zero-flavored heavy and dark progressive albums.
The 1st disc is made up of his favorite tracks taken from the long out of print and hard to find albums Led Circus, Phantom Of The Theatre, The Zombie Hunter, Lonesome Combat Ensemble, Under Uknar and Kamikaze United Live...

Subtilior is led by the leader of Areknames, who are one of the very best contemporary Italian progressive rock groups. With Subtilior, he is still working in progressive rock, but he's shifted his focus here strongly towards avant progressive....

Eros & Thanatos is the sixth album of the revived progressive rock band Syndone, a band active during the early ’90s, andnow back in action with their reunion in 2010.

"The sixth work from this band from Torino is once again a concept album, inspired by the Song of Songs with translation of Guido Ceronetti, with the participation of two extraordinary special guests, the legendary Steve Hackett and Ray Thomas, guitar, flute and voice of the Moody Blues. Melody and groove, pathos and changing....

This is an expanded (one bonus song), remastered, deluxe-sleeve, re-edition of Syndone's 2010 third album, and their come-back, as their first two albums were both issued in the early 1990s!

The group as featured here is
Nik Comoglio : piano

Nik Comoglio : keyboards
Riccardo Ruggeri : vocals
Francesco Pinetti : vibraphone
Marco Minnemann: drums
John Hackett: flute

"Odysseas is the fifth album of the renewed Syndone, a new progressive/progressive folk ban

Ut Gret, the project led by bassist/guitarist Joee Conroy, have been around for a very long time in Louisville, KY and has released a number of more avant/improvisational discs, but for this one, their fourth, Joee has reached back to what I assume are...

VIII Strada are an Italian quintet whose first album from 2008 fell somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal.

But since that time, they replaced their keyboardist, retooled their over-all sound and are much more aligned with progressive rock, while still having a modern, heavy sound.
The band is:
Tito Vizzuso - vocals
Daniele Zigliani - guitars
Silvano Negrinelli - keyboards
Sergio Merlino - bass
Riccardo Preda - drums

"In December 2008 "La..

Dave Willey is a multi-instrumentalist who is the co-leader and co-composer of the material of the great Hamster Theatre ensemble. He has also been a member of Thinking Plague for about 15 years now.
Immeasurable currents is a moody, somewhat low...

"Very close to classic progressive rock, characterized by vintage sounds, The Worm Ouroborus remind us of bands such as King Crimson, Van der Graaf, Jethro Tull and the Canterbury scene, with a slight touch of craziness. Nevertheless this album...

First release by this six piece group from Estonia.

The group consists of Jan Pövvat-baritone sax, Sander Haugas and Siim Randveer-guitars, Kaspar Aus-keyboards, Lauri Randveer-bass, Martin Tamm-drums.

The sound is modern progressive..

The first album by this Italian/international avant-progressive supergroup, which has been eagerly anticipated. Their stated influences should tell you all you need to know: Satie, Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Cage, Reich, Zappa, Henry Cow, Gentle Giant...