A great performance. Last time ever on this wonderful release from the wonderful, now gone, Reel Recordings label.

Very limited edition of only 500 copies made; Mike says that that's it for this one, so don't wait too long...

"Anneli Drecker's Revelation For Personal Use is very much a follow-up to the huge artistic success of Rocks & Straws, an ode to her native town and region, and again consists of songs based on lyrics by Norwegian cult poet Arvid Hanssen and translated to English by artist and writer Roy-Frode Løvland. Anneli has written the album's eight lovely songs, plays piano and keyboards, and has produced the album. It largely moves in the same musical landscape as the previous album, with the Arctic Philharmonic...

“The third release in an ongoing series that will reconstruct the legacy known and the legacy damned of the most overlooked and under-documented American free rock unit, Dredd Foole and the Din.
After his miraculous two-year collaboration with Mission of Burma came to an end, Dredd Foole found a full-time band -- built with Peter Prescott's Volcano Suns. This new Dredd Foole and the Din would set the Boston scene on fire from 1984-1987, playing more shows in a given month than the Burma-Din had...

“The second release in an ongoing series that will reconstruct the legacy known and the legacy damned of the most overlooked and under-documented American free rock unit, Dredd Foole and the Din.
During an era of peak corporate control on popular music, when guitars were in the closet, improvisation was in retreat, and the flames of fire music were dimming, Dredd Foole and the Din emerged as part of a new underground kicking against the pricks, holding the line with the firmly clenched spirit of...

This is a new copy, however the sleeve has some dents and creases.

This is a new copy, however the sleeve has some dents and creases. An amazing, newly lowered price on perfect copies of the Japanese mini-lp sleeve version of this classic fusion album, which is sadly completely and utterly out of print in every part of the world.

All good things must come to an end, and...

"Live recording of top Hungarian ethno-jazz group, Dresch Quartet, with their long-time friend Chris Potter."
"I got to know Chris Potter in 2008 via his Hungarian wife. He's one of those rare, great musicians who don't fill you with trepidation; they liberate you. We've played together both privately and in public several times. With his exceptional musicality, he was able to identify perfectly with the playing of our quartet, as this live recording clearly shows."-Mihaly Dresch

Nicole Mitchell flute, alto flute & piccolo
Marty Ehrlich clarinet, bass clarinet & alto saxophone
Keir GoGwilt violin
Michael Dessen trombone
Joshua White piano
Jim Black drums & percussion
Mark Dresser double bass & McLagan tines

“Ain't Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You is the second album by the Mark Dresser Seven, following the critically acclaimed 2016 Clean Feed release Sedimental You. Both records showcase playing by flutist Nicole Mitchell, multi-reed player

"Mark Dresser is a remarkably innovative bassist who has few equals in the downtown jazz scene. He's carved out this reputation through his work in Anthony Braxton's great quartet from the '80s and early '90s and through countless sideman gigs with...

''From the lyricism of 'Air to Mir', commissioned by the Library of Congress, the textures of 'Spin X' for two basses and two percussionists, to the virtuosity of his own solo bass music and more, Marinade displays the full range of Mark Dresser's comp...

Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone / Michael Dessen, trombone / Denman Maroney, hyperpiano / Mark Dresser, double bass / Tom Rainey, drums (1, 2, 3, 5) / Michael Sarin, drums (4, 6, 7).
As Robin used to say to Batman, "Holy great-player line-up!"...

Nicole Mitchell soprano and alto flutes
Marty Ehrlich clarinet and bass clarinet
David Morales Boroff violin
Michael Dessen trombone
Joshua White piano
Jim Black drums and percussion
Mark Dresser contrabass

"Mark Dresser makes music in a vast variety of settings and contexts, but the dauntingly prolific bassist always seeks to create space for the unpredictable play between form and freedom. On his new album Sedimental You, slated for release in early November, 2016

“I think of the bass as an orchestra. Its sonic properties offer colors that are beautiful, dimensional, and idiosyncratic. Instrumental augmentation, decades of musical research, and hyper-specific recording techniques offer new musical potentials.
Luthier, engineer and bassist Kent McLagan has been building remarkably strong sounding, affordable basses from sustainable woods for over 20 years. McLagan’s instruments maximize clarity of pitch and power in all the registers with innovative functional..

"New York bassist Mark Dresser is on the cutting edge of extended instrumental technique, while 'cellist Frances-Marie Uitti's 2 bow technique (she plays with 2 bows in her right hand) has revolutionized the art of 'cello playing. Sonomondo is an album...

A 94 studio recording of improvisations by Mark (contrabass), Fred (guitar, tabletop guitar, violin, piano, organ) & Ikue (electronic percussion). [Victo]

''When I saw Denman Maroney & Mark Dresser perform at Victoriaville in May of 2000, I was on the edge of my seat, breathless, agog. It had been a long time since a concert had drawn me in & held me in that way, and I was fascinated by the effortless me...

Ed Harkins, trumpets and mellophone / Mark Dresser, double bass / Steven Schick, percussion.

"Being Mark Dresser, the most "classical" of jazz/improvised music bassists today, it is no wonder we find him in the company of two of the most...

I saw Arnold Dreyblatt & ensemble in 1983 (40 years ago!) at New Music America and he totally blew me away. He would have a small ensemble work with mostly re-tuned /microtonal instruments which he would have them bow and strike according to his score, until the room fills with waves and waves of sound.
It was and still is a singular sound. No one comes close to sounding anything like this.
Now it’s 40 years later and he has a new ensemble, including Oren Ambarchi & this sounds very much like...

"Arnold Dreyblatt (b.1953) is an American composer who has studied with La Monte Young, Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Lucier. He is a member of the German Academy Of Art. He has released work on labels such as Table of the Elements, Cantaloupe, Tzadik, Hat Art and Dexter's Cigar. Turntable History is a recording of a 40-minute multi-channel sound composition which was conceived as part of an audio-visual installation installed in the circular vaulted brick space of a historical water container in Berlin...

"This is the long awaited release of one of Dreyblatt's most personal and major extended works. Created in 1991, it combined documentary photographs, films, texts and sound materials selected from archives and private collections with original music....

Dreyblatt is one of my favorite of the ‘second generation’ of minimalists and his music is unique within the genre and generally entrancing.
This is one of his great ones, in my view! Snap it up!

“The meeting of composer Arnold Dreyblatt and psych-folk trio Megafaun shouldnt be seen as unlikely just because its crossgenerational, or even (arguably) cross-genre. Such categorizations have to be set aside before taking in Appalachian Excitation. Categorizing their music is kind of like fitting..

Arnold Dreyblatt: Double Bass Viols with Excited Strings
Ruth Charloff: Double Bass Viols with Excited Strings
Randal Baier: Midget Upright Princess Piano Forte
K. Mason Hill: Portable Pipe Organ
Michael Hauenstein: Hurdy Gurdy

I saw this band or a very similar version of this band a couple of years later, but, most importantly, in a similar space; in a large, old, very reverberent building, where the overtones (the main point of this music) builds and continues to floa

Great, jammy, post-rock, jazz-rock by a group who isn't very explicit about who aren't very explicit about who is in the group and what the instrumentation is. Having said that, I hear: guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, electronics/keyboards. A bit low key...

Starting in the early/mid 90s, this neo-prog band released two albums before hanging it up and then re-starting the machine in 2015. Since 2015, they’ve put out 4 additional albums, with this one being the latest.

'Certainly one of the musical highlights of 2019! Highly recommended!' - (Background Magazine/The Netherlands)

'This is definitely one of the best releases this year. Something a little bit special.' - (MusicNews/UK)

'Drifting Sun has crafted a brilliant album in...

A reissue of Julie's first solo album, before she became Julie Tippetts, but still in a proto-version of the style that she would develop to a peak on Sunset Glow. This has a great band: Julie's voice and acoustic guitar with : Jeff Clyne, Mark Charig, Jim Creegan, Elton Dean, Nick Evans, Brian Godding, Karl Jenkins,Stan Saltzman, Trevor Tompkins & Keith Tippett, among others. A classic of 1969 art/progressive/song and unavailable for a long time on CD!

“Recorded in 1969, but not released until...

Classic 1969 recording by Brian, Jules and the Trinity. Great psychedelic/pop/proto jazz-rock, featuring Brian's fantastic Hammond B-3 organ, Julie's amazingly good vocals and a wonderous psychedelic air. Originally a double album, all 16 tracks appear here. A great period piece.

"The final collaboration between singer Julie Driscoll (by that time dubbed as "The Face" by the British music weeklies) and Brian Auger's Trinity was Streetnoise in 1969, an association that had begun in 1966 with...

A beautiful collection of modern compositions by the brilliant young mastermind of Maudlin of the Well/Kayo Dot, a cutting edge band combining a classical ear for structure and orchestration with the power and immediacy of heavy and black metal. Featur...

On the heels of Kayo Dot’s 2016 album Plastic House On Base Of Sky, New York City based avant-garde musician Toby Driver sustains his inexhaustible output with a solo album titled Madonnawhore.
After exploring a retro-futurist noir sound on Kayo Dot’s 2014 album Coffins On Io then delving even further into electronic music with his aforementioned last album, Driver was eager to write a different kind of song.
Madonnawhore represents a foray into traditional songwriting, stripped of the...

Evelyn Davis pipe organ
Fred Frith electric guitar
Phillip Greenlief alto and tenor saxophones

"Wonderful news coming from the Bay Area, even considering that the participants in this ad hoc trio originated from elsewhere—one from Detroit, another from Heathfield / England and the third from Los Angeles. The recording of Lantskap Logic took place at Mills College in Oakland—where Fred Frith directed the Improvisation program until he retired this year—and specifically at the Mills Chapel...

“Drum Major Instinct is an experimental music duo from Asheville, North Carolina. Jeff Arnal plays (mostly) percussion and Curt Cloninger plays (mostly) modular synthesizer.
The Wire describes Jeff’s drumming as a “highly original concept" having "a balletic sense of time and imaginative deployment of colour;” and Byron Coley says Curt's modular synthesis “moves like blocks of radioactive adobe being shifted around by architects in space suits.” But, of course, nothing is ever that straightforward...

Stephen Drury (p).Franz Liszt Preludio (0:54) * Molto Vivace (2:18) * Feux Follets (4:16) * Allegro Agitato Molto (4:58) * Chasse - Neige (5:31)Karlheinz StockhausenKlavierstuck IX (11:21)Charles IvesThe Celestial Raillo...

Dry Ice were a short-lived British psychedelic / hard rock band that released one single on the B&C label (the precursor to The Famous Charisma label) in 1969.
This is the entirety of the 1969 sessions that produced that single, which is 11 songs – so basically an entire unreleased album PLUS a couple of demos! Supposedly, Ian McDonald of King Crimson appears in a couple places on flute, but if so, I must have blinked and missed it; in any event, he doesn’t have a lot of effect on the sound....

Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophone / Steve Lehman, alto saxophone / Liberty Ellman, guitar / Matt Brewer, double bass / Damion Reid, drums.

"Universally hailed as the most innovative young saxophonists to emerge in recent years, Rudresh...

This has Andre, (Conventum & 4 Guitarists), leading a 16 piece band: string quartet, sax quartet, guitar quartet, piano, & 3 percussionists. [Victo]

This has Andre, (Conventum & 4 Guitarists), leading a 16 piece band: string quartet, sax quartet, guitar quartet, piano, & 3 percussionists. [Victo]

Marc Ducret - electric and acoustic 12 and 6 string guitars, fretless, soprano acoustic and electric, 4 and 6 string bass, prepared guitar, daxophone, percussion, daf, chains, suitcase, voice, handclaps
Fabrice Martinez - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, fluegelhorn, tuba
Sylvaine Hélary - alto flute

Chrstiane Bopp - trombone

Bruno Ducret - cello, voice, handclaps

“Marc Ducret, on his process for creating Palm Sweat:
The material Tim had been sending me was sometimes a piece

Almost all instrumental music performed on electric and acoustic guitars, tenor sax and flute, bass and drums, with guest keyboardist Gian Piero Reverberi added on half of this 1973 album! Nice to have this available again, after many years of being unavailable and reissued here in a nice mini-lp sleeve with never-seen photos and liner notes in English and Italian! Another great one-shot Italian band, but this one as much a jazz/rock album as a progressive rock one. And, unlike many one-shot bands...

“Duet Emmo is the legendary collaboration between Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis (both of Wire and Dome) and Daniel Miller (The Normal and founder/owner of Mute).
Or So It Seems... was originally released in 1983, and was the act's only release. The result was the perfect amalgamation of Miller's hard-line electronics and Gilbert and Lewis's abstract and sparse textures, exhibiting why the anagrammatic combination of Dome and Mute was a fitting name for this project.”

Beautiful, mini-lp sleeve remaster of this classic Mexican psychedelic release.

"Also known as "Lost in My World": the "must have" debut album (1971) from psychedelic guru Armando Nava and his band, recorded after their failed trip to NYC did...

Justin Lumsden - guitars, vocals
Jonny Mitchell - drums
Ross McCrae - trombone
Sophie Sexon - vocals, flute
Lavinia Blackwall - vocals, piano
John Cromar - Hammond organ, electric piano
Julia Jeffrey - vocals

“Duke 72 is a Scottish/Australian collaboration, brainchild of guitarist Justin Lumsden and drummer Jonny Mitchell, conceived, written and performed during a nine hour session in Glasgow. The Mid Shires Herald does not feel rushed, it has that carefully put

There are a lot of good titles in this batch of MPS reissues, but if you are keeping track, for me, this was the ONE. George was a straight-forward young jazzer who recorded for the Pacific Jazz label. His albums for them were perfectly decent and very...

Until Faces In Reflection was reissued last year (that was George's second MPS album - this is his third), I had forgotten how good some of his solo albums were. This is the 1st time that this has been issued on CD other than from Japan or in a big box set of all his MPS recordings. This one is from 1974 and has a touch more 'soul' influences on it than Faces, but basically it's a superior 1974 fusion album with the same great band as on Faces: George (multi-keyboards and vocals), John Heard-bass and...

Until the complete collection of George's MPS albums were reissued a few years ago, I had forgotten how good some of his solo albums were. This is the 1st time that this has been issued on CD other than from Japan or in a big box set of all his MPS recordings.
This one is from 1975 and has more 'soul' and 'blues' influences on it than some of his earlier MPS albums, but unless you are allergic to that sort of thing, there's tons of fine listening here.

“This is George Duke at his utmost, wonderful best! The players he uses are great! This is when Duke was the master of funky jazz back in the 70's.
Great up tunes with classic ballads that no man can do better. His band at that time were Alfonso Johnson (Weather Report) on bass, using a pseudonym, Leon "NDUGU" Chancler on drums, Daryl Stuermer on guitar),Ruth Underwood on vibes (a ex-Zappa bandmember).
An all star line up for an all star release! This is the best of George Duke you will hear.”...

“In 1975, George Duke was dabbling in R&B vocals. But instrumental jazz-fusion was still his primary focus, and he had yet to be played extensively on any of the genres' stations. When The Aura Will Prevail came out that year, no one bought the LP for its occasional R&B vocal -- the main attraction was Duke's keyboard playing. "Fools" is a melancholy soul ballad that finds him singing lead and predicts what was to come on R&B-oriented releases like Don't Let Go (1978) and Master of the Game (1979)...

IF you don’t have all the individual (and all mostly fantastic) albums that George put out for MPS, concurrent to his years with Zappa, here’s a fine best-of.

“The Best Of The MPS Years presents you all the classics and highlights of George Duke's time at the Black Forest label on one album.
A curious happenstance in 1966 triggered the partnership between MPS head Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer and George Duke. Brunner-Schwer was in San Francisco to record the Art van Damme Quintet. After...