“Asmus Tietchens is a sound artist and composer from Hamburg, Germany. He got interested in Musique Concrete by listening to a German radio programme when he was 10 years old. In 1965, at the age of 18, Asmus started experimenting with tape loops and turned them into musical collages. Soon, the use of synthesizers was added. In 1980 his debut album Nachtstücke was released, produced by Peter Baumann of Tangerine Dream. This was soon followed by a series of albums of electronic pop music for the Sky...

"While Asmus Tietchens planned to head off "into the future" ("In die Zukunft") with Biotop (1981), Spät-Europa witnesses his arrival. Released on Sky Records in 1982, the second album in the "Zeitzeichen" phase not only continued in the style of its...

Asmus Tietchens: "Miki and I quickly developed some ideas towards our eventual collaboration. We agreed upon an ongoing mutual exchange of material. We have both been very familiar with each other's music for a long time and we found our individual approach towards sound design to be uniquely compatible. We do not use our electronic tools in order to merely achieve the maximum of technical possibilities, but to illustrate aesthetic necessities. This entails a deliberate reduction and refined perception...

Mike Forbes – saxophones
Andrew Scott Young – basses
Ben Billington – drums

Chicago power-jazz trio Tiger Hatchery proudly comes out of the ESP-Disk' free jazz tradition, as Mike Forbes's playing makes clear, but there's an added noise-rock edge, especially in Ben Billington's aggressive drumming, that keeps the sound modern. Andrew Scott Young does much more than lay down the bottom, emerging as an equal member of their glorious cacophony. Their 2013 ESP release, Sun Worship, earned...

Mike Forbes, saxophones; Andrew Scott Young, basses; Ben Billington, drums.
"Chicago power-jazz trio Tiger Hatchery proudly comes out of the ESP-Disk' free jazz tradition, as saxophonist Mike Forbes's playing makes clear, but there's an added noise..

"Tiger Moth Tales is essentially the brain child of Nottinghamshire based musician and writer Pete Jones. Previously known for writing and performing adult contemporary music, at the beginning of 2013 Pete began work on a progressive music project. In an effort to rejuvenate the creative process he went back to the music he had listened to in his childhood with bands such as Genesis, Queen Etc. Also he was taking influences from the modern progressive bands like Frost, Big Big Train, Haken and...

Pete Jones: vocals, keyboards, guitars
Mick Wilson: bass, backing vocals
Andy Wilson: guitars
Paul Comerie: drums

“This was recorded as part of the ‘Prog for Peart’ festival in July 2022 and captures the Tiger Moth Tales band sound and including several tracks from the recent albums for the first time on a live album.”

"It's not often that you get to make a recording of a professional quality at a festival, where you can go in and mix all the separate tracks properly. So whe

"Tiger Moth Tales is essentially the brain child of Nottinghamshire based musician and writer Pete Jones. Previously known for writing and performing adult contemporary music, at the beginning of 2013 Pete began work on a progressive music project. In an effort to rejuvenate the creative process he went back to the music he had listened to in his childhood with bands such as Genesis, Queen Etc. Also he was taking influences from the modern progressive bands like Frost, Big Big Train, Haken and...

2020 initially promised to be a busy year for Pete Jones, with an album already recorded in January and various gig commitments with Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazar, Francis Dunnery's It Bites and his usual pub & club gigs. But, Covid-19 put paid to a lot of plans, as it did for most musicians.
‘Still Alive’ is Jones's take on the lockdown situation, and will no doubt appeal to the mixed emotions felt by many of us throughout these difficult times.

"This is not the album I had previously planned

"Although for Pete Jones 2018 was largely dominated by his participation as a singer, keyboardist and saxophonist on the tour of progressive rock legend Camel, he still found the time and space to work on new songs for Tiger Moth Tales. This results in the album Storyteller Part Two, in which Jones returns to composing music based on stories from some of his favorite youth authors, this time including Hans Christian Andersen and A.A. Milne.
Storyteller Part Two has become a diverse album that shows...

“The Turning Of The World is a companion album to the 2020 release The Whispering Of The World. While it is a mostly an acoustic-sounding collection of songs, the lyrics speak of coming to terms with an ever changing world.
When writing this album, I found myself going back to the acoustic guitar. I used to write a lot of my songs on guitar before the prog days, but not so much since then, buy it felt good to come back to that and make it the central sound for this album.
With topics covering...

“The companion disc to the 2020 album "The Whispering of The World" includes reworked and expanded editions of tracks originally from that release. It contains complete re-workings of two tracks from the Whispering album and a brand new track written during the Whispering sessions.
The star of this disc is the 15 minute ‘Whispering Suite’, a rather atmospheric and mysterious new version of ‘The Whispering of The World’. It also features live versions of other Whispering tracks recorded as a recent...

Joëlle Léandre: double bass
Myra Melford: piano
Nicole Mitchell: flute, alto flute, piccolo

“In any case, these are three strong personalities, determined to face “in concert” the dangers of the musical forest. These dangers, it turns out, lie less within the forest itself than in the reactions of the protagonists facing the surprises and traps of the unknown that they have invented. These reactions can only be good. Creative, if you prefer. For these ladies, also known as Myra Melford...

Really great, noisy, electric jazz quartet from Paris. The group consists of
Piero Pepin-trumpet, bugle, keyboards, vocals
Marc Demereau-alto & baritone sax, synths, vocals
Matthieu Sourisseau-double bass
Fabien Duscombs-drums
While they don't sound anything like them, in a lot of ways, this reminds me of the great French trio Jean Louis; definitely jazz, but at times the bass is hugely over-driven, there is a lot of electronics and smeary noise and the whole thing just rocks! So..

This is a 3 drummer band with other things added in. Doesn't sound so exciting, right?
But I saw them last week and they were totally bad ass.
They did this and this is also on the album, along with some other fine works. Recommended!

The second of two albums by this trio of hippie troubadours, which was originally released in 1976 on Movie Play, has never been released on CD, was remastered in 2005 and is issued in a digipack. This is their second album and by far their more intere...

Latest from this long-lived Detroit band who have delivered a solid, modern progressive rock double release, filled with some great guest performances.

"After an eight year absence, T I L E S returns with a vengeance by delivering the mesmerizing 2-CD magnum opus “Pretending to Run.” Clocking in at over 96-minutes, “Pretending to Run” is an ambitious and richly crafted song cycle spinning the tale of a man blindsided and disillusioned by betrayal.

Once again, T I L E S teamed up with...

“The lineup of Andy Tillison (The Tangent/Po90) Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings/Steve Hackett Band/Karmakanic) and Roberto Tiranti (New Trolls/Ken Hensley/Labyrinth) is a pan European progressive rock band project and the album was recorded during lockdowns in Italy, Austria and the UK.
The album "Allium: Una Storia" is a concept album which takes as its subject a real band "Allium" that Tillison saw play and jammed with in Italy when he was a teenager in the mid 1970s.
"One afternoon spent....

"Tilomo is a guitar/laptop solo project from Philadelphia electronica artist Tim Motzer. Motzer is a guitarist, composer and producer that is comfortable working in multiple genres, ranging from downtempo to hip-hop to experimental abstronica...

Third album, from 2003. Like all their albums, this is basically quite different from their others, although, again, you can hear elements of their current sound here. This is four lengthy songs, including a 11' and 15' epic and is probably their most...

First album, from 2001, by Time of Orchids. Like all their albums, this is basically quite different from their other albums. This one has a lot of math-metal and punk influences among much more, including sorta death-growl vocalizing, but then you get...

Second album, from 2002. Like all their albums, this is basically quite different from their others. This one begins to have what I think of as "the Time of Orchids sound, but it also features a much more poppy, new wave sound for some of the record...

Time of Orchids is an indefinable avant-rock band that formed in 1999 in New York City. After 3 self-released albums and a release on Tzadik that brought them to a much wider audience, Namesake Caution is their fifth release and their first on...

This was written by me a long time ago, long before we worked together on their unbelievably great final album, Namesake Caution. But you can still see my enthusiasm, which would only get greater!

This is the fourth album by this NYC-based band. I heard their previous album and it was very good, but of lesser interest to the readers of this catalog, whereas this one hits closer to the spot, I think.

"Time of Orchids blurs the line between metal, classical and industrial with stunning...

"Chronosthesia is the debut album by instrumental quartet Time Shift Accident from Nuremberg, Germany.
What began as a loose jam band founded by a couple of friends in late 2013 has over time developed into a prog fusion powerhouse featuring some very experienced musicians.
The rhythm section has been a mainstay of the band since late 2014: Drummer Paul Ettl, a student at the Nürnberg University of Music, combines effortless groove, taste and mastery of odd meters, while Bassist Michael...

This is a good, all instrumental, heavy progressive rock/fusion album from Finland that is the creation of Juhani Nisula, who plays all guitars, keyboards and bass, who is helped by the (real) drumming of Esko Takamaki. The keyboards are tasteful and...

Pauline Oliveros-accordion, David Wessel-electronics, George Marsh-percussion, Jennifer Wilsey-percussion

Timeless Pulse: Thomas Buckner (voice); George Marsh (percussion); Pauline Oliveros (accordion); David Wessel (live-electronics); Jennifer Wilsey (percussion). "Timeless Pulse sometimes recalls the soundscapes of Günter Müller, Butch Morris, David Shea an

Very good, US hard rock band who only managed one release in 1970. This is fully licensed and taken from high-resolution files off the original stereo master tapes. Comes with 16-page color booklet w/liner notes by Doug Sheppard (Ugly Things) and photos from the archive of drummer Mike Logan.

"In the twinkling universe of virtuoso electric guitarists that followed in the wake of the genre’s progenitor Jimi Hendrix, perhaps one of the most deserving of renewed recognition is Floyd Radford of the....

“Tin Pan Alley were founded in Baden-Württemberg in 1978. They played progressive rock in the style of the early 1970s. The band’s mastermind was their singer and bassist, Ernst Sinn.
In 1981, they went to the Ege-Sound-Studio in Bad Schussenried, which was also used for recordings by acts like Anyone’s Daughter, Kraan, McOil, and Eric Burdon. That’s where Tin Pan Alley recorded four tracks (45’) as a demo tape they subsequently sent to about 15 to 20 labels. The attempts, however, were not...

"Some people have commented that Tinariwen have always been a country band, albeit a North African take on that most North American of genres. That idea is magnified on new album Amatssou, which finds the Tuareg band’s trademark snaking guitar lines and hypnotic rhythms blending seamlessly with pedal steel, piano and strings from guest musicians including Daniel Lanois, the embellished arrangements lending the songs an epic, universal application."

"Tinariwen is a Tuareg group that performs a guitar-centric branch of Malian music that, to the untrained ear, is reminiscent of Ali Farka Touré's, but is far more rock-oriented and percussive. All of the band's musicians originate from the southern Sahara; the group's name, meaning "empty places," is a reflection of their land of origin. The band formed in the rebel camps of Colonel Gaddafi, as each of the musicians had been forced from their nomadic lifestyle into involuntary military service....

Bernardo Tinoco alto and tenor saxophones, duduk, flute
Tom Maciel piano, synths, drum machine
João Pereira drums (2, 3, 4)

"This duo was idealized by Bernardo Tinoco (saxophones, flute and duduk) and Tom Maciel (piano, synths and drum machine) focusing on the collective composition of original repertoire for their instruments.
Not wanting to restrict the music to an exclusively acoustic context, the duo's proposal also includes the exploration of electronic sonorities through the...

“The greatest, most important cache of unreleased vintage British psychedelia to have surfaced for decades, ‘Beeside: The Complete Recordings’ gathers together everything ever recorded by the iconic Tintern Abbey. A legendary name from the British psychedelic scene, Tintern Abbey’s enduring reputation rests on one of the definitive forty-fives to emerge from the genre, the November 1967 coupling of ‘Beeside’ backed with ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ which originally appeared on Deram.
Since its release, just a...

“Since her haunting 2011 debut as Tiny Ruins, New Zealand singer/songwriter Hollie Fullbrook has toured the world, earned considerable critical success, and expanded her quiet folk project into a trio. After an EP of demos in 2013, Fullbrook, along with bassist Cass Basil and drummer Alexander Freer, signed with Britain's Bella Union label and recorded their follow-up, 2014's gently austere Brightly Painted One.
The expansion of the band and subsequent move to a larger record label have affected....

Keith Tippett-piano, Larry Stabbins-tenor & soprano saxes, Elton Dean-saxello & alto sax, Mark Charig-cornet & tenor horn, Nick Evans-trombone, Paul Rogers-bass, Tony Levin-drums & percussion.

"Originally issued in 1986 as a double LP, “A loose..

Other than the very famous Centipede, this is the largest ensemble that Keith has ever led, with 22 musicians involved. The sound is very full & lyrical, & does bear resemblence to a smaller version of Centipede. Tippett (piano, harmonium), Stan Tracey...

Paul Dunmall tenor & soprano saxes, James Gardiner-Bateman alto sax, Peter Fairclough drums, Kevin Figes alto & baritones saxes, Thad Kelly double bass, Ben Waghorn tenor sax, bass clarinet, Julie Tippetts voice, seed pods, Balinese xylophone, toy...

Limited initial pressing of 999 individually hand-numbered copies!

Recorded live in Piacenza, Italy, this is a 47' improvisation on a Steinway Grand piano by one of the most individualistic and recognizable pianists working today.

Text and solo voice
Julie Tippetts

Saxophone ensemble and improvising soloists
Paul Dunmall - soprano
Kevin Figes - alto
Ben Waghorn - tenor
Chris Biscoe - baritone

The Apollo Saxophone Quartet
Tim Redpath - soprano
Rob Buckland - alto
Andy Scott - tenor
David Roach - baritone

The BBC Singers

Composed and conducted by Keith Tippett

“Keith was commissioned to write this work for the 2004 Norwich and Norf

Fulvio Sigurta (trumpet/flugel)
Sam Mayne (alto and soprano saxes/clarinet/flute)
James Gardiner-Bateman (alto sax/flute)
Kieran Mcleod (trombone)
Rob Harvey (trombone)
Tom McCredie (bass)
Peter Fairclough (drums/percussion)
Keith Tippett (piano/composer)
Julie Tippetts (voice, lyrics)

This is completely great and completely recommended to Brit-jazz fans and jazz fans of all stripes, really.

"Tippett's inspired take on the jazz traditio

“The Unlonely Raindancer is undoubtedly a beginning, it is also an enigma. More than its means. The seminal first solo album by Keith Tippett released by Universal Productions in 1980 is a live recording from the previous year’s short tour of the Netherlands. The audience applause was edited out, leaving the listener with the intensity of one lone musician literally improvising into composition.
The word ‘unlonely’ could be described as uneven grammatically, but given nuance by juxtaposing the....

Superbly adventurous live solo concert from this wonderful pianist. [Victo]

Keith Tippett - piano
Matthew Bourne - piano

"These inspired duets sound so unforced and unconstrained that they blow fresh life into that well-worn image. From the outset, two quite distinct pianists establish common ground, where they interweave and spring surprises. It's wonderfully fertile ground too. Strings of scintillating moments bound seamlessly into musical mesh, now mysteriously chromatic, now alluringly melodic, fractiously dissonant, propulsive or ethereal. Tippett's speaking...

This is live duos composed by Runswick played at Dartington Great Hall. [ASC]

"Perhaps this is the work of a lifetime spent in front of a microphone. Perhaps it is merely another stopping place on the journey, or a report from the outlands and there will be more. But whatever it is, Shadow Puppeteer is the final step into the open for Julie Tippetts. After 30 years in the business and over 25 with her husband and collaborator, Keith, she has stepped out into the open completely naked (solo -- all instruments and voices were hers) and created a dream work for the ages. Shadow...

Julie Tippetts is - of course - Julie Tippetts and Martin Archer is a saxophonist and electronics man who has worked with a huge variety of artists from Hornweb to Mick Beck to Combat Astronomy to Radio Massacre International (whose guitarist appears...

"Most of the music for this collection was written and recorded by myself between mid 2007 – mid 2008. Julie matched texts to the music and recorded the vocal parts at my studio in the final part of 2008. I tried to write music for this CD which I...