“I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good is a new recording collaboration of Sam Ashley and Werner Durand. Sam Ashley's mystic parables imbued with benevolent humor are drawn from a lifelong pursuit of a present-day shamanism. Werner Durand's wind work on invented and traditional instruments stems from the minimalist tradition, routed through his unique study of obscure world musics.
The two artists first met in Berlin in 1984 while Sam was touring Atalanta with Robert Ashley's opera company, with whom he...

"Limited one-time collectors' edition released in 2008 and previously only available from MG.ART's mailorder.
The first disc is a remastered version of the 1990 Virgin CD reissue of Correlations, recorded and mixed at Panne-Paulsen Studio, Frankfurt, in 1978 by Mick Glossop and originally released by Virgin in 1979.
The second disc is the first release of Phantasus, Manuel Göttsching and Udo Arndt's original 1978 recording and mix of the album that was partially re-recorded and totally remixed to...

This album, recorded in Berlin, and originally released in 1977 on Virgin, marks the first time Manuel Gottsching used the name Ashra (as opposed to Ash Ra Tempel). This was also possibly the first time that the term "new age" was used on a record!
It's another completely wonderful, flowing, spacey album, featuring just Manuel performing on sequencer, keyboards and a lot of guitar. He did one more great one after this, Blackouts, then took some time off and returned to utter greatness and glory with..

"A French-Turkish band that recorded two albums in the late 70's then split. Their sound could be related to a mesh between Snow Goose period Camel, King Crimson type guitar pyrotechnics, and the very French sound of bands like Pulsar and Ange, with some slight jazz influences. Vocals are sung in English, and sung well. (Between Flesh and Divine) is absolutely essential.(It) is a classic of French symphonic rock."-Gibraltar Encyclopedia Of Progressive Rock

Setrak Bakirel / vocals, guitar
Eril Tekeli / flute, guitar
Evelyne Kandel / bass
Micha Rousseau / keyboards
Julien Tekeyan / drums

“How did I miss this? A new Asia Minor album? Finally, more "moon madness"! That's crazy! Asia Minor has long been shrouded in mystery to me. They released two excellent albums in 1979 and 1981 (including the great Between Flesh and Divine, in my opinion the best prog album of the 1980s, certainly holds its own with Moving Pictures and Misplaced...

"This album highlights the role of Eritrean musicians in the creation of Ethio-jazz. Eritrea is back. After 30 years of war with Ethiopia and a decade of seclusion, the Asmara All Stars now introduce some of the best musicians and vocalists from Eritrea..

"When it comes to seminal albums in alternative rock, Pixies 1988 debut Surfer Rosa qualifies as a true game-changer. With strong production and even stronger songs, the album tore a rift in the rock n roll continuum, influencing everyone from Kurt...

This is a 2010 release by Projeto Meretrio, a Brazilian power trio of guitar/bass/drums (interestingly, I just figured out that the bassist and drummer are the rhythm section of Pig Soul! Anyway, we carry several CDs by Meretrio and they're quite good...

Very good second album by these San Franciscans who manage to genuinely sound like it is 1970/1971 at the Filmore West and it's space rock night. Not quite as good as their amazing 3rd album, When Sweet Sleep Returned, it's still really good and if you...

Pretty great third album by these San Franciscans who somehow manage to simultaneously channel the best of Amon Duul II merged with the sound of Pink Floyd at the Filmore West circa 1970. Heavy and tasteful and with great sounds, songs and spacejams...

I didn't know much about Gustavo until I saw a clip of a couple of tracks from this CD/DVD set, but he's an amazing, fluid jazz/rock guitarist with a great tone. He can be amazingly fleet, although the music isn't in the Allan Holdsworth style of superfas

While it's pretty certain that Miles kick started the whole electric jazz-jazz/rock movement with In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew in 1969, there were other people working towards the same goals at aproximately the same time, some of them better known...

“To Know Without Knowing, Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience's album, is their second together. A grooving transcontinental gem, recorded in Melbourne, Australia, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Filled with the warmth of the mentorship and friendship of their creative partnership honed over a decade of performing together in Africa, Australia, and UK/Europe. Mulatu Astatke is the father of Ethio-jazz and one of Africa's most influential and enduring musical figures. Black Jesus Experience is a community...

"Astral Son is the neo-psych-solo-project of the Dutch artist Leonardo. This is his second album A colourful soundscape like a fleet-footed dancing monument made of warm-hearted acoustic poetry, invites the listener into it's colorful world. A concept album full of wonderful songs blending into each other, so that the album appears as a complete work, like a psychedelic stage play - pictorial and enchanted. The sound is absolutely experienced and exalted but also saturated through a big dose of childlike...

This is their first recordings, originally released on cassette and ONLY sold at gigs in 1988/1989 + two previously unreleased tracks from the same era.
Very early ambient dub rave, and probably their furthest out / spaciest stuff. At its most ‘clubby’ it sounds like Chrome Hoof taking itself seriously ,and at its most out, it sounds like a cross between Rainbow Dome Music and Ashra.

“The mysterious ambient-dub and tribal house unit known as Astralasia fits in with other British electro...

"These days, it's quite an unlikely event that a non-Norwegian artist will end up releasing a record on Rune Grammofon. But when presented with these recordings, the label realized that this was simply too good to turn down. French group Astrïd began...

"The Echo From The Purple Dawn is a brand new full length from C.C.C.C. member Hiroshi Hasegawa's solo project Astro. Using a battery of oscillators, ring modulators and field recordings Hasegawa has created an engaging and versitile album that...

Long unavailable, this is the group's second album album from 1990. Now it's available again at a reasonable price, especially for a Japanese release, as a special blu-spec CD release!

"Structurally this one follows the same path as ''Circle in the forest'', three mid-length instrumental tracks are the the first menu, giving space to the 22-min. title-track. An even more mature album compared to the previous one, ''Brilliant streams'' actually recalls the music of MINIMUM VITAL around the same...

Long unavailable, this is the group's very first album album from 1988, and the one that made their reputation!
Now it's available again at a reasonable price, especially for a Japanese release, as a special blu-spec CD release!

"The Japanese band - Asturias - (commanded by the multi-instrumentalist Yoh Ohyama) in his first studio work Circle in the Forest", presents a sonority that blends of New Age (influenced mainly by KITARO & MIKE OLDFIELD) and Jazz-Prog in the style of bands such as...

Long unavailable, this 1993 release was the group's third and their final album, until they re-emerged 15 years later.
Now it's available again at a reasonable price, especially for a Japanese release, as a special blu-spec CD release!

"On his third album album with Asturias composer Yoh Ohyama would make a slight stylistical turn. Akira Hanamoto was no longer a member of the band, instead Ohyama introduced two string instrumentalists, Udai Shika on cello and Tatsuya Murayamy on viola...

This new group is an instrumental power prog trio leaping onto the progressive scene. The project is the brainchild of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Glenn Snelwar. Torn Between Dimensions, the band's debut recording, features Snelwar on guitar, mando...

VASKO ATANASOVSKI - alto & soprano saxophone, flute (Slovenia)
SIMONE ZANCHINI - accordion (Italy)
MICHEL GODARD - tuba, serpent (France)
BODEK JANKE - drums & tabla (Poland/Germany)
Special Guest:
ARIEL VEI ATANASOVSKI - cello (Slovenia)

“The Adrabesa Quartet consists of four exceptional musicians, brought together by its long-standing founder and leader: composer and saxophonist, Vasko Atanasovski.
Vasko is a well-known and established European maestr

Very good, previously unreleased garage/psychedelia/art-rock.
"The follow-up to the acclaimed Flashback finds Athanor (the duo formed by Greg Herriges and Rick Vittenson) digging deeper into their archives and coming out with an amazing set of...

“I’m a singer songwriter and have been since I first started singing in 1984. As well as my solo I'm also the vocalist and co- writer with MOON HALO and RIVERSEA. I've previously been a member of NINE STONES CLOSE and MANDALABAND. Before that my early bands were GABRIEL, THE COMPANY, FRONTIER and EXPRESSIONS.
It was always my intention to record an all acoustic solo album during 2020 so I started putting together ideas in Early Feb. Around the middle of March the world suddenly shifted, Covid 19 had..

"Born of a time when jazz musicians crossed in to the world of rock music, Atlantic Bridge was a quartet featuring Mike McNaught (piano, electric piano), Daryl Runswick (bass, bass guitar), Jim Philip (flute, soprano sax, tenor sax) & Mike Travis (drums). All four musicians were seasoned players on the London jazz circuit, but sought to expand their musical horizons.
Influenced by the experimentation of Miles Davis on his album Bitches Brew and by the work of British musicians such as Keith Tippett..

A reissue of the only album from this symphonic rock band, originally released in 1979.
This Swedish instrumental quintet who had formed in Malmo in 1974, had two keyboardists, guitar, bass and drums. Their sound was obviously influenced by Selling England-era Genesis, and if you love that sound, this has much to commend it. Includes 3 bonus tracks.

“The 1979 album 'Blå Vardag' by Atlas is in every way indispensable when looking at the progressive music history of Sweden. Their sole...

One of the very best concerts I've attended in the last five years was a show by this tremendous, free-bop leaning Scandanavian quintet consisting of
Håvard Wiik, piano
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, bass
Fredrik Ljungkvist, trumpet
Magnus Broo, trumpet
Hans Hulbækmo, drums
Dig Mingus? Ornette? Braxton? Empirical? Dolphy? You'll love this. Hugely recommended to aficionados.

"Since their inception in 2000, the Scandinavian ensemble Atomic has garnered widespread acclaim for..

"Three disc set featuring live BBC recordings from Paris Theatre London 1972, and Beat Club on German TV 1970-1972. An outstanding keyboard player and composer, Vincent Crane was the founder of Atomic Rooster, one of the finest progressive rock groups of the super-charged Seventies. When he teamed up with soul singer Chris Farlowe, the mighty Rooster became even more exciting. We can enjoy the fruits their dynamic collaboration one more time, thanks to this unmissable collection of historic recordings...

"Avignon, Summer of ’95, rooftop of an old farmhouse. Lain across the stone in the afternoon sun is some sheet music I picked up off a pew in the deserted Cathedral of Notre-Dame des Doms where I’d gone that Sunday morning hoping to hear a Frescobaldi mas

Michaël Attias: alto saxophone & piano

“Échos la nuit , Michaël Attias' first solo album, was twelve years in gestation and recorded in a little over an hour. The reverberation is from the room and the sympathetic resonance of the piano strings set into vibration by the sound of the saxophone and intricate pedal-work.
There are no overdubs: the alto is played with the left hand, the piano with the right. “But”, as Anthony Coleman quotes in his liners, "on this disc, it’s more like what Duke.

Michaël Attias alto saxophone
Aruán Ortiz piano
John Hébert bass
Nasheet Waits drums

"Nerve Dance – saxophonist/composer/bandleader/conceptualist Michaël Attias’ sixth album (available on Clean Feed Records, March 10, 2017), which deals with the aesthetics of spontaneity, the theory of elasticity and the concept of equality in music, is an expansive, spirited debut from Michaël Attias’ new Quartet, featuring Aruán Ortiz (piano), John Hébert (bass) and Nasheet Waits (drums).

Michael Attias, alto saxophone / John Hebert, double bass / Satoshi Takeishi, drums and percussion + Russ Lossing, piano on track 4.

"The three-night residency of Michaël Attias' Twines of Colesion in the 2008 edition of the Coimbra's Jazz ao...

Michaël Attias alto saxophone / Ralph Alessi trumpet / Matt Mitchell piano / Sean Conly double bass / Tom Rainey drums.

"Michaël Attias is the living proof that jazz is no longer an American music, but a universal one. The product of migrations.

Michaël Attias, alto saxophone / Tony Malaby, tenor and soprano saxophones / Russ Lossing, piano / John Hébert, bass / Satoshi Takeishi, drums, percussion. .

"Graced individually by a list of partnerships that includes Anthony Braxton...

"... discerning ears will find that Auburn Lull's rich tapestry is as dangerously hypnotic and transporting as it is soothing."-Tiny Mix Tapes

The reclusive midwesterners return from dormancy with nine stunning, elegantly sparse tracks that showcase the band at its most focused, melodic, and mysterious. While distinctly sounding like Auburn Lull, Hypha veers into uncharted territory, delivering surprises at every turn. The hallmark cavernous guitars and vast, slow-motion expanses, though still...

“To interpret a place, to inhabit a space…Décor sonore is the meeting of music with the sounds that fill our daily lives. A sonic window that opens on a place, a moment. It’s a collection of short stories as true-to-life as they are fantastic. This is...

Auclair is a cellist and this is an album of duos and trios. "Driven by energy and a certain innocence, Mlanie Auclair meets inspired and inspiring musicians: Guy Thouin, Bernard Falaise, Charles Papasoff and Joane Htu, among others. A collection of...

"Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the classic 1970 album by the legendary progressive rock group.

Along with Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator, Audience were one of the key bands on the roster of the Famous Charisma Label in the...

Marco Fabbri - drums
Michel Cayuela & Mathieu Havart - keys
Simon Segura – bass, guitars
Gary Haguenauer – lead guitar
Dominique Olmo – rythmic guitar
Emma Boudeau – viola da gamba
Lyse Mathieu – flute
Emmanuelle Olmo-Cayuela – vocals
Christophe Fernandez – additional guitar & vocals

This is the debut release from a French progressive rock band, which features English language female vocals.
There are longish and long tracks and while this is defin

Michel Cayuela : keyboards
Mathieu Havart : keyboards
Marco Fabbri : drums
Simon Segura : bass and guitar
Gary Haguenauer : guitar
Dominique « Oiss » Olmo : guitar
Emmanuelle Olmo-Cayuela : vocals

"Audio'm, with this second album, has obviously found its own path and its own musical voice, definitely imposing itself as one of the leaders of French prog"-Big Bang

Six years after their first, this modern symphonic rock group (with echos of bands like Nebelne

“This is an extremely impressive neo-prog album from this Italian one album wonder act. With Asgard's Chicco Grosso on lead vocals doing an absolutely pitch-perfect reproduction of Peter Gabriel's Genesis-era delivery, nostalgia is obviously the order of the day, but Aufklarung spice up the typical Marillion-Genesis hybrid with ideas borrowed from musical genres ranging from New Age to the very verge of heavy metal.and industrial music.
With compositions packed with surprises, the album is far more...

"AUN is the ambient doom project of Montreal's Martin Dumais, who describes his take on outsider metal meets shoegaze as 'blight metal'. He has been a crucial contributor to the Montreal music scene for years and has recently reinvented himself with...

"Self-titled" 1970 album from the Norvegian band Aunt Mary may be considered as one of the first (and, possibly, the best) progressive rock product from this country. Eleven tracks present an interesting mixture of psychedelic, blues and jazz with some prog tendencies.
Each track has a memorable melody with short, but sweet to ears solo part from musicians. Jan Groth with his Hammond makes a unique atmosphere on tracks like "Whispering farewell" and "Rome wasn't bult in one day". Alongside with...

The band’s third and their last one from their original lifetime was originally released in 1973 on Vertigo. The three words “1973 on Vertigo” tells you a lot of what you need to know!
If you enjoy the heavy hard rock / proto progressive sound, this is really an excellent release. Good singing and very, very solid progressive hard rock, with killer guitar and keyboards.

“Aunt Mary is a Norwegian rock band from Fredrikstad that started in 1969. The group originally consisted of Bjørn Kristiansen on guitar and vocals, Jan Groth on organ and vocals, Svein Gundersen on bass and vocals, and Ketil Stensvik on drums. Other musicians who visited were Per Ivar Fure on flute, harmonica and saxophone and Bengt Jenssen on keyboard. The band disbanded in 1973, but in 1980 three of Aunt Mary's old members got together and did a reunion concert at the Hawk Club in their hometown of...

The 2nd album, originally released in 1972 on Phillips, by this Norwegian hard rock/proto-progressive quartet of vocals/guitar, keyboards (mostly Hammond organ) bass and drums.

"Aunt Mary came form the small town of Fredrikstad, but were one of the best Norwegian bands of the early 70's. Loaded saw the arrival of (keyboardist) Bengt Jenssen, who brought in some classically balanced organ to counterbalance the others. 'Blowin' Tiffany' represented Aunt Mary at their most progressive, hinting at...

“A heavy, oft-sampled slab of Bay Area history, and a psych funk masterpiece that cannot be denied. Aura formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. By 1976, the band recorded their first and only album at Pacific Recording Studio in San Mateo.
The original title of the album was meant to be “Sativa”, but out of fear that promoting the joys of marijuana would be too controversial, the band omitted the title and just left it as “Aura”. Over the ensuing decades, the Aura...