This is a very, very obscure (although not particularly rare), US progressive rock album by a band who released three albums between 1975-1980. This is the first-ever, legitimately licensed from masters, reissue of their 2nd, from 1976....

“An intriguing and impressive new offering from Floating Points. This is less fragile than some of Sam Shepherd's more recent work and charts a further chapter in the twisting growth of his idiosyncratic musical style and sound design. His electronic compositions navigate through a myriad of textures: minimalist backdrops, emotive refrains that approach almost orchestral intensity, skittish rhythms that seem on the verge of losing control, modulating synth work that shifts between serene and piercing...

“The album is extraordinarily beautiful, mesmerizing and spatially haunting. Listening to it is a profound experience.”-JULIE MEHRETU

“Best thing I’ve ever done.”-SAM SHEPHERD (FLOATING POINTS)

“The effect I get from the lush, gorgeous color of this music is borderline therapeutic. The sound is easily categorized as Jazz-As-Ambient, in the grand tradition of IN A SILENT WAY or the more recent A.J.E. Pharaoh Sanders plays his ass off and even sings through his sax.
I just recently...

One of the lesser known newer Italian progressive rock bands, this has a large line up of : Gigi Ferri (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, Jew's harp), Mimmo Ferri (keyboards, piano, glockenspiel, theremin), Michele Moschini (vocals, flute...

Recorded live on November 8, 2014, this features a CD and a DVD of the performance + bonus features on the DVD.
The band is:
- Ignacio Flores / guitar, backing vocals
- Alonso Herrera / voice, guitars
- Junior Pacora / traverse flute, quena, charango, backing vocals
- David Lopez Gutierrez / synthesizer
- Agustina Gonzalez / backing vocals
- Alejandro Jarrin / bass
- Alvaro Escobar / drums

"In 2014 I reviewed the latest studio album of Flor De Loto. A band fr

Louie Belogenis (tenor saxophone); Joe Morris (bass); Charles Downs (drums).

"Rejuvenation is the first studio recording from Flow Trio, a powerful tenor sax/bass/drums trio in the tradition of 60s free jazz with an up-to-the-minute sense of...

Joe McPhee - tenor saxophone
Louie Belogenis - tenor and soprano saxophones
Joe Morris – bass
Charles Downs – drums

"It is an interesting question how old 'free jazz' is. At some point, even a theme and a plan became optional. In the ESP-Disk' catalog, 'Taneou' on the Giuseppi Logan Quartet's eponymous album sounds like this approach of complete freedom starting from scratch; it was recorded on November 11, 1964. Joe McPhee, in 1967, appeared on Clifford Thornton's album Freedom and.

Marty Prior (bass)
Jane Lane (piano)
Philip Lane (lead & backing vocals / piano / synths / guitar / percussion)
Jonny Welburn (drums / percussion / backing vocals)
Duncan Mackay (Hammond organ / piano / synthesizers)
‘Lunacy’ also features several guest players on guitars, saxophone, piano and vocals / backing vocals

An album of original melodic Prog Rock that’s very much reminiscent of mid-later period PINK FLOYD, ‘Lunacy’ is even more authentic sounding due to the use of

Gabby Fluke-Mogul – violin

"The most striking sound in improvised music in years..."

“LOVE SONGS by gabby fluke-mogul is a record of seventeen violin compositions for improvisation devoted to the multitudinous hues of intimacy.”

“New York violinist gabby fluke-mogul is unabashedly experimental on this solo album recorded last summer. Employing extended techniques (rubbing, scraping, sawing, tapping), they extract a full spectrum of unconventional sounds from this conventional instrument. Coupled with occasional vocalizations, threshold is an exhilarating ride.” AMN reviews

"ECM debut for Fly, leaderless collective comprised of three influential American jazz musicians. The group was called into existence by drummer Jeff Ballard in the mid-1990s, but draws on a longer history of shared projects. All three players write...

Mark Turner tenor saxophone
Larry Grenadier double-bass
Jeff Ballard drums

"On its second ECM CD, recorded in New York last year, Fly continues to overturn the conventions of the sax/bass/drums trio. Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier and...

Weasel Walter/ drums on all and saxophone on 2,3 and 7
Chuck Falzone/ guitar on 1-6, 8, 9
William Pisarri/ bass guitar on 1-6, 8, 9 and clarinet on 2,3
Azita/ synthesizer on 2, 3
Adris Hoyos/ drums on 7
Michael Colligan/ reeds on 10-16
Kurt Johnson/ bass guitar on 10, contrabass on 11-16
Fred-Lonberg Holm/ 'cello on 10, 12-16
Julie Pomerleau/ violin on 10

Subtitled “More Flying Luttenbachers Non-LP Tracks 1996-2000, that’s exactly what this is. Cheap heat!..

Bass Guitar, Trombone, Keyboards [Casio] – Jeb Bishop
Electric Guitar – Dylan Posa
Percussion – Weasel Walter
Synthesizer – Jim O’Rourke, Morgan Andrews (track 16)
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Synthesizer [Moog] – Chad Organ
Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] – Ken Vandermark (tracks: 1, 4, 8 to 12)

“"DxAxMx Revisited", a fully remastered, extended edition of The Flying Luttenbachers' landmark 1995 album, "Destroy All Music". This special edition inclu

“Intense, uncompromising music that effortlessly blasts down the stylistic barriers separating free jazz skronk, hardcore punk and grindcore / black metal fury.
"Gods Of Chaos" is an astoundingly detailed and ambitious work, a 45 minute epic, that musically illustrates the events leading up to the end of the human race. Recorded on 9 planets, but released on just one.”

Weasel Walter (left guitar)
Matt Nelson (tenor saxophone)
Katie Battistoni (right guitar)
Tim Dahl (bass guitar)
Sam Ospovat (drums)

Fine, new, very composed instrumental, brutal-prog style release from Weasel and pals, in a tough, two guitar, tenor, bass, drums quintet.

“Roaring out of the gates is the 15th full-length album by no wave/punk jazz/brutal prog iconoclasts The Flying Luttenbachers, led by founding member and main composer Weasel Walter. There's a few

Weasel Walter: guitar, drums on 2, bass guitar on 2, bagpipe chanter, dead electronics
Tim Dahl: bass guitar
Katie Battistoni: guitar
Matt Nelson: tenor saxophone, live electronics
Sam Ospovat: drums, live electronics

“Terror Iridescence is the 4th full length release by the latter-day, New York City based reincarnation of the seminal Punk Jazz/No Wave/Brutal Prog unit The Flying Luttenbachers, and the 17th album since 1992. After all of this, longtime fans tend to expect...

“The seventh album from Chicago's notorious punk-jazz group nails a new high water mark in an already unforgettable discography. "The Truth..." finds the Luttenbachers at their darkest - a band distilled to it's most raw and sore - interspread are hyper-structural epics, minimalist noisescapes, high energy free jazz blows and bizarre electronic satellite transmissions.”

Includes the band’s earliest recording of the Magma classic, De Futura (short version).

"Philosopher, musician and anti-art activist, Henry Flynt has long foregone the academicism often associated with “serious music” in favor of a uniquely intuitive, emotional approach to composition. In the 1960s and 1970s he was a part of NYC’s vibrant avant-garde scene, studying with Hindustani singer Pandit Pran Nath and developing his own proprietary technique on violin.
You Are My Everlovin’, Flynt’s first published musical work, finds the composer in peak form, recorded live at Inroads, New York

This is the first new FM album in over 25 years!

"Transformation is a very apt title for Canadian Prog veterans FM, for not only has their music transformed numerous times over the years, so has their line-up. Joining bassist/keyboard player Cameron Hawkins this time round is drummer Paul DeLong (Roger Hodgson/Kim Mitchell), violinist/mandolin player Edward Bernard, who has performed with Druckfarben and violinist (yes, there are two violinists here) Aaron Solomon. The recording group being...

On Okkadisk, this studio recording features the always pretty great Ken Vandermark on reeds, Nate McBride-bass and Paal Nilssen-Love (of the Scortch Trio) on drums. [Okka]

“Focus is known around the world for its iconic albums. The NEW STUDIO ALBUM Focus 11 features:
The band’s 11th studio album showcases the current line-up’s new music and this limited vinyl edition features new artwork by ROGER DEAN.
This is the first new Focus studio album in SIX YEARS!
The same line-up of the band is touring worldwide in support of the album throughout 2019, building up to a 50t

Co-led by the great guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboardist Thijs Van Leer, Focus are the best known Dutch progressive rock band, thanks to their 'novelty hit' Hocus Pocus. Novelty or not, it was a great song with unbelievable hot solos, and was one of...

“Dutch prog rock band Focus has been a household name worldwide for 50 years with hits such as "Hocus Pocus", "House Of The King", "Sylvia", "Tommy" and many others. In honor of this monumental band, Red Bullet Productions presents the boxset: Focus - 50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976, consisting of 9 CDs and 2 DVDs with remasters and never before released material, such as the 'Focus At The Rainbow' concert film from 1973!
This box set contains the complete work of Focus as released between 1970 and...

"Focus has never been one for clever album titles and the rather pedestrian title to this album is no different. I don't know this for sure, but I assume this is the band's 8th studio album. The lineup for this one is the reformed new millennium Focus and is the same that appeared on the bands "Live In America" disc the previous year. About half of the material is written by original member Thjis Van Leer with the rest Jan Dumme and Bobby Jacobs. "8" is a very nice comeback album and should please fans...

“Focus50 is a collection to launch the commemoration of Focus celebrating half a century of ground-breaking contributions to the Prog Rock genre.
It features 3 CDs and a Blu-ray of the Live in Rio show recorded at Nitteroi in 2017.
Also here is a fabulous bonus disc named Completely Focussed. This is all the Focus numbers 1 through 12 that the current line up re-recorded through lockdown.”

“Completed Focussed is new studio recordings of the tracks Focus 1 through to a brand new Focus 12

“It seems common now for 'older' bands to re-record their hits, either to allow them to be licensed out and released without having to obtain expensive licenses from the original record label the songs were recorded under.
These re-recordings of old Focus tunes by the current lineup is both energetic and entertaining, whether it's the frantic guitar/flute riffing of the classic Hocus Pocus, the cod-medieval organ riffing of Focus 1 or the slightly funky Sylvia.
The main bone contention is the...

Co-led by the great guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboardist Thijs Van Leer, Focus are the best known Dutch progressive rock band, thanks to their 'novelty hit' Hocus Pocus. Novelty or not, it was a great song with unbelievable hot solos, and was one of...

A very interesting release, recorded live at the New Victoria Theatre in London on March 21st, 1976 for the BBC and presented here in fine sound, and with over an hour of music. In February, 1976, guitarist and co-leader Jan Akkerman left Focus, right ...

Co-led by the great guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboardist Thijs Van Leer, Focus are the best known Dutch progressive rock band, thanks to their 'novelty hit' Hocus Pocus. Novelty or not, it was a great song with unbelievable hot solos, and was one of...

Co-led by the great guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboardist Thijs Van Leer, Focus are the best known Dutch progressive rock band, thanks to their 'novelty hit' Hocus Pocus. Novelty or not, it was a great song with unbelievable hot solos, and was one of...

Co-led by the great guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboardist Thijs Van Leer, Focus are the best known Dutch progressive rock band. Ship Of Memories is a collection of outtakes, mostly recorded between Focus III and Hamburger Concerto. While the outtake n...

This is the first new studio album by the reformed Dutch progressive rock band Focus in 6 years. It features two members from the band's glory days, Hammond organist/flutist/vocalist Thijs van Leer and drummer Pierre van der Linden as well as bassist...

"The London-based quintet Fofoulah (meaning "it's there" in Wolof) was formed in 2011 and features Tom Challenger (Red Snapper) on saxophone and keyboards, Phil Stevenson (Iness Mezel) on guitar, Johnny Brierley (Outhouse Ruhabi) on bass, Dave Smith (Robert Plant's Sensational Shape Shifters) on drums and Sabar drums, and Kaw Secka (Irok) on Sabar drums and tama. With the rhythms of the Sabar drums -- a traditional form of Wolof drumming from Gambia and Senegal -- at its heart, Fofoulah's music has...

"Jeremy Fogel and his mad band of wandering Israelis hits their stride with this passionate reading of Rabbi Jesus’ sacred message to the world and how it has been diluted and distorted by greed, power and ambition. Beginning with prophecies of wrath...

The world's greatest Chilean Krautrock band. The world's only Chilean Krautrock band, but, seriously, these guys are quite great!
And you know that they’re smokin’ the right thing for the task of being the world’s greatest Chilean Krautrock band when they name their fourth album “I”...

“...trance-inducing hypno-psychedelic, ethno-motorik star-gaze rock atmospherics that slowly build & expand to the outer reaches of the universe in a rolling percussive, mesmerizing splendor. It’s a lope-along

The world's greatest Chilean Krautrock band. The world's only Chilean Krautrock band, but, seriously, these guys are quite great!
It was also an inspiredly great idea for them to team up with Jason Pierce of Spacemen 3 on this!

"It should come as no surprise to fans of the Chilean trio Follakzoid that upon meeting the legendary Jason Pierce a.k.a. J. Spaceman (Spacemen 3, Spiritualized), they discovered they were kindred spirits. Follakzoid and Spaceman's projects share a restless drive to...

Bruno Chevillon (double bass), Jean-Marc Foltz (clarinet)

"When, at Jazz à Mulhouse 2004, in Alsace, at the end of August, at another of his memorable festivals, Bruno Chevillon gave me a CD-R with a recording of his duo with Jean Marc...

Joe Fonda (bass), Michael Jefry Stevens (piano), Herb Robertson (trumpet), Harvey Sorgen (drums) with Napoleon Maddox (voice).

"Dubbed "one of the great and often underappreciated jazz groups of the modern era" by the All Music Guide, and...

Really great to see this unjustly obscure French electronic music duo get some of the music from their very obscure (and generally really good!) cassette-only releases brought into the digital realm!

"In the early 1980s, the French musical duo Fondation, comprising Ivan Coaquette and Anannka Raghel, released three tapes of fantastic electronic music which owed much to the experimentalism of the seventies. Synthesizer, drum computer, solo guitar. Repetitive, meditative, hypnotic -- between ambient..

For this 1998 release, Brigitte Fontaine teams up with an unlikely cast of collaborators from across the '90s' avant-pop spectrum, enlisting Sonic Youth, jazz legend Archie Shepp, the singer simply known as M, French rock groups Noir Désir and les...

Nice to see a new release from our old friends at Bauta / J ‘Lachen’ Jonsson!

Magnus Alexanderson : guitar, electric arpeggione, loops and electronics
Björn Hellström : bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, bass flute, all with electronic preparation
Lars “Lachen” Jonsson : vocals, keyboards, violin, percussion, bass guitar, harmonica, loops and sounds

“In 1978 a trio started in Linköping Sweden.Music and attitude was radical; in the spirit of John Cage, Frank Zappa, Henry Cow...

Fontanelle are a long-running band who came out of the ashes of the spacerock/drone band Jessamine. This one really takes the elements of early 1970s electric jazz and takes all the good bits from a number of groups, but most significantly from Herbie...

Thomas Strønen drums, live-electronics
Iain Ballamy tenor and soprano saxophones
Nils Petter Molvær trumpet, electronics
Christian Fennesz guitar, electronics

Very nice new group and release on ECM. In some ways, this is an obvious

Previously unknown and undocumented German outfit performing an early style of jazz + rock ala Colosseum and, especially Chicago Transit Authority. Like early CTA, they had a horn section and a very good guitarist and this is very good, early, horn...

“Steeped is the second album release from Forebrace, the welcome follow-up to Bad Folds. For those who delighted in that album, the good news is that the quartet's line-up remains unchanged, and the balance between composed and improvised music is as before, with composed pieces credited to Forebrace's leader and clarinetist, Alex Ward, alternating with improvisations credited to the whole group. The big difference between Steeped and its predecessor is that this album was recorded live in concert...

"The classic debut album by the UK's Forest, originally released in 1969 by Harvest. As the 1960s progressed, almost every musical genre was affected by the psychedelic boom -- and folk was no exception. Artists such as Bert Jansch, Davy Graham and...