“Digitally remastered edition. White Eagle is the 17th major release and 12th studio album by Tangerine Dream. It reached #57 in the UK album chart in a 5-week run.”

Juan Carlos Caceres-voice, trombone, piano, Marcello Russillo-drums, Carlos el tero Buschini-double bass, with guest Daniel Binelli-bandoneon "Caceres' conception of art and music make him an extremely unconventional artist, one almost impossible to cl...

"Romero Records is very happy to announce the brand new single for The Tango Saloon, 'Don't Close Your Eyes' featuring vocalist Elana Stone.

Since the beginning, The Tango Saloon have been a band of quiet achievers, producing three albums of...

New CD single from Australia's unique Tango Saloon features two songs not available anywhere else!

"The Tango Saloon have captivated audiences and listeners across the globe with their twisted tango and spaghetti western sounds."

''Minimalist in contruction, the music is both spontaneous & composed ...swarming with sensations & suggestions of colors. Musical intensity is often followed by lightness.'' Trombone, percussion & more.

Very nice guitar/keyboard contemporary hipster-progressive with some other instruments thrown in, but basically there's always a guitar and there's always a keyboard. Lots of space between the notes. They use simple but great ideas which are presented...

“David Janssen is best known for his work as Ted The Loaf in Renaldo & The Loaf. When the band split up in 1987 after The Elbow is Taboo, Janssen took a long break from music until his return in 2006 as The Darkening Scale. After the first two solo albums under this name, he started a new collaboration with Sylvie Walder as The Tapeworm Vessel. This project produced three albums, the first one being Twelve Atmospheres which is now available on CD for the first time. It was originally released in 2008...

“New album by Norway’s Cinematic Drone project Taphephobia. On is now 8th full length, we’re offered a dreamlike experience based upon personal emotional states and reflections of both the immediate environment and far reaching “outer” world. Not a concept album but rather a collection of feelings and visual impressions that revealed themselves in the compositional process. “Blue Hour” is dedicated to the unique atmosphere of the northern landscape. Artwork by Nihil. Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel...

“Sixth release (and the first for Cyclic Law) of the Norwegian drone ambient project Taphephobia created by Ketil S (also of Mulm and ex-Northaunt.) As emphasized by its title, this record is intented to take one away from the mundane everyday world, it is not a concept album, rather an album where both the music and the titles are open for interpretation. The soudscapes lead to an inner experience where you can discover your own hidden voices and your own secret world of colours. An inner journey which...

“Taphephobia's ambient takes us deep into Northern forests, where we find—unexpectedly—calm, and warmth. 'Ghostwood' is between worlds, and so are we when we are in it.”-Gene Hex

“New deeply introspective album by Norway’s Taphephobia. Opting for a slightly cleaner sonic palette than previous releases using less processed sounds and a more natural sounding approach to his guitar work, Ketil Soraker pushes what is now considered as Taphephobia's signature sound. In the vein of his previous...

A previously unreleased, studio, big-band session with nearly 2 dozen players! One piece is nearly 30 minutes long and there are 3 other tracks that range from 10 to 19 minutes!
Can you say LOST TREASURE?

“In the post World War II era, dozens of young African Americans in South Central Los Angeles found their way to careers in music. In a community facing challenging social conditions and with little to no outside support, they would become artists, supported by the best that their...

Horace Tapscott, piano
Michael Session, soprano, alto, tenor saxophones
Thurman Green, trombone
Roberto Miranda, double bass
Fritz Wise, drums
Dwight Trible, vocals

“A live recording by Tapscott "working" Quintet with special guest Dwight Trible. A major addition to Tapscott's catalog.”

Horace Tapscott-piano
Arthur Blythe-alto sax
David Bryant-bass
Walter Savage-bass
Everett Brown Jr.-drums

“This previously unreleased album by the Horace Tapscott Quintet was unearthed from master tapes in the Flying Dutchman archives. Recorded in 1969 and was intended to be a follow-up album to the classic 'The Giant Is Awakened' which was released that year.
The iconic pianist and composer Horace Tapscott was one of the most unique and important figures in LA’s jazz worl

"In the early 20th century, many composers drew their inspiration from national folklore, often borrowing from Roma (Gypsy) musicians to create their own vision of an exotic and largely imaginary Orient. Things now have been turned around, as one of...

Orrin Evans: piano
Eric Revis: double bass
Nasheet Waits: drums
special guests
Oliver Lake: alto saxophone
Marc Ducret: guitar

"Violently, this album begins violently, it's unavoidable, even though the music itself can never be as violent as the subject matter it evokes, it creates the similar effect Frantz Fanon aimed at in “The Wretched of the Earth”...
...Introducing pianist Orrin Evans is recalling he studied with Kenny Barron, amongst others, before playing with a

Orrin Evans piano (vocals on “Blessed Ones”)
Eric Revis double bass
Nasheet Waits drums

Oliver Lake alto saxophone
Josh Lawrence trumpet
Dana Murray percussion (4)

“With its provocative, confrontational name, the trio formed by Orrin Evans, Eric Revis (yes, the same playing in Branford Marsalis’ band) and Nasheet Waits, each one with compositional and leading status, call again alto saxophonist Oliver Lake for a record which mixes “loud, frenetic...

"Continuing with their new series of 'updated' versions, Repsychled Records will release another jewel box issue, this time the album of choice is the only record by Tarkus. In early 1972, Telegraph Avenue broke up. Walo, the drummer, was visited by...

"American singer songwriter and bohemian folk troubadour Jeff Tarlton made two wonderful albums for Delerium in the late 1990's that were criminally overlooked at a time when folk was terminally unfashionable. Forget and all the nu folk pretenders...

"American singer songwriter and bohemian folk troubadour Jeff Tarlton made two wonderful albums for Delerium in the late 1990's that were criminally overlooked at a time when folk was terminally unfashionable. Forget and all the nu folk pretenders...

“Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker have emerged as one of the most interesting duos in contemporary improvised music. First introduced to Unseen Worlds through their performance on the Philip Corner recording "Extreemizms: early & late", Tarozzi and Walker elevated recent recordings, Eliane Radigue "Occam Ocean 3", Pascal Criton "Infra", and Tarozzi's own "Mi specchio e rifletto" to greatness. Their finely tuned sound makes even the most adventurous tones compelling.
With "Canti di guerra, di ...

Second release by this Mali band. "Tartit are a group of musicians from the Timbuktu area of Mali, which explains the similarity of this music to that of their better known neighbor Ali Farka Toure. He draws heavily on Songhai and Tuareg traditions...

Grzegorz Tarwid piano
Max Mucha double bass
Albert Karch drums, percussion

"One of the most captivatingly versatile pianists to emerge from Polish music academia in recent years, Grzegorz Tarwid is as influenced by Brian Eno’s earliest ambient adventures and the eclectic rhythmic hustle of the ultra-hip Ugandan Nyege Nyege scene as he is steeped in the traditions of East European and Scandinavian jazz. Initially honing his chops under the tutelage of Polish piano maestros such as Wojciech...

Third album by this relatively well known Finnish progressive rock band with fusion flourishes. This is from 1972. Their singer is kinda a love 'em or hate 'em kinda singer. I have actually grown to be fond of him in a odd way, but he's definitely odd!
This includes two bonus tracks that were only released on a single in the same period as well as new interviews included.

“On Lambertland they moved more into progressive fusion realms, sounding like a cross between mid period Traffic and...

“Tasavallan Presidentti’s annual performances at Ruisrock in Turku, Finland during the festival’s early years were proof of the band’s rapid ascent from a local band to an internationally renowned group of top musicians. “Pressa” left a lasting mark on many a festivalgoer, and the most optimistic ones were hoping to get these performances on a live album, if recordings existed. They do exist, and what remains on tape of the first ever Ruisrock performance was released on Changing Times and Movements...

“Tasavallan Presidentti, along with Wigwam, were Finland’s top export act in the days of the first wave of progressive rock in the early seventies. Svart Records have, in co-operation with the band members, prepared new editions of these classic records on, for the ages.
Originally released on Love Records in 1974 and subsequently licensed to many foreign labels, Milky Way Moses was Tasavallan Presidentti’s last album of the classic seventies era, the band ending their career for the time being not...

“In 1973 progressive rock group Tasavallan Presidentti's career was going forward on a high note: the band had in 1972 released the critically acclaimed album Lambertland with their new vocalist Eero Raittinen, and the following year the band embarked on a successful UK tour.
In 1974 things would take a downward turn which ended in the band splitting up, but what this compilation offers you is a snapshot of the year 1973 when everything still seemed possible. The band were returning home from the...

“Tasavallan Presidentti's 1st incarnation with vocalist Frank Robson performed their last studio session at YLE Broadcasting Company in Helsinki, 1971. This session was, however, completely buried by time and forgotten, until Svart Records accidentally stumbled upon an archival copy.
This studio session recording from the autumn of 1971, found from the archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, is a sensational discovery in many ways. It is a studio live session which the band recorded just before..

Taste were a power trio following in the footsteps of Cream but who were quite good in their own right and who also were the first professional band of guitarist Rory Gallagher when he was only 18 in 1966.

They made two quite good studio albums and broke up just after playing the Isle of Wight (this show) in front of several hundreds of thousands of people.

This performance has been out before, but not complete and not sounding as good as it does here.

“‘Cheerful’ starts out with Lindsjö’s clean guitar tones riding on Strid’s rhythmically probing structures. Küchen’s sax starts out inquiringly with clean tones which increase in intensity, reaching full skronk by the 2 minute mark and blazing through to the end of the piece. ‘Grinning’ finds the group dynamics more active early in the track, with the trio quickly establishing their relationships and direction. Lindsjö hits the overdrive pedal shortly after the initial passages, while Strid provides a....

Tatsuya Yoshida-drums, vocal, sampler
Kazuhisa Uchihashi-guitar, effects
Tzboguchi Masayasu-keyboards, vocoder

"The long-running improvisers who trained their expressions at the improvisation performance site believed in the new possibilities at the end of the improvisation and gave a name of "super improvisation". There, improvisation and composition melt at unlimitedly high dimensions, and the unified world is expanding. Super supernatural composition that super transformation improves.

Anna Witkowska : violin
Malgorzata Pietron : cello
Michal Ostrowski : violin
Tomasz Piatek : tenor sax
Grzegorz Lesiak : guitar
Lukasz Downar : bass
Krzysztof Redas : drums
with guest Wojcek Czern : electronics

This is the 3rd full length release from one of the under-sung contemporary heroes of the intersection of modern jazz and RIO style complexity.
Featuring the same quartet as on their (excellent) Cuneiform debut, this adds a string trio to the mix, whi

Anna Witkowska-Piątek - violin
Małgorzata Pietroń - cello
Tomasz Piątek - tenor saxophone
Jan Michalec - trumpet
Grzegorz Lesiak - guitar
Łukasz Downar - bass guitar
Krzysztof Redas – drums

The fifth album from this extra-ordinarily good Polish, edgy, instrumental quartet who are somewhere on the precipice of RIO edginess and ‘complex/out’ jazz [think ‘Starebaby’] and who are joined on this release by fully integrated guests on trumpet, violin & cello...

Born out of cataclysm and nurtured in silence and solitude, the music of Tatvamasi reveals hidden depths of the Polish soul. Tatvamasi is an extraordinary instrumental ensemble that plays scorching, uncategorizable music defined by searing tenor...

Great to see a second release from this excellent Polish band who ply the avant/progressive new music waters with a thoroughly original sound and who burst on the scene with their fine debut, Parts Of The Entirety.

This new one was professionally recorded live in front of an audience and it consists of all new compositions.

As before, the band consists of guitarist, composer and arranger Grzegorz Lesiak, tenor saxophonist Tomasz Piqtek, bassist Lukasz Downar, and drummer Krzysztof...

This is a compilation of live performances of mostly improvised materials by a large number of musicians as guests. Don’t start here, but if you are already aware of how great these guys are, it’s very worthwhile!

“Tatvamasi, from Lublin, Poland comes back with a brand new release of new material. And that is after their very well received last year’s album Haldur Bildur. ‘The new album - The Third Ear Music - is quite an offbeatt recording. It is a compilation of seven pieces - documentaries...

Tara Burke: voice, accordion, mandolin, casio, flute, crumhorn, percussion
Sharron Kraus: voice, whistles, recorders, banjo, autoharp, dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, crumhorn, percussion

"Travellers Two is a full-length recording from the duo of.

Ziv Taubenfeld bass clarinet, percussion
Michael Moore alto saxophone, clarinet
Joost Buis trombone
Nico Chientaroli piano, objects
Omer Govreen double bass
Onno Govaert drums, percussion

"An Israeli expatriate living and playing in the Netherlands, bass clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld searches for light in the midst of the dark period that surrounded the recording of his new opus “Out of the Beast Came Honey”: on this date, as part of the flexible unit called Full Sun, is American...

"Taxonomy (Martusciello, Lella, Fega) plays compositions and improvises, exploring the syncretism between different musical codes. Taxonomy always allows the whole to be divided up into its constituent parts. A line of shadow between osmosis and...

Taxonomy (Martusciello, Lella, Fega) plays compositions and improvises, exploring the syncretism between different musical codes. Taxonomy always allows the whole to be divided up into its constituent parts. A line of shadow between osmosis and isom...

Cecil Taylor, piano
Sunny Murray, drums
and the voices of Dominic Duval, Tristan Honsinger, Jeff Hoyer, Chris Jonas, Jackson Krall, Elliott Levin, Chris Matthay, Harri Sjördström

“A grand reunion of sorts in Berlin on the first day of November, 1996. Under the auspices of Free Music Production, Cecil Taylor, the great pianist and one of the premier musical minds of the 20th century, joined forces with his early comrade, drummer Sunny Murray, for a set of improvised duets.

This 1981 solo piano disc originally on MPS makes its CD debut here in a deluxe remaster.

"One of the most resplendent characters of new jazz in a highly-concentrated Sunday enclosure: This strong solo document shows the piano colossus at the...

Cecil Taylor: piano
Bill Barron: tenor saxophone(4-6)
Ted Curson: trumpet (4-6)
Buell Neidlinger: bass
Rudy Collins: drums

“This may be the straightest record Cecil Taylor ever recorded, but it is far from uninspiring. Despite its hopelessly gauche cover -- one can only presume Taylor had no say-so in the choice of artwork used -- Taylor's approach to three Cole Porter tunes with a trio and three of his own with a quintet is a lively combination, and one which, in lieu of his..

A historic reunion of 3 great masters; a summit meeting of historical proportions. The magical triangle of Cecil Taylor (piano), Bill Dixon (trumpet) and Tony Oxley (drums) belies the contention that Musique Actuelle is a young man's music only. In thi...

Cecil Taylor - piano
Tony Oxley - drums

“A live (first class quality) recording of the duo from 2002 - from the personal archives of Tony Oxley.”

Chad Taylor: Drums
Brian Settles: Tenor Saxophone
Neil Podgurski: Piano

As the debut recording of an ensemble rooted in deep and abiding friendships The Daily Biological is a creatively roiling conversation. The unusual trio of drums (Chad Taylor), saxophone (Brian Settles) and piano (Neil Podgurski) creates tough and engaging music that unfurls in kinetic conversational bursts.
Taylor is probably best known as co-founder of the

Chad Taylor - drums
Brian Settles - saxophones
Neil Podgurski - piano

"The Reel is the latest masterpiece from Chad Taylor and his trio featuring Brian Settles & Neil Podgurski. Following up on their 2020 debut on Cuneiform, "The Reel" dives deeper into this trio's unique and captivating interplay.
As Jazz Trail states, "What’s more striking is that there are no weak moments on The Reel, an album that holds one’s interest on account of emotional honesty and a refreshing musica

"David Taylor is one of the world's greatest virtuosos on the bass trombone—a musician of incredible charisma and eclecticism who has worked with everyone from Gil Evans, Charles Wuorinen, and Frank Sinatra, to Yo-Yo Ma, Barbara Streisand, Duke...

Fred Taylor is a Seattle-based drummer who released this album on vinyl privately in 1981.

In addition to Fred there are 11 other players who play on one or more pieces on this album, but the basic line-up for most of the album is piano/Fender.

This is a beautifully packaged and presented album of a bit noisy and extremely cool ambient music. This was recorded in a single live performance in Madison, WI in 2006.

“Journeys are often recounted as though composed of a starting point, a goal, and an intervening distance-when that is often only half the story. What of the path between the destination and the point of origin, dotted with sights one didn't take in and courses that strayed from the known path? The return can be more circuitous, full of sideways steps and stop-offs at the distracting attractions once passed by on the way. Divagate provides the final segment of the trilogy begun by Gregory Taylor with...