Beautifully done remaster of Richard & Linda's third album that features new photos, liner notes, lyrics and 4 bonus tracks (23')! A brilliantly brilliant guitarist and songwriter works with an excellent vocalist and is backed by a crack band of electr...

These two albums represent the rarest progressive rock albums from the 70s from Australia.
Rob Thomsett is a guitarist who recorded Yaraandoo in 1975 and pressed 100 copies.
It's kind of primitive and kind of grungy in a Kraut-rockian way, with guitars, synths, Mellotron, etc.
Hara was the follow up and is more obviously 'proggy' and sounds more like a band-effort.

"Australia's burnt landscape is sketched in hypnotic washes of Moog oscillations, Bamboo flutes and tape delay. The..

I know Ken as the stage-stalking saxophonist of the amazing Gutbucket (see them and you'll know exactly what I mean by that), but he works with other ensembles and this release features some of this other work.

"Ken Thomson, co-founder of the...

"Want to hear some musicians really digging in? Hang on -- THAW is really moving." – Steve Reich...

Some of Thompson's works for piano, with soprano voice, trumpet & percussion from 1925 & later, plus a few 70's & 80's works. [New Albion]

Thork are a French band who formed a decade ago who have personnel ties to NIL. They work in the progressive rock style and tradition, but they also aren't afraid to mix it up a bit with other influences, including medieval and ethnic slants...

Steve Thorne - instruments, vocals
Kyle Fenton - drums
Nick D'Virgilio - drums
Geoff Lea - lead guitar

“My new album is a direct and honest manifestation of my feelings, thoughts and emotions relating to the last two years or more towards the crazy tyrannical, deceptive onslaught by the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ upon we the people," says Thorne.
"The propaganda and outright lies of the sick corporate western governments of Europe and the USA and the bought and paid-for...

"Thors Hammer came from Copenhagen, the Danish capital. Their music was a jazzy progressive rock with English lyrics. Their one and only LP was released in 1971 and holds the sad record of being the most bootlegged LP in Denmark. Until now it can be found as CD editions on three illegal labels (Walhalla, Crystal Emporium Productions, and Won-Sin), and as an illegal LP reprint. All these editions were made up very poorly.
The now first legal CD is accompanied by a 32-page booklet, containing a...

This is the second album by this Pittsburgh sax, double bass, drums trio who play a 00's take on modern jazz that is very composed with a lot of tricky interplay between the instruments, but that also allows a lot of room for improvisation as well...

Pål Thowsen-drums, percussion
Jon Christensen-drums, percussion
Terje Rypdal-guitar
Arild Andersen-double bass

This is a percussion-heavy session with two excellent drummers, one in each channel, but you are here because this is from 1976 and featured along with the two are Terje and Arild, both at their playing heights and playing their asses off.

“Arild Andersen discovered the drum talent Pål Thowsen in 1970, as a 15-year-old. Thowsen quickly made the step up in the elit

"'Dirt... and More Dirt" is the latest from Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and multi-reedist Henry Threadgill, a living legend whom the New York Times calls a "composer and bandleader of intense, unyielding originality." Featuring a brand new ensemble, 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg, the new release continues Threadgill's groundbreaking work in utilizing "a serial intervallic language" in improvisation, a system he has honed over the last 16-years with his long-running band Zooid. Inspired by the conceptual art...

"Double Up, Plays Double Up Plus is Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Henry Threadgill's highly anticipated follow-up to Old Locks and Irregular Verbs, which was voted the best jazz album of 2016 in the NPR and Jazz Times Critics Polls. Like on that release, which NPR called "a masterpiece," this album also features Ensemble Double Up, this time with the remarkable inclusion of three concert grand pianos, in addition to saxophones, flute, cello, tuba, and drums. Alive with the multi-layered counterpoint...

Henry Threadgill – conductor
Alfredo Colón – alto saxophone
Noah Becker – alto saxophone, clarinet
Peyton Pleninger – tenor saxophone
Craig Weinrib – percussion, electronics
Sara Caswell – violin
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Mariel Roberts – cello
Christopher Hoffman – cello
Jose Davila – tuba
David Virelles – piano
Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon
Adam Cordero – bassoon

“The Other One, the latest from Henry Threadgill, is the musical c

"A year ago Pi Recordings released the first new Henry Threadgill recording since 2001: This Brings Us To, Volume I. This is the second release from the same recording sessions of November 2008. Threadgill's Zooid band is a quintet, with Liberty Ellman...

"This Brings Us To is the first release from Threadgill since 2001. He has spent those eight years, the longest time between releases in his career, creating and perfecting a new system of improvisation in a group setting...

"Tomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Spp is the new release from Henry Threadgill, whose prior releases This Brings Us To, Volumes 1 & 2 topped many critics’ year end lists in 2009 and 2010. The CD features Zooid, the longest-running band of Threadgill’s 40...

Zooid is Henry’s first all acoustic band since The Sextet, and his first band since X-75 which has focused so heavily on strings. A “zooid” is an organic cell capable of independent movement or several cells forming a colony. As always with Henry the...

"Henry Threadgill's important new release Old Locks and Irregular Verbs is his heartfelt tribute to an old friend, the composer-conductor Lawrence D. Butch Morris, who passed away in 2013. He describes the work as 'An emotion, a thought, a feeling that I retained in my memory of Butch.'

Threadgill first came to know Morris - a significant figure in jazz who was responsible for creating a distinctive form of conductor-led collective improvisation for large-ensemble built on a technique he called....

Henry Threadgill - alto sax, flute, bass flute
Jose Davila - trombone, tuba
Liberty Ellman - guitar
Christopher Hoffman - cello
Elliot Humberto Kavee - drums, percussion

"In for a Penny, In for a Pound is the latest installmen

Henry Threadgill – alto saxophone, flute, bass flute
Liberty Ellman – acoustic guitar
Jose Davila – tuba, trombone
Christopher Hoffman – cello
Elliot Humberto Kavee – drums

“Poof is composer, saxophonist and flutist Henry Threadgill's latest work for his band, Zooid, his musical laboratory for the last two decades. Their last release together, In for a Penny, In for a Pound, was the winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Music, whose committee called it "a highly original work i

Rachel Cohen - vocals
Jonathan Edwards - grand piano, rhodes, wurlitzer & synths
Tim Hamill - electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar & drum programming
Steve Balsamo - vocals
Andrew 'Wal' Coughlan - double bass
Dave Gregory - electric guitar
Kate Ronconi - violin
Steve Simmons - tenor saxophone
Catherine Tanner-Williams - oboe

'Love's Lost Property' is the 2nd album from the duo of award winning singer/songwriter, Rachel Cohen.

Leo Caligiuri – piano, Rhodes, Moog, flute
Ares Tavolazzi – double bass, fretless bass
Christian Capiozzo – drums, tabla, percussion

Somewhere between jazz and electric jazz, it doesn’t sound very much like Area at all, despite the lineage, but it certainly sounds very good!

“Born as a jazz group in 2017, after long years of experience with stable famous collaborations, stages and recording studios, the Three Generations Caligiuri-Tavolazzi-Capiozzo record their first work...

“The origins of Three Point Circle go back to 1980, when K. Leimer, Marc Barreca, and Steve Peters met for two sparsely-attended shows in Olympia, WA. Some forty years later, they have regrouped as Three Point Circle.
Perhaps better described as a process than as a musical group, Three Point Circle has developed a collaborative system that replaces standards of improvisation and authorship with a new, independent, compositional identity removed from the individual habits and traits of the members...

"With the raw energy of rock music, freedom of improvisation, and circularity of electronica, Three Trapped Tigers conjure the contained intensity of their namesake. Inspired by artists like Aphex Twin and Autechre, Tom Rogerson (keyboards, electronics, vocals) formed the band in London with Matt Calvert (guitar, synthesizer, electronics) in 2007, aiming to capture the Warp Records vibe in a live format."

"Like Battles but without the cumbersome Brooklyn connection, Three Trapped Tigers play...

"Three Winters draws on diverse influences from Tangerine Dream to John Carpenter to Death In June to create a cinematic, dark and majestic sonic experience. Think 80s sci-fi and horror flicks with pulsating, neon glowing soundtracks and you're halfway...

Brandon Seabrook : guitar, banjo, tapes
Mike Pride : drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, organ
Mike Watt : bass

"The past year’s lockdown has proved undeniably challenging to improvising musicians who typically thrive on face-to-face interaction. But bassist Mike Watt, drummer/percussionist Mike Pride, and guitarist/banjoist Brandon Seabrook have all built their careers on kicking down the barriers between genres, so why would they let a little pandemic-induced isolation and...

The debut by this chamber trio of 2 guitarists & a cellist. Incorporating elements of improvisation into their compositions, they also use non-Western instrumentation & techniques; Indian, Indonesian & Cuban elements are all apparent. Interestingly...

"Originally released in 1979, 20 Jazz Funk Greats is Throbbing Gristle's pop-influenced masterwork. It's hard to believe the beautiful, conventionally-attractive Cosey Fanni Tutti on this album's front cover previously gave herself milk and blood...

This title is very out of print and starting to go for money, but we found a cache in our move and are offering at our regular price, while they last!

"Originally released in 1980, Heathen Earth is a crucial live document of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle. In member Chris Carter's own words: "You had to have been there. Which is what we always say about TG. TG on record and TG live are two completely different things." This album is probably the closest approximation of the two you'll...

“This release is the infamous live show recorded at Throbbing Gristle’s 2004 performance as part of Jake and Dinos Chapman’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival line up. The performance and CD were both dedicated to their dear friend and co-conspirator, John Balance, who passed away in November 2004.
The CD-R set was on sale minutes after Throbbing Gristle finished performing. The few remaining copies of this limited edition set were briefly available through Mute Records, but quickly sold out. This is...

“Part Two: The Endless Not was originally released in 2007, and was the band’s first full length studio record in 25 years.
Pitchfork wrote, “The Endless Not features some of the subtlest songwriting of TG’s career, playing that knot of tension for all its worth and all the more disturbing for how pensive and restrained it feels”. PopMatters said that the album “sounds like a core of musicians who have rediscovered whatever spark it was that led them to create the entity that they are now so often...

"It's impossible to deny Throbbing Gristle's working methods and innovation are so deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of... everything. TG's subversive dismantling of the apparatus of social control casts such a long shadow, and as...

Fourth and great album by this spacerock band. I say band, but it's just a duo of Matthew Smith-guitars, trumpet, bass, organ, vocals and Kerry Gluckman-drums, percussion. Despite the fact it's just the two of them, this has a total band sound and it's...

“The Honningsvåg band Thule, which started in 1983, is probably marginally better known outside the world than here at home, as part of the Scandinavian new-prog movement which is still strong internationally. Still, despite a low profile at home, Thule's 1990 album Natt ended up on Morgenbladet's list of Norway's best record releases - even in a solid 54th place.
Natt was created during the dark hours in Honningsvåg, recorded on an 8-track cassette recorder. It is the sound of desperation...

Michael Formanek – double bass and electronics
Tomas Fujiwara – drums and vibraphone
Mary Halvorson – guitar

“Thumbscrew...are likeminded souls with decades of experience among them. Encapsulating a rare chemistry, their music offers a virtual masterclass of communal interplay.” – Point Of Departure

At the center of a spiraling musical universe, Thumbscrew is like a reverse black hole radiating brilliant constellations of overlapping.

Tomas Fujiwara – drums
Mary Halvorson – guitar
Michael Formanek – double bass and electric bass

"...a streamlined trio quickly becoming today's premiere small jazz group" - Francis Davis, NPR

Currently one of the most exciting and active groups in boundary-pushing jazz, is the collective trio Thumbscrew, who release their sixth album in seven years with Never Is Enough. Constantly taking the simple, ‘guitar trio’ line-up...

Tomas Fujiwara : Drums and Vibraphone
Mary Halvorson : Guitar
Michael Formanek : Double Bass

"Probably no one better qualified to make a Braxton tribute than these guys." – S. Victor Aaron / Something Else Reviews

“The cooperative trio that merges guitarist Mary Halvorson, bassist Michael Formanek, and drummer Tomas Fujiwara is named after an instrument of torture. It is a typically sly move from a band that is constantly flirting..

“The barrage of riffs are both epic and melodic, the low end beefy and the percussion massive. Expect nothing less than magic from these three avant purveyors.” – The Village Voice

“... all three of these musicians have a well-established history of creating unconventional music. That trend doesn’t end here, but as challenging as this music is, it’s presented in a way easy to accept.” – Wondering Sound

Michael Formanek - bass
Tomas Fujiwara – drums
Mary Halvorson – guitar
Thumbscrew demonstrates their unique collective musical vision in contrasting but complementary ways on two exciting new CDs. Ours and Theirs are the first to be released on a newly revamped Cuneiform Records, just returning from a hiatus. Comprised of longtime collaborators Michael Formanek, Tomas Fujiwara, and Mary Halvorson, Thumbscrew is

Michael Woodman / Vocals, Guitar
Rael Jones / Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Orchestration
Sam Warren / Bass
Ben Wren / Drums
Sam Warren is, incidently, the current bassist in Guapo!

“London alt-rock quartet Thumpermonkey return with their breathtaking full-length...Make Me Young, Etc is a concept record that counts down to the end of existence.
In 2012, following the release of Thumpermonkey’s Sleep Furiously album, singer Michael Woodman received a random email from

Reissue of everything by this charming, art-school, oddball band with connections to The Who and Pete Townshend, who was pals with keyboardist/saxist Andy Newman, who turned him onto jazz when they were at art school together (he undoubtably turned him...

Thus is Baltimore instrument-maker Neil Feather and Baltimore multi-instrumentalist John Berndt (here taking a cue from Neil and helping to design and build the instruments. Instrumentation used includes Nondo, Vibro-Wheel Array, Guitaint, Ultra Hodge...

When I first started Wayside Music, Steve was one of the very first musicians with a self-released album (actually two self-released albums) who contacted us trying to get us to buy some copies.
I was greatly impressed with his work then and I remain greatly impressed now. This covers releases from 1980-2018, and it all is a diverse and wonderful body of work. Most of his original albums are long out of print, so this is a good way to learn about one of the greatest of ECM’s post-70s artists. Hugely..

Steve Tibbetts: 6 and 12 string guitars, kalimbas, tape loops
Marc Anderson: congas, bongos, percussion

“Steve Tibbetts’ first ECM session found the Minnesotan guitar player journeying with faithful percussionist Marc Anderson to Oslo in 1981, to make what might be his most stark and inner-directed recording, etching sounds in silence. “There is nothing in this music (with titles such as “The Big Wind,” and “Walking”) to hang any defining label on”, commented the Oakland Tribune. “It has....

From their first live performance in 1972, it was seven years before Tibet released their sole lp. By the time of their lp, they were a six piece: Klaus Werthmann (vocals), Deff Ballin (keyboards), Dieter Kumpakischkis (keyboards), Karl-Heinz Hamann (bass), Fred Teske (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals) and Jurgen Krutzsch (guitars). Fans of the Hammond organ will be delighted because there is an obviously strong keyboard dominance on this album. There are loads of organ solos, several synth solos and...

“A suite of fiendishly complex compositions for mixed real and virtual resources. Bob Drake, Djorge Delibasic, Pegja Milosavljevic and Chris Cutler make appearances - playing electric guitar, bass, drums and virtuoso violin between them, but mainly it is Stevan who plays all kinds of keyboards, strings, double bass, zither, samples and software.
Three thoroughly through-composed and finely articulated pieces make up this very concentrated suite: Concerto Grosso (for keyboards, string instruments and..

"This is the first release in our new EDITION of a THOUSAND series.

A beautifully recorded and produced cycle of works that combine complexity and precision with rich and unfamiliar timbres. The ensemble pieces amplify and enrich a core piano...

? known to this audience for his work with The Science Group. The part below about sounding like all possible musics being stuck in a bag together sorta sums up my very confused feelings about this after only one listening. More time is de...

C[C lbum from the mid 80's by the musical chief behind The Science Group, this is a seven piece band led by Yugoslavian composer Stevan Tickmayer, it features the instrumentation of flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, cello & keyboar...