Orchestral arrangement by Robert Reed
Christina Booth - vocal
Chris Fry - classical guitar
Les Penning - story teller
featured soloists
Katie Axelsen - flute
Sam Baxster - oboe

"Magenta's brand new, and long awaited, 9th studio album sees a major change in direction from past works. A fully orchestrated affair with no drums or bass anywhere to be found, with Christina, like a fine wine, getting better with age and really gelling gloriously with the music. Chris Fry...

Mark “Rockette Morton” Boston – bass
John “Drumbo” French – vocals, harmonica, drums on instrumentals
Gary Lucas – guitar
Denny “Feelers Reebo” Walley – guitar
Michael Traylor or Robert Arthur Williams – drums on vocal tracks

This album and DVD set, recorded live between 2003-20004, was the earliest version of the post-Don, John French-led Magic Band, which means you get the largest number of old Magic Band members involved!
“I know, that's John French doing that amazing...

I hope that there will be more from the Magic Band (now consisting of John French, Mark Boston, Denny Walley and Gary Lucas), but for now, this album of well recorded live rehearsals of 17 classic tracks by the band - some now recast as instrumentals and some featuring John's very appropriate vocals - will more than suffice!

John [Drumbo] French – vocals, harmonica, sax, guitar, drums
Mark [Rockette Morton] Boston – bass
Denny [Feelers Rebo] Walley - slide guitar, vocals
Eric Klerks – guitar, bass, vocals
Craig Bunch - drums.

This is an excellent recording of a fiery gig by John French’s revived Magic Band in 2013. Not convinced? I think one listen to them tear through the opening track, “My Human Gets Me Blues” will convince!

"A stellar concert of the Captain's music recorded in London at

"Magic Bus have pretty strongly established their style in the two albums preceding new release Phillip the Egg, and they don't really deviate from it here - again, it's an intoxicated bland of Canterbury-esque whimsy (drawing largely on the warm humour of Caravan and the mystical interests of Gong) with West Coast hippy sensibilities, as well as tight jamming in the instrumental sections reminiscent of the overlap between Ozric Tentacles and You-era Gong. If that sounds like the sort of thing you'd....

“Totnes, Devon-based psychedelic rangers Magic Bus have been weaving together their own cosmic tapestry for 10 years with sources as diverse as the Canterbury scene, California jam bands, eastern mysticism, and '70s prog. There are some new and familiar sonic influences on this one... certainly a hint of The Grateful Dead, Gong and maybe even The Beatles... but very much the Magic Bus sound.”

“On their second album, Magic Bus continue their style of psychedelic-oriented, Canterbury-influenced music, once again producing material reminiscent of the angle that Land of Grey and Pink-era Caravan or Khan produced in the early 1970s. This time around, a bit more West Coast hippy folk rock influence is brought into the mix, with the album opener Sunflower in particular being rooted in that style, which makes this a bit more a mixed bag of an album. This isn't quite the amazing eye-opener that...

I discovered Magic Malik about a decade ago when he and his group played at the French Embassy. He's an amazing flute player and he and his group performed an interesting and unique 'rehearsal intensive' jazz/rock thing. He's little known in the USA...

"Despite the fact that the band has been effectively on ice since the mid nineties there remains a strong and highly motivated fan base that appreciates the Magic Mushroom Band. This live recording dates from 1989 when the band was breaking out of the...

Kim Stenberg - guitars, vocals
Eirikur Hauksson - lead vocals
Erling Henanger - keyboards, backing vocals
Eirik Hanssen - vocals
Lars Petter Holstad - bass, backing vocals
Jan T. Johannessen - drums

“Magic Pie’s Fragments of the 5th Element is outstanding. It showcases outstanding musicianship. There are hooks galore. It is not a concept album, and yet there is something of a lyrical theme. This is one of my favorite releases of 2019.”-Sonic Perspectives

"It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since these proggers from Norway released their promising debut "Motions of Desire". At that time, their music struck me as an enthusiastic combination of classic prog and classic hard rock. (Think Deep Purple....

“Where has this set been? It should have come around 1982 in the wake of Delmark's "Alex Club/Ann Arbor set. This is certainly, at the least, the equal of any other live Magic Sam issue.
First, to save us all time, if you liked the Ann Arbor set, you may as well buy this one now. It is the same band, slightly better sound quality, and a similar (but expanded) set list. In addition, I feel that the performance here is even better!
There are three great BB King covers, including "I've Got Papers"...

"The second and all-time best Mako album, originally issued by Japanese Polydor in 1975. Packaged in mini-lp jacket sleeve. Although MPM went on to record 20+ more records after this one, he would never exceed the spatial exuberance of Super Record....

“Magick Brother & Mystic Sister, the mysterious band from Barcelona, return with not one, but 2 albums! 'Tarot Part I' and 'Tarot Part II' (follows a few months after #1) is a concept album in 2 parts, a psychedelic record, a kaleidoscope of songs based upon the Major Arcana of the Tarot, a cross-cultural dream language.
With their signature imaginative compositions, featuring space-age keys and spiraling synthesizers, intricate guitar mosaics and bass lines, powerful drums, tribal percussion and...

Eva Muntada: piano, synthesizers, organ, mellotron & vocals
Xavi Sandoval: bass & guitars
Marc Tena: drums & vocals
Maya Fernández: flute

Very enjoyable folky / freaky / proggy / psych music from Barcelona, with much more than a passing nod to their Canterbury-ish namesakes, most notably If I Could and first album-era Caravan!
This has a very nice, soft, fuzzy, very late night vibe, even at its most rocking.

"Music, more than all the arts, has the ability to move us to

Daevid Allen - guitar & vocals
Graham Clarke – violin
Mark Robson - keyboards& didgeridoo.

“Apparently a one-time side project for Gong main man Daevid Allen. 'Live At The Witchwood, 1991' is basically good trippy 'head' music. Plenty of that Allen type of wit that many of us have come to expect.
Eleven tracks with a duration of 73:10. Some exclusive cuts to this disc as well as several Gong obscurities, like "Zero Theme", "Magick Brothers" (off the very first Gong lp of the same..

Vocals and instruments by Joost Maglev
Mark Bogert (5)
David Clarkson – drums (6)
Valensia Clarkson – instruments, backing vocals (6)
Ben Craven – guitars (3, 7)
Marie Doesburg – vocals (1, 9)
Annie Haslam – vocals (4)
Sebas Honing – guitars (4, 7)
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – guitars (4)
Stefan Maas – drums (2, 3, 4, 5. 7, 8)
Joop de Rooij – piano (8)
Faried Verheul – guitars (2, 8)

“A Dutch multi-instrumentalist / composer

Magma's final album of the 1970s isn't a bad album and it has some incredibly great moments (and a great cover by H.R. Giger), but it isn't the best place to start with this brilliantly original and idiosyncratic band.
Newly remastered and in a digipack.

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is their amazing recording in fine sound from Top Gear, featuring the classic 1974 line-up, including MONSTER bassist Jannick Top in rare, over the top form.
The definitive versions of Kohntarkhosz and Wurdah Itah. Essential.
Be prepared for some intense listening, as these all feature amazing playing & a truly twisted vision.

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is a live recording (of reasonably good quality, given the time-period) featuring the 1001o Centigrade band! [Seventh]

The official story is that like Kohntarkhosz Anteria, Emenhntehtt Re (note: I've left many umlats off of the title) was a major, long-form work. It was part of a trilogy along with Kohntarkhosz and K.A. and was written circa in the early/mid 1970s, but never recorded. Unlike K.A., a very good portion all of the parts have appeared on various albums over the years. So, it's hard for a non Kobaian to know if the official story is true or if the story is just a way to make a new, major statement without....

Herve Aknin – vocals
Isabelle Feuillebois – vocals
Stella Vander – vocals
Laura Guarrato – vocals
Sandrine Destefanis – vocals
Sylvie Fisichella – vocals
Thierry Eliez – keyboards, vocals
Simon Goubert – keyboards
Rudy Blas – guitar
Jimmy Top – bass
Christian Vander – drums, vocals

Recorded live in 2020, before COVID cut the tour (very) short. This is your first chance to own a recording by the current initeration of the group! ...

Since re-emerging in the late 90s, Magma have put on countless simply great performances and 2 stunning albums. But both of those albums (Kontarkosz Anteria (K.A.) and Emenhntehtt Re (E.R.)) were both recordings of 'big pieces' written during the band's 1970s heyday, but unrecorded until now. So, for me at least, the big question has been, "What happens when they run out of old, unrecorded things to record? Can C.V. come up with new material worthy of the band he's assembled?" Happily, the answer is yes...

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is all otherwise unavailable material, from 6/72-1/75. Musically great with awesome basswork by Janik Top, but it suffers from mediocre-at-best sound. Be prepared for some intense list...

Magma added three more female voices to the mix, and the singing is extra great on here. Additionally the over-all recorded sound seems a bit better over-all from the last few releses. The playing is also very strong, although my heart will always belong to Bubu...

More than 18 months without being able to play a gig. This space of time, this imposed "pause", was used to prepare a new album, a group album, working in a way we had not realized for a long time.
Following the..

Christian VANDER drums, vocaux
Claude ENGEL guitars, flute, vocaux
Francis MOZE bass électric bass
François CAHEN piano
Teddy LASRY saxophone soprano, flute, horns
Richard RAUX saxophones alto & ténor, flute
Alain CHARLERY "Paco" trumpet, percussions
Klaus BLASQUIZ vocals

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. Their 1st album, this is baby steps for the band Nice, but don't start here.
“At the end of the 1960s - a time when the

If my Kobaian doesn't fail me, the 45' Kohntarkhosz Anteria was written circa 1972/1973, but never officially recorded, although a tiny piece of it appears on Inedits, and other little bits were grabbed and used in various other works (most notably the...

“Unavailable since months in its original version, finally here is Magma’s fourth and legendary album in a digipack remastered deluxe edition, including a never heard before 32 minutes live track of the head title, recorded during the 2015 China tour. Unique opportunity 8 years later, to hear the band surrounding the telluric guitar of the late and much missed James McGaw.”

“This bonus version of Köhntarkösz, recorded in Beijing, remains an unforgettable memory...
I remember James telling us.

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is rightly considered a avant/prog classic and features a great lineup of the band (Christian, Stella, Klaus, Bernard Paganotti, Didier Lockwood, Benoit Widemann, Jean-Pol Aseline, Gabriel Federow).
This is probably their most accessible work, as it is their most 'fusion sounding work' with extremely strong soloing from violinist Didier Lockwood, but it in no way compromises their vision.
And what a great live recording!...

Klaus Blasquiz-vocals, percussion
Claude Osmos-guitar
Michel Graillier-keyboards
Gerard Bikialo-keyboards
Jannick Top-bass
Christian Vander-drums

There are certain bands and certain tours in music that assume rightly legendary status.
The European tour of April 1964 by Charles Mingus comes to mind as one for me, as does – in an entirely different way – the European tour in the early spring of 1974 by this edition of Magma.
There are several live recorded sets...

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is a previously unheard version of MDK, recorded about 9 months before the released version, & with some unique differences too! Be prepared for some intense listening, as these all fe...

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is a previously unheard version of MDK, recorded about 9 months before the released version, & with some unique differences too! Be prepared for some intense listening, as these all feature amazing playing & a truly twisted vision.

"From the very first short version recorded in the summer of 1971 on the compilation album “PUISSANCE 13 + 2” to the spring 1973 version on the eponymous album, “MEKANIK DESTRUKTIW KOMMANDOH” slowly...

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is from their reunion concert in Paris in 1980. This is sorta weak; don't start here! [Seventh]

Siegfried Scholz - drums, vocal
Detlef Gherke - piano, organ, synth, vocal

"Magma were a rock duo from Gelsenkirchen. They were playing only on organ and drums like Hardin & York or Hansson & Karlsson.
Their only LP, which turned up very late with collectors, was released in 1975 (Elrec 1026). On this CD you can find five bonus tracks, all of them never released before. The four first ones had been performed live, the last one was recorded at the studio.
Magma, having a lot of gigs

Recorded live at Magma's 30th anniversary concerts in May, 2000, this is the first time that the complete Theusz Hamtaahk trilogy has been released in one set. Excellent live recording and terrific energy coming off of the stage. While you've heard the...

This great album, which was recorded in April, 1974, has an interesting history. When originally released, this was released as a 'solo' album by Christian Vander, but for all intents & purposes, it was (and is) the fourth Magma album, having been released between M.D.K. and Kohntarkhoz.
The album is also interesting because it is a Magma album stripped down to the barest essentials of electric and acoustic pianos (all played by Christian), bass by Janick Top, choir (Vander, Klaus Blasquiz and Stella

“Zess is the story of the end of everything. The end of time and of everything that has ever existed. Absolute oblivion, like a dreamless night. It feels like nothing has ever existed nor will it ever exist again. All forms of consciousness have vanished.”-Christian Vander.

The legend of Magma’s Zess is that when Zess is recorded and released, it will signal the end of Magma. Happily the band are walking that back ... I guess we'll see, won't we...
This is a less intense, more choral work...

This amazing document has been lying in the archives at Radio Bremen for 40 years. A decade ago, when we were licensing a lot of material from Radio Bremen, I tried to get permission from the band to release this incredible show and they said 'no'. Why they said 'yes' to someone else a decade later, I don't know, but the world is a better place because of it!
This is the entire radio broadcast, featuring the touring version of the Köhntarhosz band:...

Some of you with long memories and/or big record collections from the days of imports with JEM stickers on them, will recognize this name from his two releases on the Egg label ("The Most Progressive European Music Experience") from 1978 and 1980.
This is his 1st release from 1959, and is obviously, quite different, but is still interesting and avant music.

"Originally released in 1959, Musique Tachiste is the first in a series of rare records by French experimentalist Michel Magne. One of...

Excellent second release - even better than their very good first - by this Italian jazz/rock quintet (Fender Rhodes & keyboards, alto sax, guitar, bass and drums. This really has that Italian jazz/rock sound; think Perigeo, Arti E Mestieri, etc! Not...

I went looking for a good review of this very little noticed Italian jazz-rock album that was released in 2008 and I found almost nothing. What I did find was this: " If you like Perigeo "Chromatic Tunes" is the CD for you. A perfect mix between rock...

“If Cream and Mountain were to have a baby it would be Magnolia. Sweeden's answer to both of those bands are back with their second album, Falska Vagar. While the band seems a bit more adventurous than on the first, it's really more of the same. In Magnolia's case that's a good thing. It's obvious that Ronny Eriksson has much appreciation for late 60's heavy rock, he's by no means a copycat. The guitar riffs these 10 tunes are based on are fairly inventive and the music is played with conviction....

Swedish progressive hard rock from guitar, bass, drums, vocals. You can hear elements of November, Cream, West, Bruce and Laing, etc. here.

Nick Magnus - keyboards, synth, vocals (1,5), programming, composer & arranger, producer
Andy Neve - vocals (1)
Pete Hicks - vocals (2)
Tony Patterson - vocals (4,8)
Amanda Lehmann - vocals (7)
Steve Hackett - guitar solo (1)
Steve Unruh - violin (5)

“Nick’s sixth progressive rock album is a personal journey inspired by the landscape, history and legends of the Ariège
Catharsis is a deluxe two-disc, hardback Mediabook with audio CD, 20-minute DVD video, and 36 fu

“'INHALING GREEN' [2020] Comes Remastered From The Original Tapes With 2 Bonus Tracks And Packaged With Re-Vamped Art In A Mini LP Gatefold Card Sleeve!
Having Served His Musical Apprenticeship In The 70's With The Symphonic Rockers The ENID, Nick Magnus Became Steve Hackett's Keyboard Player During The Guitarist's Rise To Fame As A Solo Artist, Following His Departure From GENESIS. Since The Mid 90's Nick Has Released A String Of Superbly Crafted Solo Albums, One Of Which Is 'Inhaling Green'....

“Old Waysiders (is there any other kind?) will remembers Croa Trio. Adriano Magoo is their piano and accordion player and Sol Futuro is his first solo album with lots of guests, including members of Croa and the incredible Cuca Teixeira on drums (from Mr. Motaba).
On some tracks, background sounds captured by NASA are mixed with Magoo's Rhodes piano, acoustic guitars, electric bass, Brazilian percussion, with echos of Chick Corea, early Weather Report, Hermeto Pascoal, and some folkloric Brazilian...

Alex Maguire - piano / Hammond organ
Martin Pyne - vibraphone / drums / percussion / electronics
Mark Hewins - guitars / electronics

“MPH is a trio featuring three of the most creative musical minds on the improv scene today.
Their music draws from a huge range of genres to create bewitching and astonishingly original sound pictures, shot through with vitality, tenderness and humour.
Taxonomies is the trio’s debut album, taking inspiration from a quirky perspective on th

This has the great UK keyboardist Alex Maguire, someone who is at home in any style from rock to jazz to jazz-rock to free improvisation, performing a modern sort of swinging electric jazz with four members of the Wrong Object and a saxist in a sweaty...