"Aka Moon is celebrating. On the occasion of their twenty-five years existence, a twenty-volume overview box Constellations has been released, but also a new album Now .
With this title, Aka Moon, the group around alto saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol, bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou and drummer Stephane Galland, already indicates what it is all about, namely the present, the here-and-now.
On the new album Now you can hear how the group, to a certain extent, clings to the vast past (for example you...

"Aka Balkan Moon and AlefBa are two projects, the core of which is Aka Moon, that essential jazz trio (Fabrizio Cassol : sax, Stéphane Galland : drums, Michel Hatzigeorgiou : bass). Their refreshing approach to jazz and to ethnic musical genres such as...

2009 release from the great Belgian jazz ensemble, this time working with Mali musicians.
"Aka Moon, Baba Sissoko and his ensemble Black Machine present the result of their energetic collaboration, their album Culture Griot. While the musical touch.

"Edip Akbayram is one of the top three legendary Turkish psych musicians, alongside Erkin Korayand Baris Mancho. When it comes to mind-destroying eastern-tinged psychedelic rock, Turkey is the most intense country of them all and this massive 2CD is on...

“Akkerman continues to amaze. Pleasingly free playing within structures provided by his excellent band.”-Mark Fleischmann

“Jan Akkerman, the renowned Dutch guitarist who shot to fame during the 1960s and 1970s with bands like Focus, Brainbox and The Hunters, and was once voted Best Guitarist in the World by Melody Maker.
Close Beauty is inspired from a simple notion, that when you are too close to an object you cannot see the real value. The instrumental album came together organically...

"Perhaps Jan Akkerman's (of Focus fame) best work. This album from 1977 is an upbeat jazz/rock fusion masterpiece. It definitely holds up to the test of time, and is consistent throughout with an innovative set of songs from start to finish. On this disc, Akkerman has put together a stellar group of studio musicians."

"The Complete Jan Akkerman is a new 26 CD box set which brings together all the studio albums (and more) of Dutch guitar legend Jan Akkerman, who found international success with the band Focus.
The creative guitarist is well known for his individualistic style, combining rock, jazz, blues, and baroque into his solo projects. This 26-disc set includes the solo studio long-players, his most important live recordings and a CD of rare and previously unreleased tracks.
The booklet includes a...

Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
Michael Gilsenan - Sax
Maja Nydegger - Keys
Markus Ischer - Guitar
Andi Schnellmann - Bass

Aeon is the third release by the Akku Quintet, a group led by drummer and composer Manuel Pasquinelli, who many of you know from his work in SONAR and also featuring bassist Andi Schnellmann, who many of you know as the bassist in SCHNELLERTOLLERMEIER, as well as 3 other excellent musicians.
I had the great, great pleasure to see them on their final US.

Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums, Compositions
Michael Gilsenan - Sax
Maja Nydegger - Keys
Markus Ischer - Guitar
Andi Schnellmann - Bass
“Following their acclaimed 2017 album, Aeon, Switzerland-based outfit, AKKU Quintet have released their fourth record - Depart.
This release contains a sequence of darkly beautiful compositions by founder and drummer Manuel Pasquinelli. Best-known for his work in Swiss post-rock minimalist outfit, SONAR (recently collaborating with David Torn

Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
Michael Gilsenan - Sax & Fx
Markus Escher - Guitar
Maja Nydegger - Grand Piano, Keys
Andi Schnellmann - Bass

Led by drummer & composer Manuel Pasquinelli (of Sonar) and including bassist Andi Schnellman (of Schnellertollermeier), Akku Quintet take the ‘Swiss zen maximalist/minimalist approach’ of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Sonar, and Schnellertollermeier to a different, but utterly logical conclusion. Fabulous stuff. Recommended!

“Live takes yo

As I think most of you know, Cuneiform is releasing the 2nd SONAR album in January, 2014, and I met the band in September and saw two gigs.

Their drummer, Manuel Pasquinelli, also leads this unusual jazz quintet consisting of....

I've long known the great drummer Pheeroan AkLaaf for his work with Anthony Davis' mind-blowingly great Episteme group in the 80s, as well as many other ensembles and projects of 30 years ago and more recent ones as well, and now with Wadada Leo Smith...

Ako Doma's music is a scoop of less known prog rock, but also has its impurities or its "new-culture" leanings. Despite that it isn't hard to get their works, it's on the other hand a bit hard to savor them completely, every spin taking you deep in...

This certainly qualifies as one of the least likely comeback albums ever!

“The legendary experimental pop outfit returns with a brand-new record entitled Figures, written, conceived and produced over the last couple of years by Marc Hollander (founder of Aksak Maboul and of the Crammed label) and Véronique Vincent (former singer with The Honeymoon Killers).
Figures is a double album containing 22 tracks and interludes, resulting from the flow of creative ideas which arose after a gap of over...

UNBELIEVABLE. This is one of the albums that heads many, many people's 'please issue this on CD' list, including mine. This was the first album of two by Aksak Maboul (later changed to Aqsak Maboul, just to fool people), which really wasn't a band, but...

The second album by this Italian band that will remind you of Embryo with a mixture of certain other top-rank 70s German bands like Xhol.

“The music is the result of combining psychedelic music (first of all, Krautrock) and ethnic sounds; also using ethnic instruments such as darbuka, mbira, Tibetan bells, rhaita, and sitar to create a good ear-trip.”

"This fucking righteously Out There declaration comes on like a lobotomized Xhol Caravan meets Shiva's Tongue meets one of those low...

The Finnish instrumental band Alamaailman Vasarat ("The Hammers of Hell") started as an offshoot of Hyry-Kone, but now H-K is gone and the Hell-Hammers remain! The band is a six piece; dual electric cellos (played as a hard-rock instrument and sounding...

Alamaailman Vasarat are finally getting some of the attention that they deserve since they played at Nearfest 2003. They started as an offshoot of Hoyry-Kone, 4 out of the 5 players here [on trombone, soprano sax, cello, pump organ/grand piano & drums]...

This is both this band's albums, from 1979 and 1980.
"Alameda was formed in 1978 by experienced musicians: Manuel Marinelli (keyboards) and Pepe Roca (guitar and vocals) had played in Tartessos, Luis Moreno (drums) in Payos, Rafael Marinelli...

Amina Alaoui, vocals, daf
Saïfallah Ben Abderrazak, violin
Sofiane Negra, oud
José Luis Montón, flamenco guitar
Eduardo Miranda, mandolin
Idriss Agnel, percussion

"Following her outstanding performance in collaborative wo

“Federico Albanese is a composer born in Milan, Italy and currently based in Berlin. His musical versatility is a natural gift that pushes him to explore music in all its facets. Albanese's compositions are airy and cinematic, blending classical music, electronics and psychedelia. In February 2014 Federico Albanese released his debut album entitled "The Houseboat and the Moon". He recorded all of the piano parts with a 1969 German tape recorder, the Uher Royal Deluxe, which allowed him to catch all of...

"Elaborate art rock from Hagen circa 1978. Similar to early Genesis or early Wallenstein. Three long tracks, well played and neatly recorded. Recommended. With 28 page color booklet"...

"Norwegian jazz is as vital as ever and one can but wonder where it all comes from. With Night Owl, their second album for Rune Grammofon, Eyolf Dale and André Roligheten are already five albums into their career and showing a maturity in writing and...

"Eyolf Dale and André Roligheten aka Yonkers are already three albums into their career and showing a maturity in writing and playing that is betraying their age considerably. The album was recorded during what the duo describe as a magic late night...

Liz Allbee: Electronics, Trumpet, Quadraphonic Trumpet, Voice, Field Recordings, Acoustic Homemade Instruments

“Liz Allbee is fascinated by the guttural, proto-linguistic qualities of musical voices. On Rille she performs with her trumpet, quad-trumpet, voice, and electronics. The pieces range from experimental, electroacoustic, ambient textures merged with dark jazz interludes to even a foray into quasi pop music. But it is all distinctively Liz and forms a coherent organic musical statement.”

"A new fantastic instrumental project, with special affinity with the horror movie sound of Goblin (more prog-rock than jazz), the looming atmospheres, the high emotional tension. Keyboards-guitar-bass-drums-flute-viola ensemble...

Nadin Petricelli - Keyboard/Synth
Lorenzo Picchi - Guitars
Michele Andreuccetti - Bass
Marco Brenzini – Flute

"L'Albero Del Veleno plants its roots to create instrumental music following the style born from the soundtracks of horror and thriller movies of the 60's/70's/80's.
The various musical influences, along with the passion for cinema, form a project strongly introspective and emotional, made even more special by the video contribution always present in live performances...

Argentinian guitarist/composer Rodolfo studied with Argentinian masters, such as Ginastera, Baptist and others. He worked in the fusion and progressive field and even spent 10 years in New York with his band Southern Exposure. He returned to Buenos...

A lot of folks have been waiting for this one and finally it is here! The band is a duo of two keyboardist/multi-instrumentalists:
Fabrice “Chfab” Chouette: keyboards, guitars voice, recorder, whisting, percussion
Patrick “Paskinel” Dufour...

Second excellent prog / symphonic release with some light avant touches and also some light Canterbury touches as well.

Fabrice "Chfab" Chouette / guitar, keyboards, synth
Patrick "Paskinel" Dufour / keyboards, synth, drums programming
Frédéric Chaput / electric & acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, synth, percussion
Jean-Luc Payssan / guitar (4)
Eric Rebeyrol / cornet (1,4)
Thierry Payssan / piano (1,3,4)

"Second episode for this French ensemble that ha

Susan Alcorn - pedal steel guitar
Mark Feldman - violin
Michael Formanek - double bass
Mary Halvorson - guitar
Ryan Sawyer - drums

“Pedernal opens with Alcorn’s gracefully slithery pedal steel line suggesting a dark, minor blues that’s joined in an undulating caress by Formanek’s lithe bass. Descending chords introduce the second section as the band steps into the gathering maelstrom, eventually resolving into a beatifically lyrical theme that seems to summon the abidi

I love this album; do you love pedal steel guitar and/or Astor Piazolla? If so, you will love it too!

“It’s wholly fitting that this questing US pedal steel guitarist has chosen to interpret the nuevo tango of Astor Piazzolla on her latest longplayer. The late Argentinean composer presided over a revolution in traditional music by emphasising elements of improvisation, dissonance and counterpoint, while Alcorn seeks the total liberation of her instrument, away from the stifling confines of...

“Housed in a DVD-sized digipak; limited, numbered edition of 500.
In the '80s, Alésia Cosmos was one of those pioneering groups that invented a handful of things: uprooted electro, pop-shifted, funk. With some synths, rhythm boxes, magnetic tapes, crazy guitars, and hallucinated voices, AC rocked the underground for four years, with two albums, playing live in France and Europe. The dazzling epic of the magic combo has become legendary in the margin of new European music.
Their first LP...

Ralph Alessi, trumpet / Ravi Coltrane, saxophone / Andy Milne, piano / Drew Gress, double bass / Mark Ferber, drums

This is a great release, with excellent performances and a lot of drama; the music swings, but it often doesn't go where you.

This is a high-quality pirate edition of two never-reissued, very obscure Krautrock rarities, with ties to Can.

"His first two LPs from 1974 and 1976 on one CD, complete and with all original jacket artwork and lyrics. Now performs as Alex...

A native of the underground Seattle scene who moved to New York in 1993, Aaron Alexander has performed with many of the greatest groups in the new Jewish Renaissance, from the Klezmatics to Hasidic New Wave, Klezmer Madness, Klezmerfest, Babkas, Klez-J...

I just caught up to these guys (this is their 3rd album), but how I survived without knowing about them is beyond me. Take Gutbucket, Curlew, Jean-Louis, Doctor Nerve and put that agressive, electric jazz sound in the cauldron that is the great music...

Algernon are one of Chicago's fastest rising young bands. They have a great post-rock/avant-progressive/modern progressive, instrumental sound. They feature a unique line-up of dual guitars, vibes, bass and drums. The band is led by guitarist and...

Algernon were a very excellent Chicago avant/post-rock quintet consisting of two guitars (one guitarist also played synths), vibes, bass and drums. They released three album, the final one, Ghost Surveillance, on Cuneiform in 2010.
This very excellent and very fun live document of the band between 2008-2010 features two unreleased songs and powerful live versions of songs from their albums.
"Algernon "Live" delivers the off-the-rails energy and sophisticated interplay of an Algernon live...

Martin Küchen saxophones / Thomas Johansson trumpet / Mats Äleklint trombone / Jon Rune Strøm double bass / Tollef Østvang drums.

"The Scandinavian contributions for the present status of that music called jazz are no longer possible to dismiss..

Stéphane Payen: straight alto saxophone
Ingrid Laubrock: tenor saxophone
Chris Tordini: double bass
Tom Rainey: drums

“It is a fundamentally empathetic vision that shows the community of ideas and methods that drives these four creators.’

Last chance to pick this up, as Fallout have gone bust. Last copies and available at a bargain price!

"This mellow collection of communal U.S. hippie folk was recorded in 1968 and went undiscovered for decades. Featuring male and female vocals, str

Allegri Leprotti are an Italian 70s band who played on stages along with Stormy Six and Picchio dal Pozzo, as well as participating in Italy's R.I.O. movement, although they never recorded at the time. You can hear elements of Frank Zappa and...

For my money, this 1964 ESP album is a minor 60s free-jazz classic. Byron Allen was introduced to ESP by Ornette Coleman, and this, his only recording until a 2nd album appeared 15 years later, is very much in the Ornette trio vein, although not as...

“Playbax Method
stage one:
certain rhythm tracks copied from mastertape of new york gong lp are cut into various multiples of bar lengths and spliced into loops which are then replayed onto playbax master into organised sequences/loop contructs:
stage two:
construct suggest fresh themes and treatments”

One of Daevid's better 1980's albums (this) was designed with a rich skien of background tapes over which he played live guitar.
I saw the tour he did based around the...

Canterbury history lesson 101: Before Soft Machine and Caravan, there were the Wildeflowers. But even before the Wildeflowers there was the Daevid Allen Trio. This document of one of their very, very few performances, at the Marquee Club as part...

“Double CD of live acoustic gigs with Didier and the all female band; This is in fact a recording of Daevid Allen's Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet during the band's European tour, released under Allen's name only.
These CDs are drawn from two concerts: Daevid's first major gigs in London at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill Gate and in France at Toulon, which was also Daevid's first encounter with Didier Malherbe (Bloomdido Bad de Grasse) since the heady Gong days of '74/'75.
Some of these...