Alec K. Redfearn – electrified accordion, vocal, Realistic MG-1, loops, ceremonial bell, combo organ
Ann Schattle – French horn
Christopher Sadlers – contrabass, loops, vocals
Matt McLaren – drums, percussion

Eleven chimes usher listeners into the world of The Opposite, the 8th album by the hypnotically eclectic Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores. Eight songs later, another set of eleven chimes release us from the music’s hold. In...

The Seizures is one of Alec's newest projects. Basically a more compact version of the Eyesores, it is easier for him to tour and gig with 4 musicians than 8 or 9. Of course. The group is:
Alec K. Redfearn- Vocal, Accordion and Ukulele
Chris Sadlers- Contrabass
Matt McLaren- Drums and Percussion
Orion Rigel Dommisse- Vocals
The music is very much what we expect from Alec; great songs, unusual instrumentation, morbid lyrics and wonderful performances. Highly recommmended, even if I...

Last five copies in existence!

"The Eyesores are an accordion-driven, gypsy cursed band that specialize in funeral marches and hypno-drone trance music, among other, equally odd things. The Eyesores are bad ass motherfuckers in an entirely new way. Recommended." - The Noise.

This one is a little bit different and also rather special. A huge nine-piece band (accordion/vocals, guitar, French horn, violin, electronics, alto sax, string bass/vocals, drums and percussion), they...

Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores have been making uniquely rewarding music for over 15 years. They are one of the great uncategorizable, creative ensembles of our time, crafting a music that is distinctly theirs alone...

“Conceptually derived from the work of Japanese minimalist composer Satoshi Ashikawa, I have composed an album which hopes to engage, enrich and reflect the listener's surroundings, an Environmental Music"-Gareth Quinn Redmond.

“Working with Still Way as a base for inspiration, Gareth Quinn Redmond takes Ashikawa's meditative sound designs to more dramatic and lyrical landscapes, gracefully instilling his personal touch into the master's melodic patterns and presenting six pieces which blend and..

This is a new, instrumental (except for one song) Italian band somewhere between jazz/rock and progressive rock. At various times, the remind me of Djam Karet and Return to Forever, which is a pretty unique take on things. The press materials also...

Alan Reed: Vocals, 12-string, bass pedals
Tudor Davies: Keyboards (Arco)
Mark Spencer: Guitar, vocals (Twelfth Night, Galahad)
Daren Callow: Guitar, vocals
Jennifer Clark: Bass (Horse)
Henry Rogers: Drums (Touchstone)

"This is the debut album from Alan Reed and his band, featuring a selection of Alan’s solo material as well as some Pallas classics. The performances were recorded on the band’s UK dates in 2017.
The album captures the infectious energy of a band enjoy

“In deciding where to start listening to Jimmy Reed, the man and his record label made it easy -- at the beginning. His debut LP release, I'm Jimmy Reed, was about as strong a first album as was heard in Chicago blues, but also no stronger (relatively speaking) than the first long-players issued of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and co.
As was the case with most bluesmen of his generation, Reed's debut LP was really a collection of single sides than an actual album of new material (though some of it...

"Jimmy Reed's second album was a little bit different from his first, but not in a way that detracted from its value. Oh, as with most blues albums of the period, it consisted mostly of previously released single sides, in this case that he'd recorded and released over the prior seven years; but three of the dozen songs here were new to listeners when they showed up on Rockin' with Reed. And, of course, that opens several possible lines of inquiry -- were the later tracks held back for an anticipated...

“John Cale, the co-founder of The Velvet Underground, left the group in 1968 after tensions between himself and Lou Reed became intolerable; neither had much charitable to say about one other after that, and they seemed to share only one significant area of agreement -- they both maintained a great respect and admiration for Andy Warhol, the artist whose patronage of the group helped them reach their first significant audience.
So it was fitting that after Warhol's death in 1987, Reed and Cale began..

“In January, 2022, Mike Reed brought together some of the most creative figures in Chicago's experimental and improvised music community -- cornetist Ben LaMar Gay and poet and spoken word artist Marvin Tate -- both of whom worked on his 2017 project Flesh and Bone, and who sporadically joined him in an improvising trio -- along with the members of Bitchin Bajas (multi-instrumentalists Rob Frye, Cooper Crain, and Dan Quinlivan).
He called the new group the Separatist Party, a name he had...

Greg Ward (alto saxophone), Tim Haldeman (tenor saxophone), Jason Roebke (bass), Mike Reed (drums) with Marquis Hill (trumpet), Matthew Shipp (piano).

One of the very, very finest current ensembles in new jazz today and I say that as someone who has seen them a number of times. Hugely recommended.

"Chicago drummer Mike Reed formed People Places & Things eight years ago to mine the midcentury hard-bop heritage of his hometown. That mission held for several albums, before the focus began...

Greg Ward (alto saxophone), Tim Haldeman (tenor saxophone), Jason Roebke (bass), Mike Reed (drums) with Ab Baars (tenor and clarinet), Eric Boeren (cornet), Joost Buis (trombone), Guus Janssen (piano), Oscar Jan Hoogland (piano), Michael Moore (alto...

New edition of this decade old release, which includes six bonus tracks!
Rob Reed is the leader of Magenta and the Kompendium project. This is his sincere and loving tribute to the music of Mike Oldfield, the person whose music who originally inspired Rob to become a musician!

"Sanctuary is produced, mixed and engineered by Robert Reed, who is joined by legendary Tubular Bells producers Tom Newman (as co-producer) and Simon Heyworth, who mastered the album.
Rob Reed was inspired to...

Rob Reed is the leader of Magenta and the Kompendium project, as well as other projects.
This is the second of his sincere and loving tributes to the music of Mike Oldfield, the person whose music who originally inspired Rob to become a musician!
Rob plays most of the instruments along with the great Simon Phillips on drums, and Anghard Brinn contributes wordless female voice. Helping with the technical duties are Simon Heyworth and Tom Newman, both of whom were involved with many of the classic.

Robert Reed : guitar/keyboard
Chris Fry : acoustic/classical and electric guitar
Ryan Elliot : electric and acoustic guitar
Nigel Hopkins : piano
Dan Nelson : bass
Jiffy Griffiths : drums
Simon Brittlebank : percussion
Angharad Brinn : lead vocals
Christina Booth/Kirstie Roberts : chant vocals
special guests
Les Penning : recorders and narration
Tom Newman : bodhran and megaphone

“The concert features music from the Sanctuary CDs, the recent Ri

“CD1 contains the new album while CD2 includes bonus tracks and Tom Newman's alternative mix of the whole album The DVD has the complete album mixed in 5.1 surround plus promo videos.”

Will you be surprised to learn that this is very, very influenced by and reminiscent of Mike Oldfield? Only if you’ve been sleeping in a cave.

Rob Reed - various instruments
Simon Phillips - drums
Troy Donockley - various instruments
Les Penning - recorder
Tom Newman - bodhrán

"Robert Reed’s new solo album, 'The Ringmaster Part One' is a follow-up to the successful Sanctuary series. Again, Rob has collaborated with Tubular Bells producer Tom Newman and multi-instrumentalist Les Penning on the album, along with drummer Simon Phillips and multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley.
The Ringmaster albums will be released

Rob Reed's great love of Mike Oldfield is well known and well documented and here he pays tribute to one of Oldfield's collaborators, the classical composer and also the keyboardist in his Whole World band as well as other Oldfield projects, David Bedford.
This EP is part of a celebration of David's work on what would have been his 80th birthday in August and is mixed by Tubular Bells engineer and producer Tom Newman.

Joshua Bruneau (trumpet), Jonathan Barber (drums), Rick Germanson (piano), Nat Reeves (bass).

"Nat Reeves has built a successful career touring the world with some of the most important figures in jazz in the last half-century, beginning with...

"The fire and fury of '60s free jazz and the tumult of electronic rock tinged experimental music is on full display on this new powerhouse offering from four cutting edge Oslo based musicians collectively known as Reflection in Cosmo.
With Kjetil Moster on saxes, Hans Magnus Ryan on guitar, Stale Storlokken on keyboards and Thomas Stronen on drums, these four kindred spirits strike a tumultuous accord on their self titled debut on RareNoise Records, which represents Moster's followup...

“Raül Refree is one of the most acclaimed Spanish producers of the last decade. Working with artists such as Silvia Pérez Cruz and Rosalía, he has been at the forefront of the so-called "new flamenco" movement. He also collaborates with rock experimentalists like Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth, but Raül's musical life doesn't stop there. He has released six previous solo albums, film soundtracks among other genre-skewing projects. It is this merging of sound worlds that makes Raül's new solo release La...

Theo Bleckmann: voice, live electronic processing/John Hollenbeck: percussion, crotales, vibraphones/ Gary Versace: piano, accordion, keyboards

"Since 2002, Refuge Trio has explored delicate, playful music while the members’ unique voices also..

Decent, listenable, but still very bootleg-quality live recording by this short-lived classical rock trio. If you know and love them, this is worth your nickel, especially as the band plays well and it includes some unreleased material, a good essay...

"Greetings Earth-o-nauts.
The worm has (re) turned! And this time the Regal Worm (Jarrod Gosling of I Monster, Cobalt Chapel) is tackling The Hideous Goblink.
An album painstakingly created by one solitary man ensconced in his darkened, tiny sky parlour of awe, wonder, and heaps of dusty old gear.
Regal Worm’s mission is putting a ‘ggressive’ back into progressive. Getting grubby with the ghosts of the old gods.
The Hideous Goblink reveals a distinct sense of urgency, expressing...

Franz Hautzinger - quarter tone trumpet
Christian Fennesz - guitar, laptop
Otomo Yoshihide - guitar, turntables, el. devices
Luc Ex – bass
Tony Buck - drums, percussion

“Founded 1995 in London by Austrian trumpeter and band leader Franz Hautzinger as an ensemble for experimental music, the project developed over the years into a mixed style fusion band. Various musicians like Fennesz, Tony Buck, Otomo Yoshihide, Burkhard Stangl, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Siewert, and others were par

Alejandro Domínguez: Guitar
Arturo García: Bass
Miquel González: Keyboards
Marc Illa: Vocals
Eric Lavado: Drums
Xavier Martínez: Guitar

“Regna is a symphonic prog rock band hailing from Barcelona. In late 2023, the band is set to unveil its debut full-length LP, CINEMA. An honest and concise album where the band aims to showcase all facets of its DNA and gather everything they have learned from their previous work, the conceptual EP Meridian (2015).
The album has

Alejandro Domínguez: Guitar
Arturo García: Bass
Miquel González: Keyboards
Marc Illa: Vocals
Eric Lavado: Drums
Xavier Martínez: Guitar

“Regna is a symphonic prog rock band hailing from Barcelona. Their first release was the conceptual EP Meridian (2015), a conceptual suite divided into four acts in which instrumental episodes are interspersed. Throughout the piece we see the evolution of feelings such as later-and acceptance-loss, anger or uncertainty, leadin

Somehow, this very excellent album of mostly acoustic systems music was released by Rough Trade in the mid 80s. I’ve had it and it’s crap pressing for decades and decades and am finally able to really hear it!
Highly recommended for fans of minimal music / systems music.

“Regular Music were early instigators of the UK post-systems movement whose work straddles the spheres of rock, minimalism and post-punk.
The band was formed in 1980 by composer/performers Helen Ottaway, Jeremy Peyton..

“The fabulous voice of Sofía Rei has graced several Zorn vocal projects, from the acappella quartet Mycale to the dynamic Song Project, and here she interprets eight compositions from the Book Beri’ah—the third and last book completing the Masada legacy. Featuring the remarkable JC Maillard on saz bass, the arrangements are incredibly varied, and range from lyrical heartfelt ballads to driving grooves. Intimate and intensely personal, this is one of the most unique Masada CDs in the entire series!...

Maria Reich - violin, viola
All tracks solo violin except track 3 & track 6 played on viola
Recorded with an iPhone in Berlin, Germany and Wilsum, Germany between December 2022 and May 2023.

"INTERDEPENDENZEN is a selection of 11 solo improvisations that evolved during Maria Reich’s solo impro research. All pieces are uncut and were recorded in different places over 6 months on an iPhone. The situation, the material becomes audible, the wood, the bow hair, the room, the recording.

“Composed for a video art exhibit [and book] by Gerhard Richter that involves a series of halving and turning of a stripped pattern into pixels and back, Steve Reich's music has a built-in rhythmic base in which to play. The metered notes, half, quarter, eights, sixteenths, offered by Ensemble intercontemporain in the acoustic wonder of Philharmonie de Paris-Cité, named for Pierre Boulez, produce an engaging melodic pattern. This is a concert recording to add to the magic. The instrumentation is what...

“After the widely noticed performance at the "Acht Brücken Festival 2016" at Cologne's Philharmonic Hall, Gregor Schwellenbach, Hauschka, Erol Sarp (of Grandbrothers), Daniel Brandt and Paul Frick (both of Brandt Brauer Frick) and John Kameel Farah release their interpretation of Steve Reich's "Six Pianos" as a studio recording.
The re-recording of this piece is an interpretation of Reich's composition but still far more than just that - it is a modern approach to his idea behind it. The basic idea...

Despite their being quite popular at the time, and despite Achim's long history in music, being a big name in the "Beat-era" with The Rattles and then later being a early pioneer of the Krautrock sound, most of his great albums from the 70s have not....

Despite their being quite popular at the time, and despite Achim's long history in music, being a big name in the "Beat-era" with The Rattles and then later being a early pioneer of the Krautrock sound, most of his great albums from the 70s have not....

Active from the early 70s until about 2010, Hans Reichel was a guitarist and instrument builder who built a number of very wonderful and unique guitars during his lifetime.
He has a relatively small number of solo albums (which is where I think he shines the brightest) and this one, from 1981, is probably his masterpiece. Impossible to describe (NOTHING else sounds like Hans’ guitars) and noisily beautiful. Highly recommended.

“Subtitled some more guitar solos, Bonobo Beach was German....

Hans Reichel was a brilliant (difficult, but brilliant) guitarist and instrument-maker. Starting in the 70s, he released a number of truly amazing solo albums, most of them on the FMP label.
Using regular and self-made instruments, his music truly sounds like no one else's. This was his first and is the 1st time it has appeared on CD!
Conditionally hugely recommended!

"Originally released on FMP in 1973, this is the debut LP by legendary German guitar improvisor and instrument inventor...

New solo album by the fantastic accordionist of The Claudia Quintet and many other projects. "A veteran of countless Tzadik projects led by (among others), David Krakauer, Marc Ribot, Roberto Rodriguez and Anthony Coleman, accordionist Ted Reichman ste...

Tomeka Reid - Cello
Isidora Edwards - Cello
Elisabeth Coudoux - Cello

“We maneuver through woody sounds created by individual movements and decisions. Our cello playing is free from classical patterns, a real achievement! It is not natural to develop one's own approach to this high culture instrument. In this trio there are three multi-layered variations of personal expressive will and power.”

First release by a monster axe-slinger + rhythm section who burn up a batch of Dregs-inspired toons. OK, ok, like some others, I guess this isnt the most original release in the catalog, but he really cooks, & those of you whose ears perk up when you h...

“Drummer extraordinaire and legend, Reid has played with everyone from James Brown to Sun Ra, Fela Kuti and Miles Davis, friend of John Coltrane, worked at Motown, and later collaborated extensively with Kieran Hebden, following his path of a radical, revolutionary music up until his untimely death in 2010.
Soul Jazz Records are re-releasing this rarest release of deep heavyweight jazz by Steve Reid & The Master Brotherhood, entitled ‘Odyssey of the Oblong Square’, first released over thirty-five...

This album features the leader on drums with Arthur Blythe-alto sax, Michael Keith-trombone, Les Walker-piano, David Wertman-bass, plus guest appearances from Chris Capers-trumpet, Melvin Smith-guitar and Charles Tyler-baritone sax.

"“The second album from the legendary Steve Reid as a limited edition CD.
Drummer and composer extraordinaire Steve Reid’s Rhythmatism is one of his deepest and most radical of albums of all time and features some of the heaviest jazz players – Arthur Blythe...

Tomeka Reid – cello
Mary Halvorson – guitar
Jason Roebke – bass
Tomas Fujiwara – drums

Cellist, composer and MacArthur Fellow Tomeka Reid explores new improvisational math with 3+3, the third release by her all-star quartet and her most adventurous project as a leader yet. Featuring Jason Roebke on bass, Tomas Fujiwara on drums, and fellow MacArthur Fellow Mary Halvorson on guitar.

No artist over the past decade has done

"Chicago-based cellist and composer Tomeka Reid, a mainstay on the Windy City scene and an important contemporary member of the A.A.C.M., was commissioned to create original music for the first documentary to chronicle the Imagists, Chicago’s hometown post-surrealists who exhibited together starting in the mid-1960s. Reid composed theme music for the film and made a wide range of multi-track improvisations based on moods, creating a tableau from which the film drew as it unwound the artists’ circuitous...

Tomeka Reid – cello
Mary Halvorson – guitar
Jason Roebke – bass
Tomas Fujiwara – drums

“...a stimulating and mesmerizing work that showcases the superlative cellist's artistry at its best. Her exquisite instrumental prowess as well as her brilliant writing make this a singular record...programmed with an excellent sense of pace and point.” – All About Jazz

The jazz polls might still list cello under the...

I just saw this great band a couple of weeks ago. How can you possibly go wrong with
Tomeka Reid-cello
Mary Halvorson-guitar
Jason Roebke-double bass
Tomas Fujiwara-drums
?? - answer: you probably can't!

"Over the last decade or so Chicago cellist and composer Tomeka Reid has emerged as one of the most original, versatile, and curious musicians in the city’s bustling jazz and improvised music community. Her distinctive melodic sensibility, usually braided to a strong sense

Alexander Hawkins: Piano
Tomeka Reid: Cello

"Shards and Constellations presents duets with two remarkable musicians Tomeka Reid and Alexander Hawkins. Both have become creative epicenters in the jazz and improvisation scene in recent years with their original, versatile and innovative art. Reid has recorded extensively with many legendary artists from the AACM such as Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell as well as the next generation of AACM artists including Nicole Mitchell, Dee Alexander..

“The Mouser, an intimate session between Chicagoan- now-New-York-based cellist Tomeka Reid and Italian drummer Filippo Monico (who has worked with Giorgio Gaslini, Mario Schiano and others since the early ‘70s) recorded in Milan, Italy, is unstructured play at its best. Imaginative and daring, the two dive into the margins and depths of the cello and drums to uncover a much richer instrumentation and aural palette than one would expect from a duo.
“Let’s play,” Monico says earnestly on the first...

“Searching for leadership in a singular sense on Geometry of Caves immediately becomes an exercise in needless futility. The foursome behind the fifty-minutes of freely improvised music is resolute in its acceptance of communal responsibility and creation. Vocalist Kyoko Kitamura sings and speaks in wordless flurries, matching and Taylor Ho Bynum’s brassy exhortations on cornet and either bass or piccolo trumpets. Cellist Tomeka Reid and guitarist Joe Morris worry and pluck their respective strings...

Drummer and composer Xavi Reija is a completely new name to me, but this is a really great album of advanced and interesting power trio jazz/rock that really knocked me out. Also appearing is guitarist Dusan Jevtovic and bassist Bernat Hernandez. Check...